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I started this blog in spring 2009. It is my continuous show-and-tell learning curve exposing, as the motto says, Family and Conciliation Court Operations, Practices, and History from the early 1990s and earlier.

Nothing was posted or added to this table of contents from June 29, 2014 (Broken Courts, Flawed Practices, Parade of Fools) throughout 2015.  On January 23, 2016 (2016 More Business As Usual in MN? (Criminalizing, Terrorizing, Jailing Mothers)) I resumed publishing posts.  My personal situation wasn’t particularly better at this time, it had just progressed, and I felt it urgent to continue this line of reporting, as I had not stopped investigating (or writing it up off-blog) meanwhile.

This post has two separate Tables of Contents:  (1) For 2016 only (below introductory text), as of June 4 it has twenty-six entries, and (2) from June 29, 2014 (top of table) backwards, at this point, only to Sept. 24, 2012), with many more.   Click on any post title to read that post. If you don’t like reading explanatory material and just want to see the list of post titles, use the Page-Down or Scroll function, because this blog was started to talk about what no other blog, that I could find, was publicizing and explaining in the context of the family courts.

I am frequently explaining and teaching terms, concepts, and a system vocabulary for things that have not been talked about.  This makes for longer posts, but connecting description to examples, I believe, better understanding.

To this day, unless the search engines are missing it, I do not know of ANY blog or blogger who has been through the family court system (i.e., divorce/custody) and connected the HHS federal grants incentives with the trade associations …

  • such as  the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, Inc. (“AFCC”), an international membership association, with (more recently as to my writing on it) the University-of-Nevada-Reno-based National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, Inc. (“NCJFCJ”) or the National Council on Crime and Delinquency, Inc. (NCCD)* or the Virginia-based “National Council on State Courts, INC. (“NCSC”).
  • *NCCD with current headquarters in Oakland, California, but as a nonprofit taking government contributions from around the world and subcontracting with a NY-based “Childrens’ Rights, Inc.” group (founded by former ACLU lawyer) which, as a matter of its primary program purpose, SUES state child welfare agencies, wins settlements, demands complete restructuring of them, and then with help from NCCD (who has the products and software, apparently) is paid (by the public, whose revenues support the agencies obviously) to retrain civil servants in the new databases and decision-making processes.
  • Also, I noticed that NCCD has a “CRC” (Children’s Research Center) in Madison, Wisconsin just a 5-minute stroll away from AFCC’s address, presumably reflecting its current Executive Director, Peter Salem.  Yes, I look up street addresses of nonprofit organizations influencing and attempting to privately organize and steer what are to be the state-level-jurisdiction family courts typically organized at the county level.

…with law-school or independent professional schools of psychology-based “Centers” disseminating, “coincidentally” AFCC and NCJFCJ agenda as to:  divorce, parenting, handling child abuse, and handling domestic violence when it comes up in the context of divorce and parenting.

Search Again

Association of Family and Conciliation Courts WI 2015 990 32 $3,562,368.00 95-2597407
Association of Family and Conciliation Courts WI 2014 990 27 $3,281,248.00 95-2597407
Association of Family and Conciliation Courts WI 2013 990 26 $3,046,642.00 95-2597407

Another one, and (separate EIN#) its related “Fund” corporation.  Notice that this database does not display the right name for two out of three of the results, meaning if you relied on name-search alone, would not find the last three returns.  Always look for an EIN# where possible in addition to name searches or after doing a name search.  Sometimes I have to find the EIN# outside this database first.  990finder.foundationcenter.org.  Or another source (but which doesn’t display results in these handy tables, but may have more pdf returns to view) is Citizenaudit.org.

Search Again  {{notice the first two names wouldn’t show in a name search/the database provider has labeled them wrong.  This happens a lot with this particular provider…The National Center for Juvenile Justice appears to be a Pittsburgh-PA based longstanding project of the NCJFCJ; I have blogged it in 2016. I also see I forgot to sort this by date; it got sorted by “wrong name”)}}

National Center for Juvenile Justice NV 2013 990 43 $3,493,170.00 36-2486896
National Center for Juvenile Justice NV 2012 990 45 $2,505,992.00 36-2486896
National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges NV 2014 990 55 $3,293,445.00 36-2486896

And its Related (Click Org. name and look for a Schedule R, with schedules showing up after the Tax Return Parts I, II, III up to about XII,  to locate “related organizations” on any Form 990).


Another nonprofit organization I didn’t reference above, but which I’ve come to learn is significant and influential especially in the Justice system — it has a “Center for Justice” connection in the “USDOJ/OJP/OJJDP (Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention) which is promoting privately-organized programming to — of course, prevent juvenile delinquency and promote juvenile justice. Fatherhood and Re-Entry programs seem to play a part in this — is the COUNCIL of STATE GOVERNMENTS.

Notice search results were 16. I’m only showing one organization, three years of returns.  ALL of them are in Kentucky.  This has the largest “Total Assets” and is the only one without some suffix in its name.  “Search again” to see the others!

Total results: 16Search Again.
(Click on the column headers to sort.)

Council of State Governments KY 2014 990 33 $32,776,611.00 36-6000818
Council of State Governments KY 2013 990 34 $31,681,322.00 36-6000818
Council of State Governments KY 2012 990 35 $30,541,434.00 36-6000818

Year “2014” is marked “address change” — the year before was a PO Box, this one has a street address.  Anyhow, it was formed in 1933, it says, and exists:

The Council of State Governments is a non-partisan region-based organization serving all three branches of state government CSG fosters the exchange ofinsights and ideas to help state officials shape public policy which offers unparalleled regional, national and international opportunities to network, develop leaders, collaborate and create problem-solving partnerships

Do my readers who have completed high school within the last 50 years ever recall being taught — ever — that as part of our basic governmental system, there are state,. national, internationl, and/or regionally-based nonprofits (private nonstock CORPORATIONS) which their elected or appointed leadership are part of, to match each system of government?

Or, of even this one, whose purposes is, apparently, to overcome the deliberate separation between the three branches of government in search of a uniformly constructed (to help each branch shape) “REGIONAL, NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL policy and create “PROBLEM-SOLVING PARTNERSHIPS??

Do this blog’s visitors, followers, and/or readers yet understand that the family court system we have in the 21st century began at least halfway back in the 20th with a related series of “Problem-solving Courts” (the “problem” being divorce), but that in many states, actually setting up a Family Court Division under the Superior Courts was as recent as the 1990s.

Come to think of it, Kentucky I think was one of those states; the year was about 1993.  Maryland, later, maybe 1998.  California, I DNK, but I do know that Family Court Services was statewide in the 1990s and by about 2001 was combined with another operation under the ADMINISTRATIVE sector of the California Judicial Council as the “CFCC” (Center for Families and Children in the Courts”) and that some Association of Family and Conciliation Courts members (which membership includes but is not limited to judges) are highly positioned within the CFCC, including at least one I know presiding over federal access and visitation grants (last I looked) which are designed to support such things as, say, supervised visitation.

The process is ongoing — of ongoing, accelerating, consolidation and coordination (UNIFYING) of all government systems in the hands or at least “under the influence” of private expert hands. So, you will see NCJFCJ promoting a “PROJECTOne” or UBaltimore School of Law CFCC (it has a “Children and Families in the Courts Center” also) promoting “Unified Family Courts” and “One Family/One Judge” agenda.  And so forth.

