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Eavesdropping into an Indoctrination Center, Hindsight from a Pilot Project Outpost

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Once the process becomes clear, it’s easy to see in operation.  AGAIN — the NONPROFIT and CENTERS (clearinghouses, you name it) system of communications — laterally — is replacing the jurisdiction-related representative government, if it hasn’t already.

The Indoctrination Center is at UBaltimore School of Law, where concepts like Therapeutic Jurisprudence Promotion and Unified Family Courts are being taught to new law students (Student Fellows) (year, 2013).

Unbelievable.  Listen in to the fake conversations…

The Hindsight from a Pilot Projectassistance obtained in this project ca. 2002 — is (to date still in motion) at an economically depressed and, it turns out, educationally disadvantaged region of Pennsylvania, Lackawanna County.  They are related.

So, you might want to read post one, and see how one tax-evading GAL was spat out, and got a settlement agreeing their own tax fraud wasn’t over $80,000 [leaving the program enabling fraudsters intact, from what we can tell]. I am showing you portions of the manufacturing and of the product delivery sections of this UFC family-relations-assembly line.  I added material (1/1/2014) on inspiration — probably not the best idea – but showing the progressive encroachment from the Supreme Court level and the Presiding Family Court Judge level, of private business interests sold as “in the best interests” of the children.

I find it empowering –and wise — to see the process of having these destructive systems set in place.  It’s very easy to see once you become familiar with the HOW, the WHO, and the WHERE.  For the end goal? Usually, profit, but also, the undermining of the rule of law and substituting for it, the rulings of mental health experts. AFCC told each other this back in the 1970s, and the public, safely confident that most people were NOT paying close attention to the civil servant-nonprofit sector.  I want that to change!

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My Media/Library Uploads Retrospective– but First, The Context!

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To provide generic, one-click access or a drop-down menu to my own Media Library (=things I felt worthwhile enough not to bury in the archives), I have posted here some links to selected posts or uploads from the 4+ years of this blog. (similar, but not identical concept — there’s a long side-bar widget with similar title).

As I tend to combine “reflect and investigate,” this process helped me distill basic language and themes, which are being parsed out to different posts.  I also aim to shorten posts to 5,000-6,000 words (including quotes).  As I was a novice blogger (starting pretty much with this one!) the earlier ones, with so much cut and paste, font-changes and just too much to say (essentially I was learning and posting notes on the entire field, at once) can be hard to handle!

But Summary, First!

I have a lot to say, it has some complexity, and after spending several days on this post (not sure if that meant improving it!) including consistent formatting code issues and revisions, I’m just splitting it in two.  This section’s “show and tell” segments on the economic matters really sets the context for the other links, which are subsidiary.  Each segment is probably about 5,500 words.

However this post still outlines, from better teachers than myself, how anyone can see, and prove from understanding those “Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports”, the accumulated-wealth of our federal AND state governments, the practice of crying “broke” when they aren’t, which then highlights that we have been massively deluded, redirected, and deceived into the process have been believing major lies about the nature, and with this the purpose, of our own government, for decades.  With the exception of those who have been diligently exposing it, which hardly attracts major funding and approval from the engines of commerce that depend on those lies.

Every government (or religion) is going to use propaganda to consolidate and unify people under its umbrella and for its cause.  However some are worse than others, and this one needs to be recognized, and spat out.

ALSO, Unlike many who report, in general on the CAFRs and accumulated wealth factor, I’m also a woman, a mother, an individual — who was dragged with children, then without children, through the court system that’s the subject of this blog.

So I am seeking, and finding, how to apply that knowledge to THIS problem of the courts.  Knowledge of government financing (and how to understand it) is valuable.  It is also leverage with legislators and taxpayers, with policymakers (who set budgets) regarding the courts, and adds credibility to any discussion — even if the person speaking doesn’t work in the academic elite dedicated to these matters.

In investigating these courts, for a change with some better signals and clues (than the DV agencies or “Mothers of Lost Children” “No Way Out But One” and/or Lundy Bancroft [The Batterer as Parent"] and friends crowd was providing) it was immediately obvious the elephant in the family law system was the conciliation courts, who with the related nonprofits, were focused on the were federal incentives, and demands, to states driving the welfare system. Finding this material also sheds lights on how come, if I could (and reported), these individuals didn’t (or didn’t report).

This factor, and the slush fund factors HAS been reported right along — but not well enough publicized or explained enough; apparently the understanding didn’t catch fire and start some appropriate fires to burn up the falsehoods coming from groups who want a piece of the training pie.  One reason it didn’t “catch fire” is so much distracting, less relevant and intentionally de-railing publicity DID catch fire took its place, with a different focus and intent — a focus on the precisely those things which sell causes and get coverage; the story line; the human tragedies, and the victims.  And that’s not the type of reporting that leads to focused understanding of the situation — it’s situational, it’s personal, and it’s transient.

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Summarizing Faith-Based, Marriage-Promoting, Change-Agents and Slush Funds…

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Your Money, Their Tax Exemption,

Your Kids Gone (or Abused) courtesy

Your Government.  Your President(s) Promoting it, Too,

Clinton, Bush, Obama, ….???

Name me one that didn’t promote faith, marriage and fatherhood.

Or have a background involving some real estate deals pre-Presidency.

I’ve been looking (too long, probably) at what these organizations do, how they behave, and what the pattern is.  Unilaterally, it’s sickening (i.e., it’s corrupt).  I believe that collectively this is the “air we breathe” and that it gets back to the money system — a dual class cartel being created and expanded, where those closest to the “Court” may save or prosper their own asses — but it will be at the expense of ethics, truth, and others.  This will lead to more bloodshed, as some are going to resist by non-economic means.

All of this may sound complex (particularly as I don’t present it visually in the best manner — I’d be better in a Q&A, or live; and don’t have graphics skills).  But as to concepts, it isn’t.  If you can think conceptually (and surviving depends on more of it these days) — you can understand these concepts.  The thing is, most people’s lives don’t require analyzing so much of their government from top to bottom, while not being IN it or ON it.  Those of us who got so marginalized and don’t like fake answers (hard truths are OK, “Placebo” truths are not) — have been doing so.

THINGS FLOW:  Electricity, water, air (lava, sometimes), sap, blood, lymph (with help), sewage, OK, MILK, semen, right?– and money.

AND – information / IDEAS — in the form of words, sounds, images, smells — almost anything that involves one of the five senses.  This is your:  face to face, and technology over the decades:  Paper (Gutenberg), Radio, Telegraph, and now, The Internet — Social Media — the web.  . .  . . Etc.

(Some — many — also assert that spirit exists, and as such, it’s been compared to:  wind, fire, and water. (“Earth, Wind and Fire?”)


In a sense, property ownership ALSO “flows” — from one owner to another.

THINGS FLOW — and when they do, there are conduits, surfaces, or carriers (irrigation systems, etc.) through which they flow.  Or seep.  Or, are transmitted.

Extended illustration that WHAT flows, matters.  Maybe some things shouldn’t be:

As they flow, and over time, they sometimes are themselves transformed (water) or transform (give life — or death) to — other things.  Right now in Pennsylvania, there’s the issue of SHALE (“fracking”) which forcibly injects a mixture of liquids (carrying pollutants) to get the desired oil out, I guess.   (see link) Here’s a description which proves that, if you flush something out that wasn’t meant to be flushed — there is a resulting flow of crap, which has to be hauled away.  I seems that presently the Governor of PA (Corbett) is appealing municipalities protests of an unconstitutional (and so ruled, by the Supreme Court of PA) restriction on local municipalities to protest zoning that would — enable this fracking, I think.  What did the GOV do?  Well, the apparatus was already set — there were states’ attorneys, and a (centralized development agency), the OECD, over which he appointed a crony (“walker”) (or, at least donor to his campaign, and with a financial interests in defeating this Ruled-Unconstitutional act.  Power at work…).

Now, what to do with it?  This is about FLOW and just an illustration.  A large one, of course:

Flowback and Brine Treatment in Pennsylvania

Someone may try to convince you that using 6-million gallons of water for fracing one gas well doesn’t amount to a massive amount of water. Even if they are successful in making that argument, the next topic becomes flowback or brineWhat do you do with the crap that comes back out of the ground?

Gas drilling wastewater receives no treatment to remove frac fluids or chlorides, only dilution with treated sewage from this McKeesport Municipal Authority.
The Municipal Authority of McKeesport accepts 80,000 gallons per day, which is then mixed with treated sewage and dumped into the Monongahela River upstream from Pittsburgh. Hawg Hauling is part of Chesapeake Energy.

Somewhere between 20% and 40% of the water used for hydro-fracing a gas well returns to the surface as flowback, and later as produced water. In addition to the frac fluids added by the gas drilling companies, this water picks up other contaminants from deep in the Earth (~ 7,000 feet deep) with one of the most notable ingredients being salt.

Let’s talk about what’s in it: (from same site — just browse…)

These fluids contain sodium and calcium salts, barium, oil, strontium, iron, numerous heavy metals, soap, radiation and other components. This fluid combination becomes brine wastewater, and tanker trucks hauling it are labeled with RESIDUAL WASTE placard. Treated brine is also sold for deicing and other applications that utilize calcium chloride, often being applied to roadways.


((FRom A DIFFERENT SOURCE, same forum though, posted Mon July 9, 2012 11:09pm Link provided there was broken..):

“These first four categories represent effects that would likely be expressed upon immediate exposure, such as eye and skin irritation, nausea and/or vomiting, asthma, coughing, sore throat, flu-like symptoms, tingling, dizziness, headaches,weakness, fainting, numbness in extremities, and convulsions…”…”Health categories that reflect chronic and long-term organ and system damage comprise the middle portion of Figure 2.

These include the nervous system (52%), immune system (40%), kidney (40%), and the cardiovascular system and blood (46%). More than 25% of the chemicals can cause cancer and mutations. Notably, 37% of the chemicals can affect the endocrine system that encompasses multiple organ systems including those critical for normal reproduction and development. The category of other is more common, and includes effects on weight, teeth, and bone and the ability of a chemical to cause death. More than 40% of the chemicals have been found to have ecological effects, indicating that they can harm aquatic

Brine wastewater is difficult and expensive to treat, one of the same reasons we aren’t using much ocean water for agriculture and residential applications. The saltiness of this wastewater creates high levels of TDS (total dissoved solids). Incomplete processing of this brine wastewater, especially when dumped into rivers used for drinking water, creates a high TDS situation that causes drinking water treatment plants problems, likeTrihalomethanes. High TDS water reacts with chlorine when it is processed creating these TTHM’s.

about which, per the EPA

Trihalomethanes (THM) are a group of four chemicals that are formed (along with other disinfection byproducts) when chlorine or other disinfectants used to control microbial contaminants in drinking water react with naturally occurring organic and inorganic matter in water. The trihalomethanes are chloroform, bromodi/chloromethane, dibromo/chloromethane, and bromoform (I inserted the “/”s)

That’s sweet, disinfecting with chlorine and other agents creates Chloroform, something used to kill butterflies and sometimes aid in a kidnapping.   




SOME PEOPLE are just REAL INTENT in consolidating power, and have developed many ways to do so.

In my quest to see why I couldn’t even break a lousy individual (batterer husband) — or my own family off me, I came to understand more and more of these matters affecting the courts, and to understand (I believe) the courts for what they are — gateways to the flow of power DOWNWARDS and not for the right reasons.  I’ve seen enough, and while knowledge is power, it is the delivery system which really counts (which those holding power certainly know) — as well as the MAINTENANCE OF MYTH:

When it comes to MAINTENANCE OF MYtH — there’s nothing like religion + internet.  When it comes to hiding assets, there’s nothing like nonprofits and the internet — and pre-existing institutions.  When it comes to DISTRACTION — there’s nothing like trapping people’s time in a SINGLE system (with captive, so to speak) audiences — rather than understanding how systems interact with each other.

As we speak, I have been accumulating layers (weaving, as it were) of understanding of various threads.    ALL of those threads lead to distribution of money and bring up the question of the IRS.  this brings up the question of whose bright idea it, and the Federal Reserve, and so many other coordinated things that they absolutely do comprise a FABRIC with a certain MODEL that is being (has been) stretched over the U.S. over time.

The CORE of this model is — I’m sure of it now — ECONOMIC

It is the centralization of wealth (as opposed to “money”)

with frightening systems of control, destruction, incarceration, potential forced psychiatric drugging, or simply peddling of narcotics (in addition to the drugging of kids in foster care — or schools — to control them, as well as the elderly, as well as the mentally unstable, as well as the . . . (get it?)

we have become also accustomed (too many of us) to believe that DOLLARS are MONEY –

when Dollars are NOT real money– Dollars are Debt-Notes.  

They might as well be play-dough.

And too many legislators have a dual allegiance — one of which is in the Vatican.

The others which say they aren’t Catholic have forgotten that George W. Bush has been called a better Catholic the John F. Kennedy.  JFK actually had a fight with his conscience where faith fought his oath as President of the United States to uphold and defend the Constitution.

I don’t think the former Presidential contestant, Rick Santorum (nor, Michelle Bachmann)

would have had such troubling thoughts as a conscience of the law of the land might give.

THey do seem to center geographically on Washington, D.C. (and historically so), with of course hot spots in various states where certain (nonprofit trade associations) have coalesced.  Like, Denver, or Chicago — or some in California (Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco).  In the middle of the country, Minnesota (out of all places) has been a hotspot of “DV” activity.   Wisconsin seems to have been a test state almost, for welfare reform (Tommy Thompson, etc.) and is the home state of this “AFCC” I keep talking about. . . . . .  Indiana, Kansas, Oklahoma are — well, what they are (very “fatherhood” friendly).  Don’t ask me why NY comes to mind in this area — but it doesn’t.



. . . . I kept running smack into the problem that, the problem is the dual class system set up by Nonprofit status, to start with.  Nonprofits form boards, have salaries paid, either do (which = prosperity) sell out to HHS policy (which is itself blended with corporate wealth, see GWBush, already) — or go the private foundation route (i.e., PRIVATE wealth) — and from that platform, go about attempting to restructure the entire PUBLIC institution infrastructure, for its own good (as defined by the privately-founded wealth) etc.   Roughly speaking, this might be called — and was exemplified by, the Robert Rectors (Heritage Foundation — i.e., just let us BE the United States Government, after all, we already know how to run things) versus the Peter Edelmans (Georgetown Law, and with the proven track record in Civil Rights, and in association with Children’s Defense Fund, see (his wife), Marian Wright Edelman, who are — let us FIX the United States Government — and by the way, we are taking private wealth.

What about people whose goal is NOT world change (“OUR version, for everyone — not THEIR version, for everyone), but, supporting ourselves and our families, staying active in our communities, and having time left to sleep — plus food to eat?   Suppose we are happy within normal spheres of endeavor — we may want to travel some around the globe, but are not invested in owning and running it?

If I had to go to dinner with one of the two, I’d pick the Edelmans any day, but I do not endorse either of their policies; both are “change agents” and believe that their collective personal vision should be inflicted on future generations, whereas, I’m a single mother (or was), and have daughters — and just don’t happen to agree.   Why?  Because there’s such a thing as too much “SYSTEM.”  Whoever runs a system for the nation, controls the nation — and a lot of its funding.  And the public school system is similar to the family law system.  They’re both here, feed on each other, and put IDEAS (not just people) in boxes, demand payment from someone else for doing this, but when it comes to FENCES (regulations on the administrators of the system), then the parents and nonparents supporting these systems — are FENCED out. See “metal detectors” and “lockdown.”  I cannot think of a more overt collective attack on this country than those two systems, combined, have done to its children — and with the children, the parents who actually DO care about them, but must fight the government for access to their own kids, or a relationship with them.

In short, I don’t believe in nationwide SYSTEMS, period, except where absolutely essential.  I say that having (sort of) survived an abusive “nuclear family” system and am still reeling from the extended family (plus friends) GANG simply because my children were wonderful (and irresistible), and, can you spell, “the love of money”?   I believe this is what middle-aged people (both genders) do when their own (professionally OK, or even successful) lives are simply boring, unrewarding, or meaningless.

(SO, that long link above link is to a topic on Scranton PT which has a recent dredging of the marriage- and faith-based shell corps (and resulting headlines about their various frauds) AND shows how a major community change initiative by Saul Alinsky (Industrial Areas Foundation — now based out of Grace Episcopal in Chicago) (a) worked and (b) morphed from “using” the access to people that churches represented, to strengthening churches AS institutions and centers for receiving (federal) grants to change communities.  It seems the HHS was fine with that — and somehow money is getting lost in the process.


A few of the posts (on that topic & forum) also uncovered in the process a COPYCAT of the Industrial Areas Foundation adapted to Christianity — or at least the veneer of churchianity — apparently some woman was overly impressed by some man who (it turned out) had himself been through PICO training.  What “PICO” is appears to be a recruiting process — an organization trawls locally for leadership material and then recruits them into separate membership which becomes a “change agent” and then that local leaders goes forth and conquers. . . . . . . .  I guess this is an alternative to normal judicial & legislative processes, perhaps….  (A SAMPLE COMMENT)

Here’s re: PICO, allegedly modeled after Saul Alinksy ideas and around neighborhood organizing.  Apparently neighborhoods now being more fractured, they headed for the churches (ca. 1980s). Interesting and relevant from wikipedia.  PICO (Pacific Institute for Community Organizing) started in Oakland, CA  1972, by a Jesuit priest, John Bauman

PICO National Network provides training and consultation and develops national strategy for its affiliated congregation-based community organizations. As of 2007 PICO had 53 local and regional affiliates, representing 150 cities in 17 states, with 1000 member institutions claiming to represent a million people.[1] It is also involved with organizing and training efforts in six countries of Central America and Rwanda in Africa

PICO conducts six-day national leadership development seminars four times a year, teaching the theory and practice of congregation-based organizing. Each year an additional seminar is presented in Spanish. Local affiliates also provide members and leaders with training on building and sustaining strong organizations, identifying potential leaders through one-on-one relational meetings, researching community issues, developing budgets, and working with public officials.[11]

PICO leader attracted to ideas of Saul Alinksy, i.e. incl.  Alinsky’s tactics were often unorthodox. In Rules for Radicals Alinsky wrote, “[t]he job of the organizer is to maneuver and bait the establishment so that it will publicly attack him as a ‘dangerous enemy.'” According to Alinsky, “the hysterical instant reaction of the establishment [will] not only validate [the organizer's] credentials of competency but also ensure automatic popular invitation.”[8]

PICO is basically community organizing to solve the world’s (i.e., it mentions urban, suburban and rural) projects — with connections to Central America and Rwanda…

In PICO’s congregation-community model, congregations of all denominations and faiths serve as the institutional base for community organizations. Rather than bring people together simply based on common issues like housing or education, the faith-based or broad-based organizing model makes values and relationships the glue that holds organizations together.

PICO National Network - Unlocking the Power of People

PICO builds community organizations based on religious congregations, schools and community centers, which are often the only stable civic gathering places in many neighborhoods

REGARDING the North County Sponsoring Committee (aka Faith Works) — it’s basically a PICO affiliate.

FROM 2002 return, its nonprofit purpose is to provide leadership training:

To strengthen North San Diego County families and communities by assisting religious congregations and other community groups in the development of leadership that is educated and organized for effective participation in civic life

No officers paid yet, and no employees.  Largest expense under “other” includes PICO consulting fee:  $14,675, plus training fees and training mileage:

This is fascinating — but mostly in its context, which I realize you are not, just now.

Pick one: Bread and Circuses — or Justice, and Freedom. Ideally, the latter…

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“Justice and Freedom” (they’re partners!)  are on really the auction block, and without dedication to doing something about this, one will need more Bread and Circuses (probably) to live at peace with one’s conscience — or to avoid acknowledging this.

Technology & Capital & Control of markets will always trump Law.  And in this country law doesn’t exist for what we may like to believe it does.

Time to upgrade one’s financial literacy — as well as understanding welfare reform, as well as “give it up” on thinking that dollars = “money.”  Dollars are not the only form of money by a long shot.  And it’s unacceptable NOT to deal with some of this material after work, before work, or while unemployed, if one is.  If our heads are a century behind the definition of a dollar, our behinds will be for sale even sooner.



By Catherine Austin Fitts
June 2003

  • “The war on poverty was sold as helping low and moderate-income people.”
  • “In retrospect, the war on poverty, like the war on drugs, had nothing to do with helping anyone in need and everything to do with organized crime harvesting places and building centralized control, including consolidating local small business and banking into large corporations and banks.”
  • “For more on West Philadelphia, see “The Myth of the Rule of Law
    •  . . a great deal of money was unaccounted for from the US Treasury. This now totals over $3.3 trillion based on General Accounting Office (GAO) reports. The notion that the US Treasury, OMB and DOJ might be capable of significant fraud was gaining credibility in the investment community. A handful of courageous reporters published stories about what was happening.
    • Capital gains are highest for those who can combine liquidity, the value creation of stock price multiples, and the power of new technology with the high margins of narcotics trafficking, financial fraud and control of the Congress, the courts and the enforcement agencies to create and protect markets
    • In August of 1996, the San Jose Mercury News broke Webb’s story of illegal narcotics dealing by the US government, targeting South Central LA with crack cocaine…
    • As a white, Anglo-Saxon protestant I had been counting on the rule of law to protect me. I found, instead, that it is a powerful myth, which has fuelled great wealth for those who run and rule the economy — both legal and illegal.
  • ALSO See  & “Narco Dollars for Dummies”**
    • This is simple enough — scroll down and read “the Economics of Production: Sam and Dave Do Boat Loads of White Agricultural Substances”(“Sam does Sugar & Dave does Drugs.  Dave’s profit is obviously a multiple of Sam’s. . . .  If Sam had sales of X dollars, let say that Dave had sales of 50-100 times X. Dave may carry the same amount of white stuff in a boat but from a financial point of view, Dave the drug man has a lot more “sales per boat” than Sam the sugar man…once Dave has set up his money laundering schemes, even after a 4-10 percent take for the money laundering fees, it’s fair to say his tax rate of 0 percent is lower than Sam’s tax rate. While it is expensive to set up all the many schemes Dave might use to launder his money, once you do it you can save a lot avoiding some or all of the IRS’s take.”
      • which apparently is also exactly what “block grants to states for TANF” was about — it was about the missing money factor.  Much easier than when there was an AFDC dollar-to-household match pre-1996.  Child Support Enforcement?  That’s a WASH, get real!  $4 billion a year to LOSE money and set up new fatherhood programs??  (. . .. .)

***My story began intersecting with C.A. Fitts’ description of HUD mortgage defaults and “narco-dollars” repeatedly — particularly as the HHS has clear connections in some of its policies — like marriage/fatherhood policies, and faith-based ones — to money laundering through the grants system.  For example, the other day, attempting to explain this to some Lackawannans (i.e., Pennsylvanians — Lackawanna being the county right next to the infamous “kids for cash” scheme in Luzerne) who felt discovering the religion of a hated GAL was some kind of information breakthrough– I looked another grantee with the words “faith-based” in its name, out of Oceanside, California (North San Diego, I gather)

This along with some in Florida, was one of the first (2002) showing as receiving a “compassion capital fund” startup.  And yet its umbrella (associated) “interfaith community services” [at the same street address] was recipient of multi-million$$ federal grants, particularly around housing, and had been the subject of studies (it says) from both Texas (as to faith-based) and Columbia Univ.  As I looked at “faith-based community development corporation” one short step (link) showed a related credit union.  None of it was adding up, particularly as USAspending.gov said the group got $150K (same exact grant), and Taggs said it only got $75K.  Both databases allegedly get their sources FROM HHS — and to boot, this FBCDC had an EIN — but no DUNS# (etc.)

The umbrella (my term) nonprofit had been around, it said, since 1979 — incorporated since 1982.  It didn’t take very long to start unearthing discrepancies (one day or far less).  The next day, I studied more on Industrial Areas Foundation (Saul Alinsky) and found out how religious congregations and this type of programming are like male & female chemical receptors — both groups are hungry for power, immoral about how they get it, and have habitual under-reporting of income and failures to stay incorporated and transparent with the public.   It was the match made in heaven…***

This blog here basically represents my study notes over a three-year period of WTF happened to “our” justice system — from the front lines of it.   Not to mention WTF happened to “our” money (in the 1900s), and behind all this was the natural concern for HTF this happened to my life, as a mother (not just “parent” but a mother, in this century, in this political context, and as a person, as a member of a geographic and various other communities, and so forth.

I really do believe there’s truth in “Three Cities that Rule the World” (London, the Vatican, and Washington, D.C. — representing wealth, religion and the military/politics).

When the Bible said “The love of money is the root of all evil,” boy, did it tell the truth!

Also, the 10th commandment as “thou shalt not covet” (bastardized by one major religion into two separate commandments to cover for the deletion of the 2nd commandment about making and bowing down to graven images) — boy, did it tell the truth!

A lot of the evil in this world emanates from (1) political, (2) corporate, and (3) religious leadership in my own country, the USA, and most of this evil has been sold as “good” (or helping others).  This triangle / “Triad” seems almost everywhere, the chief illusion being that they were ever truly separate.  It’s a fine but basically meaningless distinction at this point.

The triangle image crops up everywhere, it seems — but even if it didn’t, those three do represent the major (earthly, at least!) power sources.   Political (1) regulates the relationships (who hooks up with whom) between 2 & 3 — and really, this equilateral triangle could go almost any direction, with any angle on top —  and have the same effect on the customers — financial devastation, homelessness, eventual death from that, starvation, or resulting riots, and definite eventual slavery along the way. EVERYONE accommodates to it — or is involved in fighting it.  There are fewer and fewer DMZ’s left.

(these images sprang from my recent look-ups of HHS grantees with the word “faith-based” in their corporate names.  I found out where HHS this millennia (and since welfare reform) intersects HUD (community development block grants) and has morphed.  I also found out in this that the root of PICO (who trained one of the take the money and run nonprofits, in Oceanside California) is probably in on some real estate deals and has a board member whose nonprofit is based at a (Catholic) church — and which nonprofit was in effect something of a front for PICO Network recruiting.  Don’t expect to follow all that unless you actually do the lookups, or at least read through where I did (bottom of this post). . . . . 

PICO National Network - Unlocking the Power of People



That triad historically represents the major themes of a hierarchical society based on a caste system.  Anyone NOT in the 1,2, or 3 sector is a client of it, and as such a target market (consumer).  This includes the privatized prison industry, you name it.

The collective unconscious myths are crumbling, and people are looking for scapegoats.

Most of us have arranged our lives and made (too easy) a peace, I think, with these myths and are not willing (or possibly not able) to take the time to go through and dismantle, discard, re-organize and rebuild a world view with less cognitive dissonance.

And who has the guts and moral fiber to do this rebuilding without the easy way out — just joining another “church” — whether it be a literal religious-exempt 501(c)3 style (with or without a mortgage) — or the “church” of domestic violence rhetoric, family court psychobabble/cult-of-the-experts rhetoric, or fathers’ rights/family/children’s rights rehtoric, or “I’m holding down a job, therefore I gave at the office, whatsamatta with those people?” rhetoric (which is often internalized and not spoken openly)??

Unfortunately, the more I learn about where we are and how we got there, the more frightening and disturbing it becomes, collectively.

I have now fought the same basic fight, with pretty much the same basic tiresome people, for over 20 years; children have aged out, an elderly parent has died — with scarcely a pause in the hostilities.  How does one get free of this without homelessness when one’s own governmental institutions are simply filled with fraud, and based on false theories about what causes poverty and violence (or at least on SELLING false theories about what causes poverty and violence to the public) ???

Like many others, members of (my generation of) my “family of origin” has some serious unresolved childhood issues it chose to work out on my hide, and bequeath to my children’s futures, at their, my, and society’s loss.  So I have first-hand acquaintance of when & where the concept of “enlightening” sociopaths to the fact that their abuse is harmful to their children (try that when the adults in question HAVE no children….)

Many things are true — many concepts can hold water — but are not the fundamental, underlying truth surrounding an ongoing problem.  Failing to account for the discrepancies and needing to move on, people turn to superstition and myths, and more “cognitive dissonance” — almost anything — to face truths that would cause a radical change in lifestyle anymore.  Apparently those 1960s were a phase, now back to business — accumulating “money” (which isn’t accumulating wealth, but people still seem to believe this . . . . .).  Similarly, feminism was a phase, now back to business:  faith, family, fathers-dominant-model, & apple pie. . . . .we know it ain’t real, but who’s kidding whom? — it sells public policy!

This model of the wheel of abuse — it does reflect a reality, and more than “intimate partner violence” — it reflects the current relationship of the USA to most of its residents:

From Univ. Illinois @ Chicago, “Campus Advocacy Network“*

(*this “Power & Control” wheel is the hallmark of Duluth Abuse Intervention Programs, about which I have plenty on this blog…  they are not “the good guys” for sure!)

This chart shows you the kinds of behavior abusers use to get and keep control over their partners. Battering is never an accident. It is an intentional act used to gain control over the other person. Physical abuse is only one part of a whole series of behaviors an abuser uses against his/her partner. Violence is never an isolated behavior. There are other forms of abuse, which are shown in the Power and Control Wheel.”

The Duluth Model Power and Control Wheel

Noticing a dynamic doesn’t change the dynamic.  While the wheel dynamic is helpful, that analogy is not thought through and applied well enough.

Those being hurt, railroaded, or simply spun off into a meaningless, powerless existence in such relationships —  need the dynamic to be changed — or, alternately, those on it need to tap a highly superior form of energy & power to stop it, or just jump off it, or to cause that wheel to get stuck in its own rut, digging deeper and deeper.   Using language to describe the dynamic does help — it distances oneself intellectually and psychologically, by commandeering a different language than (generally speaking) an abuser attempts to indoctrinate the target with.

When caught up in this situation, we need OFF the wheel.  USUALLY it takes more than one person to break out when it’s whirling — or greater force than the centrifugal (etc.) forces.

However this doesn’t significantly change the person for who this wheel is a Grrreeeat and comfortable dynamic and worldview.

What happens next is, the energy of being freed from this abuse is a STRONG force in the freed person and, depending on the amount of damages they have to repair, they will often have the competence for independent and functional decision-making, along the lines often of what kept them alive while dealing with hostile environment (unless it was just luck or tenacity…).

But this is what happens when such a person has children — those children become bounty in a larger and different-players “wheel” of control, and often by virtue of needing welfare initially.

This welfare may come directly from the United States Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) Title IV-A, and/or Title IV-D (Child support order) initially.  Or it may come from someone outside, or both.   But of all things such a family needs, immediately after the kickout — it’s generally TIME and SELF-DETERMINATION. . . . .   Which are precisely the things they are least likely to get, as the entire country (as we speak) is itself caught up in another similar “wheel of power and control” based on the financial system, selling off debt, bailing out banks, and supporting an expanding administrative bureaucracy in which not just millions — but, literally Billions and Trillions of $$ are missing.  GONE — unaccounted for.

As, we are finding — are children, and young adults, in this same system.

Black & Missing Foundation Inc

My children went missing for a month.  But as law enforcement had deliberately enabled it, and there was legal profit to be made from it, eventually resulting in this blog when I found out WHY, I was on my own handling the shock, distress, trauma — and damage control, both with their school and my clients (work life).  My work life never recovered — their (public) school never helped.  At all — not an iota, including when I asked them for evidence they had.  Nor did churches — anywhere.  Why?  In some religious worlds, a man and children in the congregation is worth something — prestige, finances, and public image.  No matter if Mom is nowhere to be found and the Mom imposter isn’t even married to the guy . . . . 

And in family law rhetoric, almost anything is worth SOMEthing in the system — a noncustodial father, a child support arrears, another person brought somehow back onto a dependency system who might have (with justice) stayed off it; more cases in the custody courts justifies they are “flooded” and need to initiate emergency triage procedures (and continue getting federal access/visitation grants which are only used to help the abusive parents, and/or fathers, regain access when access is an issue — not Moms.  Trust us, that’s the truth!) — and you name it.

~ ~ ~I just wanted to say this today; I am heavy hearted from another round of the “power and control wheel” with someone who has their foot on my jugular IF my future requires finances, and the same person has had their foot on my jugular regarding access to and information about my immediate relatives. Barring outside intervention by the legal system, it’s up to me to make the critical situations in what to bail on and what to fight for.  How’d YOU like to do this when it also included housing?

~ ~ ~So, when I talk about “myths” — the primary myth some of us still held (or in desperation, go through a phase of holding until the next rude awakening) is that government exists in this country to protect any form (whatsoever) of civil or legal rights more than it exists to complete draining the citizens of their blood — and assets — through various federal agencies (HHS & HUD, DOJ, DOE, etc.) — and in order to do this, a caste system must be maintained, as well as secrecy about the basic operations.  My experience personally with my own (sick, truly!) family line (which maintains civic respectability, as many batterers also do) — has actually prepared me to reject inappropriate answers and continue mining for information that pulls it together in a reasonable fashion — that satisfies MY  appetite for truth, and my awareness of many realities.