So, I started looking up the various (there are quite a few) “CSG” Council of State Government organizations — most of which seem based in Lexington Kentucky at the exact same street address (plus a PO Box). Particularly when one of them which chose a “dba” National Lieutenant Governors Association” somewhat concealing that there was a “Council of State Governments” connection. FYI it seems that the Lieutenant Governors in states that have them are the second-in command to the governors.

Council of State Governments – Nlga Dba National Lieutenant Governors Association KY 2012 990 22 $1,240,528.00 61-1227811

One odd thing about that one is that despite how long it’s been around I just CANNOT find another tax return, even searching by EIN# alone.
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New Here? A Roadmap with some Chronology, Links, Issues (Sidebar-Plus)

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WIDGETS:  This 12,600-word post, first published 2/24/2014, contains essentially two or three of this blog’s sidebar text-boxes (“widgets”), each designed for total strangers, novices, and/or followers.  They are there to alert, expose new readers to key concepts and themes by immersing them into the narrative, and leaving footprints (links) for the curious and to keep reminding us of basic information which has been forgotten through advocacy-group neglect over (as of 2014) a period of 15-20 years minimum.

To understand this information is also to get a grasp on the essence of the relationship between “government” and the individual, and to call more individuals to wise up to how this works.

Citizenship is an economic contract; it is a concession of power for implied mutual benefit. The party entering (or even born, but then became adult under) this contract has no excuse for failing to monitor the other party to the contract.  Ignorance may be the cause, and ignorance of the significance of welfare reform, or of simply paying taxes, doesn’t exempt one from the consequences of it.

Be assured one side, the public, is being monitored MORE than adequately, with tools they have helped fund through taxes and consuming services (wanted or mandatory) to develop the tools (the technology, and the salaries of to staff the offices, and contracted vendors, who are keeping count.

Private tax-exempt foundations such as the Annie E. Casey Foundation (based on originally UPS corporate wealth), which tax-exemption IS a benefit, are also keeping counts and based on their results, demanding political and justice (child welfare and juvenile) systems change. Click the logo to read the summary:


{UPDATE 7-20-2016, having in recent months also explored some of the noprofit (501©3) “Kids Count”  Organizations in Georgia and Alabama, and how they are organized statewide.}

…In addition to including data from the most trusted national resources, the KIDS COUNT Data Center draws from more than 50 KIDS COUNT state organizationsthat provide state and local data, as well publications providing insights into trends affecting child and family well-being. Through its National KIDS COUNT Project, the Foundation develops and distributes reports on important well-being issues. Much of the data from these nationally recognized publications, including the KIDS COUNT Data Book, are featured on the KIDS COUNT Data Center.

Heres’ that List.  I think people should be aware that whether the organization name reads “Voices for Children” ‘Children First” or ‘Children’s Alliance” chances are it’s been designated the statewide organization for public/private partnership increasingly being substituted for normal governmental process in the use (and distribution) of public monies.

The problem here is TRACKING the money and MULTIPLYING NONPROFITS absent MONITORING of the NONPROFITS.  Keep reading my blog (or check yourself) and you will find some amazing illiteracy, incompetency (in filing out tax returns), evasiveness (in showing up as a legitimate registered business identity and STAYING THAT WAY! (legally incorporated at the state level, filing its annual reports — and filing its tax returns, let alone filling them out accurately)  so long as it is running programming, or receiving funding):

From ANNIE E. CASEY Kids Count State Organizations Link above.  For a quick example, I broke out the Georgia one, because I’d been recently posting on Georgia CPCs (Children’s Policy Centers) and “Voices for Children.” … Some of these are also, FYI, receiving and going for the abstinence promotion and marriage/fatherhood promotion HHS money –and getting it, too.

The Annie E. Casey Foundation funds a network of state-level organizations in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the District of Columbia that provide a community-by-community picture of the well-being of children and families. The KIDS COUNT network collects and reports credible data that is featured on the KIDS COUNT Data Center. With these data, state organizations provide policy analysis based on evidence and shine a spotlight on pressing issues in order improve programs and policies for children and families.

Clicking on the Georgia option, GEORGIA Georgia Family Connection Partnership we find a logo and some brief language about how many participants in this collaborative.  Although the description is “public/private” there is an “Executive Director” which suggests a separate organization coordinating it all:

Georgia Family Connection Partnership

235 Peachtree Street, Suite 1600

Atlanta,GA30303 404-527-7394 communications@gafcp.org | http://www.gafcp.org

Gaye Morris Smith, Executive Director, Georgia Family Connection Partnership

Georgia Family Connection Partnership (GaFCP) is a public/private partnership that supports 159 Family Connection county collaborative organizations across the state and serves as a resource to state agencies in improving conditions for Georgia’s children and families.

Whenever what looks like a business entity or organization NAME attached to a website (this one ending in “.org” implies its nonprofit, not for-profit) is followed by the word “IS” … whatever follows may be true, false, or irrelevant. For purposes of “what’s being done with PUBLIC funds” the main question is “WHO” is it as an entity, and from there, what has it been doing financially. What this statement above does tell is that GaFCP is functionally providing a sort of statewide umbrella structure and participating with many similar ones (on this subject matter and for other subject matter, designated by sound-byte or CAUSE) making a joke of “county-based” by diffusing and confusing actual influence and sources of funding. Counties would be, I believe, the political structure of the State of Georgia (under which, municipalities, cities, whatever the state’s constitution is set up for).

In this situation anyone wishing to explore the Kids Count influence or activity is welcome to go running around all 50+partnerships and looking at EACH ONE’s website, annual business entity registration, and tax returns, attempt to correlate this where applicable to HHS  direct grants, or state-level funding, and in general figure out what is at least the FEDERAL FUNDING involved, and as distributed according to Annie E. Casey Foundation advice.  “Thanks a lot” for having restructured the legislated flow of authority into the private sector and multiplied it, in this case, by looks like 159 organizations — at least for Georgia, and as to this ONE project.

 Looking at the GaFCP website, which reads like an on-line bulletin board heavy on the graphics, sidebars, and a flurry of links to ongoing events and promotions, IRONICALLy when it comes to the subject of Taxation (Tax-Exemption being the corollary) and USA History in re: 1913 Establishment of the Income Tax, Federal Reserve, etc. — they are having a conference at JEKYLL ISLAND (!!):

Back to my 2014 post writing:



With the private, family-controlled wealth having remained under private control to become one of the largest foundations in the country (again, through tax exemption privileges), Annie E. Casey is demanding, alongside other such wealthy and tax-exempt foundations, a stronger voice than most individuals will ever have through their local county supervisors, or state legislature, or even Congress (either house), in just how our courts and public institutions are run, and what policies are set in them.   http://www.aecf.org/ — colorful and classically designed website shows what projects are this private foundation’s top priorities, at least today:  “Advancing Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice for Kids in America“** … ” Promoting economic opportunity for working families” … “Creating Community Change for Kids and Parents…


The issue of Private, or even Public tax-exempt Foundations (however the largest ones seem in private hands) is a major driver of governmental policy.  I will move the discussion elsewhere.  But, to discuss anything about government policy and practices without comprehending (by seeing it!) and acknowledging the historic influence of private tax-exempt foundations, and from there getting to the primary topic of why are we then still being income-taxed at all if all this tax-exempt wealth exists to drive government away from the representative form into the “roundtable” forms?


  • What would this country have looked like if we (and generations earlier) had not consented to be taxed –everyone that can’t figure out to avoid taxation through forming profitable corporations and dumping the otherwise taxable profits into other vehicles called foundations, and/or nonprofits?
  • Where is the “we” when the average person comprising the so-called “Us” — has no way to track their own government’s expenditures from the central storehouses out through the distribution system to (a) government and (b) non-government places, and see how much private money is added to the solution to dilute, divert, or change the legislative purposes?
  • How many more years of the “we, the public” just not bothering to find out where the taxes are being spent, and how government is funded, and how government distributes its funds?  Would you expect to work in, or run, any business where you are completely clueless as to how money is made and spent, and what are the profits?

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Get Real(itybloger)! — Call In, Read the Links on CAFRs, Review Regularly.

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The “CAFR” topic is a governmental accounting and reporting practice which affects all people (and particularly in this situation, all US Citizens) because of its impact on the economy and our understanding of the size and scope of government operations. It is an over-arching and underlying issue, but it has been a hidden issue.

For example, as Carl Herman (Harvard Economics grad) put this in 2012, a very good question in my opinion:

This is a “README” article! // Let’s Get Honest

CAFR summary: if $600B ‘fund’ can’t fund $27B pension, $16B budget deficit, why have it?(Posted on June 18, 2012 by Carl Herman),

. . . Governor Brown is silent about the $600 billion in surplus cash and investments, claiming the $16 billion budget deficit can only be addressed by austerity – massive funding cuts to our essential infrastructure. A 2.8% divestment of the fund would cover the $16 billion deficit.

So the natural question is if the state’s withholding of $600 billion in our cash and investments does not fund pensions, address a budget deficit, or prevent devastation to infrastructure, how can we best restructure the purpose and use of OUR MONEY for optimal public benefits? ~

Actually, my response would be why should we continuing giving the same authorities MORE money for pensions — not to be used to fund pensions?? Is this typical state stewardship (??). If so, what does that say about taxation in general? Where’s the real “WE” in that equation? …. Seems more like an “Us/Them” proposition, in practice…. (sarcasm added 1/26/2016).

This post also has some discussions on Title IV of Social Security Act, which relates more directly to family court matters, and links to it.

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ORPHANS: Where The Great Commission meets the Military-Industrial Complex

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NOTE: Intro. section in this background color added [free of charge] Jan. 2016, some years after original publication May 2013. “Nightlight Christian Adoptions” was mentioned in the original post, I’ve just been looking more closely at tax return contents, in the interim. The original post may have been more “inspired,” however…. //LGH….It deals with this topic:

NOTE: this 3,000 word (you’re welcome!) post is out of sequence — belongs back with the “On the Road to Emmaeus” and “”Christian Social Services: Replenishing the Ranks of the Faithful (Bethany Christian Services posts, ca. Eastertime, 2013.

  • 6723 Whittier, McLean, VA (Always Look Up Street Addresses!!!)**

…at one time or another these organizations (at a minimum) shared a street address:


File under, if you notice the details, What’s wrong with this picture?

HHS Grant Category of Federal Domestic Assistance:

93007 Public Awareness Campaigns on Embryo Adoption

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CDRC and Friends: Ever Wonder How All that MANDATORY Mediation, Alternate Dispute Resolution, etc. got passed? [May 15, 2013]

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Fall, 2014 update: This 12,000-word post is “sticky” (stuck to the top of the blog) because it illustrates how any special interest group already involving certain sectors of civil servants or other positions of influence (for example, at law schools) can lobby state legislatures and US Congress year after year through nonprofit associations. I have written an update and expect to publish it as a separate post, soon.
In this post also see:

This gets “more than” interesting when I looked up the incorporator — just one person, Joel A. Shawn, Esq. of “Friedman, Shawn, Sloan & Ross.” (1981) filing.  Because the California OAG site doesn’t display previous to 2000 or so (and nothing previous to about 2004 is even showing on this nonprofit), I see no mention of Dr. Kelly – although I’m sure the paperwork on file.


(in San Rafael, just north of San Francisco) was registered as a corporation by ONE lawyer, Joel A. Shawn, of  FRIEDMAN, SLOAN, SHAWN & ROSS

[May 2013 post below:]
This is a combination of what I took OUT of “Flipping Cause and Effect: AFCC Rhetoric” (“Got custody killings?  Blame it on the bad language”) post — when the website I was reviewing brought up “Jay Folberg” as Dean of USF Law. Read the rest of this entry »

A Stunning Validation by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson: The Assault on Truth, The Origins of Psychoanalysis

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(Originally published 2/5/2013) A key issue in the courts includes sexual assault and violence towards women and children. This has also been a key issue with psychoanalysis. 

Below the introduction, most of the post is about the Stunning Validation, but I keep it current and relevant –because it is! — to the subject matter of this blog.  

The key, or leading edge, feature OF these courts includes therapeutic jurisprudence, attempting to resolve conflict through addition of behavioral health professionals, the fields in which Dr. Nicholas J. Cummings has dedicated much of his life to preserving the business and economic well-being of, to the point that a Wall Street Journal article reported, not too many years ago, that — doctors and hardcore professionals aside, among the top highest paying professional jobs, including the benefits and actual hours worked to earn the pay, were: Judges, and (with a doctorate) psychologists:

Dr. Cummings is a visionary who, for half a century not only was able to foresee the future of professional psychology, but also helped create it. A former president of the American Psychological Association (APA) as well as its Divisions 12 (Clinical Psychology) and 29 (Psychotherapy), he formed a number of national organizations in response to trends. Since organized psychology resisted these inevitable changes, Dr. Cummings blazed the way, expecting others would follow. He launched the professional school movement by founding the four campuses of the California School of Professional Psychology that established clinicians as full-fledged members of the faculty. As chief of mental health for the Kaiser Permanente health system in the 1950s, he wrote and implemented the first prepaid psychotherapy contract in the era when psychotherapy was an exclusion rather than a covered benefit in health insurance. He wrote what is known as the freedom-of-choice legislation that requires insurers to reimburse psychologists along with psychiatrists, and he conducted the medical cost offset research showing that psychological interventions save medical/surgical dollars.

Foreseeing the industrialization of healthcare, and particularly behavioral healthcare, he founded American Biodyne, the nation’s first and only psychology-driven managed behavioral health organization (MBHO), to be emulated so that the profession could own managed behavioral care before it fell into the hands of business interests. For two years he limited enrollment to 500,000 covered lives, but when the professions of psychology and psychiatry ignored the model, he took his foot off the brake, and the number of covered lives soared to 14.5 million in the next 5 years and to 25 million shortly thereafter. Other organizations he founded included the National Academies of Practice (the 150 most distinguished practitioners in each of dentistry, medicine, nursing, optometry, osteopathic medicine, pharmacy, pediatric medicine, psychology, social work, and veterinary medicine), the National Council of Professional Schools of Psychology (NCSPP), the San Joaquin County Psychological Association, and the American Managed Behavioral Healthcare Association (AMBHA). With others he co-founded the California Psychological Association, the San Francisco Bay Area Psychological Association, and the Council for the Advancement of the Psychological Professions and Sciences (CAPPS)

Cummings is also well-informed in his field, has been a psychoanalyst, and very likely knew of this other psychoanalyst’s, Mr. Masson’s, 1980s allegations of Anna Freud’s censorship of her father’s letters, which cast an entirely different light on what “The Etiology of Hysteria” is.

And it’s really time to read Masson’s statement of “The Assault on Truth, The Origins of Psychoanalysis .I feel it’s only fair to warn people which path they are going down. If they want to ignore the warnings, then it’s not my problem, other than when it’s draining attention and energies from more critical analyses — which this movement IS, and is probably intended to do.