There are other whistleblowers more highly placed and financially literate than I have ever been (though improvement is always possible) — and they are also taking retaliation for it.

Of these — recently, I have run across the writings of Catherine Austin Fitts, formerly of FHA, and the daughter of a mother who, she writes, was on the Federal Reserve Board in Philadelphia.  I first ran across the concept of “$59 billion missing from HUD” in association with approximately $14 million (collected but not distributed) child support being withheld inappropriately by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, which the attorney Richard Fine (for plaintiff father John Silva) discovered, and filed a case about:  “Silva v. Garcetti.”

Fine ended up going to jail for exposing to much and getting disbarred also.  He spent 18 months incarcerated.  But, Kelly Patricia O’Meara wrote up some of this event — and some of the HUD material, such that when I ran across it again later, I paid closer attention.

There is a place where HUD meets HHS around so-called “low-income people.”  (People can have high or low income, but that doesn’t define them as people!  However one would never know this from policyspeak).

I have been blogging it over at “Scranton Political Times” for a while (where I also learned a few HTML tricks, as you can see by this post) — and I recommend you read some of those comments.  Links at the top of this post.  Thanks for reading this far!

Danielle Ross buh-bye” (Ross being a local GAL).  My comments are kind of off-topic; I simply write as I research in response to some of the too-local-focus of the forum.  At this point, I don’t think it has high viewership and of the viewership, multiple usernames are probably the same person, i.e. Joe Pilchesky  (sign on, and a disclaimer says as much).  Joanne Pilchesky is incarcerated, wrongly or rightly, over elder theft somewhere in Pennsylvania and has been for a while; her voice is missed, but at least the forum’s not being used for a personal vendetta by either one, and they’ve tolerated me posting this research.

Comments along this line over there actually represent days of my look-ups and some conclusions.  The ‘dunwalke” link is to C.A. Fitts writing.  IAF and Saul Alinsky + Church networking + HUD + faith-based funding (HHS grants) = danger!

The four organizations apparently along the “Industrial Areas Foundation” model are listed below:

I knew almost nothing about them before yesterday, but recognized the patterns.  It’s like War of the Worlds between the titans of:

  1. federal govt
  2. corporate wealth (private & through the private wealth foundations)
  3. organized action groups backed by private wealth, but intent on dominating how public funds are used.

Just wanna live and let live?  That’s fine, but sooner or later, where are you gonna be living?  because real estate and finances are involved.


HUD & HHS are related, and HUD deals with debt, HHS deals with welfare. Both include lots of people in the courts.  Houston, we have a problem…

Centralized government sucks because the gov’t is simply conducting a virtual war on American citizens’ money (not just their families and civil rights etc.).

Chief of Staff to Senator Kit Bond, then Chairman of the Senate subcommittee in charge of HUD appropriations tells Fitts in 2000 that HUD is being run as a “criminal enterprise”. 

AMS is the company that installs, owns and operates HUDCAPS, the system credited with missing $59 billion at HUD in fiscal 1999. As of the time that HUD reports undocumentable adjustments of $59 billion, they have paid AMS $206MM

. . .Apparently this $59 billion is helping run private wars of various sorts, i.e., “narco-dollars.”  Someone oughter be asking more questions about why the Administration (each Presidential) keeps pushing policies that we already know have missing money and are full of/attracting fraudsters — and why the public “buys” it.  Better publicity is needed of this stuff.

I’m not a homeowner, and haven’t been, but what HUD and HHS do affects everyone — including neighborhoods.  So I’m working through this material from Catherine Austin Fitts (who, FYI, is from Philadelphia).  I hope someone whose eyes stray across this page may also consider what I’m saying — this personwas in a position to know, and it also makes sense with what I DO know about the HHS end of things, in re: the courts & child support, etc. — i.e., welfare-related things.

“The following list describes some of my representative experiences working with FHA, the lead US mortgage insurance agency and regulator, as Assistant Secretary-FHA Commissioner in the first Bush Administration, as the President of Hamilton Securities Group, the lead financial advisor FHA during the Clinton Administration,** and then as a litigant with the US Department of Housing & Urban Development [HUD] and their informant, Ervin & Associates, during the Clinton Administration and the second Bush Administration.

This means, before, during and after the period of welfare reform….
CONTINUE READING @ Topic “Daniel Ross buh-bye” or “Kids4Cash (Lack.Cnty) is the FBI digging for facts or burying them?”
 I have also (as “outlaw wild double-bill kickbackcourts” — same gravatar) and as ReadMyLips_ReadTheir990s” (two-turkeys chest to chest gravatar) got a LOT of valuable information up there, and started some topics on Main Message Board and/or Regional.
Namely — one on the Annie E. Casey Foundation. . . . . on the role of  Nonprofits, on Parenting Coordination — you name it.
I haven’t blogged here recently (been over there), and will work on quality of posts as I can.  Now that I realize wordpress can handle more HTML than I thought, I might be back for a while.
FORGET THE BREAD and CIRCUSes — because after a while, those are sure to stop.  Put your heart and soul into what’s literally, ethically right — and to do this, you have got to dedicate some upfront reading time and evaluate that reading in light of experience.  Also talk to your associates and friends and hear multiple stories of how’s it going if they somehow got on the government dole unwittingly, through having believed a myth, such as the rule of law…
Did they have to pull a “Maryanne Godboldo” yet? Over RISPERDAL?
(search the name, Voice of Detroit Press pulled together a great investigative reporting; the case is symbolic of how the system treats independent, competent, and free-thinking mothers, particularly African-American single mothers, and what’s worse, she hadn’t had her child in the traditional school system, either.)
This was about the states’ assertion that ALL children are ITS children and attempt to punish anyone who bucks the system.  Tanks were brought in on this one, the community rallied behind her, but the child was institutionalized anyhow.  The same social worker “Wenk” had done it to another family the previous year (with several children), was being sued for that, and did it to this woman, again in 2011.  What’s more, it appears that adverse reactions to school-related immunizations started the ball rolling.
(Detroit mother)
 4-15-2011 “SWAT attacks Home School Mom who refused to force-medicate her child.”  Detroit mother Maryanne Godboldo faces multiple felony charges and is being held on $500,000 bond after a 10-hour standoff with a heavily armed police SWAT team. Godboldo was protecting her 13-year-old daughter from unnecessary medication ordered by the state.
The Godboldo case is yet another example of CPS working in league with the police in order to kidnap children. Godboldo was obviously an excellent mother and not a threat to the police. The fact they sent a tank to her apartment is more evidence that the state will react in a violent knee-jerk fashion when its authority is challenged.

  • http://www.cchrint.org/tag/maryanne-godboldo/ 3-23-2012
  • DETROIT (WXYZ) – The 7 Action News Investigators were the first to expose how a local court wasn’t following the law when it came to removing children from their homes.  Now one of Michigan’s Congressmen is calling on the Department of Justice to investigate the state’s Child Protective Services system.
  • Testimony under oath in the Godboldo case revealed that probation officers inside the court would routinely stamp Presiding Juvenile Court Judge Leslie Kim Smith’s name onto the removal orders.  By law, a judge must review the CPS workers allegations of abuse, and then sign the order.
(so much for “the law” when there are pharmaceutical interests in the neighborhood.)
  • After we reported on the rubber stamping that legal experts say is against the law – the court stopped doing it.  But we still asked the court and DHS to tell us how long it had been going on, and how many children were taken from their parents illegally.  Judge Smith was not interested in answering our questions.
  • “But it was your name on those removal orders – why was this allowed to happen in your court,” asked Catallo.
  • “I understand,” said Judge Smith.
  • “Are you going to talk to us or not,” asked Catallo.
  • “Have a good day,” said Judge Smith.”

NOTE — this only happened in 2011.  Your town is next.

LackaCommonSense in Lackawanna County (forum’s Admin v. Admin) detracts from Exposing “Kid$ 4 Cash”

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Psst!  The “Kids 4 Cash” thread (all 165 pages of commentary, and an unknown ratio of real people to usernames) is now somehow back up.  I’d grab it while you can — who knows where it’s going next and in what version!  Then again, you can figure out, the same basic information is available, probably, through other sources (if you’re not into wading through dialogue on a forum).

TOPIC: (Kids 4 Kash, Lack. Cty) Is the FBI digging for facts or burying them? Taking a long time.

Lackawanna County has a certain demographic (See http://lackawannafamilycourtfederal.blogspot.com, there’s a post on it) which may (or may not) make a difference in whether it’s possible to have an ongoing dialogue with people able to stick on topic.  Judge for yourself….

Anyone around here old enough to remember “SPY v. SPY”?

(image found here)


Publication history

Prohías was a prolific cartoonist in Cuba and known for political satire. Prohías’ parodies of newly-installed Cuban dictator Fidel Castro attracted criticism, and faced with the loss of work, possible arrest and threats of execution, he fled to the United States on May 1, 1960 – 3 days before Castro took over the last of the Cubanfree press. Prohías sought work in his profession and travelled to the offices of MAD Magazine in New York Cityon July 12, 1960. After a successful showing of his work and a prototype cartoon for Spy vs. Spy, Prohías was hired.[1]

Prohías completed a total of 241 strips for MAD Magazine, the last appearing in Issue #269 (March 1987). During an interview with the Miami Herald in 1983, Prohías reflected on his career, stating “The sweetest revenge has been to turn Fidel’s accusation of me as a spy into a moneymaking venture.”[1] Ironically, Prohías was censored by MAD Magazine publisher William Gaines on at least one occasion. The strip that eventually appeared in MAD Magazine #84 (Jan. 1964) was altered as the Spies were depicted as drinking and smoking, and Gaines had a strong anti-smoking stance.[1]

Prohías eventually retired due to ill health, and died aged 77 on February 24, 1998.[1] The strips continued, with writer Duck Edwing and artist Bob Clarke creating the majority. As of MAD Magazine #356 (April 1997), Peter Kuper took over as writer and artist for the strip.

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Art Spiegelman noted that “Getting published is very important to a young cartoonist, and I somehow have Antonio Prohias to thank for helping kick off my career.”[1]


WELL, THIS IS A GOOD VERSION OF IT. . . . No wonder it’s so easy to fleece parents in the family courts, too.  Divide & Conquer.  Waste time.  Turn the legitimate discussion into a circus.  

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Maryland’s Family Court Expansion, AFCC Model, takes Unifying Symbols to a New Level: Paper, Cotton, Leather, Fruit, Wood, Iron…

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This post is PR on something I just discovered recently and, to be honest, am distressed enough about to follow up by phone with the leadership of some of the groups involved, asking they why these things should be happening statewide.  The dialogue illustrates what’s going on, but is a little complex, and unless you have an interest in monitoring the expansion and methods of expansion of the family law bureaucracy WITHIN or as an ADJUNCT to our court system, you may not want to go through it all.

I think there is some legitimacy — however widespread, commonplace, and entrenched this system currently is, and however expensive and status quo it has become — to a theory that the “Family Court Services” if not the “Family Courts” themselves (as it pertains to divorce and custody) — are illegitimate.  They are private enterprises posing as public ones, and servicing their funders, who as it happens, tend to occupy high places in (1) the Executive Branch of the United States Government (I’m talking HHS, DOJ in particular) and (2) the Corporate /tax-exempt foundation stratosphere — almost none of which is truly accessible to individuals who are coming through these courts, unless they already have prior involvement.

First of all, they are about as unbelievingly condescending and patronizing (‘move over, let us experts handle your family — give us your kid, etc.’) as it is possible for any human relationship to be, apart from some truly unhealthy (i.e., violent/abusive) ones.  They deal in force, and subterfuge when it comes to proliferating the program, and like any good, truly “disaster capitalism” enterprise, they deal with distressed populations, exploit them, and call that service.  I come from California, and preliminary expose on this was done courtesy one of the oldest and (not exactly being updated) sites around — but it still is up and still serves a purpose — Johnnypumphandle.com.

assn.gif (5213 bytes)  “

Dedicated to Exposing Illegal and Immoral Practices in The Courts

… Particularly the Family Law System which includes the Courts, Attorneys, Family Services, Psychologists and Therapists,Visitation Monitors, Ad-Litems, Social Workers, Child Protection Agencies and all of the agencies that support these so-called professionals.

Collusion among individuals within the family law system takes place to extract assets from troubled parents. The system is designed to increase the wealth of the family law professionals at the expense and heartbreak of families. Corrupt practices abound.

For example, why does the “Los Angeles County Superior Court Judges Association” change its name to simply “Los Angeles County Superior Court” in its IRS filings? and what are they actually doing at their special events, including sporting events, and how do they manage to have (year 2010) a net loss of $10,000, being such smart judges (only revenue — membership dues, totaling $50K that year).?








Los Angeles Superior Court CA 2010 $120,654 990EO 10 95-4663773
Los Angeles Superior Court CA 2009 $95,314 990EO 12 95-4663773
Los Angeles Superior Court CA 2008 $102,801 990EO 11 95-4663773
Los Angeles Superior Court Judges Association CA 2007 $87,134 990EO 9 95-4663773
Los Angeles Superior Court Judges Association CA 2006 $90,509 990EO 9 95-4663773
Los Angeles Superior Court Judges Association CA 2005 $70,106 990EO 8 95-4663773
Los Angeles Superior Court Judges Association CA 2004 $55,818 990EO 5 95-4663773

per “Johnny”

The Los Angeles Superior Court Judges Association is a good example of one of the latter Non-Profit organizations whose stated purpose is “promotion of judicial profession pursuant to section 501(c)(6)”. (see form 3500 – Exemption application). The Association boasts a budget of over $100,000 – none of which will be received from members dues {?} – and most of which will be funded by “Professional Education programs for the legal community”. Unlike most professional organizations, this organization was granted(?) the use of County premises, complete with facilities for it’s [sic] office space and management of it’s business within the County Court facilities at 111 North Hill Street.”

Copyright © Design Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Last update 01/10/2010)

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For Further Info — and Reflection

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See also (next-gen blog, at least for me)

The Family Court Franchise System

Blog author in need of redecoration, has set up shop elsewhere.  This doesn’t mean NO more posts over here, but perhaps better organization over there.  I tangled one too many times with the gigantic “quotes” function & disappearing paragraphs here; I like the more flexible fonts available on the other platform.  You probably will too.

Besides which, anyone who hasn’t figured out yet that the family court system IS a franchise system, I feel sincerely sorry for them.  Last attempt to convince you of this? (just a sample)


For sale, on the site:


For more information click on product page          

The Psychotherapist As Parent Coordinator in High- Conflict Divorce: Strategies and Techniques

Develop a parenting coordination program and minimize high stress for children of divorce! With this guide, you will be able to effectively help co-parents develop a collaborative relationship and child-focused parenting plans during or after their divorce through parenting coordination.

Parenting Coordination: 

Creating a Window of Hope

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This power point presentation has been created in 30 and 60 minute versions as a way to educate the legal and mental health professionals regarding the process of parenting coordination.  This is an ideal way to educate and market parenting coordination to your community.    

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  • Intake Form
  • Self Assessment
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  • Conflict Assessment
  • Relationship Assessment
  • Child Assessment.     

 Forms are sold in sets of twenty.

Parenting Coordination Forms: DISK A

  • Sample Order Appointing a Parent Coordinator
  • Agreement Expectation Contract
  •  Standards of Care
  •  Step by step checklist for parenting coordinators.

    Electronic files (in Word or WordPerfect) of the parenting coordination basic parenting coordination forms. These forms may be duplicated and modified for individual use. Disk A includes: 

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Parenting Coordination Supplimental Forms: DISK B

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  • step-parent assessment
  • abuse assessment
  • child forms
  • marketing forms
  • standards vs licensing code
  • agreement forms
  • feedback forms
  • communication agreement
  • impasse assessment
  • court contracts, and much more. 
  •  For more detailed information click here.

Cooperative Parenting and Divorce: A Parent Guide to Effective Co-Parenting  


 An easy-to-read parent workbook that provides vital information and gives real-life examples and worksheets so parent may practice new skills that shield their child from parental conflict.

Available also in Spainish text see below

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Cooperative Parenting and Divorce GroupCertificates $6.00 per 15
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Cooperative Parenting and Divorce Group Kit

Cooperative Parenting and Divorce is a 8-week, 16 – 20 hour program that is part video and part group discussion recommended for groups of 10-16 parents. The group kit consists of video/DVD, leader’s guide, parent guide and marketing disk.  It is designed for use by therapists, parent educators, churches and schools.



Cooperative Parenting and Divorce: A Parent Guide to Effective Co-Parenting  


 An easy-to-read parent workbook that provides vital information and gives real-life examples and worksheets so parent may practice new skills that shield their child from parental  


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Here’s a brief trying to push the hybrid model, more:

In Search of Statutory Authority for Parenting Coordinator Orders in California: Using a Grass- roots, Hybrid Model Without an Enabling Statute, 5 Journal of Child Custody 88 (2008)

Ms. Termini (of Pennsylvania) coordinates the GAL program at Lackawanna County, and Mr. Joe Pilchesky, as part of his public service, this WAS a public service; more people should do it!) posted her receipts to the Scranton Political Times on or about Oct. 3, 2011 as follows (a few months before he was himself thrown off the site by Joanne, who apparently got tired of certain behaviors, including cheating on him, dissing her (with a few threats implied) on the forum, and continuing to operate out of  a home she owned, literally.   No child victims for the local courts in that situation, but they are going to duke it out anyhow).   BUT — here it is, Ms. Termini’s SS# redacted….


The hotel stay image, here, 8/22/09 — coincides with a presentation Termini, Harhut & Ross were doing at the National Association of Counsel for Children (“NACC”), only $215.43 for one night.   It’s Danielle Ross (not Termini) who is the NACC member (per their lists, at least).  

And some more:



and some more, for 2011:

For the year 2011



(I sure hope those links continue to function….)

And he summarizes what he did, which doesn’t sound to me like rocket science.  Posted 10/3/2011. Maybe it was rocket science, but somehow, I don’t think so:

All these were, and as of today (2/24/2012) are at Scranton Political Times under the co-parenting thread, which is under the topic “Doherty Deceit”


 I sent a right-to-know letter to Lackawanna County asking for documents regarding Family Court’s Co-Parenting Coordinator, Ann Marie Termini.  I received a response a few days ago, so I’m able to share some information with you.  The RTK letter and the response thereto are posted below.

* I asked for copies of contracts between Termini and the County.  Response: None exist. That’s question 6 in the RTK letter.

* I asked for documents to support what the scope of her duties are as a contractor. Response: None exist.  That’s question 2.

* I asked for documents to support that a lease agreement exists relating to the space she occupies on county property.  Response: None exist.  That’s question 3

* I asked for agreements relating to Termini using utilities, office equipment and furnishings. Response: None exist. That’s question 5

* I asked for copies of any complaints about Termini. Response: None exist. That’s question 8.

* I asked for copies of any court orders directing that Termini is appointed as the Co-Parenting Coordinator.  Response: None exist.  That’s question 9

* I asked for any documents to support the creation of the Co-Parenting Program. Response: None exist. That’s question 10.

* I asked for a copy of any advertising relating to seeking persons to fill the position of Co-Parenting Coordinator. Response: None exist.  That’s question 12

NACC seems like another networking opp for the same sorts of AFCC personnel, only focused around child support and abuse:

32nd National Juvenile and Family Law Conference – Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge, NY


When: August 19-22, 2009
Where: Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge
333 Adams Street
Brooklyn, New York  11201
United States
Contact: Daniel Trujillo (trujillo.daniel@tchden.org)

>>>Title of Conference is typically modest of these professionals, modeled after the parent organization, AFCC:


This was the “32nd National Juvenile and Family Law Conference of the National Association of Counsel for Children”

These organizations (at least one who is an affiliate of NACC) sponsored:


  • Barry University School of Law

  • Ciccolella Family Law, P.C.

  • Colorado Office of the Child’s Representative

  • Georgia Association of Counsel for Children  (NONprofit group started 8/26/2003, admin. dissolved involuntarily 5/2008 for ‘failure to file,” paid up and reinstated about a year later (4/2009) and now is back and running, though a little late on their 2011 filing also, it says)….would be nice to find an EIN# but the search site re-routes users to a licensure site instead.  Hmm.

  • Legal Aid Society, Juvenile Rights Practice

  • Legal Aid Society, New York City

  • NACC Megan Louise Furth Youth Empowerment Fund

  • Northern California Association of Counsel for Children

(this Co-sponsor of NACC  conference 2009, and NACC affiliate, is actually run out of the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC), i.e., from the California Judicial Counsel.  Site shows:

CALIFORNIA *Northern California Association of Counsel for Children (NCACC)

Christopher Wu Phone: 415/865-7721 AOC/ Center for Children, Families and the Courts 455 Golden Gate Avenue San Francisco, CA 94102

Christopher.Wu@jud.ca.gov (this links shows you the OTHER members on that blue-ribbon commission)

Mr. Christopher Wu

Executive Director
California Blue Ribbon Commission on Children in Foster Care

 Mr. Wu is ALSO “Supervising Attorney” for the CFCC (which to my understanding helps distribute the access/visitation funding that comes to the Judicial Council).  Is this a conflict of interest?
(This CFCC itself is part of a larger partnership — see bottom of page**)

One member (notice affiliations) incl.

Staff Counsel, California Dept. of Social Services, 1975-1977
Deputy Attorney General, State of California, Health, Education, and Welfare Div. 1977-1988
Training Director, Advokids, 2005-present

These “cooperated”:

  • ABA Center on Children and the Law

  • ABA Section of Litigation, Children’s Rights Litigation Committee

  • Association of Family and Conciliation Courts

  • Connecticut Commission on Child Protection

  • First Star

  • National Center for State Courts

  • National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges

  • National Court Appointed Special Advocate Association

  • National Institute for Trial Advocacy

  • Judicial Council of California Center for Families, Children, and the Courts 


California Child Welfare Co-Investment Partnership (Mr. Wu of CFCC and of the Northern California Association of Counsel for Children, which is an affiliate of NACC, and of the Blue Ribbon Commission on Children in Foster Care (and who knows what else, probably ALL run out of the same address) also is linked to here:


The California Child Welfare Co-Investment Partnership . . 

is a collaborative group of state agencies, foundations and other nonprofit organizations whose purpose is improving the lives of children and families who are in or are at risk of entering the state’s child welfare system.   Founded in 2006. . . .
“Our public-private
partnership includes
eight partners that
collectively invest
more than $2 billion
in the state’s child
welfare system.”
Partner organizations and representatives include:

Advisory CommitteeThe Partnership’s Advisory Committee is made up of nearly 40 diverse organizations that inform and advise the Partnership about its work and priorities.

sometimes I wonder where they are getting all these abused children FROM — and if the money were put into supporting the parents, PERIOD, there wouldn’t be such a need for CPS, welfare, and foster care to start with.  in other words, MOST parents, just ordinary people, are paying these organizations to craft policies that drive their lives, and MOST ordinary wage-earners are NOT forming nonprofits to avoid paying excess taxes — because they can’t, or don’t know how to.
This is how wealth is centralized, and this is who is driving our government.  I suppose I should give the run-of-the-mill crooks a break, after all, they are just following the examples of the wealthy philanthropic elites of the country, which they hope to (obviously) join the ranks of — or possibly have, by now.   (by comparison AFCC is starting to look like Kid Stuff, not that I forgive them their agenda (I’m female….)  . . . .
All they want to do get their piece of the coming utopia, which will likely eliminate the “useless eaters” once their purposes have been served.
Do NOT kid yourself this agenda has changed, whether or not the rank-and-file have picked up on it yet.   Another use of the term occurs HERE:  The question is, what are you going to do about it?

The Drug Story By Morris A. Bealle

“To teach the Rockefeller drug ideology, it is necessary to teach that Nature didn’t know what she was doing when she made the human body. But statistics issued by the Children’s Bureau of the Federal Security Agency show that since the all-out drive of the Drug Trust for drugging, vaccinating and serumizing the human system, the health of the American nation has sharply declined, especially among children. Children are now given ‘shots’ for this and ‘shots’ for that, when the only safeguard known to science is a pure bloodstream, which can be obtained only with clean air and wholesome food. Meaning by natural and inexpensive means. Just what the Drug Trust most objects to.“

This book was written in the late 1940s and is valuable reading in these perilous times. Read about this important book at http://educate-yourself.org/drugstory.html.

I take the drugging issue up a little more in the blog mentioned at the top.  When a woman protecting her child from home invasion is handled with swat team and HELIcopters, over the issue of adverse responses to vaccinations + refusal to continue “Risperdal” after its dangers to her child became obvious (and an M.D. apparently verified), then we are simply in the situation of sitting ducks.
UNFREEZE – CHANGE — REFREEZE” has already happened.  now, we need to apply the same theory and change things — not back — but to a different setup than this ‘partners in change” that see abused children deserving of foster care where they do NOT exist, and fail to see them where they DO exist.  Perhaps if they weren’t spending half their time preparing for conferences, presenting at them, poring over each other’s research (and billing hotel costs to their local counties), this information might have surfaced earlier.  Who knows….
ANYHOW, apparently Ms. Termini DID show up (per brochure) in 2009, Brooklyn — with cohorts a judge and a GAL — and you can search the name in the brochure.

For Scrantonians — To Assert is Fine, but To Prove is Best. Study How Kentucky Got Its 70 Judicial Center Projects, 9 Court Programs (including 11 Divorce Ed. courses so far). You’re Next!

with 6 comments

Righteous Indignation, Determination to do something, and a Healthy Sarcasm  — admirable, I love it.

Also one has to love anyone who can file enough Right To Knows, get information sufficient to file a CIVIL suit against a FAMILY court racket(eering set of individuals), have (I believe as a result of that and related) suit, the FBI come charging in to haul off evidence (for what purpose, remains to be seen)  and post it for all to see.  And keep posting.  Again, I came here from Kentucky — after I found some dude from this area (Dunmore, PA) getting his product marketed through the Kentucky Family Court System, which has a ridiculous number of “Divorce Education” programs and one that clearly uses extortion to get Dads in arrears into fatherhood program probably aimed at about 6th grade (maybe tops, 8th) level of intellect.  And that is called a “Court of Justice”!

Since 1998 the Kentucky Court of Justice has completed, authorized or begun construction on 70 new judicial centers.

These new facilities have given Kentucky citizens safe, efficient, cost-effective buildings in which to exercise their legal and constitutional rights

Including the right to be forced into more Parenting Classes . . . . .  I wonder, is a “Judicial Center” like a one-stop County-based Family Justice Center, like California has? ….

Here are those ELEVEN DIVORCE EDUCATION COURSES (one of which leads us to Dunmore, PA and Lackawanna County problems…..).  This presumes that everyone divorcing is ignorant about divorce (probably never heard or saw anyone else experience divorce with kids) and needs to be taught a lesson.  And someone has to pay the teachers, obviously, and buy their coursework.

Here they are:

“Turning It Around” is the one that extorts noncustodial (fathers) behind on arrears.  Take our course = get out of jail free card.  Of course, someone pays for that, and probably a fatherhood program, i.e., coming from funds that would otherwise go to feed a child.  All of this comes under what is called on the label — and to the public a COURT OF JUSTICE (does that sound “just” — that everyone needs a parenting class, and fathers need to learn how to stand up and be real men?).

But in private sessions and collaborations, these are actually holistic ways of solving family’s problems for them, against their will, and at their expense — a well as society’s problems for itself, at ITS expense.  See 70 new buildings and outsourced parenting classes.

Kentucky Court of Justice (Banner Imagery) - click to go to homepage.

What is divorce education? and why is there a need? [1] As the number of family-related court filings has risen over the years, families have increasingly relied on the courts to resolve family law issues and problems including child custody, visitation, child support, paternity, emergency protective orders, and restraining orders. . .

In an effort to help family members cope with divorce, judges [2] are increasingly requiring parents to attend programs to make them more aware of the impact of divorce on children.[2b]  These programs give families exposure to information and skills [3] that may ultimately lead to a reduction in the number of disputes that require a court’s intervention.[4]  Most importantly, by requiring divorcing parents to attend these programs, the courts are making a statement to the community that “children matter” [5]! Divorce education programs are being treated as a “first line of defense”[6] . It is estimated that up to a million children a year across the country will experience the impact of divorce.[see 2]

That’s prime-time baloney, and just “how it goes” in Unified Family Courts these days.  There’s a reason they’re unified too — probably to make more central control of required parent education (etc.) easier to do a “AFCC judicial coup” on. Underlined, numbered phrases are better translated:  

[1]   What the hell, and whose idea, is divorce education — and IS there a need?  No.  In fact, judging by these courses, hell no!

[2]   . . . help family members . . . judges” in the same phrase is an oxymoron.  We are talking JUDGES.

The insistence that a non-family (it just split!) is actually a family is just the beginning of the built-in cognitive dissonance of this venue.  Any families that are actually working it out for their own kids are excluded — they just settled their differences without court intervention.  Ergo, what remains is former families (if that) that are clearly demonstrating, they are NOT about to function as families, or interested in doing so, either.

Many of these are victims of crime by their exes, or the other parent.

So a more honest word would be litigants.  They are in court — someone filed a complaint or motion – so the term that applies uniformly is “litigating.”   But if a FAMILY court site said  “litigants,” then someone might drift mentally back to the right the due process, etc. actually still apply, which is not the desired effect of Family Law.   Getting rid of the concept of individual rights is at the heart of it.  Hence — when discussed, there is not one litigating/moving parent v. another, by definition, litigating/responding parent, but there is ONE entity, “family” which has members.  That entity, again, is at this point already a fiction.

The purpose of requiring divorce education is a captive consumer audience of programs that wouldn’t sell-themselves without court intervention.

A more accurate translation of [2] is:  “In an effort to supplement their state-payrolls, although being a judge is one of the highest per-hour professions around, with no potential lack of customers in sight, and to further fund their pensions & retirement lifestyle, including in the very far outside chance, despite judicial immunity and a hugely wide ‘discretion’ available to family law judges in particular, if they get thrown off the bench or caught & punished for doing something really bad or illegal,  Judges are increasingly REQUIRING parents to attend programs run by them and their colleagues, some of which also require textbooks they, or their colleagues, have written, as pre-planned in tax-deductible conferences that strategize how to convince parents and the public that this is helping – the parents, or the public.

[2b] this is code for a Kids’ Turn program, or something like it — which Kentucky, as I’ve said before and will again, has here in its offerings.  By dating and comparing these various programs, across whichever state they cropped up in (and looking at their contents), one can deduce which was the grandpappy of the parent education courses, and which were offspring, or simply cousins.  Right now, the earliest I can see is 1987 Kids’ Turn as direct to the courts.  However, there are some based in Kentucky which pre-date, I think.  (NIRME/IDEALS — but these are not court-ordered yet, I think, they are marketed with support from HHS, though as many parent education programs are).

[3] . . . again, people going to court have a fight on their hands, and are seeking justice — not therapy, or more life skills.  For some partners, true justice would be having  a judge or someone else validate their thesis that their ex is nuts — and hence not competent to handle custody, ergo, who gets child support if they aren’t? As such, the other partner will be FIGHTING this.  But n the context of divorce, the most helpful skills would be how to get and keep their case out of the courts sooner, nor later.   Even if they were needed,  the theory that the courts are crowded because parents (some of them bearing Ph.D.s and masters in various professions) lack “information and skills” — the courts are crowded because one really poor custody decision is likely to bring the other parent (often the nonabusive one) back into court seeking (ignorantly) to correct it.

In fact, who has measured yet whether there are more — not less -divorces because of the billion-dollar-a year child support enforcement and distribution industry placing undue financial pressure on the individual households across the country?  Or because of the inane (assuming the motive is what it claims to be) practice of assigning criminal matters to mediation, and then having the county pay the mediator, plus federal grants subsidize the mediator, which in turn then encourages more and more mediation, simply to help support the courthouses and those in them?

[4] . . . “disputes that require a court’s intervention.”  If it’s just a dispute, then it doesn’t require major intervention.  If it’s an assault, it does require intervention — to deter further assaults.  Hence jail, or prosecution would be in an order.  Whoever puts up these websites is getting sloppy – the word “dispute” is AFCC code for domestic violence or child molestation, just like the word “estranged wife” is clue that there’s been a “dispute” that involved a crime scene cleanup.  These disputes do not REQUIRE a court’s intervention, but by setting up systems to claim jurisdiction wherever their IS a custody “dispute” the court system itself has been trawling for cases that otherwise would be settled somewhere else.    The statement is a per se lie, and reveals the “Court’s” public posture that in any case, whatsoever, the fact that parents are in court indicates that BOTH (not just one)of them are incompetent and hence deserve forcible mental health treatment.

[5] . . . ‘by requiring divorcing parents to attend these programs, the courts are making a statement to the community that “children matter” ‘.