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Exposing and Prosecuting Judicial Corruption through Common Law Discovery (1997 Interview)

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Exposing and Prosecuting Judicial Corruption Through Common Law Discovery (1997)

During 2016 blog “house-keeping” action, I re-read this 1997 Interview published in “Antishyster.com” but found posted in “Famguardian.org” (ads show it to be possibly a conservative/libertarian or perhaps even survivalist mag.  So what, if the information in article stands on its own two feet?)  about Los Angeles County and a judges association, what happened to the proceeds from MCLE (Continuing Education) classes, and how to find out.  I added some quotes from it.  This interview has been HIGHLY underestimated and STILL  valuable information.  If better understood, it would most likely end any questions about the vailidity of the “Broken Courts / Flawed Practices / [now more promoted as “Safe Child”  loose coalitions of specific organizations and on-line followers.
It would “Shine the Light” for real on the presumptions among these groups of the problem being “Judges, Mediators, GALs and Custody Evaluators  JUST don’t understand perps” or “They believe a psychologically unsound “parental alienation theory” and about any other excuse one might make up to exonerate the exceptionally bad custody and divorce (and visitation) decisions being made nationwide. That premise leads to a predictable solution of “we need more trainings.”  But the trainings is where the money is — and apparently, some of it — getting lost.
In my opinion (see this blog for why), it’s less “they just don’t understand” and more “they just don’t CARE.”  What’s more, think about how much any functional, ETHICAL judge already has invested in his or her career, social and professional life (and/or real estate).  If the core operations are corrupt, which this certainly indicates they ARE, to expose it is basically professional humiliation for having participated in the system, or feigned (?) ignorance, and financial destruction of the sort many parents are already familiar with.  I really think it’s up to the common people to, if possible, use “common law” to go get the financial facts and then compare them to the proper use and destination of public buildings (such as courthouses) and funds raised by private associations which may happen to have judicial memberships, or beneficiaries, regardless of WHAT buildings they are in, IF they violate certain laws.
Originally published 1/24/2013. This Post is Sticky (one of 9 sticky posts) meaning, it stays near the top. Current posts show below all sticky posts. Also, I just moved the “Supervised Visitation” section to a separate post (and of course expanded that one) on 6/6/2013.

File this Article under “What a Difference One Person can Make, if that person: Has Guts, Will Obtain Evidence, Look at Evidence, Come to Logical Conclusion regarding Evidence Obtained AND Publicize It! Includes Marv Bryer’s discoveries, especially in the mid- to late 1990s.

Marvin Bryer’s discoveries began when his daughter was involved in a custody battle for her son. Apparently a judge received a bribe to rule against Mr. Bryer’s daughter, and as a result Mr. Bryer discovered a judicial slush fund bank account, and a common law discovery for overcoming judicial immunity.

Right away, we are in the financial category: Bribe, Slush Fund, Bank account, overcoming judicial immunity.   Also in this (fairly short) post:

Another question: What’s the difference between a “Family” court and a “Conciliation” court? And why are so many programs in the courts being pre-planned by membership of a private nonprofit association which (eventually — after people started pestering it to get its own EIN# and quit hiding and evading taxes under the County’s EIN#) called “Association of Family and Conciliation Courts,” which previously was a “Conference of Conciliation Courts”?

Also in this post:

Report From Judges Blasts California Court Bureaucracy By MARIA DINZEO  ShareThis        SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – In a sweeping call for reform of the Administrative Office of the Courts, a report from a committee of judges found the agency has been operated as the director’s fiefdom, has strayed far from its original path and has been deceptive about finances and personnel. The judges also criticized the bureaucracy as top-heavy, overpaid and badly organized. Their long-awaited report proposes a drastic reorganization that includes cutting the staff by one-third and moving the agency from its lavish San Francisco headquarters to a cheaper space in Sacramento.

Exposing and Prosecuting Judicial Corruption Through Common Law Discovery

[in ANTISHYSTER http://www.antishyster.com 972-418-8993 Volume 7 No. 4, p. 51ff]

1997 interview with Marv Bryer.
[I ASK READERS: ] Can you read 7 pages “for the cause”? And think about it?  If Yes, and If given a brief pop-quiz of about 10th grade level on what it’s talking about, how much of the vocabulary or ideas could you remember?

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While We’re There — the Northern California Mediation Center . . . and ITS corporate records, history, people, etc.

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[ca. 8,000 words.    Significant additions after publishing.NCMC   introduced as to corporate filings, some personnel. Post concludes  showing how “parental alienation” indoctrination happens,is self-perpetuating, and is hostile towards mothers, generally, and is definitely a marketable scheme [yes, scheme] as well. See “train-the-trainers” @ public cost mentality.In midstream, I’m taking (to another post) a basic explanation of what “Corporation” means, FYI]

We might as well talk about the Northern California Mediation Center alongside  The Judith Wallerstein Center for the Family in Transition, and right alongside respective corporate and nonprofit filings, fundings, tax returns affiliations and actions.{{The introduction is a little passionate, but it’s about a dozen paragraphs.  Scroll down if you want to skip them!  I added numbers to make it easier!}}
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Another POV on “The Center for the Family in Transition” (and its funders)

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Excerpt pulled to top of post in 2016.  This sticky post (below which are more current ones) originally published 9/22/2012.  It should be put in bold print, large letters and stuck on a refrigerator IF one is stuck in divorce drama at this time, as a reminder of the resonance of the rooms it will be taking place in!

The phrase “Families in Transition” is jargon, and it is virtually trademarked for use in the courts.  The term comes from, it seems, ONE individual with key connections to psychoanalysis (Judith Wallerstein, who was married to Robert S. Wallerstein, also a devoted and highly placed psychoanalyst, at one time President of the International Psychoanalytic Association (“IPA”), essentially the inheritance of Sigmund Freud. 

This association, IPA, was formed shortly AFTER Sigmund Freud’s excommunication (by colleagues) for ca. 1895 presenting “the Etiology of Hysteria” and saying it related to violent sexual and physical assaults on his patients by their caretakers (often fathers or uncles, etc.) from the early 1900s).   In the 1950s, “The Origins of Psychoanalysis” incl. editor Sigmund’s daughter Anna) apparently included censorship of how Freud viewed his own “about-face” after being cold-shouldered by his colleagues.  In the 1980s a man was given access to the Freud Archives and wrote about this, in the interest of speaking the truth, and was again could-shouldered, and taken off the archives also.

For more, see March 5, 2014 post “Suppose I’m Right Here ….What Would You Do When the Lights go on?” Seeing the Wallerstein-Wallerstein connection, and the consistent practice of re-framing reality (truths about person-to-person violence, including parent to child, man to woman, and vice versa), and the origins of the fields of psychoanalysis, psychiatry, psychology, get it? the “Psyche” field in general  having been introduced as the bedrock formula for the conception of “FAMILY” and the “FAMILY COURTS,” a logical deduction is that those courts are also essentially — not “tangentially” —  crooked.

So, how can that “crooked” be cleaned up?  Can it?  Does the propagation of truth versus the propagation of the coverup of the (often ugly) truth matter, or not?  If it does not matter, how can calling something “justice” be applied on top of that foundation?

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Quips, Thinks and Links on the Most Essential Matters…

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Post published 8/2/201, became “Sticky” 4/15/2016

My Ideal signature block would show my Current Understanding as Quips with Links for “thinks.”

Something like this:

  • USConstitution Title28/IV sets Jurisdiction
  • Citizenship in USA, Inc. = YOU became collateral for U$A Debt 
War=Debt Collection.   pSILENT weapons = biological warfare by few to enslave MOST.
 I blog FAMILY COURT aspects @ LGH ~ FCF~ LACKaWantsTo (& here*)
pm me for outline, links & blogs

(Will be repeated again, below)


This colorful signature block with its Quips and Links, I worked up for the purposes of posting at “Scranton Political Times” around the time these posts also were being written. In other words, from about Fall 2011 through 2012 and perhaps into 2013, I was focused in blogging (and posting) attention on the state of Pennsylvania, including, but not limited to Lackawanna County and, by association, Luzerne County (Kids for Cash). I set up a blog for that specific county (but it didn’t go far). I was also in frequent email and occasional phone contact with some of the local parents over the family court issues.

These days (LGH says, during April 2016 blog update for TOC purposes) I am more focused on Minnesota. Rather than re-explain things, constantly, I put key links in the signature block at least for that forum, and had enough sense to save it on this blog. Blogs and web-based forums certainly are not eternal, or guaranteed to stand the test of even a few years, so I saved things..

There has to be a way to check facts and assemble a workable theory that doesn’t entail slavery for most and freedom for some.  That alone is an ECONOMIC matter, a COMMERCE matter, and as such, has to be dealt with — what are these courts really for?  We can say “kids for cash” and “stop child-trafficking” til we are blue in the face, but sooner or later such things as the murder/suicide of Georgia Senator Nancy Schaeffer and her husband — which was most likely NOT anything close to a murder/suicide — has to be dealt with.

As do the troublesome indicators such as The Franklin Coverup (Nebraska, Senator John DeCamp reported on on, which tied in foster care, Boys Town (Omaha), financial institutions (Countrywide), DRUGS, and blackmail of politicians.  Plus murder and some absolutely horrific and blood-chilling circumstances — in the heartland of America.  This particular scenario (Franklin) was also tied by some to Los Angeles and the drug trade.

What happened? How did it happen?

We are seeking fundamentals here.  Here’s one interpretation — the US Government has been so outsourced to private (military-type) contractors it hardly exists any more, let alone as “sovereign.”  

The following author back in 2002 pointed out that privatizing government services (particularly, military and federal agency database and accounting technology) in this manner excuses the truly bad behavior of the contractors which are not held to the government standards; that’s no accident!  I have since run across writings such as “Outflanking the Nation-State:  David Mitrany and the Origins of the Functionalism Approach to the New World Order” (3/15/2015 in “ConspiracyArchive.com”) which make so much sense when I consider the state of the various federal databases (and many state-level ones also) I’ve been dealing with over time, and in general.

Note: my referencing VoxNews here and quoting it doesn’t mean I endorse all the articles.  I just took a quick look and there’s no question that it’s speaking from a Partisan (anti-Republican Party) perspective, although I do see a lot I might want to revisit later and read..The tone is a little disturbing.  However, the article below, I’ve read around this topic from more than one source.  What it’s saying is entirely plausible…).

{Caption to Uri Dowbenko article also reads]: “CIA = Knights of the Evil Empire” incorporated into that logo}

One person’s interpretation of U.S. GOVERNMENT INVOLVEMENT IN CHILD SEXUAL SLAVERY” (DynCorps, Lockheed, HUD, DoD, missing billions / trillions, etc.)  © Copyright 2002, Uri Dowbenko. All rights reserved.

Dynacorp, the massive US military and intelligence PRIVATE government contractor does assassinations, child prostitution and any other illegal perversions that the US Government can think of and pay for, maybe even some for free. 
by Uri Dowbenko

Dirty Tricks, Inc.:
The DynCorp-Government Connection

Organized White-Collar Crime is the absolute essence of Mega-Corporate-Government Business.

As Jim Hougan wrote in his landmark book, Spooks: The Haunting of America – The Private Use of Secret Agents, “With their cultural and career investments in upholding the stereotype of the Mafia as the vehicle of organized crime, the public and the press have generally failed to grasp the felonious nature of the outfit’s WASP counterparts on the Big Board. Whereas some petty hoodlums put out contracts on individuals, the multinationals have begun to place contracts on entire countries (for example, ITT versus Chile). With that difference, their operational styles are similar: offshore laundries used to wash bribes paid in clandestine support of a sales effort designed to create and satisfy the potentially lethal addictions of their would be customers. Whether the product is heroin or Starfighter jets, the result is often the same: profits that corrupt and impoverishÖ In short it appears that some multinationals had evolved into genuinely criminal enterprises.” (p. 441)

Likewise, outsourcing State Terrorism is the fastest growing segment of the US Government market. In fact, white-collar criminal activities, like Federal IT, or Information Technology, which involves “privatizing” the financial database management of government agencies, accounts for some of the most lucrative contracts available anywhere on earth.
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UNESCO’s IIP@Rutgers|”Partners” + ISD and the Strong Cities Network (Reorganizing the World through International Strategic Institutes, cont’d.)

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Obviously terrorist events may happen while one is in the middle of doing something else.  Also true of the miniature versions of this, domestic violence incidents, which can also be terrorizing in that they’re not just single-events, they tend to be ongoing, deliberately unpredictable, and with the ultimate goal (typically) of control and exploitation.  There’s a lot more in common with the two scenarios — and with the state’s response to countering them, I just learned today while reading a US Ambassador’s speech in Berlin on how some of the “best practices” in preventing radicalization of their own legal citizens.

The Global Campaign Against ISIL, ….continued
Annual Meeting of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution
The Islamic State – A Global Threat Berlin, May 2, 2016 Ambassador John B. Emerson

Speaking of Strong Cities, and Munich, most of this post (obviously not the part referring to the shootings) written yesterday 7/21/2016 revisited “Strong Cities Network” only because I got two of the similar but not identical sounding international institutes for strategic studies and peacemaking dialogues for a more sustainably developed world presided over by — of course — the UN (Anglo/American/European primarily) ….and both of these were also headquartered in a London-based charity


“The SCN is made up of mayors, municipal-level policy makers and practitioners united in building social cohesion and community resilience against violent extremism in all its forms. The global network is currently made up of 56 cities with membership set to grow to around 200 by the end of 2017. Membership is completely free of charge.”


The shooting happened Thursday evening, but by the time I learned about it, I had already written this below.  Because of the type of studies I’m doing, including curiosity about such things as why the United States Department of Justice does not provide for the public a functional Grants Distributed database (there appears to be some disjunct, inflexible pages listing grants by year AND by title or type — but nothing comprehensive or really functional for the public to study any of the various funded programs, so many of them aimed at PREVENTING violence).
This is an announcement from “De.USEMBASSY.gov” I believe the website would be US Department of State.

I’ve quoted it also further below.

U.S. Embassy Berlin Security Message for U.S. Citizens:  Travel Alert Europe

June 1, 2016

As part of the State Department’s continuous efforts to provide Americans travelling abroad with information about relevant events, we are alerting U.S. citizens to the risk of potential terrorist attacks throughout Europe, targeting major events, tourist sites, restaurants, commercial centers and transportation.  The large number of tourists visiting Europe in the summer months will present greater targets for terrorists planning attacks in public locations, especially at large events.  This Travel Alert expires August 31, 2016. ……

And now that “MUNICH” has happened, an addendum at the bottom of this US State Dept. message (latest update, 21:33 presently, shows at top of page; I switched the only other one on there, “19:52”, to first place).