This appears to be a typo.  It should read thus:

. . . ‘by requiring divorcing parents to attend these programs, the courts are making a statement to the community that “children don’t matter”

If the courts were so concerned about single parent household and the children, they’d wish to preserve — not drain – parent finances and time.  By their own admission, the legislatures and family codes usually say that it’s in the best interests of the child to have frequent and ongoing contact with both parents.  Forcing them to sit through inane classes, and pay for it, shows just how selfish the judges are, not to mention narcissistic.

[6] . . .Divorce education programs are being treated as a “first line of defense”

Have you heard of the “royal plural,” as in (spoken with dignity), “We are not amused.”  Or the royal third person, i.e, when speaking of onesself, or one’s own creations, using third person absent any possessive pronouns.  [[actually -- on looking it up, see link, it turns out this wasn't the royal plural.  Queen Victoria actually was speaking for more than one person.]]  Anyhow, I think enough people understand this as a single entity speaking in plural for  majesty and to add extra weight to the statement, which otherwise would just be a personal statement of belief or feeling.  “The royal plural” has what I’ll call the pseudo-scientific passive.  In this, the speaker is declaring he/she/it (which is whoever wrote that website for the Kentucky State Court of Justice?) is not an agent of the situation; nay they were a passive bystander, a simple observer of the situation, a qualified researcher narrating how the world is.

“Divorce education programs are being treated as a “first line of defense” is better translated, as posted on the state court website:

[[Shh.  Confidential -- do not leak this!]] “WE are selling OUR programs as a “first line of defense.”  

Pretty smart, don’t you think, considering WE are already government employees!

Divorce and parental flaws are the enemy.  That “divorce = enemy” line is quite the coup, considering it’s now no-fault divorce era in many states.  If that doesn’t drive them nuts soon enough, we’ll come up with another insulting phrase, like “parent coordination.”  There is no FAULT to be assigned in divorce to one partner or the other, therefore divorce itself will become the enemy.  Yahoo, ka-ching!

= = = = =

YEP — that’s the Kentucky State Court of Justice and God only knows (I haven’t counted yet) how many others across the country.

Constitutional Amendment establishes the “AOC” in KY — 1975-76

Further history of the Unified Court System  (primarily Bar Association promoting this and educating the public about it..sounds like…)

Proud Overview of the Kentucky Court of Justice – Admin. Office of the Courts, from http://courts.ky.gov/aoc/

. . .

The AOC carries out duties that are mandated by the Kentucky Constitution, including administering the Judicial Branch budget, building and maintaining court facilities, maintaining court statistics through a statewide case management database, administering personnel policies and payroll for court personnel, and providing educational programs for judges, circuit court clerks and support staff.

So, who in the AOC put those 11 Divorce Education links on there? and were these selected by administrative order, or something involving the citizens/ general public?

The Kentucky Court of Justice is one of the commonwealth’s finest achievements and has earned a national reputation for many of its initiatives, including Family Court, Drug Court, judicial center facilities, judicial education, pretrial services, court interpreting services, and diversity awareness. Its statewide case management system has put Kentucky on the cutting edge of court technology.

The Kentucky court system is committed to providing fair and equal treatment to its personnel and to the citizens who come before its courts, regardless of race, gender, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

The head of the AOC helps draft legislation for it:

Laurie K. Dudgeon

As director of the Kentucky Administrative Office of the Courts, Laurie K. Dudgeon oversees nearly 3,300 employees, including 403 elected justices, judges and circuit court clerks. She administers the $300 million Judicial Branch budget, drafts and promotes passage of legislation affecting the courts, and works with officials at the county, state and national levels.

Since being named director in 2009, she has commissioned the National Center for State Courts to audit the AOC in an effort to achieve a leaner, more efficient organizational structure. . . .

Ms. Dudgeon currently serves on the Governor’s Recovery Kentucky Task Force and has been actively involved with Hospice of the Bluegrass, the American Cancer Society and New Horizons Child Development Center. She resides in Frankfort with her two children, Kathleen, 10, and Tate, 7.  ((She’s a single Mom?)) ((appears to be a Disciples of Christ church-related child care))

FROM KENTUCKY, still:  Divorce Education link — here’s the menu of offerings to help parents and kids experiencing the impact of divorce, with our friendly kid-educator from Pennsylvania in red:  “Kids First: Children Coping with Divorce and Family Conflict

In Pennsylvania (Corporate Registrations) this is simply a fictitious name for Chet Muklewicz, Ph.D.  — not even tied (it seems) to a corporation, such as a nonprofit.
Divorce Education Programs

**by coincidence (?) to take these classes, parents must contact a publisher in Georgia who lists Ann Marie Termini (of PA) and Susan Boyan (of GA, I think still) to find out how to enroll. . . . . That’s odd, because Kentucky seems to be full of parent educators and relationship educators, in fact some of the older ones in the field hail from Kentucky.  I guess the grass is always greener out of state (either that, or parents are going to be slower to recognize what hit them, or hear about parental complaints on custody outrages from other states?). . . ..

Is this registered in Kentucky at all?   Let’s see:  Corporations search on only “Kids First” term shows none by the full name, and out of the (only) 7 active corporations with the name “Kids First,” some are academies, two are dental clinics, leaving — well, do you see any which might relate to the one being sold through the state court site?  And of the 16, only 7 are active leading me to think that groups focused on “Kids” are not too good at staying in business.

Company Name Organization Number Status Type
KID’S FIRST, INC. 0431692 I-Inactive KCO-Kentucky Corporation
KIDS FIRST ACADEMY LLC ONE AND TWO 0795295 A-Active – Good KLC-Kentucky Limited Liability Company
KIDS FIRST CHILD CARE 0336171 I-Inactive ASC-Assumed Name Corporation
KIDS FIRST CHILD CARE, INC. 0261572 I-Inactive KCO-Kentucky Corporation
KIDS FIRST DAY CARE, LLC 0644349 I-Inactive KLC-Kentucky Limited Liability Company
KIDS FIRST DENTAL CARE LLC 0614675 A-Active – Good KLC-Kentucky Limited Liability Company
KIDS FIRST DENTAL SERVICES, INC. 0724811 A-Active – Good KCO-Kentucky Corporation
KIDS FIRST EARLY LEARNING CENTER, LLC 0713474 I-Inactive KLC-Kentucky Limited Liability Company
KIDS FIRST LEARNING CHILD CARE CENTER, INC. 0451856 A-Active – Good KCO-Kentucky Corporation
KIDS FIRST OF LILY, LLC 0578393 A-Active – Good KLC-Kentucky Limited Liability Company
KIDS FIRST THERAPY SERVICES, LLC 0638892 A-Active – Good KLC-Kentucky Limited Liability Company
KIDS FIRST, INC. 0498377 I-Inactive KCO-Kentucky Corporation
KIDSFIRST ADOPTION SERVICES, INC. 0655499 I-Inactive FCO-Foreign Corporation
KIDSFIRST ENRICHMENT CENTER, INC. 0538711 A-Active – Good KCO-Kentucky Corporation
KIDSFIRST PRESCHOOL & CHILDCARE CENTER 0341621 I-Inactive ASC-Assumed Name Corporation

I also just searched “Muklewicz” “Libassi” and (for fun) “Termini” under founding officer and registered agent name, coming up zero.  You can look yourself — is the state of Kentucky forcing Kentucky residents to do business illegally in Kentucky with a foreign corporation not registered in their state?  Because I’ll bet I could find at least three California corporations that apparently fit that qualification.

Here’s the link to search by name, page has by organization name also. https://app.sos.ky.gov/ftsearch/default.aspx?path=nameavail


I was working on this post for several days, in part because I hesitated to “out” that one of the founders of the Doherty Deceit Forum (it seems there are two — Joe Pilchesky, and wife Joanne).  As his “stop the fraud” is very “in your face” he’s also very “in your face” when challenged (according to facts), especially by a woman. I am complying with the terms of the forum (which means you don’t get the backstory that I hear from three — count’em — sides on the particular relationships between (now that it’s out in the open),

  • Joe,
  • His “paramour” (his words), a Dr. Stephanie Tarapchak, whose custody case it seems he’s territorially defending in public and in the courtroom.  This is one of two custody cases, primarily, that are posted and avidly discussed on-line, and
  • Joanne, his wife.


Apparently I’m not the only one that took some heat for fact-checking, or countering some statements; in one of the comments, Joanne (who was a moderator of the forum, although much more subdued in tone, and posting less often) she contradicted him, and he told her to “take a long walk off a short pier.”

So few WOMEN (mothers) will go do this Right To Know process, it’s fine with me if some guy does it instead, even if it’s to protect a woman he’s having an affair with, in addition to helping the public.  Up to a point.

Anyhow here’s a recent exchange, which brings up one point:  No more hero worship.  Bake your own cookies, do your own lookups, and scramble your own eggs, in this field!   Pennsylvania has a serious, problem, obviously (see Luzerne County, see Penn State, see FBI raiding this county’s courthouse AFTER the finances of it were starting to get laid bare).  But the concerned public didn’t have any trouble with the sexist comments, the cheating on one’s wife and degrading her on-line, etc.

So, Joanne (who apparently moved out a long time ago) gave Joe a “Happy Christmas”  — and a Protection Order with Kickout.  Apparently (actually, I checked the Recorder of Deeds), the house is in her name, as of December 2001.*****

Special Christmas present from Joanne to me, “Merry Christmas, Joe, this is a PFA and you’re evicted from your home”
 Printer Friendly

I thought I’d share this private Christmas moment with all of you, since I’m such a stickler about transparency. As they guy who spends most of his time ensuring our government officials suffer as much bone-crushing, humiliating transparency as possible, it’s only right that I subject myself to the same cringing standard.Right around 2ish today I got a call from a nice man who identified himself as a Deputy Sheriff. He said he had a PFA to serve upon me, so I told him I was home and he could come right over. Two clean-cut looking deputies showed up and went about the business of serving me with the PFA. First question is always, “Are there any guns in the house?” Not being a gun type guy, I said no. Next point of interest (I knew this was coming) was that I had to immediately vacate my home of 15 years, notwithstanding the fact that she hasn’t lived in the house for 21 months, since she lives in Philadelphia. So, for her to feel safe in Philadelphia, I’m evicted from my home in Scranton. This is apparently possible when only “her” name is on the deed. At any rate…First thing I wanted to take, of course, were my computers. You can buy socks, underwear and a toothbrush anywhere at anytime, right?  The deputies hesitated to let me take them, but one of them made a phone call and I was allowed to have them. They gave me a few more minutes to gather a few essentials and nicely put me off the property, locking the doors to the house behind me. They were at all times very professional and courteous.I’ll post up the PFA and some of the details that led to this most happy occasion as soon as I get my computers and scanner set up, perhaps tomorrow. I have a hearing on Jan. 4, 2012 at 9:00 am, but I don’t at this time know what judge it’s in front of, although the Honorable Judge Corbett, who I just had a screaming match with on Monday in Family Court, signed the PFA and she put a smiley face under her name.  (Just kidding about the smiley face, but if you look close enough……..nah, can’t be.)I always wondered what other guys have done on a moments notice that they had to get out, so now I know. They just do it. Then again, I never felt sorry for any of them, either. I figured they had it coming. A judge will decide if I did, but it’s screwed up that I have to leave my home when she lives in Philly. It is what it is. I’m wondering now if she is in the right jurisdiction, since she doesn’t live here.  The PFA speaks for itself. You’ll read it tomorrow.It isn’t until you’re gone that you realize what you didn’t take, like the Christmas presents you just bought your grandchildren, children and friends. And there they are – locked in a house I am legally prohibited from entering. I’m sure Santa will find a way to get around that small obstacle.I suppose, for some reason after abandoning this marriage 21 months ago she suddenly feels threatened five days before Christmas and filed this PFA.

More to come :)  Merry Christmas, and be happy someone isn’t evicting you from your home this Christmas season.


Well, that’s a male point of view on the kickout, and the female point of view is on the face of the order, no doubt, as well as the declaration to go with it.  Obviously this is a civil order (I don’t see any arrest record mentioned).  He says he’s going to post the order, too, and I’m sure will.  I doubt any of the judges (who in this case are being scrutinized by the same person) were highly upset at having the order signed, and I hope he has a good place to live.   From the looks of the forum, he has lots of supporters, so if it’s not possible to just up and rent somewhere, maybe they’ll be kind and hospitable.

I just wish the focus would remain on duplicating that effort.  Not everyone can file a civil suit (particularly depending on what’s at stake — like one’s job, or contact with/safety of one’s child) but this literally identified the presence of all kinds of financial fraud — and intent to commit, plus a step by step “how” — in a family courthouse.  And I believe it was that action — and not the picketing or the posting of particular custody nightmare cases — that got the FBI to swoop down on the Lackawanna County, PA’s family courthouse.

I’ve blogged close on one month (about 100 posts) on this forum, and provided link after link, plus exhortations to look at the nonprofits in the courts, particularly the membership organizations.  I also posted direct grants to the county in question, and identified how, where, and with whom the problem personnel are hooking up with each other and calling in the cronies.  In the process of this, obviously, all sorts get involved, particularly in such a large forum with both men and women involved.

In the three threads dealing with mothers (two in particular who have opened their cases for posting on-line) problems with custody loss, or trauma,  there are a number of gravatars which involve (animated) bouncing boobs, lingerie, your basic “T&A,” some pissing, some violence, and a rather odd one which shows a naked baby, in motion, with just a napkin (not a diaper) over it, called “All Tease No Please.”  (?? one of the cases reported is about custody having gone to a former sex abuser of a child).

I figure, well, that’s just part of the deal, and not too big a deal, with an open forum, and not the main point, let’s get to the financial matters that have allowed a dictatorial, allegedly overcharging, leaseless contractless GAL (Danielle Ross)/Judge (Harhut, who by court order brought her on board to run business from county property, apparently for free) combo to funnel business to a parent coordinatior, and other cases    I reason, it’s an open forum (after moderator who screens/approves signups) and a whole variety of creative expression avatars.  The primary offence which would prompt being thrown off the forum seems to be outing private identities or posting contents of private messages.  And as the forum already underwent a court challenge backed by the ACLU after someone unfavorably portrayed ON the forum (and politically connected to the Pennsylvania State Police) got it shut down improperly, without notice to the owners.  AND — get this — the company isn’t even a US Company, it’s based in Canada!  (the paperwork is under “cases” at DohertyDeceit.com  (Doherty, FYI, is the mayor).

There was another poster who got his “wings clipped” after an ethnic slur.  In a forum that has gotten, it says, 19 million hits to date (open since 2005), it’s pretty tolerant.  But, as they don’t tolerate ethnic slurs, not even one, that opens the door for me to bring up slurs based on gender — not just good-humored, or part of the general talk, but pretty aggressive ones.  And the verbal ones are coming mostly from Joe.  Some are below, and I sure don’t feel like rehearsing all of them.  Assertions that all women are all manipulative (using pregnancy to land a man), or other matters.  These came from the moderator, who is also functioning as a hero and leader to some of the mothers involved.  There were two moderators — Mr. and Mrs. (Joe and Joane) Pilchevsky, but he is more active submitting posts, at least on these threads.  I began to wonder what it’s like working alongside and living with someone who holds this view of all women, and is upfront about expressing it, too.  Not to mention, who it seems has been having an affair with someone else who’s on the topic of the forum (which is evident from it).

(Well — she wasn’t living with him, it turns out).

So recently — after weeks on-line,  while respecting the rules myself, and understanding all this, I commented on a particularly objectionable photo (gravatar) of a full-frontal naked woman (at least from waist up) half-submerged in a pool,  plus another one with the theme “under the thumb” which repeatedly showed a close up (drawn, not photo) of a thumb being completely pierced by a nail, over and over.   Many of the cases that end up in the family courts come from people who’ve been assaulted in the home and exposed to violence already.  We don’t need more.

So I commented on these, and took, from the moderator, a full-frontal “shut your feminist face” type retort.   Potentially jeopardizing men’s right to entertain themselves visually (to hold their attention) while reforming the courts and being the hero of distressed mothers oppressed by them — has to be handled promptly, and firmly.  I was told first, I am just jealous of the (avatar’s) boobs, then that I “need to get laid” and have a man tell me to “shut the fvck up” with all my “feminist drivel.”   Go search if you’re really curious, to learn what society should really be like.  Women are to be seen (looked at), fvcked, and definitely not heard, except for the applause and approval part.  What has this world come to, that some are speaking for themselves no!

Can’t say for sure, but possibly this “proud-of-it” misogyny may have had some say in the moderator’s previous marital experiences?

I returned a few comments “in kind.”   At the bottom of the question, I asked, if you’re so smart how come in the six years this forum has been up, no one figured out that several of your key players were AFCC leaders, or that there’s a statewide effort out to “Change the Culture of Custody“?

Moderator’s reply then cut off the bottom of the post, reframed the question (again) to make himself look like the ethical and rational person in the conversation, ignored the part where I said, look I understand free speech, and let the “parade of gravatars” (challenging my comment that some were offensive) begin; just wanted to make the point.  I replied, again quoting the part cut off, and as you can tell, at some point in time, FORUM participation becomes a waste of time.  Really, what concerned me was driving others away from valid information, either because (as women), they don’t take to wading through the visuals and put-downs, or because as the forum is pretty much a Joe P. fan club (with some exceptions), speaking up might jeopardize membership.  Sometimes I wonder whether / how many / if any of the posters are emotional extensions of this hero, or literally — like the visuals — electronic creations with the same IP (or street) address, but different user names.   And if so, how sick is that?

I cannot give the full picture of this without breaking the forum rules, i.e., documenting a private-messaging exchange which was of quite different character than the public.  However, apparently my presence on there was ruffling some feathers (cock’s, not hen’s), particularly by challenging false statements overtly.  I replied another time, and threw in a sarcastic (and likewise crude) reference back at Joe, which is from what I understand by policy and example, a form of protected speech on the forum, and was told I am busting his nuts:

Status: Offline
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Date: Dec 12 4:25 PM, 2011

Joe, these are matters of life and death, and about whether or not children are safe in their homes or on visitation with others –and in such cases, despite all the BS folklore around, there’s no room for it.

(JOE, italics) Look, I’m in the information gathering and dispensing business. I don’t pay attention to avatars other than how amusing some are, while other match up nicely to a poster’s username.  I like that my posters use avatars to express their artistic/creative side. It’s a non-issue unless you want to make it one for yourself.  Let it go.

(etc.) You missed your calling as an attorney — derailing others, going into attack mode in hopes to shut down the topic, sarcasm, and a desire to control the conversation when challenged; you need to win, and at some level it’s just a game.  (I just got my analysis, so there’s yours).   Yeah, and all that:

I’ve not controlled one conversation here since I opened for business in 2005, other than keeping abusive posters in line and editing content that was either threatening to another person or the basis for a libel action against that poster and me. Other than that I let it fly as it flies.  My other objective is to keep the place open 24/7 for nice people like you to cut my nuts off once in a while, which I appreciate.  


“Justice doesn’t have to be fair, equitable or honorable – it just has to be justice”

Bold added for both comments, above.  My phrase “control the conversation” (in the forum) had one meaning, and his reply (particularly with context removed) “control the conversation” (by removing the post, or posting privileges) is a context-switch.  In context of the message exchanges, I was talking about the habit of reply to challenges of facts with comments deriding women as women — or me, as a woman.  (we have never met or talked on the phone).   This also serves to derail and curtail exchange about whether or not some assertion was true — or false.

Here’s  my prior comment, preparatory to taking myself off there (the alternative would be doing battle regularly on falsehoods that i believe intentionally mislead parents so they do not follow actually get enlightened about the role of the fatherhood funding, child support diversions, and grants in the courts — identify conflicts of interest, or other leverage to expose fraud — and act on it.

Though I believe Joe knows better (i.e., has himself filed plenty of lawsuits and right-to-know letters), he has not, to date, been willing to acknowledge (1) the fatherhood factor, or (2) the role of the nonprofit trade associations which the exact players they are protesting (several of them) belong to, and which is how they tend to organize, in PA and elsewhere.  And I believe the reason the fatherhood funding can’t be acknowledged is because it would admit sexism as a factor in the courts; and the AFCC, I don’t know — except that the information came from a female who challenged him.

I know I’m not going to hang around with people who are not hungry to keep learning, and so here’s my comment, preparatory to  getting my behind off the forum, including with some disgust not so much at the T&A factor in the gravatars, at the dog-in-the-manger and egotism.  Well, and do I want to support a group of people, particularly mothers, who haven’t put two and two together:  Your leader, whose lead you are following, and help are so grateful are, hates women in the general, and being challenged in the particular — so if you expect assistance, just deal with it.

Trust me, “just acommodate it,” that’s a dead end!

Anyhow on the date below, I wrote; quoted segments (easier to see on the forum) in  BLUE

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Date: Dec 12 3:02 PM, 2011

My blog is familycourtmatters.wordpress.com, and more information on the financing of the courts will be aired weekly Tuesday nights 9pm EST for a while @ 646-595-2134, link,


(The 64/34 effect title relates to the child support incentives to keep a custody case up and running as long as possible)

FYI — I do NOT endorse what the rest of that forum (for example, on other days) is doing, namely, playing up the tragic and pathos angle and hoping this will bring about change; working alongside “Athena Phoenix’s” themes.

Anyone that wants to find out more about the nonprofits running the courts, and perhaps how to do something about stopping them in their tracks based on financial fraud (not bad custody decisions) will find some resources (not legal advice) there.

Wow, you’re all ready to engage here, when it comes to verbal put-downs, especially of women:

(me, then italic = Joe)

As moderator, you do not tolerate verbal ethnic slurs, but you do tolerate visual sexist ones, in the name of freedom of expression on the forum, and how dare I (exercising same right) comment on (immature) adult behavior on-line.

You need to get laid.  Clearly, you don’t have a man in your life to tell you to shut the fvck up when your feminists drivel has you foaming at the mouth over an avatar of a woman who likely has nicer tits than you have. Get over it.  

(. . . anything feminist seems to have hit a nerve there, brought out your better side. . . .  )

But I guess he just blew a wad on that topic, and went all limp when it came to the bottom half of my comment (after the feminist drivel), which is a little harder to make snide comments about — and which is a lot more relevant than any gravatars, as entertaining as this may be for Big Barney:*

Who’s babysitting whom here? – – – 

I’m a continent away and seem to know more about who started parenting coordination in your state, where they came from, and how they meet up with each other, than anyone else, so far, on the post.  I think that’s more a dog in the manger situation, perhaps — if it continues this way.   

Failure to figure out and report on the nonprofits running the courts EARLIER in this game, how do you think 6 years of fighting and exposure on your forum missed that?  

The parents  Friday Court protest included mention of Arnold Shienvold, Ph.D., but it doens’t look like anyone did a background check on him.  He’s AFCC, and AFCC as a group is about as close to a definition of family law as we know it (and as it’s changing, for the worse0 as one can get.

But now I’ve come reporting on the ones in your backyard, and connecting them to a nationwide strategy set decades ago, and I’m hearing “Politics is a contact sport here” like it means, you’re not up to it?

Not everyone can be you, and file suit after suit — and for those people, if there is any way to head off a case at the pass, then by all means, why not do so?

You need to get more honest with the people on this forum about resources outside Scranton and individual personalities — and at the state level PA which might stop Danielle Ross et al.  Specifically the nonprofits active in the custody field, which can be used as front groups to launder or funnel money.

I’m no threat to your leadership, I don’t want people to “follow” me, I put out information, take it or leave it, and shelve the egos.  But I am concerned when you are looked to for an example, and dismiss basic elements of the puzzle, of the problem.

RE (from different JP comment):

(Joe comment:)

Gender plays a small role in disposing of family court matters.

(me:) That’s not only false, it’s ridiculous.  Can you prove that statement?  What makes you — or any single person — the authority on family court matters?

That was a dog in a manger statement.  You don’t believe this, so simply say it doesn’t exist or isn’t relevant.

However it is a role in why the hybrid creature called family courts (not criminal forum, not civil forum, but a counseling and psychology-based forum) exist to start with.  Mental health practitioners and counselors weren’t competitive in the market place, so figured out, starting in S. Los Angeles Courthouse and Calif. Legislature, how to get the counties to pay them to counsel divorcing couples, and write this into law.

Gender is USED in the courts to justify federal funding.  

It’s also a primary issue in the child support system, which diverts enforcement funds to promote fatherhood and marriage, i.e., there are enough people around who believe that women should be seen and not heard (case in point) to get this racket set up — and it’s a racketeering operation, but getting it passed definitely was helped by feminist backlash.


Here’s the map of 17 Counties in PA that have Fatherhood Initiatives (2nd or 3rd time I’ve posted the link):


“The Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare currently funds 20 Family Center- based Fatherhood Initiatives in the 17 counties shaded in the map above.”

(and so on — I posted more links showing the “fatherhood” grants, affecting custody matters as they are intended to….) and at the bottom of the same comment (again) linked to my blog, and to an on-line radio show which I’d been recommending people to — including with vivid, bold graphics — which explains the financial trail, or at least says it’s going to. As follows:

My blog is familycourtmatters.wordpress.com, and more information on the financing of the courts will be aired weekly Tuesday nights 9pm EST for a while @ 646-595-2134, link, http://www.blogtalkradio.com/abusefreedomlive/2011/11/30/abuse-freedom-live-presentthe-6634-effect-radio-show

You have to register to do it on-line, so privacy is personal responsibility.

I’m the person who connected the host of the show with this forum, who then apparently got him — although he was late so a woman whose case he has espoused got on in his stead — on the show, after I also was.

If you’re salaciously or otherwise curious for the verbal karate of the exchange, go here:


Next thing you know — here is a referral to the same show (without acknowledging that this was my submission), and a further summary of “how it works” which — again — being pretty easy to read, narrated in local terms — contains no links to anything, makes several unsubstantiated (and false) claims, and again completely omits the role of the nonprofits in the courts.  It also accuses a different judge of taking kickbacks (without identifying that he has) and cites a $20 million payment for judges — without showing the readers how he got that figure.

I’m going to respond to it on THIS forum (and place a link there), which I do have control over, and hopefully it will make a point about the importance of teaching others how to access their own information to draw their conclusions, rather than maintaining the position of authoritative summary — but including some wildly inaccurate, and excluding some very accurate, and relevant — information about how things work, and leaving behind a better educated readership.

The very links + quotes that make my post (and this blog) hard to read are actually the sources to proof.  At least links — without the commentary if necessary — could’ve been placed in the post.  They often are in his posts — but in this summary, they aren’t.  Their presence — assuming they are relevant — lends credibility to the talk.  However the ONLY link here — is one that I provided.  In fact, I brought the radio show host to the attention of this blog and vice versa.  I’ll do a “[*1, 2 (etc.)]” where have a reply.


This radio show is dedicated to Family Court tragedies across the country and discusses the layers upon layers of pay-to-play corruption that are the source of financing said corruption.  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO TONIGHT’S SHOW

Here’s the basic principle of how it works:

The federal govermment distributes millions upon millions to each state in grant money. A large portion of it is intended to go into the control of politicians who simply use the money as a private campaign war chest by redistributing it to businesses that support them, who then kickback 20% in cash. (That’s called a democracy these days) See white envelope. However, a chunk of about $20 million goes to the judiciary EVERY YEAR, also a government entity, don’t forget, where the money is, as stated above, distributed to cronies in businesses that serve Family Court, i.e., evaluators, guardians, coparenting coordinators and last, but not lease, mediators.  [*1]

Intimately, our local players have been identified. [*2] A the top of the money heap is Judge Harhut (gets the biggest kickback)[*3]. Harhut organized this collosal scheme to keep the federal money flowing into our area, called an economic boost, except only a few get boosted, like Harhut.[*4]

Under Harhut, the scheme has been working for years something like this: The judges review a custody case for any sign of conflict; “Ahh, there is it, two people that hate one anothter and they have kids. Perfect.”, said Judge Harhut. Harhut, and all other judges in Family Court, then decide that it’s in the best interests of children that they have have a thief, I mean, a guardian, so he orders Danielle Ross to be the Guardian per family for $300 per parent up front and $50 an hour thereafter. 

Ross interviews the parents and the kids and determines that these people in divorce detest the sight of one another, so they need an evaluation. Ross also inspects the house for $100.00, or has some crony friend do it, unqualified, of course. Enter Dr. Refice, evaluator ( and others like him) who affirm what Ross concluded, which was that the parents are nuts and need to try mediation to resolve incidents of knife throwing and drop kicks to the groin in front of the kids. Mediation is done by Tony LiBassi, who gives a few free samples (actually paid for by federal grants)[*5] and then hammers the parents on a pay-per-visit fee until even he can’t get them to put he knives down and recommends co-parenting. Co-parenting is run by Ann Marie Termini, who is only to happy to rape, I mean charge, parents $50 an hour for eternity to teach them that knife -throwing should not be done in front of the kids.  

This whole process, of course, is very expensive, because the longer it goes on the nuttier it drives the parents and the plan has thus been executed to perfection, because the grant money is to be used for helping people who are nuts and in Family Court. Many parents cannot afford it, so that’s where the federal money comes into play. These professional serices simply send a voucher to the County Controller and the cycle of pay-to-play is completed.[*6]

People who can afford to pay are not given a free pass.  In they go, like cattle having mad-cow disease, into the “system”, where they spend more money on court ordered services than surviving, resulting in losing their homes because they can’t pay their mortgages.

That’s the general idea of Harhut’s scheme, and that’s why a money/power whore like Danielle Ross has been given 789 cases to handle. Another ugly player is Brenda Kobal, lawyer and guardian, who’s only too happy to slam it to you. But, Ross appears to be the trigger in the mechanism. She trips the first professional services domino as the guardian and keeps control of keeping the families in crisis by blowing lawyers, like Brian Cali and Joe Campolieto, who file contempt petition after contempt petition against parents who are pushed beyond their emotional limits when denied access to their own flesh and blood.

It’s going to take a lot of RTK letters to get to the bottom layers, but some have been sent out with more to go.  

Stay out of the system.  Get a private agreement. [*7]

This is a good basic summary, but it’s in the parts that are NOT accurate, or incomplete — where unless people can — and know how to –  actually follow the advice in the last statement:  “Stay out of the system,” this summary, generally speaking, is the picture.  But it completely omits how the players get organized, and is vague enough that no one, other than the reference to “a lot of RTK (FOIA- Right To Know) letters” has a clue what to do, where to look, what their actual legal rights are, or their judges’, GAL’s, custody evaluators’, or mediators’ rights, responsibilities, and limits are.   In the process, it whips up some antagonism (not saying it’s undeserved) and accuses of a judge of taking kickbacks — when I don’t see any evidence this particular judge has. i don’t like what he’s doing, and in fact there is paperwork posted that he brought in his crony (Danielle Ross, who is a local in the area, deeds show she was a notary public before GAL, I think it was her anyhow) on by simply writing a judicial order!  Not passing it by the taxpayers, city council, and citing no statute to justify burdening people with this (evidently).

IF the point is to stop the corruption, one must first identify it — the corruption in respect to what is the standard.  If this is shown, then others can do the same work, locally and elsewhere. Joe’s leadership and aggressive qualities (turned against those who oppose them) also come with legal savvy (plenty of suits being filed, and brought to the appeal level show on the courts) and somehow the ability to stay housed — well, until the recent PFA from his wife — and fed meantime; which is something that a lot of parents IN the system, as it says, can barely (or sometimes NOT) do.

I am not leading this group of people, and they do not know me — however, as a concerned US citizen who’s watched this happen (and experienced similar situations) across the nation — because I talk to people from different states, and get my behind on this internet to look things up, etc., interact also where ppossible in person with leaders of various groups — I am sad if an opportunity such as Lackawanna has just seen (FBI raiding the courthouse in response to exposure of corruption) is squandered, plus energy wasted on the ill will and name-calling part, rather than channeling some of it into the look it up part.  (IT seems from the forum that people do get out and attend their local council meetings, a WIDE variety of topics are tracked on it, not just the custody ones.  However, the forum shows visits — and the Doherty Deceit threads on the courts are getting some serious traffic.