Emergency Message for U.S. Citizens: Shots Fired at Multiple Locations in Munich

[19:52] Media is reporting shots fired at the Olympia shopping mall in Munich, Germany, resulting in casualties.  There are subsequent reports of shots fired in other locations in Munich. There is a major police operation underway.  Mass transit around the city is also reported to be halted during the police operation.

[Update 21:33] Media are reporting that Munich authorities have declared an emergency using the city’s smartphone warning system. Residents have been warned not to leave their homes:  For your own safety, avoid squares and streets: perpetrators are on the run. Train and bus transport suspended. Turn radio and TV on.  Munich’s mainline railway station is closed, and mass transit remains halted.

U.S. citizens are advised not to come to the U.S. Consulate due to the uncertain security situation.  Continue to shelter in place, contact your family members to let them know you are safe, and follow the instructions of police and emergency personnel.  Continue to monitor local news stations for updates.  Maintain a high level of vigilance and take appropriate steps to enhance your personal security.


Since this is an added section to my post, I’ve given it the different background color you can see starting with the first article.  Below that background color is the previously-written post on the Rutgers Institute for International Peace “Partners Page” with the material I’d added on Strong Cities Network last night, as a matter of general public interest

This section has: four brief news links on “MUNICH” (ABC News, The Telegraph.UK, the Guardian.UK, and (link only) The Financial Times (published I believe also in the UK), and Two on Strong Cities Network (A Briefing Paper #2, and a May 2, 2016 speech posted at US Department of State (I think it is) — same site as the warning to US Travelers’ above — on the Global Threat of ISIL by a US Ambassador to Germany, and probably given in Berlin.  It has some important information and indicators I felt readers should know — which ties into the family counseling / family law sector practices over here, vis a vis “Violence Prevention.” But I will discuss those parts separately.

Press and Some feedback on Munich mall shootings:

ABC News, “At Least 6 Dead, ‘Possible Terror Attack” Manhunt underway ”

  • By PAUL BLAKE and EMILY SHAPIRO  Jul 22, 2016, 3:48 PM ET

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Re-Organizing The World through International Institutes, Strategies, Dialogues, Peacemaking and Programs Targeting Fragile Families, Communities — and Countries…

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Related posts:UNESCO’s IIP@Rutgers|”Partners” + ISD and the Strong Cities Network (Reorganizing the World through International Strategic Institutes, cont’d.) (next in this sequence, about to be published) and, because “Munich” happened meanwhile, “Munich,” and the Strong Cities Network [ISIL/ISIS aren’t the only ones who want to control the World] also upcoming)

Also, a shortlink (if you copy the url) to THIS post: ‘“Re-Organizing” The World through International Institutes, Strategies, Dialogues, Peacemaking and Programs Targeting Fragile Families, Communities — and Countries...

“Tags” were copied between posts, there is some overlap and some tags may actually be referring to the next one in the sequence, here, of three. As of first “Publish” this post is 9,300 words. It may [and did] change after publication.

I hope you enjoy this informational, conversational post which comes from a systematic lookup of “Partners” link at a single university website combined with my awareness of similar related activity.  Read the “tags” for a generic idea of just a few organizations using the words shown in the post title.  The post has undergone a few changes (significant, and to a middle section) in the two days after it was published on 7/22/2016 and is currently about 12,000 words.  I expanded some on “MDRC” and because of its tax return reference to “Atlantic Philanthropies” which I already knew had been registered outside of the US for anonymity purposes, and which wealth was based on marketing duty-free products internationally, to military and tourists to start with, it got longer.

In the process of not shutting up or stopping “just one more” lookup, I discovered that the Atlantic Philanthropies which provided MDRC a $7M matching grant in 1999 (not long after it was forced into the public when one partner of the underlying company “DFS” (Duty Free Shops, I guess) decided to sell it for around $3.8B, and the other partner protested via lawsuit,  resulting in a pre-emptive disclosure to the public of who — and where–  it was.

It announced in 2002 it would be winding down (distributing everything), and I learned that, announced this past May, 2016,  the two final largest grants totaling around $200M would BOTH go to British institutions — one of them which exactly matches this post title:  “International Institute on Inequalities” at the London School of Economics (and the other to the Rhodes Trust to set up scholarships — see Fulbright, Rhodes famous scholarships — under the Atlantic Philanthropies name).  This Institute was only launched in 2015.

Another major sponsor of the same institute was the well-known (in the UK) “Leverhulme Trust” (since about 1925), with the underlying corporate wealth behind it (Lever Brothers, later Unilever) involving a Lordship who made his initial fortune in SOAP on the backs of Congolese laborers, in part from a close friendship with the King of Belgium (per Wiki, anyhow).  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Lever,_1st_Viscount_Leverhulme  (1851-1925).

A 2014 book by David Hollett (Amazon.com link) “The Dark Side of Sunlight – The Story of King Leopold, Lord Leverhulme and the Congo.”  Abstract:

With a great deal of political manoeuvring, and the able assistance of the famous explorer, Sir Henry Morton Stanley, in 1885 King Leopold II of Belgium founded the Congo ‘Free’ State. However, this was not as a Belgian colony, but as his own private domain which extended to 905,000 square miles of Central Africa. Leopold then set up a system of forced labour under which millions suffered and died due to brutal treatment, exhaustion, hunger or disease. Eventually, in 1908, the Belgian government took control of the Congo away from Leopold and the worst excesses of his despotic rule came to an end. However the forced labour system established by Leopold remained largely in place. It is against this historical background that Lever Brothers, the soap manufacturers of Port Sunlight, became significantly involved in the affairs of the Congo. In 1911 the Belgian Government offered the company land “Concessions” to develop as oil palm plantations. A decade later William Hesketh Lever was controlling vast palm plantations, oil mills and a fleet of 74 steam vessels on the Congo River. In 1930 the firm was employing no less than 28,000 Congolese workers. The rise and rise of Lever Brothers wealth and good fortune was to continue, throughout the Congo and West Africa in general

A 1987 article in The New Internationalist is interesting reading on how the US fits in (what other brands were bought up, the UAC (United Africa Company) and more:

Today Unilever is one of the world’s largest corporations, employing
300,000 people and spanning 75 countries – with pre-tax profits in
1986 of $1.8 billion. This is the story from its humble beginnings

Three other things I noticed from Wiki on William Hesketh Lever — his involvement in freemasonry (founding lodges), and his practice of “monopoly”, as learned, it says, from the Rockefellers, it’s said, and with this wealth, buying up Villages or setting up model villages with which better to control (intrusively) the workforce.  If THAT doesn’t remind you of current situations in the USA, urban areas and welfare policies, you are simply asleep!  “PORT SUNLIGHT” (the brand was “Sunlight Soap”)

In 1887, Lever looking to expand his business, lought 56 acres (230,000 m2) of land on the Wirral in Cheshire between the River Mersey and the railway line at Bebington. This site became Port Sunlight where he built his works and a model village to house its employees. From 1888, Port Sunlight village offered decent living conditions in the belief that good housing would ensure a healthy and happy workforce. The community was designed to house and support the workers. Life in Port Sunlight included intrusive rules and implied mandatory participation in activities. The tied cottages meant that a worker losing his or her job could be almost simultaneously evicted.[15]Even workers’ social lives were policed from the head office. W.H Lever stated “a good workman may have a wife of objectionable habits, or may have objectionable habits himself, which make it undesirable for us to have him in the village.”[16]

REMINDER — my only connection of the above info. to this post comes by way of a look at NY-based “MDRC:  Knowledge to Improve Social Policy”‘ involvement with Atlantic Philanthropies; the interesting history of Atlantic Philanthropies and its (first-generation US from Ireland) Chuck Feeney, and in that Mr. Feeney felt the International Institute for Inequalities at the London School of Economics, was worth a big chunk of the Atlantic Philanthropies’ final distributions, this Leverhulme Trust also agreed. In the US, the MDRC, studying the poor, is still maintaining $56M of investments, while taking $41M in government grants — I’d say something is “off-kilter” in that scenario.

Which all just goes to show why many philanthropies all around the world had BETTER make a good show of caring about the poor, given what they’ve done to perpetuate inequalities worldwide and maintain riches by avoiding taxation in the first place.


The International Institute for Peace (IIP) at Rutgers University, Newark is a UNESCO Category II organization dedicated to peacebuilding, conflict transformation through nonviolent struggle, and the promotion of peace education and a culture of peace. The IIP builds partnerships locally and globally by working with grassroots organizations, youth leaders, activists, journalists, educators and researchers to promote peacebuilding, nonviolent conflict transformation, and just and sustainable peace. The IIP promotes research on issues of peace and conflict as well as education about peacebuilding and nonviolent struggle.

IF there was a genuine intent to relieve poverty within the US first, instead of restructure the world according to some private visions (and saving women overseas while attacking women, as women, in the United States, is a pretty sorry state of affairs indeed), it would not be done this way.

How did that Rutgers Institute come up?  Well, I was just thinking about what, really, is the purpose of all these diversions FROM the poor into instead STUDYING them.  I have begun to get answers on that (through my study of widely-dispersed nonprofits) over time. I’m no longer just suggesting, I will be showing, from the various centers and institutes’ own description, and comparison across similar (or, networked) ones.

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#2 of 3, Connecticut’s New Haven Family Alliance | Street Outreach Worker Program (SOWP), SOWP’s Role Model, a Rhode Island 501©3 “Institute for Study and Practice of Nonviolence” + ITS partner “Rhode Island Mentoring Partnership” (“RIMP,” a d/b/a of Chamber Education Foundation) somehow organized under non-entity? “The National Mentoring Partnership” | See Also the USDOJ/OJP/OJJDP facilitating Public/Private Partnerships & Global One-World Agenda.

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Correction:  If you read the initials “CFNGH.org” in this blog’s former version (I’ve corrected now) or any other post, that stands for “CFGNH” — The Community Foundation of Greater New Haven about which we had have much to say…

More Commentary: The “New Alliance Foundation” mentioned below, it turns out, also has some of its assets held by the CFGNH, so no wonder both are donating to the “Active” but why, don’t know, and IRS-revoked “NHFA.” (Note: It may get reinstated, but that doesn’t erase that it had been IRS status previously revoked…)

Community Foundations, in any metropolitan area, should not be overlooked or misunderstood.  Whether they are dealing with HHS, Education, Violence Prevention, Housing (HUD), Labor, Refugees/Immigration Issues, or any other critical subject matter, they are frequently serving as intermediaries for Federal Policies, including but not limited to those run through the CNCS (Corporation for National and Community Service) and Social Innovation ‘Social Impact” Funds to fast-track what works, targeted geographically.

This is ALREADY in streamlined operation, and the public will probably figure out what happened (wake up) later unless they start looking at some of the top-down sources (including financers) of local operations.  There may be no more “local” at this point when all factors are on the table.  And where there is not, there is then no effective, local  representative government.  And by “local” I include even as “Local” as an individual State, let alone an individual country.  There is NOWHERE that I can see, which is not considered fair game for investors (those who have the wherewithal to invest), whether or not those locals are particularly invested in this country or not.

This only becomes evident when one attempts to follow the financing. If all we follow is names and self-descriptions, or paid-for press releases, or “quotables” from the local nonprofit leaders in the local press, promoting events or responding to some other recent news some incident, we do not have enough pieces of larger picture for understanding.

For any of these organizations in Connecticut, The Connecticut Secretary of State (Commercial Recording Division)  “Business Inquiry” Search page.  Massachusetts’/ HERE, and Rhode Island’s /HERE.  Usually easy to find by typing state name followed by “Business entity search.”  While I’m here in case it comes up, here’s DCRA.DC.Gov (Dept. of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs) for a District of Columbia search.  It’s free, but you must create a password and user ID.

  • Mentor: The National Mentoring Partnershipregistered as a D.C. corporation in Massachusetts only in 2013.  Its address is in Boston.” Because it did, I now have an EIN# 001117630 (other states typically don’t reveal EIN#s) at 201 South Street, Sixth Floor, Boston, MA 0211.
  • It’s DC Registration I just found, it shows 1990 registration, and Governing Officer “David Shapiro.”
MENTOR: NATIONAL MENTORING PARTNERSHIP, INC. (THE) 900927 3/09/1990 Active Non-Profit Corporation Domestic Non-Profit

However a search of that EIN# (001117630) produces NO results as “Eligible to Receive Tax Deductible Contributions” on the IRS “Exempt Select Organizations Check” link.  Perhaps because it’s kind of a “business” or trade (the trade of mentoring) organization — I don’t know, yet. So, Instead, I searched just Boston, MA — and by name (not EIN#) and got a similar, but not identical name, with a different EIN#, that WAS eligible. For why I may seem obsessed about this, continue reading the post…

04-2775852 Mentor Group Institute for Intercultural Education Inc. Boston MA United States PC
04-3502631 Mentor Charitable Fund Inc. Boston MA United States PF
04-3575764 Silver Lining Mentoring Inc. Boston MA United States PC
20-4935290 The Mentor Network Charitable Foundation Inc. Boston MA United States PF
22-3207958 Mass Mentoring Partnership Inc. Boston MA United States PC
46-3310980 College Perspectives Mentor Program Inc. Boston MA United States PF
52-1674088 National Mentoring Partnership Incorporated Boston MA United States PC

(Last three tax returns):

National Mentoring Partnership MA 2014 990 40 $2,770,647.00 52-1674088
National Mentoring Partnership MA 2013 990 36 $2,481,192.00 52-1674088
National Mentoring Partnership MA 2012 990 41 $2,486,418.00 52-1674088

I absolutely cannot find this one registered (by EIN# search, by name, or even by Person’s name) registered in Massachusetts.  Apparently this EIN# isn’t supposed to be noticed at the state level?

To review where we stand in the Connecticut, Again (2016) post series, I keep links near the top and have made them short-links in case people wish to Tweet,  or share elsewhere. Please do!!  The Titles are long, but the underlying urls are not.

[Those links and text will be repeated below].

We are looking at nonprofit after nonprofit after nonprofit and the money moving between them, and between government and them.  Some larger than others, often copying each other.  Word is out that some low-income youth are slipping through the cracks, not having mentors, and causing problems, such as violence, which providing mentors would then correct.

It seems to me that what’s significantly slipping through the cracks and might, if found more directly affect the poverty status of troubled youth and communities, is accountability for public (and private) money run through those tax-exempts.

For example, I discovered that The National Mentoring Partnership needs people to send donations to them through “Network For Good.”  Here’s THAT set of tax returns — sounds like this is working out real well for this organization, maybe not so well for people who wish to sort through over 6,000 pages of tax return to see what any “Organization We Help People” (fabricated name) received in the latest round:

Network for Good DC 2014 990 6375 $77,679,754.00 68-0480736
Network for Good DC 2013 990 637 $62,156,491.00 68-0480736
Network for Good DC 2012 990 203 $56,249,127.00 68-0480736

How does $56M turn to $77M in just two years?  Where are those assets being held (invested)? (It turns out most of those assets are “Grants for Distribution” — meaning, they are being held somewhere, and while being held somewhere THAT SIZE of fund balance, even if held for just a single month (!!) or ongoing, WILL be producing interest.  The website doesn’t show most of this — but they have just moved their employees over to a for-profit C-Corps related organization, meaning, less transparent to the public.