Also, against all odds and common sense (yesterday), I started a topic on it about the nonprofits, which is here, as an “FYI” for anyone who may eventual “get” it.  For those who have some patience, a newsletter from the online radio talk show “64/34 effect” is VERY worth reading:  look for the black background and white print.  It’s an education in itself, in one page (with links) and pulling it together (better than I do).  I did this because what ties the co-parenting, FBI raid (GAL-related) and Kids4Kash (aka get out and protest on the street corner) threads together — or should — is the nonprofits that crank out these situations to start with.  They are the FUNDING COVERUP link, and the motivation to keep it up!  Plus, as half of them aren’t even operating legally, that’s a vulnerable area for shut-down.  So, I started this topic on the same forum:

About the Nonprofit Front Groups that Help Traffic Kids (and just exhaust their parents, to get an “unfit” declaration) 


The Hosting Website is http://dohertydeceit.com/ and bears this graphic:

Doherty Deceit

The Forum or Message Board — which is supported by Sparklit company — is a link off the website, ‘FORUMS,” and seems more active than the actual site.  However, don’t forget the link “CASES” and look at some of them also, including the one involving the ACLU helping keep the forum open, and especially this one:


Pilchesky v. Danielle Ross, County Commissioners, Ken McDowell and Judge Munley: Kids for Kash Complaint Plaintiff submits that The Lackawanna County Commissioners, Ken McDowell (County Controller) and Judge Thomas Munley have acted beyond the scope of their authority as follows: 1) By allowing…

ROSS is the GAL.    This case takes information affecting the FAMILY (Domestic Relations) court — and handles it where it should be — as a FINANCIAL matter in a different subject jurisdiction.  His standing is as a taxpayer.  Any fool should know not to try to handle the matter IN family court, which is psychology-based.  Which tells me, this guy is no fool:

Plaintiff submits that The Lackawanna County Commissioners, Ken McDowell (County Controller) and Judge Thomas Munley have acted beyond the scope of their authority as follows: 1) By allowing Danielle Ross to collect bi-monthly payments of $1,538.33 since September of2008 2) By allowing Danielle Ross, as a private entity, to occupy prime office space on County property for free and to access free office supplies, equipment and secretarial resources. 

The question is, if there are followers, at what point are they going to wise up?  Here’s a little more detail from the case summary (but paperwork appears to be viewable on-line).  This is at the heart of who AFCC is and what they started back in Los Angeles County.  Alas, Scrantonians are not going to be understanding that if they read only commentary talking about personalities, from another personality.   Either they’ll need to learn it themselves, or find someone who will lay down some footprints — maybe a little exhortation — which is where, if anywhere, I’ll come in.  Look at this — it took resources, time, initiative and follow-through to put together a suit like this one, and I appreciate it.  Is there pay for this work?  I doubt it, and unless there’s plans in the future to turn it towards income, or public office, I’m going to call this what it is — public service, voluntary.  A good standard to copy:

7. Ross has received, between September 11, 2008 and June 14, 2011, a total of sixty-seven checks in the amount of$1583.33, totaling $106,081.10.
8. Exhibit “C”, the Invoices, indicates clearly that Ross has been paid for GAL services above and beyond the $1,583.33 bi-monthly charged by Ross.
9. Ross has never had a GAL services contract with Lackawanna County and no such contract exists to this day.
10. Ross has never had a GAL services contract with the Court of Common Pleas or Family Court and no contract exists to this day.
11. Ross is not an employee of Lackawanna County or Family Court.
If she’s NEITHER an independent contractor NOR an employee, than the only justification for her being in business to mess with parents is:  (a) a Judge ordered it  and/or  (b) the public was asleep and not alert enough to know how this happens, or have been so intimidated  and overwhelmed by this AND other local corruption (like I hear a 38% increase in property tax upcoming?) (I understand government in the area is a major if not the primary employer, i.e., fear of retaliation costing jobs, houses, etc. maybe a factor) — that it doesn’t occur to them to demand an explanation — what is this person doing here? and why should our taxes be funding those services? In other words, they’ve been cowed, and it’s not in the normal mindset to go, as my gravatar says, Kick Ass and Take Names.   No one is thinking in terms of really challenging where the challenge actually matters — in the funding.  After all, it’s about the funding to start with, certainly not about helping anyone (particularly not kids).
12. Ross’s office occupies prime office space on the first floor of Family Court at 200 Adams Ave., Scranton, PA.  (Like Marv Bryer said of another entity in Los Angeles, over 10 years ago)
13. Ross pays no compensation for occupying prime office space on the fIrst floor of the Annex Building located at 200 Adams Ave, Scranton, PA, 18503, where she functions as an independent contractor working in the capacity of a GAL.
14. Ross, as an independent contractor, pays no compensation to the County for the use of utilities or various office equipment and materials relating to her occupation of an office on the first floor of Family Court.
15. Ross, as an independent contractor, uses county-paid staff to assist her in operating her independent business as a GAL, in particular, she uses Sue Mcllwee as her secretary and personal assistant to take phone calls, make phone calls, take messages, mail correspondence, receive correspondence, make home inspections, discuss GAL cases with clients of Ross and other assorted secretarial duties.


This literally is THE pattern of the family court system, and inherent to it.  Good deal!

Moreover, look at this action:

FBI Raid, as posted on the forum under coparenting coordinator Termini (they’re by date– this post was the same day).

AND get this (partial showing — for the rest, see forum):

View image  (partial display from a nearby post on same thread):

(brown image posted Oct 5 2011; by Joe P., whose on-line ID shows 10,604 total posts!)

He posted the information received from his Right To Know inquiry, Oct. 3, 2011.  Images are intermixed above, but viewable on the forum.  Catch ‘em while you can, particularly the hotel voucher to pay for a conference — which turns out to be a 2009 Brooklyn Conference from National Association of Counsel for Children, where Termini (this person) presented along with the then-presiding Judge Chester Harhut, and the GAL that has everyone so upset, Danielle Ross. I posted that info on the forum also.

(INCIDENTALLY, despite no contract, etc.  in the nonprofit NACC — her membership ID – besides containing almost no other information — list her as “Lackawanna Family Court.”)

The point being is, Joe is obviously good at getting the information and getting it posted — and this is rare.  I know people who write “RTKs” (or, I think sometimes called a ‘FOIA”  -Freedom of Information Act request) and who understand that this is one way to find out what’s happening on their case.  I have not run across almost anyone — in a public forum for either gender and not just specific to family court crisis (which on-line groups can get pretty inbred…..) — who simply posted the images for God and everyone to see.  Then whoever provided them forgot to redact SS#.  Rather than calling him and saying “take the SS# off!” Termini then simply filed a suit to get them off, which was also documented.

This is why I’d bother to give the forum the time of day.  Because it’s different.  What a shame that means wading through the misogyny as well, and not just for me.  In a workplace I wonder if that’d be grounds for harassment.  (I blogged this earlier:).  Look at how the Good ol’ boys handled it:

Sexual Harassment is also common at the “top” of society as another article shows, re: New Jersey Chamber of Commerce.
NJ Chamber called a nest of Drunken Vipers

TRENTON, N.J. (CN) – Good ol’ boys at the top levels of the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce habitually get drunk on the job and sexually harass women who work for them, and when a new president, a woman, fired one of the chief harassers, the boys got together and found him “a plum and prestigious position in Governor Chris Christie’s Office,” then fired the president, and a vice president who complained of the harassment, the former VP says.

Yep, there are likely to be some cultural changes when women come on the scene.  Then men really get organized to protect each other!  But she didn’t fold:

Carol Gabel sued the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce and four of its top officers in a discrimination and harassment complaint in Mercer County Court. The individual defendants are senior vice president Dana Egreckzy, president Thomas Bracken, Chairman of the Board Jeffrey Scheininger, and former Chairman of the Board Dennis Bone.
Gabel says she worked at the Chamber from 199 until she was fired on March 16 this year.
“The sexual harassment of plaintiff grew out of the ‘Old Boy’ network and ‘culture of intoxication’

 ANYHOW, I am not a local, and didn’t feel I had to take that sh*t silently, or without response, as just part of the scenery, civic advocacy or no civic advocacy.  What it’s packaged in matters.  (I do think the comment that most got to me, however, was “the federal grants are not gender-specific.”  That took it from beyond just personal attack to false reporting, and derailing the RELEVANT truth to the family court issues, which has to include the fatherhood funding, among other things.  It’s a HUGE piece!


– after some introduction & a new development

Actually, it looks like I’ve interwoven them too much (footnote factor) –

so from here on down is actually DUPLICATED on the next post — with update material on the top of the post.  Sorry about that ….

FOOTNOTES responding to the post in blue about “this is how it works, above”

COMMENTARY on Joe Pilchesky’s SUMMARY (in full, above):

The federal govermment distributes millions upon millions to each state in grant money. A large portion of it is intended to go into the control of politicians who simply use the money as a private campaign war chest by redistributing it to businesses that support them, who then kickback 20% in cash. (That’s called a democracy these days) See white envelope. However, a chunk of about $20 million goes to the judiciary EVERY YEAR, also a government entity, don’t forget, where the money is, as stated above, distributed to cronies in businesses that serve Family Court, i.e., evaluators, guardians, coparenting coordinators and last, but not lease, mediators.  [*1]

Intimately, our local players have been identified. [*2] A the top of the money heap is Judge Harhut (gets the biggest kickback)[*3]. Harhut organized this collosal scheme to keep the federal money flowing into our area, called an economic boost, except only a few get boosted, like Harhut.[*4]

Picking this apart is no doubt annoying (or whatever).  If this is concise summary — and half true — then with that error rate in any other field, the truck goes off the road, the airplane could crash (radar askew, etc.) or simply no one else could learn to drive the truck, straight or crooked — which is my main point.  So what’s with the dumbing it down to the point that anyone who wants to check facts would have to “take it on faith” or go figure it out from scratch themselves?  I thought the idea here was to “expose corruption” AND do something about it.  
In order to do that, a few tools might be nice, in the form of hyperlinks.   Hyperlinks are a pain in the neck to include, and break up the text — but they ARE hyperlinks and as such can back up what one says, and let others have the means to see if you’re full of truth (or at least something some other source agrees with), or “full of it.”
I reply:

[*1].  First Paragraph:  Sentence 1:  That’s one (not the only) source of grant money going to the courts and affecting them.  Also federal money goes in part direct to the county, including Lackawanna County.  I already posted the link to a federal database and what money is going to Lackawanna County related to their problems, on the forum.

Sentence 2:  This is speculation, subjective, and alleging kickbacks, plus amount of kickbacks (20%).  Readers are to take it on faith.  In short, Sentence 2 just derailed the car that might’ve actually NAMED the federal funding, found out HOW it was distributed, and as taxpayer or citizen, once this was known, put together a protest about its use to the legislature — not the courts!

Sentence 3:  “See white envelope” — Cute statement, but specifically, where?   If you show it to me, or show a very similar situation where a white envelope was found, that might help.  I’ve posted some, Others know some, but as far as Scranton is concerned, although they FEEL there’s a white envelope, until they FIND it, they have NOTHING to go to court with — at least on the matter of kickbacks, and if it’s systemic, that’s RICO and could clean up a whole lot of courthouse problems !

Sentence 4:A chunk of about $20 million goes to the judiciary every year” — he’s talking grants here, and “the judiciary” is a broad enough term, I’m going to say — Show it.  WHere’d you get that figure from?   Or is that ex cathedra?       If it’s exactly $20 million, still — the point is, says how, and show it, or at least point to a source.  This man, again, has filed lawsuits and knows how to produce evidence to support a point.  Does he need to be top dog, or is he willing to train others?  Then make the habit of showing where you got the insight!   It’s not about you — it’s about helping others navigate the system.  SHOW and tell, don’t just tell!

From HHS (Only) — just checking, I typed in “judiciary” and limited it to PA, 2011: Details show since 2005 one kind, since 2006 three kinds of grants:

0601PASCID , (State? Court Improvement Program) 0601PASCIT (SCIP Training) , and 0601PASCID (SCIP Data Analysis)

Recipient Name City State ZIP Code County DUNS Number Sum of Awards
Judiciary Courts of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania   (2011 ONLY): MECHANICSBURG PA 17055 CUMBERLAND 360706188 $ 676,736

For all years (from this source) — mostly court improvement program, data, training — it shows 23 actions totalling:

Total of all award actions: $ 6,222,516

This is grants — not contracts, payrolls, etc.   Since The TAGGS database was so nice to actually give me a DUNS#, and since it’s simple to do, I hopped over to USASpending.gov and piped in that DUNS#, not selecting a year (at all) and typed it in.  this shows only 6 grant actions totalling (all years) $769,197 — apparently the HHS database has a negative entry representing a 2006 grant which is the difference.

And in case we still think that the Judiciary Courts of the Commonwealth of PA are only in to matters of justice, the details in this grant series speak differently, and tell what “Court Improvement” means:

Transaction Number # 1

Federal Award ID: 1001PASCID: 1 (Grants)
Reason for Modification:
Program Source: 75-1512:Promoting Safe and Stable Families
Agency: Department of Health and Human Services : Administration for Children and Families
CFDA Program : 93.586 : State Court Improvement Program
Date Signed:
October 30 , 2009Obligation Amount: 

In fact, I just ran HHS for PA for the year 2011 — and it’s a nice snapshot, showing how very interested the State is in children (especially studying them, it seems) and families, parent education, and pharmaceuticals among other things.  DPW gets the largest grant — over $15 BILLION, and in order to prevent domestic violence and rape, by comparison a pittance (assuming that’s actually what these organizations do. i’ve expressed my doubts on other posts);


PCADV (per DUNS# @ usaspending.gov) has received $12 million so far,  30 grants:  10 from DOJ, 20 from HHS, starting year 2007). The DOJ ones have a variety of purposes, worth looking at, either Technical Assistance (OVW source), Congressionally recommended (probably a VAWA grant), grant to help local DV agencies, and grants to coalitions series.  The point being, (see below0 when it comes under CFDA 93.592 (see below) — notice that Prevention and Services/Shelters/Discretionary — means that the shelters are sharing forces with the educators.  Guess who probably gets the short end of the stick in a world stuck on conferences and training everyone?

Recipient: NATIONAL RESOURCE CENTER ON DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, INC. (link shows that this is a project of PCADV).
Address: 3605 VARTAN WAY
HARRISBURG, PA 171109335
Country Name: United States of America
County Name: DAUPHIN
HHS Region:
Type: Other Social Services Organization
Class: Non-Profit Private Non-Government Organizations


Showing: 1 – 1 of 1 Award Actions

FY Award Number Award Title Budget Year of Support Award Code Agency Action Issue Date DUNS Number Amount This Action
2011 90EV0410  FAMILY VIOLENCE PREVENTION AND SERVICES 1 0 ACF 09-17-2011 968196126 $ 1,500,000 
Fiscal Year 2011 Total: $ 1,500,000

National Resource Center on Domestic Violence

(As shown on USASPending, searching by the DUNS#):

Federal Award ID: 90EV0410: 0 (Grants)

Reason for Modification:
Program Source: 75-1536:Children and Families Services Programs
Agency: Department of Health and Human Services : Administration for Children and Families
CFDA Program : 93.592 : Family Violence Prevention and Services/Grants for Battered Women’s Shelters_Discretionary Grants

SORRY — of blog topic, but I couldn’t resist getting in this comment:  Look what it (says it) does, and who it is:

Since 1993 the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (NRCDV) has been a comprehensive source of information for those wanting to educate themselves and help others on the many issues related to domestic violence.

I do recognize the term, but as there are so many resource centers running around, who knows which one I was thinking of?

This $1.5 million federal grant is the only one showing, and it dates to 2011.  The organization in PA was only incorporated in 2011 (see below — I just checked)  The copyright on the wonderfully designed website (banner above) also is 2011:   © 2011 National Resource Center on Domestic Violence. All Rights Reserved. 
The NRCDV is a project of the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence.  

As there cannot be a tax return on an organization that just started in 2011 (yet), when it comes out, I look forward to finding out how much of the $1,500,000 went to setting up the website and for which contractor.  Oh — I almost forgot — who’s the Exec Director, what’s their pay and how many other boards do they sit on?

Here’s what the State of Pennsylvania Corporations search (secretary of state) has to say on this:

National Resource Center on Domestic Violence, Inc. 4023857 Non-Profit (Non Stock) Active 4/11/2011

In fact, in incorporated on 4/11/2011 as a nonprofit, and does not appear to have an EIN# yet (per PA or national search).  That’s a nice office building, too (I looked it up) different from the PCADV street address also.

Non-Profit (Non Stock) – Domestic – Information
Entity Number: 4023857
Status: Active
Entity Creation Date: 4/11/2011
State of Business.: PA
Registered Office Address: 3605 Vartan Way / Suite 101
Harrisburg PA 17110
Mailing Address: No Address

BUT — let’s say, on the outside, that this group really DID exist as some sort of “it” (Other than in just people’s minds– clearly if it existed as an organization, it was either not in PA or  — as a project of PCADV — under some other name, which eliminates it as an “it,” or out of state and oNLY privately funded — those are a real stretch to make the claim some how legit…) let’s say it did start in 1993. . .

As such — and PA being pretty close to Washington, D.C. — this organization’s job is to make sure it does NOT educate anyone on Congress having passed welfare reform (1996), and what impact this has on the family law system, and to “Technically assist” women going into that system what they are up against.  Or enough about the family courts for any woman leaving violence going into them, to defend herself, or for example, look up who’s paying whom with some nice fatherhood and marriage promotion funding – on her case.  To not update her on anything since 2001 (faith-based), 2002 (California NOW Family COurt Report of 2002 has PLENTY to say on what they’re up against), or in fact to consume intellectual material outside DV experts ON DV.   As such, PCADV at least has done an excellent job of not biting the hand that feeds them 2 out of 3 grants (PCADV), and didn’t do squat, that I can see, to prevent the kids from getting sold into camps in Luzerne County, or “outing” anyone selling kids into foster care, or in short anything at all that might have helped MY children and hundreds of others (if not thousands) across the country, once they tangled with custody matters.

More narrative:

Today, through its key initiatives and special projects, such as VAWnet, Women of Color Network and the Domestic Violence Awareness Project, NRCDV works tirelessly to improve community response to domestic violence and, ultimately, prevent its occurrence. Our comprehensive technical assistance, training and resource development are just a few examples of the many ways in which NRCDV broadly serves those dedicated to ending domestic violence in relationships and communities.



We encourage you to take a closer look and explore our many programs and initiatives as a resource to you in your domestic violence intervention and prevention efforts.

(the money is in the setup and maintenance of “resource organizations.” It’s not in actually stopping domestic violence, or saving people from it.  Let’s call this assault & battery, rape, harassment, interference with work or violation of civil rights of an individual on the basis of gender or close relationship — and get on with life without the specialized jargon that half the world– and most of the religious world, which is primarily male-dominated, although female-supported —  isn’t going to accept anyhow.)


Since accepting its first call in 1994, the NRCDV has responded to over 51,000 requests for technical assistance (TA) on a broad range of topics. We both sponsor training directly, often through our key initiatives and special projects, and NRCDV staff and consultants serve as a key training resource for coalitions, federal agencies and others needing presenters with particular expertise for conferences and meetings.

Well, I would like to see the phone logs, minus the inbound numbers, for privacy. I’d also like to see the phone bill, service providers, all that. However, if the calls began in 1994, then divide 51,000 by 17 years, and tell me who followed up to say whether the calls saved a life or not.  Or whether the organizations people were referred to did, either.  I say this havingi made plenty of calls myself, to a national hotline based in Texas.  THIS group is servicing the servers.    (“GRrrr..!”)
Here’s the “ABOUT US” page which shows that, as to the 1990 date, this NRCDV actually was an HHS project housed in PCADV.   The lesson is important, and explains WHY it says NOTHING about the parallel sets of grants (from HHS) Specifically designed to undermine mother’s rights in custody hearings, which are, usually, going to occur after any action is taken on domestic violence.  Through the 2nd prong of these HHS pincers, the Marriage/Fatherhood programming, what goes up WILL come down.
 (Habitually no DV agency is going to tell mothers about, and most don’t have follow-up enough to find out about themselves at the local level?) — it’ll even out, and possibly there may even be some kids available to traffic through the foster care system, which (see recent post) is quite profitable.   Like natural parents, there are good foster parents, and nasty foster parents, and then there are those that helped provide their kids to Larry King and friends (Franklin Coverup) to be flown around, tortured, used as sex objects, and psychological programming experimentation material.).
As it says:


It is the mission of the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence to improve societal and community responses to domestic violence and, ultimately, prevent its occurrence.

Since 1993, the Pennsylvania Coalitions Against Domestic Violence (PCADV) has received core funding to operate the NRCDV from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, with supplemental funds from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to support VAWnet, our national online resource center, and other private and public grants. The NRCDV employs a multidisciplinary staff and supports a wide range of projects to address the complex challenges domestic violence poses to families, institutions, communities, and governments.

The NRCDV’s technical assistance and training not only responds to requests from the field, but also anticipates needs for information and guidance around emerging policy and practice issues.

Does this include the concept that to truly stop abuse by men against women, it’s essential to work with faith-based operations (who historically do nothing about that) to help ensure that every little girl or by affected by violence has a Daddy in her life, who will be programmed to understand that if  he is NOT in her life, she is at risk of being abused by someone (besides himself), etc.?  Because I can point to the Child Welfare section of HHS and document that this is about the level of the reasoning in it.  In fact may already have, on this blog.  Look up “Boot Camp for New Dads”

The NRCDV develops and disseminates comprehensive and specialized information packets that address a range of domestic violence issues, and publishes related innovative intervention and model prevention practices, protocols and policies.

In 1995, the NRCDV created VAWnet, our comprehensive and easily accessible collection of full-text, searchable electronic materials and resources on domestic violence, sexual violence and related issues. The National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) serves as our key collaborative partner for this project. VAWnet currently receives over 3,000 visitors per day and these visitors download over 1,900 files a day. A significant number of the most frequently downloaded documents are those produced by NRCDV and NSVRC staff and consultants. The NRCDV utilizes three primary strategies in its work: technical assistance and training, development of resource materials, and special projects.

 This may sound like “overkill” — but I know that mothers with abuse in the background are now being referred, sometimes, to this site when they have a custody case.  I am a person and no attorney — but I’ll share that as a voracious reader, and firm believer in the justice system (which I no longer am), I devoured and scrounged, printed out, and shared a LOT of the information from VAWNet, about DV (it did match my experience that’s for sure) and attempted to relate this to the family law system.  However, the MISSING LINK was WHY that system is habitually deaf dumb, and blind — to the DV issue overall!  As a whole!  I learned nothing from this about the history and origin of the family courts — in fact, to learn that, i simply got curious and started googling.  It was by happenstance — after a particularly dishonest police report — that I ever connected with NOW to read their Family Court Report (of 2002).
Because no other voices — no DV nonprofit voices in particular — ever echoed, validated, or even, for the most part, made a stink about this information (talking about the hotlines and support groups I felt the need to consult after the second assault began — and that was the custody assault) — any of the information that I blog.  And some of the leadership that put it together was even in the same geographic area ! (Northern California).
If this information is utterly useless to any woman experience violence who also IS a mother, or had a mother who was also being assaulted — then why are we paying to distribute it?  Why are such people being given train the trainer privileges to the local DV entities?  Huh?
Let me repeat:  You can not only lose your children in a custody case, depending on the severity of the situation you left, or to what extent it has escalated — you, or they, and/or others, could literally die.  If you, as a mother — flee WITH the children, you can be (depending on your ex and his motivations) can be hauled back and thrown into court and the kids given to your ex-batterer.  That happens.  Or, alternately, you would have to forfeit (that’s called sacrifice) your children and custody rights most likely, including visitation, and then you would likely be hunted down and forced to pay the former torturer (FYI, some relationships do rise to that level, either before separation, or after the ex realizes “What a Friend We have in [family court].”
This is why I call the family law system a “clear and present danger” to the community overall, and why my motto (see top of blog) insists it is NOT a private matter.  It’s essentially a JOKE and the joke is on the taxpayers, and on families.      So each person has to figure out their best way through, and hopefully collectively more of us will figure out to at least see further down the road than the DV resource centers — which are actually HHS Control Centers to dominate the conversation around DOmestic Violence, at some level — and determine how to boycott the products.  Or at least survive!     And to live with one’s own conscience for doing so sometimes at a very, very heavy cost to one’s children.
BACK TO OVERALL GRANTS FROM PENNSYLVANIA and Mr. PILCHESKY’s SUMMARY.  I was talking about Grants to the Judiciary… –well, he had been, as follows (again):

The federal govermment distributes millions upon millions to each state in grant money. A large portion of it is intended to go into the control of politicians who simply use the money as a private campaign war chest by redistributing it to businesses that support them, who then kickback 20% in cash. (That’s called a democracy these days) See white envelope. However, a chunk of about $20 million goes to the judiciary EVERY YEAR, also a government entity, don’t forget, where the money is, as stated above, distributed to cronies in businesses that serve Family Court, i.e., evaluators, guardians, coparenting coordinators and last, but not lease, mediators.  [*1]

Intimately, our local players have been identified. [*2] A the top of the money heap is Judge Harhut (gets the biggest kickback)[*3]. Harhut organized this collosal scheme to keep the federal money flowing into our area, called an economic boost, except only a few get boosted, like Harhut.[*4]

This is a Healthy Marriage Grantee, a nice religious one, I’ve blogged it that (among other things) helps market curriculum from another healthy marriage grantee….That should counter the DV material nicely:

Family Guidance, Inc.  EDGEWORTH PA 15143-9554 ALLEGHENY 070449053 $ 1,163,684

As a matter of fact, the money that is distributed to cronies in Family Court does NOT come just from the feds to the state to the judiciary to the cronies, and I showed already one set of grants that went from HHS to an organization providing supervised visitation, locally.  etc. ….  The money supporting the MEDIATORS (in particular) is the Access/Visitation money (at a minimum) and comes to the Welfare Department — not the Judiciary.  It’s administered federally through the HHS Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) which is not the Judiciary.   Here are the grants.  I’ve posted about the A/V grants on the forum.  Notice how far back they go.   This is almost 2012, and so far, no mention of these grants in public discussion about their impact on custody cases.  yet they are intended to increase noncustodial parenting time, and allow the head of HHS to run social science demonstration projects on people.  And that’s just a fraction of funding to the courts.  MANY programs relating to the courts appear to have ties to the DPW….

Program Office Grantee Name Award Number Action Issue Date CFDA Program Name Award Class Award Activity Type Award Action Type Sum of Actions
OCSE PA ST DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE 0001PASAVP 08/22/2000 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs CLOSED-ENDED SOCIAL SERVICES UNKNOWN $ 315,791
OCSE PA ST DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE 0101PASAVP 08/23/2001 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs CLOSED-ENDED SOCIAL SERVICES UNKNOWN $ 315,791
OCSE PA ST DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE 0101PASAVP 09/14/2009 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs CLOSED-ENDED SOCIAL SERVICES OTHER REVISION $- 1,650
OCSE PA ST DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE 0201PASAVP 08/06/2002 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs CLOSED-ENDED SOCIAL SERVICES UNKNOWN $ 333,852
OCSE PA ST DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE 0201PASAVP 09/14/2009 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs CLOSED-ENDED SOCIAL SERVICES OTHER REVISION $- 907
OCSE PA ST DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE 0301PASAVP 09/11/2003 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs CLOSED-ENDED SOCIAL SERVICES UNKNOWN $ 333,852
OCSE PA ST DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE 0301PASAVP 09/14/2009 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs CLOSED-ENDED SOCIAL SERVICES OTHER REVISION $- 975
OCSE PA ST DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE 0401PASAVP 09/15/2004 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs CLOSED-ENDED SOCIAL SERVICES NEW $ 341,055
OCSE PA ST DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE 0501PASAVP 09/14/2005 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs CLOSED-ENDED SOCIAL SERVICES NEW $ 341,055
OCSE PA ST DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE 0601PASAVP 09/19/2006 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs CLOSED-ENDED SOCIAL SERVICES NEW $ 344,486
OCSE PA ST DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE 0701PASAVP 07/20/2007 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs CLOSED-ENDED SOCIAL SERVICES NEW $ 329,739
OCSE PA ST DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE 0801PASAVP 01/30/2008 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs CLOSED-ENDED SOCIAL SERVICES NEW $ 327,030
OCSE PA ST DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE 0901PASAVP 12/23/2008 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs CLOSED-ENDED SOCIAL SERVICES NEW $ 322,294
OCSE PA ST DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE 1001PASAVP 11/25/2009 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs CLOSED-ENDED SOCIAL SERVICES NEW $ 344,452
OCSE PA ST DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE 1101PASAVP 10/08/2010 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs CLOSED-ENDED SOCIAL SERVICES NEW $ 322,677
OCSE PA ST DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE 1201PASAVP 11/22/2011 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs CLOSED-ENDED SOCIAL SERVICES NEW $ 326,925
OCSE PA ST DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE 9701PASAVP 05/31/1998 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs CLOSED-ENDED SOCIAL SERVICES UNKNOWN $ 356,165
OCSE PA ST DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE 9701PASAVP 02/21/2003 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs CLOSED-ENDED SOCIAL SERVICES UNKNOWN $- 60,683
OCSE PA ST DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE 9801PASAVP 09/01/1998 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs CLOSED-ENDED SOCIAL SERVICES UNKNOWN $ 356,165
OCSE PA ST DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE 9801PASAVP 02/24/2003 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs CLOSED-ENDED SOCIAL SERVICES UNKNOWN $- 42,936
OCSE PA ST DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE 9901PASAVP 08/16/1999 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs CLOSED-ENDED SOCIAL SERVICES UNKNOWN $ 315,791
OCSE PA ST DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE 9901PASAVP 02/25/2003 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs CLOSED-ENDED SOCIAL SERVICES UNKNOWN $- 39,558
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[*2]  “Intimately our local players have been identified.”  Partially true.  Not all the players were identified, and those that are in the game have not been fully identified — i.e., their association allegiances, their contracts, and etc.  The judges’ statements of conflict of interest, to my knowledge, are not in discussion.  That’s a critical element. And it’s NOT JUST ABOUT the local players, even though it’s a nice handle to get people to focus on.

[*3]. A the top of the money heap is Judge Harhut (gets the biggest kickback).

Harhut is not at the top of the heap (depending on which portion of the heap one is looking at).  He is probably not even king of the local hill.  It takes a team to pull off anything, and team members are subject to each other’s (a) cooperation and (b) collective secrecy.

That Harhut gets ANY kickback is speculation or hearsay til proved, and that any alleged kickback is the biggest one can’t be even shown til several are found.  Statements and summaries like this don’t do almost anything to help anyone find out IF a kickback has been involved to start with.  I suspect The Hon. Harhut is by now accustomed as judge to being talked about in all kinds of ways, none of which are going to affect his being judge, his salary, and certainly not putting a potential kickback in any immediate jeopardy — at least not from this crowd!  As such, the statement is bluster.  I don’t think JOE is all bluster — he can get the goods when he chooses to, or finds the time to — but in this case, has not.

[*4]    Harhut organized this collosal scheme to keep the federal money flowing into our area, called an economic boost, except only a few get boosted, like Harhut.

False.  Harhut copied a scheme which has been used in other counties and other states, and got the idea from AFCC, which he is a member of.  He had help from Changing the Culture of Custody Initiative, and so forth.   And the money coming from it is not only federal — it is also, let’s not forget, a scheme to help cronies (at least) get payments from private parties, called parents.  Moreover, if a parent is put out of the house through all this, that’s real estate available to someone else.    
As to why the scheme, I’m not a mind-reader, but I DID read some of his talk on AFCC gazette, bio on the Child SUpport Speakers Bureau, and quite a few other places, which I believe are a clue to his thinking.  See this blog (also posted on the Doherty Deceit Forum, early on).  He’s an AFCC member, and in a position of power.  This is — to tell the truth – what they do.  Being judges, eventually, they move into an area, or take charge as presiding judge, and bring on the cronies.  They also tend to push for “Unified Family Court” systems based on there is such an overload of divorce and custody cases.
The overload is in part repeat business because of prior poor decisions, or perhaps it’s an indicator that marriage and family aren’t all they are cracked up to be.  Another reason for the overload is that domestic violence issues — serious criminal activity in the form of what any such REPEAT behavior, and/or SEVERE behavior would be if a stranger, particularly a MALE stranger, did it to someone else, particularly but not only another MALE — are being reframed as “family matters.”
That is what the family law system exists for, and it is where such criminally minded and overentitled people go, or are hauled, to the distress of many and the profit of some.  And to justify further breakdown of the concept, language and even IDEA of “justice” as a process — into the concept of Courts as Problem-solvers.  In some areas, courthouses are going up (Kentucky).  In others, they are going under (California) causing major strife in the judiciary.  But each new crop of attorneys in family law are being encouraged to view themselves as the helpers, the people with the answers, and heroes.
Some of them are.  To the extent that they are, I will suggest that these people help tear down THAT building and drive business into some venue where there’s a shot at justice — civil or criminal, to be specific.  As I showed in a recent post, just because a professional is a woman — or even if she is feminist — that doesn’t mean she is going to be honest or fair, when a woman comes before her in a custody matter.   Anyone who is engaging in parent coordination has a serious attitude problem, in my view.
A recent news article in the SF Bay area dealt with more females than males in the State college system.  You’d think the sky had fallen.  There have been 100% more males than females in the college and university system for centuries — MANY centuries.  Women couldn’t sing in cathedral choirs.   They couldn’t inherit property, they didn’t own their own children and in the US, they couldn’t vote until the 1900s.  (If they’d have had the vote before 1913, I wonder whether the income tax would’ve passed…)  It’s not the end of the world if some of that changes. only of worlds that are psychologically and emotionally dependent on dominating the woman in one’s life and in the religious and public spheres too.
Speaking of which — and this is for the Doherty Deceit audiences, however large or small it may be (lots of views, but usually not many at a time.  It has so many hits per day because of so many threads going at once…..).
The basic circus, once it’s local, does seem to go about like he says and I really like about it is the tone.  Someone has to keep talking like this — because, based on what they write and do — this is one pompous bunch!:

Under Harhut, the scheme has been working for years something like this: The judges review a custody case for any sign of conflict; “Ahh, there is it, two people that hate one anothter and they have kids. Perfect.”, said Judge Harhut. Harhut, and all other judges in Family Court, then decide that it’s in the best interests of children that they have have a thief, I mean, a guardian, so he orders Danielle Ross to be the Guardian per family for $300 per parent up front and $50 an hour thereafter. 

Ross interviews the parents and the kids and determines that these people in divorce detest the sight of one another, so they need an evaluation. Ross also inspects the house for $100.00, or has some crony friend do it, unqualified, of course. Enter Dr. Refice,*** evaluator ( and others like him) who affirm what Ross concluded, which was that the parents are nuts and need to try mediation to resolve incidents of knife throwing and drop kicks to the groin in front of the kids. Mediation is done by Tony LiBassi, who gives a few free samples (actually paid for by federal grants)[*5] and then hammers the parents on a pay-per-visit fee until even he can’t get them to put he knives down and recommends co-parenting. Co-parenting is run by Ann Marie Termini, who is only to happy to rape, I mean charge, parents $50 an hour for eternity to teach them that knife -throwing should not be done in front of the kids.  

This whole process, of course, is very expensive, because the longer it goes on the nuttier it drives the parents and the plan has thus been executed to perfection, because the grant money is to be used for helping people who are nuts and in Family Court. Many parents cannot afford it, so that’s where the federal money comes into play. These professional serices simply send a voucher to the County Controller and the cycle of pay-to-play is completed.[*6]

Libassi is the court mediator.
He only incorporated (at least as a P.C.) in PA in 1999:

ANTHONY J LIBASSI, PC 2888224 Professional Corporation Active 7/19/1999
 Possibly access/visitation funds are involved.  He seems to have several hats to wear (including running KidsFirst Classes, although “KidsFirst” on PA Secretary of state looks like just a fictitous name of Chet Muklewicz.  AS I recall).    And I’ve seen (in the past) a contract for some of Libassi services.  See firm website and prominent KidsFirst link on it.  It appears to be running in about 5 counties (two listed on the mediation site, and if you click on “Classes” and then the blue tab on top of the list of (AFCC books, many from California, as I’ve said before) it shows 3 more counties.  The address of Libassi Mediation Services IS the courthouse, so let’s see his lease, too!

Anthony J. Libassi M.S., C.R.C., is a trained mediator specializing in Divorce and Custody matters with over 13 years experience.  Mr. Libassi serves as a mediator for Lackawanna County Family Court and has been instrumental in developing mediation programs from several phases of Family Court.

Mr. Libassi, as an adjunct faculty member at Pennsylvania State University, has taught courses in Human Development and Family Studies.  Mr. Libassi presents the Kids First Program, a four hour parent education class, in several counties in Pennsylvania.  He brings over twenty five years of experience of working with families to his mediation practice.

 Doesn’t even bother to say where the degree is from (Penn State, of recent fame in nationwide news?)  What is a “C.R.C.”?
More Miscellaneous possibly re:  Libassi et al.  I notice that Lackawanna County Commissioners were last April 1, 2011 (no kidding) soliciting for more Divorce & Family Educators Providers.  Will these be independent contractors?
 RFQ Divorce and Family Education Providers
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that pursuant to a fair and open process, sealed submissions will be received and reviewed by the County of Lackawanna (the “County”) Board of Commissioners (“Board of Commissioners”) for Divorce and Family Education Curriculum Providers(Provider).
Date Posted: 3/31/2011
*** June 23, 2011 post on Dr. Refice; surrounding threads talk about the invoices.

Ross is now directing custody evaluation traffic to a man named Arnold Sheinvold.  She had been recommending Dr. Ron Refice from Harrisburg.  Sheinvold is also from Harrisburg and he’s very, every expensive.

Who makes the decision that there should be custody evaluation?  Ross.

iT’S Pay to play all day long at Lackawanna County Family Court.  Step right up, bend over, spread your legs, open your wallet and kiss your cash goodbye.  KISS YOUR KID’S MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL STABILITY GOODBYE, TOO.

It’s Kids for Kash Lackawanna County style while President Judge Tommy Munley spends half his day texting wifey, Jodean, [Ohh, Baby, I love you sooooo much] and the other half trying to get the black robe on straight.  Nice job, Tom.  Maybe another suicide or two will


And Tom, can you explain why Sue McIlwee is sucking up supervision and inspection jobs right from her position as Danielle Ross’ secretary?  She’s a county employee doing Ross’ work and grabbing this work she is unqualified to do, or is she?  Either way, it’s not appropriate that Sue snags this work.  Ever hear of a thing called


“Sheinvold” (Shienvold) is AFCC, in fact President of it or soon to be.  His firm also contracts directly  through State of California as an expert witness.
He sees how the job referrals go, obviously.
Somebody should do the RTK on McIlwee pretty soon.
Ronald J. Refice, Ph.D. shows a degree from Kansas, but looks like he incorporated in PA — and Lackawanna — in September 2008.  Did ALL of these people start it up around 2008?
Business Name History

Name Name Type

Business Corporation – Domestic – Information
Entity Number: 3834647
Status: Active
Entity Creation Date: 9/11/2008
State of Business.: PA
Registered Office Address: 823 Carmalt St
Dickson City PA 18519
Mailing Address: No Address

Title: President
Address: 823 CARMALT ST
That summary of how it works was, as I think this shows, in the ballpark, but does not make it to first pace factually.  The other team probably stole a few bases in the process.  I think the post was in part the need to assert an understanding without actually demonstrating one, or showing others how to get to that knowledge of “how things work,” i.e., retain dependent followers.
(looking up this address — it shows a “Marriage Resource Center” and a few professionals – -not him — including a Jill Ballman. Her bio blurb indicates a Florida Marriage and Family Research Institute.    I’ve done some (on-line) time looking up Florida groups, so went there, and found the HHS involvement pretty strong.  As we know, “Institute’ often means something at a University — which means, someone funded it, a corp. or HHS, etc.  or more.   (Except for cases like “Cooperative Parenting Institute” which — so far as I can currently tell — means nothing except an attempt to sound officialy by two women from GA &, now, PA, respectively!)


“Facilitating the development of research and clinical initiatives to better support couples, marriages, and families

The University of Central Florida Marriage and Family Research Institute was created in 2003 to facilitate the development of research and clinical initiatives to better support couples, marriages, and families. The Institute conducts original research and facilitates and supports scholarly activity of faculty and graduate students interested in marriage, family, and child issues. Additionally, the Institute can provide outcome and process evaluation services for other research projects part of and independent of the Institute.
LOOKING AT THIS I see right away at least 4 HHS project set-ups, they just happen to be at the UCF for implementation.  Universities are part of the overall scheme.
I’ll show us:  Four, Three, Two and One:
OFA Together Project
Government MDRC-SHM
Implementation Plan
Government PAIRS Evaluation Project
Government SMSF**
**Stronger Marriages and Stronger Families (SMS


Funded through the Florida Department of Children and Families, the Stronger Marriages and Stronger Families Program was a three year grant (2003-2006) that supported initiatives established by the United States Department of Health and Human Services and Administration for Children and Families.

{{I”m remembering –this coincides, yes?, with the reign of Jerry Regier — from Oklahoma Marriage Initiative — and the scandal of grants-steering during his leadership of the Florida DCF that, as I recall, led to his resignation.  This particular program talks about “faith-based” also, and here’s a nice brochure soliciting people to enroll in couples’ counseling, with a specific curriculum I probably blogged (PREPARE/ENRICH)}}

The Promoting Safe and Stable Families Legislation was created to develop, expand, and operate community-based family services and programs to promote the development and maintenance of safe and stable families in the United States and Tribal entities. The goals of this program were:

(1) To prevent child maltreatment among families at-risk through the provision of supportive family services;

(2) To ensure children’s safety within the home and preserve intact families in which children have been maltreated, when the family’s problems can be addressed effectively;

(3) To address the problems of families where children have been placed in foster care so that reunification may occur in a safe and stable manner in accordance with the Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997; and

(4) To support adoptive families by providing support services as necessary so that they can make a lifetime commitment to their children.

The Stronger Marriages and Stronger Families Program was developed with this legislation in mind.

THREE  — is PAIRS, and I’ve plenty about it on this blog, so moving on to
TWO — MDRC-SHM Implementation Plan:
(MDRC is a major federal contractor, a for-profit group that gets 80%? of its business from the US Gov’t. See my blog.  I have pie charts and everything — earlier posts).

. . . . [92% of Floridians believe that happy marriages are reelly, reelly  important] And yet, programs to support marriage are not a standard service available to married or soon-to-be married couples.

What if a program existed to support married couples? Do you know if it would help them achieve the long, strong marriage and raise happy, healthy children for which they wish, hope and dream? Neither do we.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and MDRC, a research and evaluation organization in New York, has given the Marriage and Family Research Institute in the College of Education at the University of Central Florida the exciting opportunity to study the effects of marriage education and support mechanisms on low to moderate income married couples with children – through the Supporting Healthy Marriage (SHM) Together Project.

{{TRANSLATION:  they have an agenda, and access to $$.  UCF gets the $$, supplies the young energetic, or (at least enrolled in their institute) people, and hopefully everyone is happy and no one will say that Marriage Education for Everyone is not a fantastic idea….}}

As part of a national demonstration and evaluation program, the SHM Together Project and seven other sites in New York, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Washington (two sites) will each recruit and interview 800 couples. Randomly, 400 couples will be assigned to the control group that receives no SHM-related services, and 400 couples will be assigned to the program group that will receive 12 months of SHM-related services including 30-hours of marriage education, continuous family support and extended marriage and family-related activities. At the end of the year, MDRC will test the difference between the two groups and ultimately answer the question, “Do marriage education and supports help low to moderate income married couples with children have longer, stronger marriages and raise happy, healthier children?”

{{With true scientific objectivity it is assumed that — basically — ALL couples & people are basically the same, so if one group spread between 7 sites in 5 states + DC  (400/7= 57 couples per site, and for five states, that’s 57 couples per STATE) seem better after a year of this –and 57 or so couples didn’t — we’re going to say it was a thumbs-up and should be expanded….      I notice it says “moderate-income” so apparently TANF wasn’t funding this one?…}}

This being a university, I find it a little deceptive to use acronyms:  SHM, SMSF…

ONE — OFA Project:

This is really a PAIRS project, but as PAIRS is listed separately, this makes it look like more things are on the burner, and more grants may, indeed, be involved….

OFA Together Project

In October 2006, The Office of Financial Assistance of the U.S. Department of Healthy and Human Services has awarded the Institute a five-year grant to design and implement the Together Project. The Together Project aims to bring marriage education services to low-income married couples with children in the Central Florida region and to collect data comparing couples who participate in marriage education with those in a control condition. Over the life of the project, the goal is to serve 200 couples and to collect data on 200 control couples. Control couples will be placed on a waiting list for services and will be eligible for marriage counseling services at the UCF Community Counseling Clinic after completing one-year follow-up data.

{{LOW_income couples only got a 200-couple sample.  Moderate-income couples get an 400 couple (+ 400 controls) sample, although more spread out. HIGH-income couples will pay their dues in divorce court anyhow, and/or contribute to some of these nonprofit front groups, so let’s not mess with them…}}

The marriage education treatment for the Together Project is the PAIRS curriculum (Gordon & Frandsen, 1993). There is some empirical support for the PAIRS approach (c.f. Durana, 1998; Goss, 1995). The curriculum was selected because it has this research support and because it focuses on emotional intimacy and bonding rather than a purely behavioral skills approach.

Of the INSTITUTE– the website has a “Resources” link.  The first FIVE resources are government supported!  With the exception of “SmartMarriages” which is a trademark from Dianne Sollee, who  must be making a bundle from all this:  she runs conferences where various curriculum providers can get their strategies together, buy into a franchise possibly, and even (if they’ve been smart enough to form a nonprofit association before coming to the conference) get the expenses written off.  BASICALLY — the individuals pushing healthy marriage (See GWBush the younger and friends) are simply using a public university to push franchising of their favorite ideas about society.   They call the tune.

The following are some informative links related to marriage and family research:

Administration for Children and Families (ACF) Healthy Marriage Initiative

Florida Commission on Marriage and Family Support Initiatives
Florida State University’s Family Institute 
Smart Marriages
National Healthy Marriage Resource Center

WTF does this have to do with Lackawanna county and an off-hand remark about Ronald Refice as a custody evaluator?  well, his corporation shares office address with this woman whose experience says it includes this FLorida group — and that group’s site indicates a Pennsylvania test site, so who knows?   Perhaps there’s a connection there.  I just googled the street address, found this, backed up to the hyperlink (Marriage Resource Center) she was under — looked for Refice (who doesn’t show up there) and took it from there.  One of the therapists (not this one) had the florida connection.

Tolerico, Catherine ACSW
823 Carmalt Street, Dickson City, PA 18519

That’s the same street address as Refice is under.   It’s a home — maybe they are partners or married. Therapy building is:

Website: Marriage Resource Center
Professional Arts Building, 327, N. Washington Ave., Suite 105, Scranton, PA 18503

Clinical Director:

Jill Ballman, MA, LPC, LMFT (it was her bio I followed up on from the site).


I just found another nonprofit that Danielle M. Ross, J.D. is a member of:  “Council of Contemporary Families”   (sigh) and recognize several of the memberships.  It appears to have started in 2006.


Their Board of Directors are from all over the country, and it appears to have begun its conferences (at least uploading them to the site) in 2006.  Every time you go from one section to another of the site, it attempts to sign you up for newsletters, which is annoying …



A long list of bios includes one for renowned Fathers’ Rights lawyer Jeffrey Leving (out of Chicago, whose firm is a sponsor? of Fathers and Families Coalition, a large group with close HHS ties, or at least a VERY friendly relationship with whoever’s heading it up each year — David Hansell, you name it).

Danielle’s is on there — so depending on how the FBI results turn out, probably some of the colleagues will still welcome her with open arms in some other state.  Unless she is disbarred or gets a temporary wrist-slap for financial fraud….

It reads:

I am an attorney in Scranton, PA. My full time position involves being appointed as a Guardian ad Litem for children involved in custody proceedings.

Hmm.  That’s interesting — who’s her employer?  Or does she work FT somewhere else and part of this “involves being appointed”  – is she doing something for the judge that appoints her? Or is this simply just dishonest (or not a current listing….).  Hmm, hmm, hmmm.  (see Pilchesky v. Ross et al.).  this is probably why court professionals have to join so many out-of-state organizations; so people don’t catch on to the truths of the matter….  I did find an EIN for Council on Contemporary Families (522070511) and a State (Illinois) See below:

My undergraduate degree is a B.A. is Psychology from the Pennsylvania State University. My juris doctorate was acquired from Widener University School of Law. I am currently pursuing a M.A. in Forensic Psychology.

My area of interest is family law and educating the judiciary to incorporate clinical assessments, impressions and research, when making decisions for families involved in the judicial system. I am interested in insuring a collaborative approach** is applied when dealing with these families in our system.

CONTACT: (etc.)

*(**meaning, we get to have our day in the sun, after all, doesn’t a B.A in Psychology + a J.D. = an expert in family life?)

COUNCIL ON CONTEMPORARY FAMILIES NCCSDATAWEBS LISTING (no 990s on form, looks like a small operation)

The family therapists are trying to pull in more arts & humanities themes to increase their credibility, which at this point, is pretty darn well about shot from those who sit under them:

Organization Details
EIN: 522070511
Name: Council on Contemporary Families — Google
Location:  Uic Mc312 1007 W Washington Ste Bsb
Chicago, IL 60607
 Report Address Change
County: Cook County
Ruling Date: 1998   (Approximate year when founded)
IRS Type: 501(c)(3) – Public charity: Religious, educational, charitable, scientific, and literary organizations…
Legal basis for public charity or private foundation status (FNDNCD): 15 – Organization with a substantial portion of support from a governmental unit or the general public
NTEE:  A99 – Arts, Culture & Humanities N.E.C.
Most recently completed fiscal year (TAXPER) 12/2008
Total Revenue $33,598
Total Assets: $86,232
Organization Mission Statement and Purpose
The Council on Contemporary Families is an association of experts on the family from fields of sociology, psychology, anthropology, history, the law, and family therapists. it is an organization devoted to education of the public through bringing to public attention the best research available on the american family in all of its diversity. it is devoted to promoting informed and constructive public discussion of Contemporary Families’ needs and how those needs might best be met.

With all those members, and being around for now 10 years, they finally coughed up a tax return?








Council on Contemporary Families IL 2008 $86,232 990EZ 9 52-2070511

Per tax return — (the last we heard of this group) they are preparing to write a book (got a $25K advance for it?) in which each member (well, now there are around 200) contributes a chapter.

The street address is University of Illinois Chicago (UIC).

It is signed by Co-Chair “Waldo E. Johnson, Jr.”  You KNOW I’m going to look him up, right?


Center for American Progress

This sounds very well-educated, well-recognized, if not exactly gender-neutral:

Waldo E. Johnson Jr., Ph.D., is associate professor at the School of Social Service Administration and faculty affiliate and immediate past director at the Center for the Study of Race, Politics and Culture at the University of Chicago. He is also a research associate for the Program for Research on Black Americans at the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan. He teaches social welfare policy, human behavior in the social environment, and research methods in the M.A. and Ph.D. programs. A family scholar, his research focuses on father involvement among low-income, unwed African-American fathers and the relationship between African-American males’ physical and mental health statuses on their family and societal role assumptions and performance across the life course. Most recently, he has been a consultant to the Chicago Community Trust as well as the United Way of Metropolitan Chicago in the development of their respective African American Male Initiatives.

His book, Social Work with African American Males: Health, Mental Health and Social Policy (Oxford Press, 2010), examines the developmental and social challenges and barriers experienced by African-American males across the life course. He is also interested in the use of qualitative research methods {{presumably about AAM MALES}} for guiding social policy. He is a member of the Ford Foundation Scholars Network on Masculinity and the Wellbeing of African American Males; a member of the National Steering Committee and Fatherhood Subcommittee (of what institution or arm of gov’t?) ; chair of the 2025 Campaign for Black Men and Boys; and the inaugural chair of the Commission on Research for the Council on Social Work Education.  {{That should take care of it being to female-focused}} During winter 2011, he will be a visiting scholar at Clare Hall, Cambridge University, and the University of Cape Town.

WJohnson holds a Ph.D. in social work from the University of Chicago, an MSW from the University of Michigan, and a B.A. from Mercer University. He was a Ford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow at the Poverty Research and Training Center and the Program for Research on Black Americans at the University of Michigan

HERE”s the Blurb from the CCF website — which didn’t file tax returns, that we can see, except for the year 2008?  I’ll put a ? on that, but generally speaking, I can find tax returns.  I found ONE here.  The memberhip in 2008 produced fees of about $14K, I’ll go back and see what they are, and do some math…

Waldo E, Johnson, Jr. is associate professor at the School of Social Service Administration faculty has conducted research and published widely on father involvement among unwed, low-income urban fathers; the physical and mental health statuses of African American males and the use of qualitative research methods in guiding social welfare policy. He is a member of the leadership team (chair of the Community Engagement Work Group) for the South Side Health and Vitality Study, a family of interdisciplinary social science, epidemiological and community based studies to be conducted in the 34 community areas (neighborhoods) served by the University of Chicago Medical Center aimed at enhancing the health, wellness and health service delivery of residents.; Building Healthy Communities: A Focus on Young Men and Boys of Color Research Collaborative, initiated by the Chief Justice Earl Warren Institute on Race, Ethnicity and Justice of the Berkeley Law School of the University of California funded by The California Endowment and the Disenfranchised Men Forum, an initiative sponsored by the New York University’s Metropolitan Center for Urban Education and the Ford Foundation which brings together academic researchers, policy and practice practitioners to address challenges facing disenfranchised males.

Well, at least we know what focus are dealing with here, and he co-chairs the organization, apparently. The Foundation Scholars bio has a photo and further notes some collaboration with the Illinois DCFS.  The Illinois – South Side of Chicago & Ford Foundation connections particularly interesting (OBama was here before the White House, we may recall).

Steven Mintz of Columbia (per 2008 tax return) was managing the list-serv.  Here’ his bio at that site, HISTORY Department:

Steven Mintz 
Columbia University
Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Teaching Center
Steven Mintz was a fellow at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford and John and Rebecca Moores Professor of History and Director of the American Cultures Program at the University of Houston before becoming the director of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Teaching Center.  An authority on the history of the family and of children, he is the author and editor of 13 books, including Domestic Revolutions: A Social History of American Family Life, Huck’s Raft: A History of American Childhood, and Moralists & Modernizers: America ’s Pre-Civil War Reformers. He has also published extensively on film history, slavery, abolition, and American reform movements. A pioneer in the application of new technologies to history, he is the creator of the Digital History website (http://www.digitalhistory.uh.edu) and past president of H-Net: Humanities and Social Sciences Online.  He has also served as President of the Society for the History of Children and Youth, and chaired the Council on Contemporary Families, an interdisciplinary organization of scholars and clinicians dedicated to enhancing the national conversation about what contemporary families need and how these needs can best be met.  A member of the Society of American Historians, he is a past chair of the Bancroft Prize jury and a member of the advisory board of Film & History, the History Teacher, Slavery & Abolition, and the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History.

 Here’s a 5- minute interview, talks about meeting Georgia O’Keefe and confirms he’s a professional educator with interest in behavioral sciences, too

Stephanie Coontz (also on Board of Directors) has a decorated history, at least she is an author and is quite the presenter.  Some of the places she presents seem very conservative (National Council on Family Relations, etc.) she has a book on the history of marriage.

Welcome to Stephanie Coontz’s official website!

Stephanie Coontz ImageStephanie Coontz teaches history and family studies at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. She also serves as Co-Chair and Director of Public Education at the Council on Contemporary Families, a non-profit, nonpartisan association of family researchers and practitioners based at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her work has been featured in many newspapers such as The New York Times, as well as scholarly journals such as Journal of Marriage and Family, and she is frequently interviewed on national television and radio.

 …Coontz has testified about her research before the House Select Committee on Children, Youth and Families in Washington, DC . . .  In 2004, she received the Council on Contemporary Families first-ever “Visionary Leadership” Award (being on its board of directors……). (from a group that doesn’t file its taxes and exists through membership fees, with hopes to compile a book they’ll sell, no doubt).  and ….She also received the 2001-02 “Friend of the Family” award from the Illinois Council on Family Relations. She served as a marriage consultant to The Ladies Home Journal from 2006-2009.


Anyhow, they don’t show up on a corporations search in Illinois . . . .

And they have NOT — at least under this Name OR EIN# — filed with the State of Illinois as a charity.  Not so hot if their c0-chair of the board of directors is a professor!

And a lowly GAL from Lackawanna shares professional membership with this level of professional exposure and Ph.D. accomplishments.  That should help her out after the FBI returns its reports, assuming it does anything….

(also – is that street address strange enough yet?)

WELL, I could do this all night, despite what week of the year it is (like a few days before Christmas, much?)

This post needs to be split in two, but I’m glad it finally got published!  

Back to Ms. Ross’s bio on this illustrious organization, with its illustrious membership (too busy to finish tax returns, I guess, but ready to change the world through influencing policy with their research, etc. )

My area of interest is family law and educating the judiciary to incorporate clinical assessments, impressions and research, when making decisions for families involved in the judicial system. I am interested in insuring a collaborative approach** is applied when dealing with these families in our system.

Ms. Ross – these families?   it’s their system — they pay for it.  Probably more of them work an honest job than you, at least til you get involved and strip them of their resources!   You are in the public servant role within this system.  We intend that you and colleagues begin to understand WHOSE system it is, and adjust accordingly.

Substance-Poor, Repetition-Rich: Parsing ~ Parent Coordination ~ Rhetoric ~ and some Organizations..

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Overall, I seriously doubt that it’s possible to clean up or straighten up the family law system — at all, and I am utterly serious in saying this.  There is too much incentive for fraud, and too much need to “pay the mortgages” in the courthouses by ordering more services, and too little oversight and tracking of the funding.  There are too many public employees forming nonprofit corporations to franchise for-profit curricula (marriage, parent education, etc.) — in the old NonProfit/ForProfit combo.

There are too few tools in many states to track WHO is repeatedly forming corporations that go belly-up, only to have a partner or other person formerly on one board just go forth and from another one — in another state.   Many of these groups, as my last post showed, are membership organizations — membership is charged, conferences run, and we have some evidence from county payrolls or vouchers from court-connected professionals, that the public is billed to fund attendance at nonprofits whose ONE purpose is to expand their services.  Child support is one of the worst of these, but they come in all flavors.

Despite the bleak outlook — I still report and I am going to finish reporting on this field of Parent Coordination until it is CLEAR what the AFCC professionals’ intent is in establishing this field and, if possible, having it legitimized at the state level by establishing standards, or by mandate.

The Association for Family and Conciliation Courts runs many task forces at a time, as part of its strategic plan to expand (itself) and transform the “old” language of criminal law into more friendly-to-its-practitioners concepts.    One of them which they are taking VERY seriously in promoting — and I take VERY seriously in protesting — is Parenting Coordination.

Parents didn’t ask for this — it’s no grassroots movement, and from what I can tell how it’s been (1) advertised (2) pushed and (3) practiced — there’s no genuine NEED for it either.  For that matter, I see no historical record that parents as a sector (both male and female) asked for the family law system, either.

Why I’m addressing it — again:   


AFCC PROMOTED IT – NOT PARENTS.  NO REAL NEED EXISTED, and SERIOUS ISSUES & OBJECTIONS DID.  The LizLibrary lists a page of them, and towards the bottom, some legal opinions, too:

Parenting Coordination:  A Bad Idea

Here’s less than half the list — and so far I agree with ALL of them.  Thank you, Liz (Kates, the FL Family Law attorney, not Richards, of NAFCJ.net)
© 1996-2011 argate.net        frcp:

  • Parenting coordination is an inappropriate delegation of the judicial function
  • Parenting coordination is an impediment to court access
  • Parenting coordination is a denial of due process
  • Parenting coordination violates privacy
  • The parenting coordinator concept encroaches on family liberty interests
  • Parenting coordination represents arbitrary dictate by a person, in denigration of rule of law
  • Parenting coordination is a make-work role newly invented by psychology trade promotion groups
  • No studies indicate parenting coordinators make good decisions
  • No studies indicate parenting coordination improves families’ lives or child wellbeing.
  • Nothing qualifies a stranger to make family decisions for other people
  • Nothing qualifies a mental health professional to interpret a court order or legal document
  • Nothing qualifies a lawyer to play at being an unlicensed, unregulated therapist for hire
  • Nothing qualifies any third party to “fill in the gaps” in someone else’s contract
  • There is no definition of what constitutes a successful parenting coordination
  • Parenting coordination does not, in the long run, alleviate court docket congestion
  • It creates additional issues and leaves the door open for return trips to resolve them
  • Parenting coordination provides a new forum for squabbling over petty disputes
  • Parenting coordination is an additional expense that many can ill afford
  • Parenting coordination enables one parent to spend the other’s funds
  • Parenting coordination is time-consuming and tedious
  • Parenting coordination is not confidential
  • Parenting coordination constitutes continuous government discovery, 4th Amendment
  • Parenting coordination constitutes continuous discovery by each parent into the affairs of the other
  • Parenting coordination can never be “voluntary” because it implements unwanted court orders
  • Parenting coordinators demand that the parties sign “consents” that give up constitutional rights
  • Some have demanded that parties give up the right to go to court, contact police, or involve their lawyers
  • They are hired or appointed under shadow of the threat of court sanctions or loss of custody
  • They are agreed to by parties ignorant of the repercussions, in fear, out of funds, or overwhelmed
  • Parenting coordination does not result in increased family well-being
  • Parenting coordination does not make children happier, healthier, or better adjusted
  • Parenting coordination is not therapy but coercion backed by the state’s police power
  • Parenting coordinators tend to be hostile to, and at odds with attorney-client relationships
  • They align with GALs and other court appointees in a pretext of “focus on the children”
  • They encroach on parental-child relationships and decision-making
  • They undermine the parental authority children require for a sense of security and well-being
  • Instead of at least one authoritative parent, children have no authoritative parent
  • Petty tyrants place a premium on the perception of who is cooperating with them
  • Cooperation with the parenting coordinator is court-ordered and
  • They alone decide if a parent is “cooperating” with them

From the same page, a case “Parenting Coordinator Out of Control” — and I have to note that it’s an appeal from an order at the FL (presumably 20th) Circuit Court Level bearing Judge Hugh Starnes‘ name!

The Hon. Hugh Starnes showed up in yesterday’s post, where I was simply blogging an AFCC judge, and also his nonprofit in FL with the initials AFLP (logo on the post).  I also happen to know he was quite active in FL-AFCC Chapter establishment, which seemed to have the primary agenda of getting parenting coordination passed in Florida.  They have since succeeded, I believe, too.
Like I keep saying — sometime others will acknowledge — parenting coordinators are themselves pushy, and AFCC pushed Parenting Coordination, in fact they are one set of bullies when it comes to getting THEIR priorities into practice, then law – citing it’s already in practice anyhow.  This is primarily what AFCC does.  From the organization’s point of view, this is phrased as “innovative” and “helping” and “problem-solving.”  The problem is always the recalcitrant parents, and the UNFORTUNATE vestiges of separation of powers (legal/judicial/executive branch) and little details like confidentiality in a lawsuit, and legal restraints.  Here’s a link to Parentcoordination.com’s complaint about the legal limits part – and their plan of PC as an end-run around those limits!

“The Court’s parenting coordinator orders unconsitutionally delegate judicial power and violate due process… The Special Master Order’s requirement that Appellant pay for the parenting coordinators to whom she objects violates law and public policy… The Special Master Order requiring Appellant to waive her medical privilege violates her statutory and constitutional rights to privacy…”

AFCC could care less.  They DEMANDED it and are still finishing up trying to get this mandated in every single United State.

  •  Even the brother of the Marriage Promotion President, the “Family” family, George Bush — as Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush, FL (2004) had the sense to object based on sound principles.  A newly formed (probably for this purpose) chapter of AFCC strategized, lobbied, publicized, practiced, and finally managed to ram it through, over his veto.  It only slowed them down slightly.

June 18, 2004   

Ms. Glenda E. Hood Secretary of State Florida Department of State

By the authority vested in me as Governor of Florida, under the provisions of Article III, Section 8, of the Constitution of Florida, I do hereby withhold my approval of and transmit to you with my objections, Committee Substitute for Senate Bill 2640, enacted during the 36th session of the Legislature, convened under the Constitution of 1968, during the Regular Session of 2004, and entitled:

An act relating to Parenting Coordination. . .

Committee Substitute for Senate Bill 2640 authorizes courts to appoint a parenting coordinator when the court finds the parties have not implemented the court-ordered parenting plan, mediation has not been successful, and the court finds the appointment is in the best interest of the children involved.

  • He lists 5 objections, two of which clearly recognize that it in effect allows a parent coordinator to function as both judge and jury of parents’ or children’s rights, and one of which is that it fails to protect victims of domestic violence.   I also note from the language that it looks like a Committee (not the general legislature) attempted to have this substitute for an existing Senate Bill. . . . . 


  • The “Termini/Boyan Factor” — The People fixed on training parent coordinators have a terrible track record when it comes to staying incorporated(I found another one today — Seminars for Advanced Interdisciplinary Family Professionals, or “SAIF.”  Formed in 2006, it’s already behind in its filings, in the state of Indiana. And it appears that, again, a nonprofit/for-profit combo, originating not with litigants, but with the professionals, was set up to give (again) some family law attorneys the right to crow about their own parent coordination training seminars they helped run themselves.  By and large, that seems to be the situation in Indiana — which it seems New Hampshire liked a lot, too. Termini/Boyan are Georgia/Pennsylvania — but same general idea.


The language of “parent coordination” is impoverished and repetitive.  Here’s an example, from a family law attorney, a bona-fide certified one  (although the nonprofit membership she cites all over is anything but “bona-fide” when it comes to filing charitable returns in the home state!)

it’s even from an Amicus Brief (I THINK it got filed, although this isn’t the stamped version). Actually, this is where the title to my post came from:

CASE NO. C064475

SUPERIOR COURT CASE NO. 34-3009-80000359




RANDY RAND, ED.D. Plaintiff and Appellant, v. BOARD OF PSYCHOLOGY, Defendant and Respondent. __________________



In the statute of authorities for this brief, bearing the name “Leslie Ellen Shear” and “Stephen Temko” (although the certificate of interested parties form bears the name Shear, and is dated 1/27/2011), after the legal and rules of court list, comes:

“Treatises, Law Reviews and Other Authorities” – and on reading it, I see it quotes, among others:

  • The nonprofit ACFLS (which she’s head of Amicus Brief Committee on, or was)
  • AFCC itself (at least twice)
  • A host of people, known to be AFCC professionals anyhow, for those who pay attention — such as Ahrons, Coates, Deutch, Greenberg, Kelly, and who knows about some of the others.  These quotations include those from the AFCC publication, Family Court Review (joint with “Hofstra Univ. School of Law”) and AFCC newsletters, etc.
  • Herself, like 3 times, in:
  • Shear (2008) In Search of Statutory Authority for Parenting Coordinator Orders in California: Using a Grass-roots, Hybrid Model Without an Enabling Statute 5 Journal of Child Custody 88…………………………………………..5, 18, 25  (cited on page 5, 18 & 25).

Note title — trying to legislate parenting coordination.  Another set of professionals tried to write “Kids Turn” into law around 2002, right? (see my “Kicking Salesmanship Up a Notch post.”) then-Governor Gray Davis (properly!) vetoed even the version of it put out which didn’t overtly say “Kids’ Turn” on its face.

So here’s a sample section of this Amicus:

On page 4, quoting AFCC person Greenberg (whose writing I also ran across) cites who came up with the idea, vaguely characterized as:

In 1994, the concept of parenting coordination was spawned by a concerned group of professionals in California and Colorado who realized that some high conflict families remained chronically mired in conflict and required something different. . . For these families, the traditional tried and true approaches to containing familial conflict such as litigation, mediation, forensics, and therapy had not worked. Thus, the concept of parenting coordination was conceived as a different and needed dispute resolution intervention.

(Tried and True?  Try Tried and found seriously wanting.  Don’t believe me?  Look here.  I’ve already mentioned the Seal Beach (CA) massacre enough times, so here’s one fresh off the press — like YESTERDAY, in Florida.  Actually, it seems there’s an acquiescent mother in this one, even after Dad murdered the son, the surviving children (including one witness to that) miss their Daddy.  They shouldn’t be supervised, but be able to go to events like church, sports, etc.  Sounds like perhaps this is a stepfather (or second family) situation here, judging by age of the children:

Dad accused of killing son wants custody rights to surviving kids; judge lets him have unsupervised contact (Orlando, Florida)

POSTED: 5:56 pm EST December 13, 2011
UPDATED: 6:45 pm EST December 13, 2011

ORLANDO, Fla. — A former Orlando police officeraccused of killing his son was back in court, arguing for custody rights to his other children. 

Timothy Davis Sr. won a victory of sorts Tuesday when ajudge granted him the ability to pick up his younger children from school, including his 9-year-old daughter who authorities said witnessed the killing.

The retired police officer is accused of shooting his son, 22-year-old Timothy Davis Jr., to death at their Apopka home in what he said was self-defense after his son attacked him, injuring his knee in October.

Here’s another involving 3 children, and a custody hearing, plus prior assaults on the child and wife.  Dad managed to get himself shot (to death) after apparently attacking a state trooper.  I do not call this ‘tried and true.”  This was an American military, married in Germany, but the divorce action  appears to be HERE. He also was Marine Corps.   Here’s one from Texas; 40 year old father, who apparently had custody? (or certainly unsupervised visitation), emails nude pictures of his 12 year old daughter.   This man was living with his mother who, thankfully, was honest enough to do something about her pervert son, although somehow the courts weren’t alert to this in custody decisions:

by KHOU.com staff

Posted on December 8, 2011 at 8:58 PM

KATY, Texas – A 40-year-old father is facing charges for allegedly distributing nude photos of his 12-year-old daughter online.
According to court documents, the suspect was living with his daughter at his mother’s house in Katy when the offenses occurred.
Investigators said that in August of 2011, the suspect’s mother found emails sent from the suspect’s gmail account that contained nude images of children.   Some of those images were of the suspect’s daughter, the grandmother said.

Sorry to bring up this very unpleasant reality-check, but when in Amicus Brief a parent-coordinator pusher talks about previously tried methods that work — the definition of “works” or “tried and true” generally just means “tried, sometimes resulting in death, physical or sexual abuse of minors post-separation, or having minor children showing up in child pornography in father’s possession.”  All of these were from December 2011 news articles, only.

Keep these incidents for a point of reference while I quote from p.12, a whole chapter on how parent coordinators have such difficult parents to deal with, poor them:

III. Parenting Coordinators Work With the Most Difficult Family Court Population – Those Most Prone to Assert Grievances and Challenge Decisionmakers

… cases are usually referred to parenting coordination because they are chronically litigious and difficult to manage.** These parents have often had several attorneys, evaluators, and mediators — professional hopping and shopping is rampant. Their court files are thick with motions, court appearances, and allegations of wrongdoing by the parents.

Coates, Deutsch et al. (2004) Parenting Coordination for High-Conflict Families 42 Fam. Ct. Rev. 246, 252

**Difficult-to manage parents are the bread and butter of the family court.  They are the income producers.  Assigning them to parent coordination is yet one more source of income for the professionals, taken from either the parents, or (looks like there’s some effort to make even broke parents participate in this too — AFCC-CA has a workshop or presentation, on the 2012 hearing on this).

Perhaps the professionals in question should re-think the business of “managing parents” to start with.

So, the opening quote to this chapter is from two long-time AFCC professionals (Coates/Deutsch) in an AFCC publication?, although it’s only 2004, using an AFCC-originated concept and term, “high-conflict families” (although I hear Bill Eddy now says they are high-conflict individuals — see my post on “yet another AFCC wet dream.” and his High-conflict Institute….)

The child custody cases referred to parenting coordinators are the most complex, acrimonious, difficult and demanding cases. Most parents regain their perspective and bearings within two years of separation, and do not need this kind of intensive and ongoing service model. Parents who continue to re- turn to court with enforcement and modification requests after completing co- parenting educational programs,* and after a child custody evaluation are can- didates for parenting coordination,

* perhaps this speaks to the quality of the co-parenting educational programs, more than the parents.

* or perhaps they are pissed at being forced to take co-parenting classes to start with, not mentioning affected if they also have to pay.

Parents who need a PC intervention are typically a special group for whom the passage of time has not reduced the rage and angry behaviors of at least one if not both parents.

A casual dismissal of whether it’s just one — or both — parents here.  We KNOW that many of these cases — not just some — are in fact cases involving danger, abuse, and etc.   These cases do NOT belong in family court at all — but they are there because of greed of professionals, and because of the fatherhood movement (backlash to feminism) that incentivizes and insists that single motherhood is bad for kids.  For that matter, even if Mom remarries happily, it’s still supposedly bad for the world if biological father isn’t in his kids’ life.

In short — Ms. Shear and Mr. Temko (whoever drafted this) — are, with their colleagues — unable to literally distinguish between one parent and another when discussing “parents” in front of others who have some privilege (like a statutory justification) or grant to give them.

BUT — their own handbooks, and some appellate cases already involving parenting coordination, show clearly that they are QUITE able to distinguish one parent from another, and not only do, but literally plan how to, target mothers, specifically, for badmouthing and possible intervention in the form of getting the kids away from her.  (I have two links to parent coordination handbooks on this post, you can check them out.).

The 10–20% of parents who remain in entrenched and high conflict two to three years after separation/divorce are significantly more likely to have severe personality disorders and/or mental illness (Johnston & Roseby, 1997).

You can’t see it here, but on the pdf it shows:  in this quote, we have a triple-layer AFCC site.  I believe Johnston is probably Janet Johnston (AFCC Board, or was).  Kelly, (below) who’s being quoted in the section, if it’s Joan B. Kelly, has been called the “grande dame” of AFCC and mediation promotion in the family law courts.  She runs a Northern California Mediation Center, and obviously publishes too.   And Shear is AFCC.  So — if so — that represents:

AFCC Shear quotes AFCC Kelly quoting AFCC Johnston, as to parent coordination, which is an AFCC idea.  (this is FAR more common than most people — who are less obsessive about looking things up than me — realize.  I have labored through some pretty detailed writings (NYState) where when they ran out of ideas, they simply restated them, and I literally read ALL the footnotes too, most of which were “ibid.”   

Understanding the characteristics of parents with severe borderline, dependent, narcissistic, and antisocial personality disorders, why these parents react so strongly to rejection and loss, how the child is used in attempts to re-stabilize their functioning and punish the other parent, and how personality disorders are exacerbated by stress, conflict and the adversarial system will facilitate more effective work with these difficult clients.

Kelly (2008) Preparing for the Parenting Coordination Role: Training Needs for Mental Health and Legal Professionals 5 Journal of Child Custody 140,149-150

I don’t know how to state this clearly enough.  The difficulty any professional has — who by definition holds an option to quit the profession (which they chose) in dealing with a ‘difficult client” is no comparison with the difficulty of dealing — year after year thanks to policies — with an “ex” who has threatened to kidnap or kill, who has beaten one before, or who may be and/or has molested children, possibly one’s own (dep. on the case) before.   Suppose the shoe was on the other foot?  Again, if professionals don’t like the difficulty they have an option — find another line of work.

But thanks to their insistence on THIS line of work, i.e., at public AND private expense, and explicit danger to the communities — almost no parent — and I’m going to say mother, specifically– can actually get free from real criminals they’ve had children with, even when he’s already in jail.

I know of one case where the person has already done time in an unbelievably severe situation, and this mother/daughter who already went through hell — is being stalked again.  Until she’s safe, I’m not naming names, but once she is/they are, I will – because this case was high-profile and has been in the news.

One point of view is dealing with comfort, and potential burnout, in the performance of one’s duties that have internationally networked, federally-funded, county-judicial-level endorsed, and more — support groups.  The other is of staying alive, housed, and after that, functional and employed at all.

If one continues to read the Amicus, it continues to complain and blame.  The next quote by Shear is of Shear.  Here’s a little further on in the Amicus:

Parenting coordination is a very intrusive model, inserting state authority into the daily family lives of parents and children. With those intrusive powers comes a duty to exercise restraint, discretion and wisdom.

This work often creates the perfect storm. Parenting coordinators struggle to avoid being triangulated into the family’s conflicts.

Well, they triangulated themselves in there to start with, intentionally!   Which shows a lack of:   “restraint, discretion, and wisdom” per se.

From page 18 (“just one more”!) – This chapter complains that California hasn’t legislated parenting coordination by stipulation (i.e., authorizing it by force)  yet:

The only thing that is clear about appointment of parenting coordinators in California is that family courts are without jurisdiction to make them without a stipulation. Moreover, no published case has upheld orders resulting from a stipulated appointment of a parenting coordinator.

The quote from Greenberg in this Amicus acknowledges that professionals in California & Colorado (two hotspots of family law leadership; Center for Policy Research/Jessica Pearson et al. are in Denver) “spawned” the concept.  Or rather, it “was spawned” — we can’t name an individual father, so perhaps it was a sort of psychological gang-rape that produced the idea (just kidding).  Unlike “collaborative law” which actually names a father, “Stu Webb” out of MN. . ..      And that this began in the 1990s.

We are now in 2011.  Perhaps it’s time to admit that it’s a bad idea to start with; if even in California — where AFCC originated — they can’t get it into law!

The text continues — and understanding that I don’t know the underlying case, have not read the entire brief and am not an attorney, I’m to add a comment to the next section:

Of course, courts have no power to modify statutes. Statutes prescribe and proscribe what courts may do.

Damn right they do! On the other hand, has that really slowed down AFCC initiatives, has it?  I think there’s been a track record of resounding success, if getting around constitutional and statutory limits pending changing the statutes to accommodate more income streams to court-connected (or formerly court-connected, like retired judges) professionals… is what’s intended.

The California Constitution (art. VI, § 22) prohibits the delegation of judicial power except for the performance of subordinate judicial duties. A trial court lacks either statutory or inherent power to require the parties to bear the cost of a special master’s services, even where it may have the authority to make the appointment. (People v. Superior Court (Laff) (2001) 25 Cal.4th 703)

The Court of Appeal reversed trial court orders delegating authority over the visitation schedule to a child custody evaluator, requiring one of the parents to participate in psychotherapy and requiring that all future custody mat- ters be heard before the same bench officer in In re Marriage of Matthews (1980) 101 Cal.App.3d 811, 816–817 because there was no statutory authority supporting such a delegation.

Just GUESSING here, but perhaps if over a 21-year period (in one state), it’s still being stated that there are Constitutional limits on delegating Judicial power, and three years later the Governor of Florida (Jeb Bush) brings it up in a reason for vetoing a parent coordination stipulation — there just MIGHT be a good reason!   Parent Coordination is hardly an Occupy San Francisco (or anywhere else in California) grassroots protest or demand, is it, either?

We’re third generation fatherhood programs out here, we are also probably at least second-generation post-TANF (1996), post fatherhood (i.e., about 15-16 years since they passed), and perhaps– just perhaps — the last thing this state needs is more ideas originating from this nonprofit and all its collaborators in therapeutic jurisprudence great ideas.

Perhaps — just perhaps — it’s a good thing if constitutional and statutory limits on out-sourcing the judicial function mean something around here, for a change! Be content with what you got so far, as authorized by access/visitation (three categories of potential program fraud enabled) and all the marriage promotion money too, plus lots of the nonprofits — like ACFLS — not even bothering to report into the state Registry of Charitable Trusts (OAG) anyhow!



Moreover  — like most AFCC promotions — the language promoting parent coordination continues to refuse to think or talk in terms of legal rights to INDIVIDUALS as the Declaration of Independence asserted, which helped kickstart the USA, claims they are.   The language of parent coordination is continually pluralized, or group-talk.  It does not, really, acknowledge that a person could be a member of a family (like “parent” “father” or “mother”) and yet really have — and deserve — equal standing as an individual in any matter, before the law.

Here’s an example from ParentCoordinationCentral.com (Termini/Boyan site).  These are the supposed GOALS OF PARENT COORDINATION:

  1. Educate parents regarding the impact of their behaviors on their child(ren)’s development.

    [supports my thesis that AFCC members are often frustrated teachers.  They want to teach EVERYONE, and if people don't agree, they are clever about figuring out ways to force this, and be paid for it, too.]
  2. Reduce parental conflict through anger management, communication and conflict resolutions skills. 
    [increasing the expense of divorce, treating parents like kids, undermining judicial authority, & due process, and invading one’s privacy sure will “reduce parental conflict”!! . .. And I haven’t even got (this post anyhow) to the training manual which has an openly hostile attitude towards mothers, it’s unbelievable).
  3. Decrease inappropriate parental behaviors to reduce stress for the child.
    [goes with AFCC goal of switching from a legally defined set of prohibited behaviors to an arbitrary, subjective, and personalized version of what is appropriate or inappropriate parental behavior.   Instead, how about just accept the basic definitions in the law, and as to court orders, compliance with them?]
  4. Work with parents in developing a detailed plan for issues such as discipline, decision-making, communication, etc.
     [Good Grief! -- Go have your own children, and raise them -- well.  Let's see what fine examples they are, then parents can judge FREELY whether Mr. , Ms. & Mrs. Parent Coordinators are competent to make these plans.  I mean -- the concept is ridiculous!  What about various cultures and family values, so long as they are not child abuse, domestic violence, or otherwise illegal?] [Even then it probably wouldn't be a comparable situation, because the psychologists involved with the court, and AFCC professionals can usually drum up plenty of high-paying business, whereas a lot of the parents they are dealing with probably, by the time they are on the scene, absolutely cannot.]
  5. Create a more relaxed home atmosphere allowing the child to  adjust more effectively with the new family structure.
    [You want to have a more relaxed home atmosphere with children/  Again, go have your own and show it to us.  Then we can, awestruck by your competence - - and if we want to -- copy it!]
  6. Collaborate with professionals involved with the family in order to offer coordinated service.
    [that's closer to the real reason for it -- more business referrals to colleagues]
  7. Monitor parental behaviors to ensure that parents are fulfilling their obligations to their child while complying with the  recommendations of the Court.
    [Children need due process, and they need an active, and respected Bill of Rights, for when they grow up.  One purpose of the Bill of Rights was to keep snoops out of one's private business, so long as that business didn't ramble over into the criminal arena.   It's called LIFE, LIBERTY and PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.  How can one pursue anything with the thought police on one's heels?. . . . .
    Anyone who's trying to function as a parent coordinator, and talking about children's needs constantly (to justify it) apparently doesn't comprehend what long-term dedication to one's family AND country entails.  It entails respecting its laws.  I have before blogged an SF-area parent coordinator and family law attorney, who posted on his own site that the Constitution needs to be scrapped and rewritten, why revere it like Christians revere their Bible (guess he's not one, and doesn't understand how few Christians actually practice what's in their Bible -- or Constitution -- to start with...)]
  • The NH “Parent Coordinators” Association of 2009 “FAQs” suggest a benefit is:
  • Q. What are the benefits of Parenting Coordination?

Parenting Coordination offers a much better way of resolving parenting plan issues than returning to court. And the resolution comes much faster than waiting for a court date and then the court decision. The Parenting Coordinator educates the parents about the harm to the children of hostility between parents, mediates issues as they arise, and if the parents are unable to resolve minor issues, makes the decision.

As ever, when selling their services, AFCC professionals see themselves as the mature adults on the scene, and the parents as a “plural,” and refuse to assign responsibility where it’s perhaps due.  They seem to utterly lack curiosity in fact-finding as to that matter.  This is understandable, because they deal in “psychology” more than law– which is the culture of the association.  While two individual parents are often involved, in the marketing prose, it’s always “the parents” v. “the helping professionals”

However, once in the door, and in practice — then they are quick to blame ONE parent, often the mother, and recommend severe intervention, often removing of contact with the children to counter supposed “alienation.”   In other words, they are hypocrites — professing neutrality and to be helping, but planning in advance (in this case) to do harm to one gender — the female, should she as a parent (mother) counter them.

I blogged this earlier, but again (from the same site) — here is their “sample” report from the handbook:


A handbook for the purpose and practice of parenting coordination prepared by PCANH.

 Parts of this were credited (fn1 inside) to “Families Moving Forward, Inc.” in Indiana.  This is a nonprofit formed in 2005, EIN# 432074631 with principal listed c/o “Gloria K. Mitchell.”

So of course I looked this person up — she is a Rising Star Super Attorney, member of National Association of Counsel for Children, and works in a four-woman firm.  The nonprofit, however, is categorized as “exempt — earning under $25,000).  website’s “Divorce and Parenting Research Links” is typical, plus a direct link to the Children’s Rights Council” (hover URL).  CRC is pretty big in Indiana…  Six years after passing the bar, Ms. Mitchell was on the Executive Committee of Family Law Section of Indiana Bar Assoc., and chaired it in 2005.   The articles of incorporation show it’s a 501(c)4 (not “3”) and by address its place of business is another law firm in Noblesville, Indiana:  Holt, Fleck & Romini.  If the image (showing org.’s purpose) doesn’t show, it’s viewable for free on the site below.

Entity Name Type Entity Type City / State

Gloria K. Mitchell, and the four attorneys in the law firm, 
Though only incorporated in winter (February) 2005, by summer (July) 2005,  Indiana, “Families Moving Forward”** already had a “Parent Coordination Committee” and presented the following report in this context:

Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum

3rd Annual Family Law Summer Institute

and Family ICO Training Session July 28-29, 2005*

 *Note:  the Nonprofit to present this was incorporated 2/14/2005, in time for this, 3rd Annual Family Law Summer Institute agenda (see link) doesn’t show anything about parent coordination, although certainly it could’ve happened.  Law firm page for Ms. Mitchell notes that she was “Executive Committee of the “Family Law Section” 1994-2005 and its chair in 2004-2005.     So it would make sense that her nonprofit would have a good shot at presenting at that summer institute.
I note that at Ms. Mitchell’s office, one of her associates began as Parent Coordinator in 2006.
Another very smart attorney with stellar credits is Amy Stewart  (valedictorian of her law class) is president of this nonprofit (FMF):  notice also collaborative law emphasis, plus an AFCC affiliation.   In 1999 she had an article published on “Covenant Marriage:  Legislating Family Values”  Good summary of the issues of religiosity in marriage by a UK author, here  Actually, it’s a good summary and a timely read of marriage/divorce, and role of rising religiosity (UK/America) in the mix.
But it was a search for “Families Moving Forward, Inc.” that brought her name up.
Here’s Ms. Stewart’s bio (notice “Collaborative Law”); she works at Bingham McHale, LLP, a large firm with locations in 3 Indiana counties.  She is a partner.

Amy concentrates her practice in matrimonial and family law matters. She was one of the first Indiana attorneys trained  in collaborative law, and she has been instrumental in introducing the approach in Indiana. She has practiced collaborative law since 2007, has attended several conferences of the International Association of Collaborative Professionals,* and has been trained by collaborative law founder Stuart Webb. In addition, Amy also practices traditional litigation.   

*Readers probably may not remember, so I’ll remind us.  the “IACP” is another incarnation, membership association — out of many — formed by AFCC-type professionals, as you can see by the description:

iacp,collaborative law,collaborative practice,collaborative divorce,international academy of collaborative professionals

ACP is the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, an international community of legal, mental health and financial professionals working in concert to create client-centered processes for resolving conflict.

I probably blogged it, too.  I remember looking up the various websites, corporate registrations, etc.   Here’s their About Us/History narrative.  I notice a good chunk of it (after inspiration by “Stu Webb” in MN) took form in the Northern California family court association nonprofit factor, aka the SF Bay Area, including Oakland (East Bay) and other well-known cities:

In May of 1999, the first annual AICP [=American Institute of Collaborative Professionals] networking forum was held in Oakland, California. The following year, a meeting was held in Chicago to discuss the state of Collaborative legal practice across the country. The nearly 50 practitioners who attended this meeting agreed that AICP should serve as the umbrella organization for our rapidly-growing movement. At the same time, they recognized that since Collaborative Practice was also developing exponentially across Canada, the organization needed a broader, more inclusive name and mission. Thus the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals was born in late 2000, officially changing its name in 2001.

The Collaborative Review has been published continuously since May, 1999. The work begun by initial editors Jennifer Jackson and Pauline Tesler. . . 

Jennifer Jackson (FYI, I’ve never met, spoken to, or dealt with her in court) is kind of branded in my mind as having helped start up Kids’ Turn (SF):

FYI — here is another Super Lawyer, high-profile, longstanding success.  Her “about” page lists many accomplishments. Notice which comes first; notice also the variety of terms which are basic to the field:  I’ll bold them:

About Jennifer Jackson

Before becoming a family lawyer in 1985, Jennifer Jackson was an illustrator and photographer, raising three children.

A LITTLE LOCAL COMMENTARY relating to this Super-Productive/Super Attorney and her many Nonprofits:  

I know artists, including photographers and illustrators.  It’s not that easy to make a living at; this speaks of either a good prior divorce settlement, (or not marrying) or some substantial education somewhere along the line, undergrad plus law school.  That’s quite a set of accomplishments, but I don’t think represents an indigence.  See Resume:

  • BA with Honors in 1966, became family lawyer (passed bar?)
  • 1985, with Professor’s Assistanceships (in law school) on child-related and mediation topics.  Maybe I can assume that almost 20 year gap is called “Mom” and “Wife” time.
  • In 1987, she helped found Kids’ Turn and was simultaneously involved in PTA Board at “Campolindo High School” where her kids probably attended.   Campolindo is — well, its site describes it well:

“Located in the hills east of the University of California, Berkeley, Campolindo serves the professionally-oriented and well-educated suburban communities of Moraga and Lafayette. Students, teachers and parents work together to provide a positive climate for learning where mutual respect, trust and esteem are valued. ” . . .”In statewide API (Academic Performance Index) ratings, for the fifth year in a row, both the Acalanes District and Campolindo are ranked in the very top percentiles of all public high schools in California with an API score of 919. Nationally, Campolindo is recognized regularly in Newsweek magazine as one of the “Best High Schools in America”.  The Association of Californa School Administrators honored Campolindo’s Principal, Carol Kitchens, as the Secondary Principal of the Year in 2009

This is my way — as is this demographics piechart** of saying, as fantastic as these achievements are for Ms. Jackson — something had her living (presumably) in Moraga around the time she passed the bar — and that’s a privileged community.   A neighboring one, Orinda, shows has a 2009 median household of $156K, and more than half the town earning that much, and the largest sector earning over $200K.
To get a general feel for housing in the area — this is my tactful way of saying that until the 1960s, some of these communities did not allow African-American housing loans, or greatly restricted them — read this thoughtful summary of Berkeley, including a lot on demographics and migration.
Essentially, people that might work as professors, or other high-paying jobs in SF or Berkeley (or even Oakland) would then leave those urban areas and commute straight past (on highways like as not) the dangerous and darker-skinned areas, right on back to the suburbs.  Just keep this in mind when someone from this area (however s/he got there) is all excited about helping poor kids, single mother or no single mother. And I don’t know specifically that Jennifer Jackson was; although no mention of a husband is made, or the children’s father.
(**scroll down to see race (total African Americans:  166, Hispanic, invisible — they are living elsewhere and working on the lawns and in the retail & domestic sectors no doubt (wikipedia, though, says 7% in 2010) — how few single parent households, and almost NO violent crime).  As of 2010, Moraga had a total population of 16,016 people.  As of the 2000 census, Moraga was the 79th wealthiest place in the US with a population above 10,000.   The median income for a household in the town is $98,080, and the median income for a family is $116,113. Males have a median income of $92,815 versus $51,296 for females.[almost 2:1!!] )

Blending this background of creativity, caring and flexibility with her legal training enhances her practice of family law and expands the options for her clients.

Jennifer believes that a lawyer must be actively involved in her professional community, and that life is about making a difference. Jennifer is one of the founders of Kids’ Turn, a program for separating families begun in San Francisco which has expanded exponentially in size and in quality of service to children and families.

(If you know my blog, you know EXACTLY why and how Kids’ Turn “expanded exponentially in size” — see family law attorneys, evaluators & judges on the board, see access/visitation funds “facilitating” parent education programs. . . . .As to the quality of service?  That’s debatable, but as I haven’t sat through any of the classes — except to note they use the word “parental alienation” a lot in stating benefits, i.e., “reduces parental alienation” type claims.  I’ll withhold judgment on this, as should others who haven’t  !!)

She is one of the founders of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals and served for eight years as co-editor of its journal, The Collaborative Review. She has had leadership roles in her professional organizations at local, state national and international levels, and is a past president of the Northern California chapter of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.

Within five years of passing the bar, she is serving as a judge pro tem– how common is that? Or this?

Standing Committee on Custody, North: Chair 1988-1990

San Francisco Bar Association

Executive Committee, Family Law Section: Chair, 1992; Member: 1987-present
Fee Arbitration Panel: 1988-1990
Barristers Club, Co-Chair, Family Law Committee: 1988-1990
BASF Delegate to the State Bar Convention: 1989, 1990
Volunteer Legal Services Program Volunteer Attorney: 1986-2000  

[[This is almost another topic — I’ve footnoted it [VLSP* at bottom of post, a section in itself....]

Expert: Temporary Restraining Order Clinic

Jennifer has been given an “AV” rating by Martindale-Hubbell and has been named one of the top 50 female lawyers (“Super Lawyers”) in Northern California in all areas of practice by Law and Politics Publications for the past five years in a row. Jennifer practices alternative dispute resolution exclusively; she has trained extensively in mediation and collaboration, and is committed to keeping clients out of court and at the negotiating table.

The IACP has created Standards for practitioners, trainers and collaborative practice trainings. It has promulgated Ethical Guidelines for Practitioners, and continues to support excellence in collaborative practice through resources, training curriculum, practice tools, mentoring and a comprehensive website, allowing collaborative practitioners to continue our tradition of sharing and learning from one another.

Where we are going…

Today, the IACP has over 4,000 members from twenty four countries around the world. We are dedicated to educating the public about the Collaborative alternative. We are committed to fostering professional excellence in conflict resolution through Collaborative Practice. We invite you to peruse this site to learn more about IACP, our services and initiatives.

Amy is the past-chair of the Family Law Section of the Indianapolis Bar Association (2003) and is president of Families Moving Forward, Inc., a multi-disciplinary non-profit organization devoted to developing healthy approaches to family transitions.. . .[Law Degree summa cum laude Indiana Univ. School of Law, 1999; admitted to IN bar same year, graduate "with high distinction" in 1986. ]

5 years of work and/or law school, and within 4 more years she’s charing the Family Law Section of Indianapolis (that’s one city, not the whole state’s) Bar Assocation.  What a nice nonprofit and what accomplished professionals, and how successful they are.  As such, we should believe what they say, especially as the nonprofit “Families Moving Forward, Inc.” is DEVOTED to a HEALTHY APPROACH to “Family transitions.” (typically called divorces or custody matters).
 ** a name in other states used for purposes such as helping with homelessness, or infants with fetal alcohol syndrome, other issues, here it’s referring to divorce:

FAMILIES MOVING FORWARD, INC., is an interdisciplinary organization of attorneys, mental health providers, accountants, and other professionals committed to improving the process of family transition in Indiana, by reducing conflict and cost, creating healthier outcomes for children, and enhancing the satisfaction of professionals serving families.

(However, notice the articles of incorporation say it’s there to serve the families as well as the professionals serving the families)
This report is on-line at “SAIF” where it probably was presented:

Seminars For Advanced Interdisciplinary Family Professionals

They have a form for the (many) professionals listed to say which district they want to be parent coordinator in — PC has its own tab.  (Strategic planning)
This For-Profit group incorporated as below in Indiana, with the address “9000 KEYSTONE CROSSING, STE 600, INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46240 (which is “HuirasLaw,”  Wm. E. Huiras, although the Registered Agent is another attorney, Robin Brown Neihaus (LinkedIn)

Date Name (Type)
(the entity filed one report in 2008, file notes, it owes 2010/2011 – perhaps IN is only every 2 years).

Segments from the Indiana 2005 Sample PC report (handbook):

The sample report begins with a situation between father and stepfather which was hostile.  Both wanted to coach on Little (10) Joey’s baseball team.

Therapy for both TOGETHER is recommended:

5. Mr. Smith and Mr. Doe should attend counseling sessions together to attempt to resolve their(For example, the mother did not want the father to volunteer on Fridays at school any longer. She maintained that the children were emotional and upset on those mornings and did not want to go to school. The teachers were contacted and reported that the children looked forward to and enjoyed their father’s presence.


From their 5-year prospectus:

AFCC Guidelines for Parenting Coordination

In 2003, AFCC President George Czutrin appointed a Task Force to develop Model Standards of Practice for Parenting Coordination, following the first Task Force on Parenting

Coordination that conducted research and published the 2003 Report on Parenting Coordination Implementation Issues. The Task Force determined that the Parenting Coordination process was too new to use the term “Model Standards” and, in May 2005, proposed to the Board of Directors the AFCC Guidelines for Parenting Coordination. The Guidelines passed unanimously and are available on the AFCC Web site at http://www.afccnet.org/resources/standards_practice.asp.

AFCC Parenting Coordination Task Force: Christie Coates, J.D., M.Ed. (Chair), Linda Fieldstone, M.Ed., (Secretary), Barbara Ann Bartlett, J.D., Robin Deutsch, Ph.D., Billie Lee Dunford-Jackson, J.D. , Philip Epstein, Q.C., Barbara Fidler, Ph.D., Jonathan Gould, Ph.D., Hon. William Jones (ret.), Joan Kelly, Ph.D., Matthew J. Sullivan, Ph.D., Robert N. Wistner, J.D

. . . .

The following new publications have been developed since 2002 while dated products were been eliminated:

• Parenting Coordination: Implementation Issues

There are scholarly articles galore about this.  One by matthew Sullivan, Ph.D. (and a parent coordinator) uses the phrase repeatedly in the abstract — but to access the article one-time costs $34 and permanently $155.  Needless to say, not many people who have parent coordinators in their lives can afford to read up on it….

“In 1994 the concept of parent coordination was spawned by a concerned group of professionals in California and Colorado who



And I am going to show you what apparent frauds some of the prime “trainers” are in this field too.     But first, let’s look at the upcoming 2012 conference called:

The New Frontier

Exploring the Challenges and Possibilities of the Changed Landscape for Children and the Courts:

This is an upcoming (Feb. 2012) meeting of the California Chapter of the AFCC.  An entire day is dedicated to a workshop on Parenting Coordination, and a secondary one talks about how to get it in there — even if parents are indigent.

Here are the presenters’ bios (please scroll through).  Some are more than a page, others short.  Notice the types of professionals involved (typical), Judges, Attorneys and Psychologists, Mediators, etc.    Some have been around forever (Joan B. Kelly, Dianna Gould-Saltzmann) others seem newer:

Abbas Hadjian, JD, CFLS

Graduate of Tehran University School of Law and Harvard…

Abbas Hadjian, Esquire devotes a substantial part of his family law practice to educating the Farsi‐speaking community on the comparisons between the American and Iranian legal system and recently published “Divorce in California,” which is written in Farsi. He is an expert on Iranian culture and laws.

(from his website, partial description of an amazing background):

Mr. Hadjian was born, educated and lived in Iran until 1980. Between 1959 and 1968 Mr. Hadjian was a professional journalist in Iran, with positions including editor, writer, reporter, translator and commentator in major Iranian publications and news agencies. His profession a journalist required and helped Mr. Hadjian’s foundational understanding of the Iranian legal, social, economical and political structure. Between 1962 and 1966, Mr. Hadjian attended the School of Law, Political Science and Economics in Tehran University. Among others, he received courses in Iranian Constitution, Civil, Family and Probate law, furthering his understanding of the legal, social, economic and political infrastructure of his native country.

Upon graduation. Mr. Hadjian became a political appointee in the Office of the Governor General, Iranian Southern Ports and Islands (Persian Gulf), where he acted as a ranking civil officer in the region until 1978, the year of the Iranian Revolution. As deputy to the Governor General in social and economic affairs, Mr. Hadjian relied heavily on his legal studies and implemented them in real life situations. In 1975, Harvard University accepted him to the renowned Edward S. Mason Program for Public Development on full scholarship, acknowledging five years of Mr. Hadjian’s services in developing the Persian Gulf region as one year of post-graduate studies. He was awarded a Masters Degree in Public Administration

A related site from “Culture Counts.net” (site has three diverse professionals) has a page about fatherhood, the new normal, which “surprisingly” reminds readers about:

Positive Effects of Father Involvement on Children

  • Children display increased self-confidence.
  • Better able to deal with frustration and other feelings.
  • Higher grade point averages.
  • More likely to mature into compassionate adults.
  • Paternal emotional responses to sons were associated with a 50% decrease in sons’ expressions of sadness and anxiety from preschool to early school age

Positive Effects of Father Involvement on Men

  • Helps men reevaluate their priorities and become more caring human beings who are concerned about future generations.
  • May reduce health-risk behaviors.
  • Decreases psychological distress as emotional involvement with children acts as a buffer against work-related stress.
  • Happiness and increased physical activity.
  • Sense of accomplishment, well-being, and contentment.
  • Men tend to be more involved with extended family and others in the community.
  • Over time, fatherhood increases marital stability.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
Here is the rather short blurb of a long-time attorney in California, who in this conference is presenting an all-day workshop on Parenting Coordination:

Leslie Ellen Shear, JD, CFLS, CALS

Ms. Shear is a graduate of UCLA School of Law and admitted to the California Bar in 1976 and maintains her practice in Encino, California. A frequent lecturer in custody matters, she has been involved in a number of high-profile custody cases over the years – most recently, Marriage of LaMusga and Marriage of Seagondollar.

I note she was admitted to the bar fully 20 years before welfare reform and almost as much before VAWA.
These three are going to present on Parenting Coordination — an all-day institute.  It must be important:

9:00am – 5:15pm

All Day Institute (2)

(I2) Inside Parenting Coordination Practice in California: Managing Roles, Responsibilities, and Risks

  • Lyn Greenberg, Ph D
  • Alexandra Leichtner, JD
  • Leslie Ellen Shear, JD, CFLS, CALS
Apparently even indigent people need parent coordination — there’s a workshop on how to get it to them:
  • W1 Establishing a Local Parenting Coordination Program Including Pro Bono PC Services to Indigent FamiliesHonorable Lorna Alksne// Charlene S. Baron, JD, MA // Shirley Ann Higuchi, JD  // Lori Love, Ph D


III. Parenting Coordinators Work With the Most Difficult Family Court Population – Those Most Prone to Assert Grievances and Challenge Decisionmakers

… cases are usually referred to parenting coordination because they are chronically litigious and difficult to manage. These parents have often had several attorneys, evaluators, and mediators — professional hopping and shopping is rampant. Their court files are thick with motions, court appearances, and allegations of wrongdoing by the parents.
Coates, Deutsch et al. (2004) Parenting Coordination for High-Conflict Fami- lies 42 Fam. Ct. Rev. 246, 252

The child custody cases referred to parenting coordinators are the most complex, acrimonious, difficult and demanding cases. Most parents regain their perspective and bearings within two years of separation, and do not need this kind of intensive and ongoing service model. Parents who continue to return to court with enforcement and modification requests after completing co- parenting educational programs, and after a child custody evaluation are can- didates for parenting coordination,

Parents who need a PC intervention are typically a special group for whom the passage of time has not reduced the rage and angry behaviors of at least one if not both parents. The 10–20% of parents who remain in entrenched and high conflict two to three years after separation/divorce are significantly more likely to have severe personality disorders and/or mental illness (Johnston & Roseby, 1997). Understanding the characteristics of parents with severe borderline, dependent, narcissistic, and antisocial personality disorders, why these parents react so strongly to rejection and loss, how the child is used in attempts to re-stabilize their functioning and punish the other parent, and how personality disorders are exacerbated by stress, conflict and the adversarial system will facilitate more effective work with these difficult clients.

Kelly (2008) Preparing for the Parenting Coordination Role: Training Needs for Mental Health and Legal Professionals 5 Journal of Child Custody 140,149-150

+ + + + = = = + + +  = = =

[VSLP*].  This footnote comes from a fragment of attorney Jennifer Jackson’s resume, which itself came from a bio of another nonprofit, Families Moving Forward, Inc. in Indiana.  I was following up in another nonprofit, “International Association Collaborative Professionals” and I guess you can see about how curious I am about the inter-relationships of various nonprofits.

I looked at the staff.  This one caught my attention — because of the specialties, not him personally:

Chris Emley (in 2011, or at least now on the website.)

Chris is a certified family law specialist and a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, with 41 years of experience focusing on child custody litigation.  He has been included in Best Lawyers in America since 1991.  He has helped to govern VLSP since its inception in 1979.  He received the State Bar President’s Pro Bono Service Award in 1983, the Legal Assistance Association of California’s Award of Merit in 1989, and two Awards of Merit from The Bar Association of San Francisco (1977 and 2004).  He was a BASF board member from 1979 through 1981, and chaired the Lawyer Referral Service Committee.  Chris was Vice President of the San Francisco Child Abuse Council, Chairman of the Board of Legal Assistance to the Elderly, and Chairman of the Board of Legal Services for Children, Inc.

There happens to be one pro bono group in the SF Bay area which used to help women leaving violence and eventually in the news (and had I known at the time to check all these 990s, I’d have seen the notation that it specialized in helping NONCustodial, low-income fathers, I’d have realized why this group refused to help so many mothers stuck in the family law system.).   The presence of a Certified Family Law Practitioner on the board of VSLP, with his emphasis being on children’s rights, and without question, children in ANY institutional system these days need help and representation, does make me wonder who is helping with women’s rights when it comes to actual mothers who aren’t in jail for killing their batterers (which have some groups advocating) — but actually dealing with the horrors of year after year in a custody battle with a violent or abusive ex, and doing so without even a grasp of how it works, or who pays its bills.

General Comments:

I don’t see anything in VSLP which remotely deals with the situation, and was able to get no actual help (legal representation of any sort, pro bono) in my case either, not past the initial restraining order, and a perfunctory (and NOT in court) attempt to renew it, which I was told would be a non-issue, it’s often granted automatically!  No one came to court where I, like many, many other “custodial” mothers after leaving abuse, was blindsided by a prior ex parte movement consolidating renewal with a divorce and custody matter, thus shifting the case into the family law system, where it remained, and where the actual topic of ongoing DV was drowned by the type of talk we see in these realms — psychological states, not literal deeds!

The moral is, every program and every nonprofit has its target clientele.  As the target clientele (for keeping in their proper place) in so many federal grants to the states are fathers (when it comes to custody matters), it would make no “sense” for the government to also pay the opposing side, the protective mothers!

[[Interesting program, project of SF Bar: its family law person Chris Emley also on Board of "Legal Services for Children" which (as of 2001) got funding from City & County of SF, SF Dept. of Public Health, and SF Dept. of Children, Youth & Their Families.

Its address seems to be a few doors down from Kids Turn:  1254 Market vs. 1242 Market Street.  "Legal Services for Children" (2010) shows no Chris Emley on the Board, but its main purposes are:  1.  Guardianship for children wanting it; 2.  Helping kids dealing with expulsion and school-related issues; 3.  Immigration. . ..It also represents children in foster care and helps support LGBT youth.  200 Volunteer attorneys gave over $1mil worth of their help.    The group received over $1 mill. of contrib& grants, and gave $65,000 to a DC nonprofit, National Juvenile Defender Center (EIN# 02060456.  On "Foundation Finder" this EIN doesn't pull up a tax return.....for any year.  Nor does a name search! However from NCCSdataweb, I see that it was incorporated in 2002 (legal services for children, in 1975).  This "National Juvenile Defender Center" interests me:  2002 income, 0.  A 2007 letter from Andrea Weisman, signed DC Dept of Youth Rehab. Services ("DYRS")  (shares address with a Board member of NJDC, Mark Soler, 2002) expresses the serious problems of Youth in Adult Facilities.  Weisman and Soler (again, board member of the group which got $65K grant from the West-Coast "Legal Services for Children," which takes funding from various depts. of SF and its city & county) worked together (1999?) on "No Minor Matter:  Children in Maryland's Jails."  Weisman notes she got a $1.6mil grant from OJJDP.   ]]

National Juvenile Defender Center:  

2002– income is zero.  By 2009 — they are into Technical Training and Assistance.  And ExDir. Patricia Puritz as only paid director, gets $134K salary) — and have landed over $5 million of grants, and earning $10K from investment income and have some serious program income in 2010 ($119K= almost (but not quite) enough to pay their own Exec. Director:.  Check it out.  So why, in the following year (revenues down to $405K — but probably some leftovers, wanna bet?) did a group in SF just grant them $65,000?  Or was that a sort of tax equalization between them both.  I live in the same state as “Legal Service for Children, Inc.” and we know that our K-12 schools are taking a serious hit?  Why should enough money to feed, clothe and house three families in this area for a year, be given to a nonprofit out of DC that just got $5 million the year before?


The National Juvenile Defender Center (NJDC) was created in 1999 to respond to the critical need to build the capacity of the juvenile defense bar and to improve access to counsel and quality of representation for children in the justice system. In 2005, the National Juvenile Defender Center separated from the American Bar Association to become an independent organization. NJDC gives juvenile defense attorneys a more permanent capacity to address practice issues, improve advocacy skills, build partnerships, exchange information, and participate in the national debate over juvenile crime.

They operate 9 US Regional Centers; the California one is in SF and among its projects is:

MacArthur Juvenile Indigent Defense Action Network (JIDAN)

In 2008, California was selected by the the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation as one of four sites in the nation to participate in the foundation’s Juvenile Indigent Defense Action Network (JIDAN).  The four JIDAN sites, Massachusetts, Florida, New Jersey and California, join the four MacArthur Models for Change “core” states of Illinois, Louisiana, Pennsylvania and Washington to form an eight-state network.

The California team is led by the Youth Law Center, and includes members from the Center for Families, Children and the Courts of the California Administrative Office of the Courts; the Loyola Law School Center for Juvenile Law & Policy; the Los Angeles County Public Defender’s Office; theSan Francisco Public Defender’s Office; the Contra Costa County Public Defender’s Office; andHuman Rights Watch.

The eight-state network is coordinated through the National Juvenile Defender Center (NJDC), and engages juvenile defenders, policymakers, judges and other key stakeholders in designing strategies to improve juvenile indigent defense policy and practice. California was chosen as a result of its demonstrated ability to achieve measurable reform on juvenile indigent defense issues.  California’s JIDAN work will be centered in the Pacific Juvenile Defender Center.

The Exec. Director of this “NJDC.INFO” nonprofit (inc. 2002) was in 2003 appointed by the Governor of Virginia to a Board of Juvenile Justice:

This bio/blurb places Ms. Puritz Professionally, prior to here, she was ABA Juvenile Justice Center, etc.

Much of this relates to the “OJJDP” and the Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention Act.  This is an entirely different category than “Parenting Coordination” through the family law center; it is dealing with things such as the US being the world largest per-capita jailor, that those in jail are disproprotionately minority, that horrible things are happening to youth while in confinement, etc.  By comparison, the “Parent Coordinator” issue seems like kids’ play unless one begins to wonder how many of the youth in detention had parents stuck in the family law system, which definitely cuts down on actual parenting time and focus!


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December 14, 2011 at 9:00 pm

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An Interlocking Directorate of Associations and Foundations, AFCC forward….

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Readers (such as you be) no doubt realize I’m pretty jaundiced about how many associations are simply duplicates of each other, and how many of the same types of associations were, somewhere in their murky origins, related to Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, Children’s Rights Council (or both), associations for mediators, dispute resolution practitioners, and now– (association for) conflict resolution.

(The terms have to be refreshed periodically to reflect the expanding purposes of the same basic set of people).  Parent coordinators obviously fits in here somewhere (it’s an AFCC project) and because it takes money to do all this — and not all money going THROUGH the courts comes FROM the courts — we can see today where a particular foundation played a role in expanding AFCC.

For this post, I’d meant to fill in some of the background for this ACFLS (see yesterday’s post) and relate it to AFCC.  Then I felt it would be appropriate to look at the AFCC tax returns, in general — and next thing you know, in explaning Peter Salem’s $130K salary, I ended up looking more at  — first the AFCC/Peter Salem / Andrew Schepard Hofstra University Connection.

After which a simple look at the elements of the AFCC description of Mr. Salem’s credits revealed a certain award (John M. Hayne) from the “Association for Conflict Resolution.” . . .. Because I read so (damn) much, I picked up that “ACR” is the new “ADR”.  And that organization appears to have been following true AFCC style –issuing awards to people on its own board, and sho ’nuff at least one of them was in trouble with the state for nonfiling of tax returns.  (Kenneth Cloke, below).

And we take a look also at one of the (many) corporations funding the field of “Conflict Resolution” (plus fatherhood promotion), who happen to be SF Bay ARea based — and pack a lot of clout, too — the Hewlitt Foundation.

All in all, I find it fascinating, and like to engage in conversations with — the material.  However, the format of this blog is less than fascinating.  I’m actually very tired of looking at it and dealing with its idiosyncrasies (plus techniques I don’t know yet to how to handle — for example, around issues of pasting information from other sites, and the ever-disappearing paragraph spacing.

SO — FamilyCourtMatters is not about to get a facelift — it’s about to get pre-empted by another blog platform, or simply dropped.  I have a mental deadline of the end of January 2012, just to handle what comes up at the next BMCC conference.

I am much (MUCH) more interested in the “hard sciences,” than social sciences!  The social science shepherds have a pretty limited vocabulary, which is continually elaborated — but not that solid to start with.  This vocabulary and mindset are at odds — at “high-conflict” as it were — with the language of the US Constitution, concepts of freedom of choice, liberty and justice as a process.   They do not deal with the spiritual matters central to humanity, but instead set up more and more demonstration projects to test their theories, forcibly, on others, and at public and corporate expense.

It’s not NATURE:

This is absolutely not true when one begins to examine the sky, the ground, the water, or things with a microscope.  Those things become more fascinating.  The closer I look at these “corporations” and nonprofits, the more they behave similarly — and crooked.   This is also true with the writing — it’s not even good writing, but mostly rhetoric borrowed from each other.  Then, as if to give it more merit, citing each other.  I don’t know when the last individual in the whole field had an original idea.  It’s mostly groupthink.  Where the real creativity comes in is ways to hide the flow of finances among and between the different corporations.

It’s not ART:

It’s also for the most part, not that true when one deals with (the best of) the arts:  music, literature, drama, architecture, dance, etc.  There is enough interest and genuine expression in there for a lifetime of experience, study,and participation.

Even the study of MONEY is more interesting, when viewed as how it circulates and affects others over time, and in different forms  There’s something of a mathematical principle to this.

it uses Technology, but it’s not Technology:

But the Family Courts + Federal Funds + Faith-Based Pooh-Bahs + various Institutes (etc.) are  Basically CROWD CONTROL, Population Management from Afar.  It reminds me of the Nazis discussing what to do with the inferiors, and this comes through in the language also.   The one thing that is NOT taking place in the multiple conferences, and tax-evasion and supposed public benefit operations — is a fair and real engagement with any of the public supposedly benefitted.

Those talking conciliation, conciliation, are actually engaged in a hierarchical manipulation — they wish to rule and change the world, they promise heaven (and demand support to bring it to pass) while delivering — as to the family courts at least, plus the squandering of public funds — hell and in justice.  And I know men and women both will agree on this.

One Promise of “Heaven” as follows, and grandiose aspirations:


Not to be confused with the B36 Peacemaker Museum in Ft. Worth Texas (a 501(c)3) which concept is about maintaining a balance of powers

National Peacemaker Museum

Mission Statement (Approved June 29, 2009)

The National Peacemaker Museum Constellation will encourage peaceful conflict resolution between human beings in every corner of the world. It will honor those courageous and innovative individuals and institutions who work toward peace rather than conflict, foster harmony amongst humanity rather than division, and embrace the rich tapestry of human difference while building bridges upon our commonalities. The National Peacemaker Museum will challenge, inspire, educate, and enable visitors from around the world to be peacemakers themselves, to contribute as they can to the ability of the human race to solve our problems creatively and collaboratively, and to craft solutions that are fair, compassionate, and wise. National Peacemaker Museum will accomplish this mission through a diverse array of partnerships and outreach techniques, both virtual and tangible, in an ongoing effort to reach the full diversity of humanity, speaking in a way that each listening ear can hear.

The Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) is supporting a coalition of organizations to establish a National Peacemaker Museum. In November 2007, ACR Immediate Past President, Marilyn S. McKnight established a Taskforce to launch this effort and appointed Forrest (Woody) Mosten to serve as Chair. This Taskforce recognizes that there is an exciting, vibrant peace community comprised of a diverse array of organizations and individuals. The Taskforce is committed to reaching out to these organizations and individuals and to exploring the possibilities building a coalition comprised of a broad array of partners.

Since its inception, the Task Force has established dialogue with the United States Institute of Peace which is building a Peace Educational Center on the Mall in Washington D.C currently in construction (opening scheduled for 2010-2011) and is exploring funding for on-line exhibits as a first step to a web-based museum as well as regional and traveling exhibits.

The Goals of the National Peacemaker Museum Taskforce (of the organization, Association for Conflict Resolution — see below) shall be to (partial list):

  • Support Development of Model Peace Education Courses, Modules, Writing Contests and Other Public Peace Education Activities
  • Support ACR Conference Keynote or Plenary Program for ACR 2010 ACR Annual Meeting in Chicago. Keynote/Plenary with following workshops would be a call to action and formation of a concrete agenda by the field for increased Public Education on Peacemaking.
  • Identify Potential Partner Organizations
  • Build a Coalition of Museum Partners and Supporters
  • Identify and Cultivate Potential Funding Sources

The Task Force:

Who is on this Task Force?  here’s the list of 23 individuals.  Notice most of the affililations.  Number 23, I ran across below and it turns out while his organization “Mediators Beyond Borders” seems legitimate, his own “Center for Dispute Resolution” — incorporated in California in 1987 (per Secretary of State) has NEVER filed — til threatened in the year about 2011 — its annual returns, either with the state or with the IRS.   When threatened with a hefty fine by the states’ Office of Attorney General/ Charitable Trusts Registry, it appears he forked over a bunch of RRF (state-level returns) stating the organization made absolutely nothing — 0 –  since its inception.  It has no assets or income.

This didn’t stop (Mr. Cloke) from referencing his “Center for Dispute Resolution” all over the place, and having a website up that is advertising, in the year 2011, some expensive trainings he is to be holding through its website registration and contact.  Moreover, in the year 2010, this organization (that’s sponsoring the Peacemakers Museum) ACR gave him an award, in a series of awards since 2001 designed to puff up the groups’ credibility and public image.

Quite frankly, as a “commoner” watching all this, I’m getting real tired of it.  Anyhow, here are the 23 “taskforce” members:

  • Michael Aloi, ACR President
  • Doug Kleine, ACR Executive Director
  • Forrest Mosten, Chair, Task Force
  • Jerome Barrett, Author and ACR Archivist
  • Mark Bramford, Public Policy Mediator
  • Guy and Heidi Burgess, Co-Directors, Colorado Conflict Research Consortium
  • Rita Callahan, ACR Board Member
  • Marci DuPraw, Facilitator and Mediator
  • Katrina Everhart, Museum Consultant
  • Fernaunda Ferguson, ACR Board Member
  • Francisco Laguna, International Legal and Business Mediator
  • David Matz, Professor of Dispute Resolution, University of Massachusetts, Boston
  • Marilyn McKnight, Past President, ACR  (see immediately below here**)
  • Josh Moore, Associate Director, International Education at Beloit College in Beloit, Wisconsin
  • Catherine Morris, Director, Peacemakers Trust, Canada
  • June O’Connor, Professor of Religious Studies, University of California, Riverside
  • Jim Rosenstein,  Immediate Past ACR President
  • Jocylen Wurtzburg, Mediator, Memphis, Tennesee
  • Lela Love, Liaison, ABA Dispute Resolution Section
  • Ronald Supancic, Liaison, International Academy of Collaborative Professionals
  • Andrew Schepard, Liaison, Association of Family and Conciliation Courts
  • Ken Cloke, Liaison, Mediators Beyond Borders

**Marilyn McKnight, I just found:

Erickson Mediation Institute

Marilyn S. McKnight, M.A.

Marilyn S. McKnight, M.A., director and co-founder

Marilyn S. McKnight, M.A., director and co-founder

Marilyn is a mediator, trainer, parent coordinator and author who has practiced exclusively in the field of mediation since 1977 after an extensive career in public social work.

In the early 1980s Marilyn began workshops on mediating divorces where there is domestic violence. She received a Bush Leadership Fellowship Award in 1987. In 1988 Marilyn was elected to the Board of the Academy of Family Mediators where she began work toward the voluntary certification of mediators and later, served as President of the Academy.

{{Timing:  In 1994 the VAWA, Violence Against Women Act, was passed, and around this time it was becoming clear that medation is NOT advisable (due to power imbalance) when there’s been assault and battery, in effect, domestic violence.  IT was fought hard against, and made mandatory in certain areas, as partially enabled by access/visitation grants during welfare reform.  It was identified as a way to get more NONcustodial parenting time — when other means, such as the legal process, or the fact that one parent may have been a criminal, which possibly caused separation — wouldn’t get the same result.  In short, Mediation was viewed and funded as a PAID SOURCE to turn justice into an OUT-COME BASED proceedings, with one party (the custodial parent) not knowing what hit (her) in the proceedings!  It also turned anyone who’d been on TANF and involved in this, into an at-risk for supply social science material for the head of HHS — and what litigants even thinks about checking a federal agency for information on WTF happened to their due process rights, or other Constitutionally provided Bill of Rights!}}

In 1996 she and her partner Steve Erickson were awarded the Distinguished Mediator Award by the Academy for their outstanding contributions to the field of mediation.

Marilyn has been an adjunct professor teaching divorce mediation at the University of Minnesota Graduate School of Social Work, and at the William Mitchell College of Law.

In May 2006 Marilyn was elected to the Board of Directors of the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR)._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Apparently the Task Force (above) was her idea too (see description).  A little more:

Articles and Video:

Marilyn McKnight: Belief that Mediation Needs to be Separate from Courts – Video
Marilyn McKnight discusses how court-connected mediators’ first duty is to the court, not the client.

{{Clients go in unawares, believing that their first duty is to the truth — facts of the case, rules of civil procedure pertaining to them, and honesty.  Usually, we are sorely disappointed.  I’ve yet to run across a mother whose custody mediator showed evidence of having even read the case file…. Mine even admitted he didn-t — but still made recommendation to the courts.}}

McKnight, Marilyn: Mediate.com Interview
This is the complete interview with Marilyn McKnight, former President of the Academy of Family Mediators and Association for Conflict Resolution, filmed as part of Mediate.com’s “The Mediators: Views from the Eye of the Storm” Series.

(Interesting;  “a Vibrant Community of Peacemakers.” )

So that’s where this Mother, Woman, and Person is, in my almost 20th years since the first blows started landing on me pregnant, all the way through to fighting the second half of my kids’ minority through this system, only to find, partly through, that almost every group and professional I stood before, hired, or dealt with, has been a liar, and simply perpetuating their own particular job in their own particular system — while this same system destroyed lives and jobs for those it was supposedly helping.

Give me an honest enemy any time than such a system of helpful people and institutes!  I will respect the enemy for honesty in his/her/its position and then engage (and ideally, defeat).  

To go into a family courtroom and confuse what’s supposed to happen in there (you think) with LAW, or that it somehow relates to whether one was a good or not so good parent — is a serious mistake.  These seem far less relevant that which programs the practitioners are jacked up on, these days, and which rhetoric.

I accept there are plenty of cases where mediation — real mediation, not what we see in the family law racket — is important and useful.  But until one recognizes WHO  has been pushing this, and just how much most of their talk is about each other (in glowing terms, complete with awards and honors, and long lists of professional accomplishments), but when it comes to the parents, their clients (without whose distress and troubles, the fields wouldn’t even exist), then the terminology switches (when talking to each other) about “managing difficult parents in the court system” or similar phrases.

Of course it helps the speciality of family law if one of your promoters long ago was a legislator, then a judge (or vice versa) (Pfaff), not to mention sizeable donations in THIS century from the William and Flora Hewitt Foundation to increase membership, as a Five-Year Retrospective of the AFCC claims (2002-2007 years).


Bear in mind this report is now 4 years old, and if it’s news to you, you are seriously behind whassup in the courts.  DOn’t feel bad, most people follow the mainstream and the veteran reporters on the AFCC are most definitely not welcome in mainstream — unless they collaborate.  Which of course would likely compromise the message, and has (cf. Battered Women’s Justice Project et al.)
Association of Family & Conciliation Courts WI 2005 $929,894 990 17 95-2597407
Association of Family & Conciliation Courts WI 2004 $636,483 990 17 95-2597407
Association of Family and Conciliation Courts WI 2010 $2,192,367 990 28 95-2597407
Association of Family and Conciliation Courts WI 2009 $1,720,844 990 27 95-2597407
Association of Family and Conciliation Courts WI 2008 $1,743,428 990 26 95-2597407
Association of Family and Conciliation Courts WI 2007 $1,403,917 990 25 95-2597407
Association of Family and Conciliation Courts WI 2006 $1,158,339 990 20 95-2597407
Association of Family and Conciliation Courts WI 2003 $467,421 990 16 95-2597407
Association of Family and Conciliation Courts AZ 2005 $19,149.31 990EZ 9 86-0578107

(from the Foundation Center.  I always wonder why some years don’t show in chrono order, does it relate to when the organization filed?)

Something was prospering:   2003__$467K;

2004 __$636K


2006___$1158K 9 ($1.158 mil)

2007_ _ _ $1.403 mil;

2008___  $1.743 mil, …2010____$2.192 mil, and so forth.  And that’s income that IS reported…..

Tidbits from the tax returns (one really should browse some of these — very informative).  For year 2007:  Two of the Board members are judges.   The Exec Director Peter Salem makes $130K.

  • $790,306 = Program service revenue, including government fees and contracts
  • $512,473 = Membership fees.
  • $65K = dividend interest from securities;

Under Parts VII & VIII, Analysis of income-producing activities, &  Relationship of Activities to the Accomplishment of Exempt Purposes 

  • (lines 93a, 93B, 93C & 94 on the tax return)

Judges on the board (that year) included the Hons. William Fee *(IN), Emile Kruzick (Ontario, Canada), Hugh Starnes (FL), and Graham Mullane (Australia, ret. 2008, now consulting) — all listed at the WI address, although, not their home courts.

INDIANA AFCC 2007 Board Member Judge Wm. Fee — Positioning:

*The Hon Wm. C. Fee happens to currently chair the Domestic Relations Committee of the Indiana Judiciary.  “The Domestic Relations Committee is working on revisions to Indiana’s Child Support Guidelines. They previously completed a Domestic Relations Benchbook and child-centered Parenting Time guidelines. They also established recommended standards for countywide domestic relations ADR plans.”  Let’s hope (?) He kept his AFCC agenda and motivations (to help families resolve disputes by selling them — or other government entitities — products & services) separate from the oath of office, which I presume has something to do with uphold and preserving the state constitution.  As AFCC has openly stated its intent is to change the language of criminal law, there would seem to be a built-in conflict of interest.  But I have noticed that when money, and children, are involved, concerns about conflict of interest tend to go out the window.

 For a glimpse at types of inbound grants to courts, see “Grant Programs Administered by State Court Administration and the Indiana Judicial Center

FLORIDA AFCC Board Member 2007 Judge Hugh Starnes — 2010, 2011:

Judge Starnes (among many other things, such as forming a nonprofit group Association of Family Law Professionals with local lawyer, and being infamously involved in Foreclosure Rocket Dockets, where some judgments were signed before the hearings, and so many hearings scheduled in one day that it was foregone that they’d not all be heard: ” More Perverse Procedures in Ft. Myers”  This article talks about over-scheduling of dockets, fully knowing they won’t all be tried, in a “total lakc of respect for the parties and their lawyers . . .  These judges have elevated their own desire to clear the dockets a bove all else…Judge Starnes likes to talk about how the foreclosure crisis has forced courts to employe procedures like this. ” (but only his county does it){{Same reasoning — and results — used in the family law arena also.}}    “

LEE COUNTY (FL)— For the past few years, Lee County’s busiest court docket has also been the most notorious in the state.  Dubbed the ‘rocket docket’, the county’s foreclosure track cruises through several hundred cases daily, many ending in judgments for the lender and the subsequent scheduling of a foreclosure sale.

In the process, critics say, the docket tramples basic rules of civil procedure and due process. They point to the speed with which judges move cases along, and the emphasis on an expedited trial or summary judgment versus discovery.  “It’s just a lack of, I don’t know, respect for the defendant by the court,” Naples attorney Todd Allen said.

 Bear with me — this article (cited by Stopa — but I don’t see from where) tells how a clever attorney tried to get a judge to commit to a verbal statement — by the head judge — that they don’t follow FL rules of civil procedure.  The opposing side OK’d the draft, too.  As it turned out, the head judge didn’t sign it — but Judge Starnes did!

His case turned heads last year after a clever order drafted by Allen made local news and several foreclosure blogs. Frustrated when Lee (Lee County, FL) Senior Judge James Thompson rejected a motion in December to toss what Allen considered a flawed affidavit by a bank employee, the attorney drafted the resulting order to explicitly state what he says Thompson told him — that Lee County does not comply with Florida Rules of Civil Procedure.  The attorney for lender HSBC signed off on the draft, Allen said, and it went to Thompson’s office.

“I knew one of two things was going to happen,” Allen said. “Either he was going to read it and sign it, which is bad because it means it was policy, or he wasn’t going to read it and sign it, which is even worse.”  Instead, the other senior judge on the docket, Hugh E. Starnes, signed the order.  “Blown away,” is how Allen described his reaction.

(further anecdotal shows the traffic there.  In family law hearings (those that aren’t ex parte) a custody decision could be switched in 20 minutes or less; the child goes to the other household, stamped, ordered. signed & sealed.  THat is not justice, and the other parent (til broke or defeated in spirit not just in the issue at hand) is going to come back for another attempt at it — that’s another reason the dockets get crowded!)

Around 11:40 a.m., Starnes completed the docket, more than 100 cases by his count. With another 104 slated for the afternoon session and little time for lunch, he postponed Shinneman’s trial.  “I’ve got to object,” Allen protested. “That’s completely prejudicing my client.”  “I understand,” Starnes replied.

Here’s another nonprofit this Judge was involved with, which a mother in a custody battle from Florida (not Linda Marie Sacks — not her line of approach!)  asked me to research:

History of the above group:

We are Judges, lawyers, mental health and financial professionals, Judicial Assistants and Court staff members, mediators, school counselors, educators, and other professionals working to help families through the maze of marital and family law matters.

YES — and many of you are already public employees.  So why form more nonprofits than AFCC — which already meets this definition — to do your jobs?  Did the families ask your help in navigating the custody maze (your groups helped create by trying to put psychology on a par with law)?

Well, the motive was obviously helping and public service:

  1. A committee formed {{spontaneously?}} in the mid-1980’s with a diverse membership, co-chaired by Mary Robinson, Solomon Agin and (Family attorney) Shelly Finman, tasked {{by whom?}} with determining whether or not our community was in need of Court sponsored mediationAfter 2 years of regular morning meetings at the old Snack House Restaurant at the Collier Arcade, it was decided we did.  {{ANY OTHER COMMUNITY MEMBERS INVOLVED?}} However, there was no budget.  Therefore, with the support of a “shoe string” budget from the office of Court Administration (Doug Wilkinson) and Judge Hugh Starnes, we began training volunteer mediators at the HRS offices in the evenings.
  1. A committee, called the “cooperation committee” consisting of Judge Lynn Gerald, Judge Starnes, Steve Helgemo, George Kluttz, Gail Markham, and Shelly Finman met at the Veranda Restaurant in the mid to late 80’s, discussing ways to change some of the adversarial methods, resulting in local orders and posturing the Bench and Bar with non-adversarial, more conciliatory methods of practicing in Court

Gee golly ding, gosh darn, gee whiz — where did they get THAT radical concept from (and how long were the members also AFCC members??)  etc.

(One can search Starnes & Finman @ Florida’s sunbiz.org — I did  — for more info.  Probably blogged it here somewhere, too.  Groups like RESTORATIVE JUVENILE JUSTICE PROJECT, INC. (never got an EIN, dissolved for failure to file), the family law association in question (shelly finman shows on earliest on-line report, 1995).  Clearly restorative justice is an ongoing field, to be countered, however, with awareness of places like Luzerne County, PA in which kickbacks were involved, violation of due process extreme, and finally some judges caught in RICO over the matter, — or 2008 Congressional Oversight of the HEAD of the OJJDP (Flores) because of grants-steering to faith-based professionals.   In this context, forming a nonprofit to get a grant is like — pretty much what they do.

Or, in the case (TBA _- I haven’t checked all 50 states, only some of the states in which they are advertising trainings..) institutes, like “Cooperative Parenting Institute” etc. simply post the website references, with glorious self-referential credits & titles,  and skip the incorporating part entirely, which would require filing tax returns somewhere along the way, and conceivably letting the public look at them, without the subpoena, FOIA and all that.

RE:  Peter Salem – the Hofstra Connection:

2007 Exec Director of AFCC  — Peter Salem, and his ($130K) = $10,00+/month salary in that capacity:

He has many accomplishments, including teaching mediation at a law school — but he is not an attorney; he has an M.A.   Lets review this again:  the head of the AFCC is not an attorney, his specialty is NOT law.

Before I go into this too much, let’s look at the “Hofstra Connection” which I feel too few people notice, when it comes to AFCC.  Of course, most people complaining about problems with family law   – – –    – – – –    – – –    are so busy with that narrative they completely ignore the existence of organizations where the people running it plan their Standard Operating Procedure.  In otherwords, they completely ignore the AFCC as well.

However, when I found out it was publishing most of the materials in local courthouses (self-help centers, etc.), not to mention that as an organization, it began in a corrupt manner, and many of its members continue in that corruption — I got fairly more interested!

Hofstra University in NY has a School of Law and as of 2001, it also has a CCFL, similar idea to UBaltimore’s School of Law “CFCC” (which I blogged):

The Center for Children, Families and the Law was established in 2001 in response to the urgent need for more effective representation for children and families in crisis.

Its unique interdisciplinary program of education, community service and research is designed to encourage professionals from law and mental health to work together for the benefit of children and families involved in the legal system.The Center’s training program is one of the most comprehensive child and family advocacy curricula offered in the United States. Its interdisciplinary approach is designed to better prepare a new generation of legal and mental health professionals to promote appropriate and effective justice in both the juvenile and family court systems. The Center’s community service programs provide direct assistance to New York area children and families in need and serve as models for states across the country.

To carry out its mission, the Center partners with the University’s Department of Psychology, and health and human service agencies and law associations, including the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC), the American Bar Association (ABA), the National Institute for Trial Advocacy (NITA), and the New York Permanent Judicial Commission on Justice for Children.

AFCC cannot be considered a “law association,” given its membership and its stated intent to change the language of criminal law into a more “therapeutic” framework.  But where does Peter Salem & AFCC fit in?  Which came first — the (AFCC) chicken, or the (Family Court Review joint-published with AFCC) the egg?


Family Court Review (FCR) is a peer-reviewed, quarterly journal published under the auspices of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC)Family Court Review is an international, interdisciplinary family law journal — a forum for the exchange of ideas, programs, research, legislation, case law and reforms. The journal’s editorial staff, under the direction of Faculty Editor-in-Chief Andrew Schepard*, is based at the Law School. Its fundamental premise is that productive discussion of family law is facilitated by a dialogue between the judiciary, lawyers, mediators, mental health and social services communities. AFCC is an interdisciplinary, international association of judges, counselors, evaluators, mediators, attorneys and others concerned with the constructive resolution of family conflict.

Schepard, Parent Education Promoter, AFCC-approved.

Professor Schepard is a founder and project director for Parent Education and Custody Effectiveness (P.E.A.C.E.), an interdisciplinary, court-affiliated education program for parents to help them reduce the difficulties their children experience during divorce and separation. P.E.A.C.E. has produced an award-winning video for parents, and has been recognized by the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts for its “ongoing contribution to improving the lives of parents and children.

He and Mr. Salem are on an AFCC Task Force together.

After all, if one wishes to entirely develop and steer the field of family law, one must definitely get to the education of family lawyers.   One cannot change practices from the outcome end only; obviously one has to get a the new, fresh-faced graduating class of attorneys, in fact get to them before they graduate and are faced with the bedrock of experience, which  may counter some of that theory before it’s solidifies.

Well, so does this group:  from the AFCC site:

Task Forces and Initiatives   Family Law Education Reform Project  (“FLER”)

Co-sponsored by the Hofstra Law School 
Center for Children, Families and the Law

Andrew Schepard, J.D., Co-Chair  
Andrew Schepard

Peter Salem, M.A., Co-Chair
Peter Salem

Project Information:  Family Law Education Reform Project Final Report (PDF)

They work together.  Apparently he joined AFCC as staff in 1994; two founders (Meyer Elkin, 1994 and Stanley Cohen 1995) died around this time.  It seems Mr. Salem was working in Wisconsin in the same fields.  This summary from AFCC History seems so relevant.  In maroon font:

1993—AFCC’s 30th Anniversary

AFCC celebrated its 30th Anniversary in New Orleans in May 1993.  The conference theme and opening night videotape, “The Economic Impact of Divorce,” provided an opportunity for more than 700 delegates to look at the big-picture impact of divorce and celebrate the largest conference attendance to date. 

In 1993, the association received a major grant from the Hewlett Foundation that enabled AFCC to add additional staff and absorb some of the work of AFCC’s many hard-working volunteer members.  In 1994, Peter Salem joined the AFCC staff to become AFCC’s associate director. Conference planning was centralized in the administrative office and AFCC began to offer additional training and consulting services. 

Database records from usual sources don’t go back that far.  But obviously the Hewlett Foundation has some similar interests in family matters.  Their history page can be read; sons managed it until 1981, In 1974 that they hired an executive director, and this gives a scope of the influence (like, having the President of the University of California as President of the Foundation, etc.) (section here in BLUE)


By the time Roger Heyns retired in 1992, the Foundation’s assets had increased more than thirtyfold – to more than $800 million, and the Hewlett Foundation was highly respected for its work in the fields of conflict resolution, education, environment, performing arts, and population, and was a key source of funding to a host of institutions that provide vital services to disadvantaged Bay Area communities.

In 1993, former University of California President David P. Gardner succeeded Roger Heyns as president of the Foundation, and served for six years, during which time the Foundation’s assets increased to more than $2 billion, and annual grantmaking rose from $35 million in 1993 to $84 million in 1998

SOoner or later we all have to fess up to how great an influence foundations (personal corporate wealth transferred into foundations) have upon this country and what its government and nongovernment programs and culture looks like.  This foundation was interested in conflict resolution and helped develop it as a field, and (in AFCC’s 5 year retrospective, 2002-2007, below, it acknowledged their help.  Sounds like they got in on the last round of Hewlit Foundation grants in this field):

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation played a major role in developing and supporting the conflict resolution field for nearly two decades. During that time, the field grew and matured and achieved considerable acceptance and self-sufficiency across various areas of practice. While recognizing the continuing value of conflict resolution and peacemaking in the United States and internationally, the Foundation decided to wind down its support for this area and to deploy its resources to other pressing social issues. The Conflict Resolution Program made its final grants in 2004

They are also big on promoting and enabling fatherhood involvement, as is AFCC also:

Responsible Fatherhood and Male Involvement. The Foundation supported programs that enabled fathers to participate actively in the emotional and financial support {{CHILD SUPPORT, got it?}} of the family and that promote adult male involvement in teh lives of children and youth from father-absent environments.

Someone has to deal with the domestic violence issue sooner or later.  This organization did so by funding Family Violence Prevention Fund (already deep into fatherhood as a tool to prevent violence, sure, that’ll work) and funded a report on preventing teen violence, with phraseology like this:

Other gaps must be closed as well. More attention and resources should be focused on men, on the low-income communities that have disproportionate experience with abuse, on promoting economic independence, and on ending the exclusive reliance on punitive responses such as incarceration, which is intolerable to many communities of color and immigrant communities.

With characteristic “modesty” FVPF introduces its 2003 report:


The Family Violence Prevention Fund is proud to issue this unprecedented Report, which provides the most comprehensive analysis to date of the status of domestic violence prevention efforts. This Report does more than examine our nation’s considerable progress in understanding and stopping domestic violence. It takes a close look at what strategies have and have not worked, identi- fying the most promising approaches and making recommendations for how to expend energies and allocate resources in years ahead.

(I just searched.  There is zero mention of family law, custody, visitation, fatherhood barely, and/or access visitation, even though many teens have children, as mothers or fathers.   The word   “fatherhood” (incl. programs) shows up 5 times, and it’s somehow suggested that Child Support Enforcement is a means to provide opportunities and incentives for DV prevention. (p. 19).  I have already blogged on this group (see “About this Blog”), but as I have been living and working in the same general area, am more aware than most of just how much they are (deliberately) ignoring; actually the more people drop like flies in the immediate neighborhood (and often this is around the divorce issue or a custody battle), the better it looks for justifying more grants of this sort. )

Back to AFCC describing itself:

Second World Congress on Family Law and the Rights of Children and Youth 

In 1997, AFCC partnered with Australia’s World Congress, Inc. to host the Second World Congress on Family Law and the Rights of Children and Youth.  Chaired by AFCC’s first non-North American president, Hon. Alastair Nicholson, Chief Justice of the Family Court of Australia, the three-year planning effort involved hundreds of AFCC volunteers and culminated with more than 1,500 delegates from more than 50 countries participating in the five-day extravaganza.  The lengthy list of luminaries included First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, who served as honorary chairperson; renowned pediatrician Dr. T. Barry Brazelton; San Francisco Mayor Hon. Willie Brown; Nobel Peace Prize Recipient Dr. Jose Ramos-Horta; and former U.S. Congresswoman Hon. Patricia Schroeder.

By 1998, mediation had established itself as a professional field of practice. 

NO field of practice establishes itself.  Fields of practice have people promoting them, through membership associations (very often) which then solicit funding.  As I showed above, the Hewlitt Foundation was one promoter of “conflict resolution” (which includes mediation) as a field of practice and takes credit for it.   This is so typical of AFCC prose — they like to claim that some field established itself, like the flowers come out in spring, just naturally.  There’s nothing further from the truth!!

Executive Director
Peter Salem, M.A.

Peter Salem has served as Executive Director since 2002 and was Associate Director from 1994-2002.

I’m guessing he didn’t join AFCC and immediately become Executive Director; i.e., the involvement is longstanding (1994-2011 is 17 years), and either he has influence it, or its agenda and operations– including emphasis on mediation — are in agreement with his life’s work.

He taught mediation at Marquette University Law School for ten years and served as mediator and director of Mediation and Family Court Services in Rock County, Wisconsin. Mr. Salem is a former president of the Wisconsin Association for Mediators and is co-editor of Divorce Mediation: Models, Techniques and Applications. He has provided training and technical assistance to family court service agencies throughout the United States since 1990. {{Probably also for free. . …}}

He is author of numerous articles and videos on mediation, domestic violence and divorce. He received the [[1]] John M. Haynes Distinguished Mediator Award presented by the Association for Conflict Resolution** [[2]] in 2008 and received a William T. Grant Foundation Distinguished Fellows award in 2009. He holds an M.A. in Communication and Mediation Management from Emerson College in Boston [[3]] and a B.A. in Political Science from McGill University in Montreal.  [[4]]

I decided to look these up.  Fnotes in order in text, but below, out of order, they are filed in chrono order, i.e., undergraduate comes before graduate references.  The biggest “find” is the (ridiculous) Association for Conflict Resolution.  I’ll back up the “ridiculous” under that footnote.  I have found that when AFCC (and related organizations) begin to pile on the titles and awards, well-earned though they may be, it pays to look up who’s awarding what, to see if it has some significance.  Most people know awards like Nobel Price, Fullbright or Rhodes Scholarship, etc. — but as almost every new nonprofit in the courts (schools, etc.) mediation fields tries to pump up its credibility by setting up awards, they need more scrutiny.

[[4]] McGill (see link) is more wide-ranging; it’s undergraduates (now) are 417 women/164 men).  Apparently Mr. Salem is from Canada? which may explain AFCC’s large Canadian component?  Looks like a well-respected university, with a variety of programs, but my point is, Mr. Salem’s interest was political science, i.e., interest in how society works and potentially changing it.  See next degree:

[[3]] Emerson College in Boston:

Emerson College, located in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts, is the nation’s premiere institution in higher education devoted to communication and the arts in a liberal arts context.

Emerson is internationally recognized in its fields of specialization, which are communication studies; marketing communication; journalism; communication sciences and disorders; visual and media arts; the performing arts; and writing, literature and publishing.

I don’t see any legal, or any really “hard sciences” study — here’s the list of science course minors for “communication sciences” majors.

Here’s a typical “Political Communication” UNDERgraduate coursework (understanding it must have changed over time, I wonder what year Peter Salem got his M.A. in….):

A major in Leadership, Politics, and Social Advocacy will prepare you for such careers as communication advisor, press secretary, governmental relations officer, nonprofit leader, and cultural affairs advocate, among many others. The program’s core curriculum balances the theory and the practical skills necessary for effective, ethical communication in a changing and complex media environment.

And GRADUATE coursework:

Communication Management

The Master of Arts in Communication Management provides students with the knowledge, theory, and skills necessary to design and execute strategic, integrated communication plans for public and private organizations. In addition to honing your speaking, writing, listening, and negotiating skills, you will develop expertise in web-based communication and learn how to adapt to and utilize new media to the advantage of your future employers or clients. The program is divided into two academic tracks:

  • Human Resources & Employee Communication
  • Public Relations & Stakeholder Communication

Our graduates have achieved professional success in a variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, political communication, event planning, travel and tourism, public advocacy, health care, among many others.

And this is the current Emerson graduate program director’s background, with degrees from Texas and North Carolina, heavily into social science, and mediation.

[[1]] John M. Haynes Distinguished Mediator Award :

The John M. Haynes Distinguished Mediator Award is presented annually to a prominent and internationally recognized leader in mediation who demonstrates personal and professional commitment to finding mediation solutions to conflict while balancing therapeutic and legal perspectives. John M. Haynes was a pioneer in the field of family mediation, a respected author and practitioner, an international trainer, and the first president of the Academy of Family Mediators.

(sigh).  Mediation, having a problem with “conflict” and trying to balance therapy (outcome based, analysis = psychology, pathological emphasis) with law (process based, with reference to written standards voted into law by citizens in various states, to protect them from EXACTLY what happens when institutionalizing and labeling/medicating are used to oppress and control unruly reformers or those who challenge the status quo, i.e., Archipelago.  In short, these characteristics basically define AFCC to start with.)

The list of recipients speaks loudly, lots of them are simply AFCC hotshots:

  • 2011: Christine Coates, J.D.  [[AFCC]]
  • 2010: Kenneth Cloke  [[Santa Monica, Center for Dispute Resolution, Pepperdine, you name it]]  SEE ~**~, I looked this one up
Why should this one get an award when the state of California OAG/Trusts had to chase him down over zero income, or filings,  for the past 24 years?  After they threatened him with $800 fine and more, he responded. …. Yet the nonprofit website is still advertising some very pricey trainings!  ($200, $1,000, etc.)
  • 2009: Robert D. Benjamin  [[Currently in Portland.  Pepperdine.  Mediation etc. since 1979, and he practiced law.  Columnist and advanced practitioner in ACR]]
  • 2008: Peter Salem   [[AFCC]]
  • 2007: Jim Melamed, J.D.  [[Oregon Mediation Center, which he founded in 1983, he is CEO of "Mediate.com," ADR, etc.  See "history" at N2N, here -- shows they borrowed the idea from SF, and eventually got funding]]
  • 2006: Arnie Shienvold, Ph.D.  [[AFCC.  Scranton, PA parents had this name on posters recently protesting family court corruption.  I blogged it recently, see tags]]
  • 2005: Nina R. Meierding, MS., J.D.  [[FT private mediation since 1986, former family law attorney, Certificate in Dispute Resolution from Pepperdine (like others on the list) and — get this — yet another who is per mediate.com now, past board member of ACR!
  • 2004: Zena D. Zumeta, J.D.  [[From Michigan, since 1981, ADR, and get this -- she gets the award from ACR and "She is currently on the Association for Conflict Resolution’s Membership Committee, and sat on the Advisory Council to its Family Section."  Works from a Dispute Resolution Center (one of several in state) that takes business from courts, gov't, social service etc., and has two judges on its advisory board and is a trainer]]
  • 2003: Barbara Landau, Ph.D., LL.B., LL.M.  [[Worked in Toronto Court, has a business, ADR, Mediator, Trainer, etc.  "Dr. Barbara Landau's company "Cooperative Solutions" continues to expand. Please see information below on our two Associates, Daryl Landau, and Mary-Anne Popescu."]]
  • 2002: Donald T. Saposnek, Ph.D.  {{since 1983, appears to have made a good living off the family courts as mediator & trainer, typical}}
  • 2001: Larry S. Fong, Ph.D. (2005 AFCC conference on Solving the Family Court Puzzle shows him as President of the ACR, and Canadian, another conference in 2011 on Advanced Mediation Issues — when one parent is Gay))

DIVERSION:  A Nonprofit around since 1987, high-profile speaker, zero income reported?

~**~ re:  Kenneth Cloke, Center for Dispute Resolution  (How many more fit this description?  It was Calif, so I looked it up quickly.  “Center for Dispute Resolution” search brought up 5 corporations, only 2 of which were active.  This one, b. 1987, was active.  Its title includes the word “foundation.”  I hopped over and looked up the charity and found it hadn’t been filing IRS forms and its Dissolution is “Pending” — an usual situation.  EIN# 546565246

(FYI, Santa Monica is within Los Angeles County)

After a particularly stern letter from the OAG (Kamala Harris, Jan. 2011), Kenneth writes in response:

This is a request to obtain a dissolution waiver and to dissolve a California nonprofit corporation, the Center for Dispute Resolution Foundation, #C1583109.

The corporation was never operational, and neither raised, received or spent any money at any time. There are no assets to be distributed. There are no financial statements, and the corporation never had any income or assets since incorporating.

If you have any questions or 1 need to do anything further, please contact me at. . .

I just looked up the address at the bottom of the letterhead — which is “Kenneth Cloke Law Offices.”   His DisputeResolutionCenter claims to be very much up and operating (perhaps it’s just not getting any takers, any customers?)  It lists Training for FALL 2011:


Kenneth Cloke will conduct a four day training for beginning, intermediate and advanced mediators who are interested in improving their conflict resolution skills. Please see the printable course description, registration form and book list here.

Classes begin at 9 am and end at 4:30 pm
Classes are held at the Center for Dispute Resolution, 2411 18th St., Santa Monica, CA 90405
Phone: (310) 399-4426 
| FAX (310) 399-5906 

Each participant will receive a Mediation Certificate on completion of the training, along with a Training Manual that includes basic forms that are useful in starting a mediation practice.

Cost is $250.00 per class or $1000.00 for the series.
Click here to print the Registration Form with Course Description and Book List

For a group that began with several people on the board in 1987, that’s quite an accomplishment!! to earn absolutely nothing while having such a fine website.  Kind of reminds me of the Termini/Boyan combo — only it looks like they actually had some takers.

What does it say about ACR to give this person its 2010 award?  Yet in January 2011, the OAG got on their case.  Perhaps the award is what drew its attention — who knows?  Note:  this 2009 speaker engagement as co-founder of “Mediators Beyond Borders” lists the above outfit first in his credits.  I wonder how many of the other fantastic credits below check out.  Either he is doing that all — and earning no money at it, so not filing taxes– or he’s doing all those things, making a living and too busy to comply with state charitable registration laws, while promoting himself and his work & books.

Join us as Kenneth Cloke discusses his most recent publication titled “Conflict Revolution: Mediating Evil, War, Injustice and Terrorism.”

Wednesday, March 11, 2009
12:00 PM
Public Affairs Room 2355
Los Angeles, CA 90095

As Director of the Center for Dispute Revolution, Kenneth Cloke has served as a mediator, arbitrator, attorney, coach, consultant and trainer.

Mediators Beyond Borders incorporated in PA in Oct. 2006, per Corporations search:

Name Name Type
Mediators Beyond Borders International Current Name
Mediators Beyond Borders Prior Name

Non-Profit (Non Stock) – Domestic – Information
Entity Number: 3686096
Status: Active
Entity Creation Date: 10/19/2006
State of Business.: PA








Mediators Beyond Borders PA 2009 $40,949 990EZ 18 20-5716275
Mediators Beyond Borders PA 2008 $38,013 990EZ 30 20-5716275
Mediators Beyond Borders PA 2007 $13,946 990EZ 16 20-5716275

Robert A. Creo (attorney) (hover cursor over link for a sample) seems the professional heavy-lifter in this relationship, and business is registered out of his law offices. MBB International has a project to rehabilitate child soldiers of Liberia. . . .   Creo and associate McKay operate “Mastermediators.com” and of course a Master Mediator Institute to go with it, much of which deals with training.  It says, he has an ability to “create, organize and lead” ADR organizations (which seems obvious).  Mediators Beyond Borders and Master Mediators Institute both show his office address, i.e., he’s operating a number of nonprofits out of his own offiice:

About MMI

A belief that conflict resolution requires an integrated knowledge of law, neuroscience, neurobiology, psychology, economics, communications and other disciplines led to the creation of the Master Mediator Institute. MMI offers Immersion Courses to allow mediators, advocates and other professionals to connect with leading scientists and academics to explore cutting edge knowledge about the mind, the brain and the science of decision making.

The website looks great (both websites); better than average and easy to negotiate, and professional in design and color.  MMI has only been around for two and a half years; it was incorporated in 6/2009.  I wonder what nonprofit is next!

The Master Mediator Institute 3889281 Non-Profit (Non Stock) Active 6/22/2009

Colleague Monique MacKay (I found through linkedin) shows up in Virginia — so the corresponding LLC to the nonprofit is in a different state and was incorporated the same month, 6/3/2009.  So let’s say they had a plan up front, and the websites plus testimonials show it as (unlike Mr. Cloke’s) a going concern:

The Master Mediators LLC

SCC ID: S2941864
Business Entity Type: Limited Liability Company
Jurisdiction of Formation: VA
Date of Formation/Registration: 6/3/2009
Status: Active

He seems less interested in family law, which means I’m less interested in this case, other than what it says about the Association for Conflict Resolution.

[[3]]Association for Conflict Resolution:

**”Association for Conflict Resolution” is an expansion of, &/or where “Alternate Dispute Resolution” went, linguistically.  That’s a planned language shift, necessary because periodically people start to catch up faster with what groups named after the prior AFCC-linguistic-labels have actually been doing.  Including with their money.

The Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) is a professional organization enhancing the practice and public understanding of conflict resolution.

We are the nation’s largest professional association for mediators, arbitrators, educators and other conflict resolution practitioners. ACR works in a wide range of settings throughout the United States and around the world. . . .Our multicultural and multidisciplinary organization offers a broad umbrella under which all forms of dispute resolution practice find a home.

This group maintains a “special interest section” called ADR, which reads the typical fashion and like AFCC, and the ADR groups, seeks to promote their own interests and profession, including to judges and legislators:

ACR Court Section

The Court Section provides information and best practice information for resolution of court disputes ranging from small claims to family.


The mission of this section is to foster and facilitate the development and implementation of quality court-annexed ADR programs throughout the country and to provide support to all individuals interested and involved in Court ADR programs such as Court ADR administrators, judges and dispute resolution practitioners working in a court setting by providing a forum that addresses issues concerning court-annexed ADR programs through information sharing, networking, identification of resources, development of model practices, and training programs.

Kind of a run-on, redundant sentence, much?  But of course let’s focus on COURT-annexed programs, because this is guaranteed income.  if not from the parents themselves (etc.) — from a federal program.  MUCH better chance of selling this as in the public’s interest.  But in reality – -it’s in the profession’s interest.


  • To promote the development of court-annexed dispute resolution programs around the country, at all levels of court.
  • To serve as a clearinghouse of relevant information and resources for court administrators, dispute resolution practitioners, and judges.
  • To assist in educating the public, attorneys, judges, legislators and other constituencies about the value of court-annexed dispute resolution programs.
  • To provide a venue for communication and networking opportunities [[AWAY FROM THE PARTIES MOST AFFECTED BY THE PRACTICE!!]] among court ADR administrators, dispute resolution practitioners and judges.
  • To identify policy issues important to court-annexed programs and provide guidance/best practices with respect to those issues.

This organization wants to feed information direct to judges.  They want to be a “clearinghouse.”  They want to facilitate the communication with judges. Flattery will probably facilitate the process, accordingly AFCC’s Peter Salem gets a 2008 award from this group.   AFCC (which already does this – -not to mention has plenty of judges IN it and some running it, too) then proudly adds another credit to it’s director’s cap, which is a win-win situation for those involved.

The ACR “Family Mediation” special interest section looks all up and running, and has  avery detailed, neatly tabbed, web presence with the same types of activities the AFCC does — publication, training, conferences, budget, member committees, plus facebook page, etc.   And Marketing Mediation Training

So — let’s go to Virginia and look up the corporation (it lists a virginia address).  OK, here we go:

SCC ID Business Entity Name Entity Type Entity Status

(none with just the name alone — vs. “Virginia Chapter” — shows up.  Last registered agent, 2007.  Don’t see any filing history(i.e., annual reports) beyond the initial filing, and there are no “efiling” transactions registered.

The Association for Conflict Resolution -Virginia Chapter

SCC ID: 05660642
Business Entity Type: Corporation
Jurisdiction of Formation: VA
Date of Formation/Registration: 10/11/2001
Status: Terminated

A 990-finder (i.e., nationwide search for a nonprofit) search shows it in several states, as well as the same EIN in two states and name, in more than two.

Association for Conflict Resolution VA 2009 $336,780 990 51 23-7251385
Association for Conflict Resolution DC 2008 $503,647 990 21 23-7251385

same name, different states and separate EIN#s:

Association for Conflict Resolution TX 2008 $0 990ER 5 20-2124912
Association for Conflict Resolution MA 2007 $24,629 990EZ 13 04-3465101


(and with  just a few grants, over  700 volunteers, and 13 employees, has over $1 million of revenues yearly. Executive Director Douglas M. Kleine (address WDC) gets $95K salary (moderate) and I think — but don’t know without more checking– this is him, too:  Worked in HUD, Train the trainer activities, Virginia Legislature Congressional Agency (staff positions), plus Democratic Precinct caption.   Expert nonprofit management experience, highly placed.

Here we go — the ACR wants to erect a National Peacemaker Museum and nominated Family Law Collaborative Professional Woody Mosten (who?) to chair that taskforce.  Maybe Futures without Violence (ca. 2010 formerly family violence prevention fund) was simply competing with this group for THE most grandiose, pretentious and let’s not forget, nonprofit,noble purpose around — and so practical, too!

Mission Statement (Approved June 29, 2009)

The National Peacemaker Museum Constellation will encourage peaceful conflict resolution between human beings in every corner of the world. It will honor those courageous and innovative individuals and institutions who work toward peace rather than conflict, foster harmony amongst humanity rather than division, and embrace the rich tapestry of human difference while building bridges upon our commonalities. The National Peacemaker Museum will challenge, inspire, educate, and enable visitors from around the world to be peacemakers themselves, to contribute as they can to the ability of the human race to solve our problems creatively and collaboratively, and to craft solutions that are fair, compassionate, and wise. National Peacemaker Museum will accomplish this mission through a diverse array of partnerships and outreach techniques, both virtual and tangible, in an ongoing effort to reach the full diversity of humanity, speaking in a way that each listening ear can hear.

The Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) is supporting a coalition of organizations to establish a National Peacemaker Museum. In November 2007, ACR Immediate Past President, Marilyn S. McKnight established a Taskforce to launch this effort and appointed Forrest (Woody) Mosten to serve as Chair.

:)  Just felt we should get a picture of some of the influence that our AFCC Board Member Judges (the US ones) wield, and some local feedback.

So what is this membership trade nonprofit private nonprofit group AFCC — with many of its influential members holding public office, like judgeships and county-level work such as custody evaluators, mediators, and of course Parenting Coordinators,  doing with this income?  . . . .

Besides inventing new terms and providing an on-going membership role model for how to form lots ‘n lots of nonprofits, while on public payroll or getting referral business from the courts, and lobbying legistors to do things like running Justice Initiatives to “Change the Culture of Custody“** (Pennsylvania) and trying to get states to mandate parenting coordination appointment — lots of it.  In Pennsylvania, they are Initiating, but I guess here, they are describing the “New Frontier” as if it just developed and showed up all by its wild-west lonesome, see 2012 AFCC-California Conference images for: “The New Frontier:  Exploring the Possibilities and Challenges of the Changed Landscape for Children and the Courts“***

[[**in which the AFCC is only directly cited a few times, but "parenting coordination" 14 times, "parent education" 10 times, "high-conflict" (with hyphen) 4 times, "high conflict" (no hyphen) 11 times, "dispute resolution" 63 times, a plug for a parent education "Kids First," (used in 8 PA counties at the time, and already likely part of an FBI of investigation financial abuse in billing & multiple service referrals  by a GAL in one of those counties) and the first person mentioned in the "Chairman's Introduction" just happens to be (now) President-elect of AFCC]] 

[[***Gee, who changed it?]][[check out item 12, presenter.  Same individual from ACFLS -- yesterday-- who declared that a few hours on-line would qualify someone to write a great appellate brief about domestic violence, and maybe even save a client's life.  Tell that to Michelle Fournier's son  when he grows up, without her.  Tell that to the relatives of the 7 other people that died as collateral damage in her "custody dispute" this past fall.  On the other hand, when the boy grows up, maybe he could do a speech on what such violence is like OFF-line....]]

Well, read on, to see some of the strategic planning from 2002-2007:


This is most of the first page of the report, for reference:


This report chronicles the development of AFCC for the fiscal years 2002-03 through 2006-07, the first five years of the current administration. It addresses AFCC initiatives and special projects, organization- al development, membership, conferences, resource development, publications, administration and finance, Web site, technology and collaborating organizations. Comparative data and narrative are offered to provide historical context.

AFCC Initiatives and Special Projects

Between 2002 and 2007, AFCC initiatives and special projects played a growing role in the day to day activities of the association. Eight special projects were initiated between 2002 and 2007, funded through a mix of contracts, small grants, the operating budgets of AFCC and its collaborating organizations and participating individuals and organizations.

(1) Connecticut Family Civil Intake Assessment Screen (2) Guidelines for Parenting Coordination (3) Court Services Task Force (4) Model Standards of Practice for Child Custody Evaluation (5) Family Law Education Reform (FLER) Project

(6) Educator’s Guide to Working with Separated and Divorcing Parents

(7) Domestic Violence and Family Courts Project (8) Developing Nations Libraries Project

The Family Law Education Reform Project and Domestic Violence and Family Court Project were anchored by the first two AFCC-sponsored conferences at the Johnson Foundation’s prestigious Wingspread Conference Center.

Organizational Development

AFCC completed three major projects in the area of organizational development:

• • •

A five-year strategic plan An organizational effectiveness project, funded by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Identity branding

And from a little further in the report:

Web Site and Technology

• Redesigned Web site to enhance usability and member benefits.

Google grant increased average monthly Web visits from 16,500 to 42,700.

• The bi-monthly AFCC eNEWS debuted in February 2006 and now has more than 10,000 subscribers.

• Parenting Coordination Network (group email) implemented.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

And so on, and so forth. . .

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