Their website does NOT provide searchable information on grants distributed (nonprofit leadership or employees must log in). While this may (I’m sure does) increase the amount of money moving from donors to (wherever) or allegedly moving there, it bypasses credibility checks IF and WHEN those nonprofits are involved in providing government services, or contracting/taking donations also from governments THROUGH here.

Network for Good is a hybrid organization—a nonprofit-owned for-profit. Network for Good’s nonprofit donor-advised fund uses the Internet and mobile technology to securely and efficiently distribute thousands of donations from donors to their favorite charities each year. Our donor-advised fund is accredited by the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance and meets all 20 of its standards for charity accountability. View our accreditation information.

And how does a tax return get to be that long (conjecture while it’s still loading on my laptop — out of the many grants they are distributing, the listing is only one or two showing per page, instead of the about 10/page the IRS form prompts for)….

Wow.  How Network For Good is now operating –Gross Receipts for Year ending 2014 — $230M.  Grants to other organizations (yes, shown 1/page for a total of $218M distributed!) $218M, they spent almost nothing on salaries — but $6.8M on Professional Fundraising services.  The previous year, they spent $4M on salaries.

It has a related C-Corps for fundraising, so all board members shown on the above nonprofit will show their salaries as paid from “Related Organization” — this being the same organization Name (“Network for Good, Inc.” at the exact same street address (but different legal domicile), and the 501©3 (above, nonprofit) Network for Good owns 51% (formerly 100% it said) of the assets and revenues of the for-profit (taxable) management/fund-raising C-Corps also called “Network for Good, Inc.”   (which may explain why it’s legal domicile is in a different state; the name was already taken in the original state).

That for-profit (taxable) management/fund-raising C-Corps “Network for Good, Inc.” controls another for-profit (taxable) entity called “GiveCorps (also a C-Corp) which does “software for nonprofits and  universities.” At the end of the day, this nonprofit and its thus controls everything (51% is a majority stake…).  Despite all having the same street address and suite#, what you see above is a Delaware Legal Domicile; the other one, a New York legal domicile, and GiveCorps, a Maryland one.

Incidentally that last paragraph I saw from the tax return:  Page 1 (showing a major change in Salaries Line Item), Part VIIB (showing “Network for Good” as a $6M+ “Independent Contractor.”   I never did get how an organization gets to call its own “Related Organization” an “independent contractor” in Part VIIB of the Form 990. …..   Schedule R (Related Organization) as well as Schedule L (Transactions between interested persons) reveals this, and in this case, Schedule O (Supplemental information) talks about the relationship.

As I keep saying, you can learn a lot from a tax return, and sometimes it will be laid out more specifically than clicking all over the organization’s website and speculating on what is meant by the descriptive text.

General Principles:

A lot of “PR” must continually happen about all the great projects run by smaller nonprofits which the bigger philanthropies are supporting for proper (?) distraction from what their funders are doing with the wealth held as investments within the philanthropy or private foundation, that is, filing with the IRS either a Form 990 or Form 990-PF for private foundation, or owned similarly but held under separate organization or entity.  

A reminder about the process: the donation of a SMALL percentage of tax-exempt corporate “profits” (it can be around 5% only) yields for any such privately-controlled corporation positive local PR and significant corporate tax reduction simply because of foundation status.

Another reminder:  they are organizing with each other as tax-exempts to act regionally with common purpose.  Whether or not this is grassroots requests, or the will of the people, at this point, doesn’t seem to matter.  The donations should be looked at — are they going to legitimately registered nonprofits / entities or not?  However, the assets of the larger groups should be looked at as to how they are coordinating with each other regionally, and cross-cutting legal representation provided in the political units which individuals must deal with.

That coordinated privately held wealth — when combined with the public funding, is a major power bloc and political influence.  This wealth will ALWAYS describe itself as for the purpose of better provision of public (government) services; but from the individual’s perspective, it should be looked at as a network, and that network as to the collective honesty and transparency of its members.=

So, who ever gets around to fact-checking whether donations record go to legitimate nonprofits, or figuring out what some of the indicators are when the dealing may be less than legitimate, despite positive local press… But this is something the average person who will commit to consistently taking a look at commonly overlooked details, can actually do.  Case in point….I do…

New Haven Street Outreach Workers program had tough financial year
By Shahid Abdul-Karim, New Haven Register
POSTED: 08/03/14, 9:57 PM EDT | UPDATED: ON 08/03/2014 2 COMMENTS

NEW HAVEN >> New Haven Family Alliance Executive Director Barbara Tinney said the Street Outreach Workers Program had a difficult 2013-14 fiscal year.

The program that works to prevent violence has been operating at a loss for the past three years, Tinney said

“Full funding for the program requires $400,000 and we’ve managed the program at the funding level of $348,000 in fiscal year 2013-14,” said Tinney.

Fiscal year 2013-14 ended June 30….

According to Tinney, the program budget covers these expenses: seven full time and one part time street outreach workers; one part-time supervisor, one part-time program coordinator, fringe benefits including employer taxes, health, dental and life insurance, program expenses such as cell phones, youth activities, trips, and supplies, and administrative costs that are less than 5 percent of the total program budget.

Tinney noted that her organization has “a contract through the New Haven Board of Education for services that support families and student school achievement,” she said.

The New Haven Family Alliance obtained separate state funding for violence prevention awarded through the city, as one of 18 organizations,” said Tinney.** “Funding is obtained through processes that require the submission of proposals and applications that are vetted by reviewers.”

The Street Outreach Workers Program is one of a number of anti-violence initiatives in the city. Other efforts include community policing, Project Longevity, the relatively new YouthStat initiative that works to connect services for youths, and numerous community organizations working to prevent violence, The number of shooting and homicide victims is nearly the same for 2014 to date compared to the first half of 2013, according to police reports.

According to city’s spokesman Lawrence Grotheer, the city’s appropriation to New Haven Family Alliance the current fiscal year is $425,308; approximately $70,000 of which came from the school district’s general fund.

**In what year is not defined.

Interesting admissions, in that the organization NHFA apparently stopped filing annual reports (as a state business entity) as of Year 2011, and per IRS, stopped filing tax returns past year 2011 also (see charts below) for which their EIN# was subsequently revoked in 2015, which the IRS published in 2016.  So much for “vetting.”  Moreover, CFGNH.org, local half-billion-dollar community organization which as of 2015 (webpage last revised, though its still up there) continued to promote and may have also donated to the NHFA (CFGNH’s board membership –you should read their tax return’ Schedule O –it involves by definition public officials or appointees by public officials who absolutely ought to know better than to grant to a non-filing entity after it stopped filing…) CFGNH’s therefore refusal to upload a Schedule I of identified grantees, by name, address, EIN# and amount granted each year reflects on the chief executive of City of New Haven, the Bar Association Probate court, Chamber of Commerce, etc.

But apparently neither “commoners,” nor working folk, nor anyone receiving services aresupposed to check up, or think about such things…


Section on NHFA (Street Outreach Workers Program) DONOR

New Alliance Foundation

on 195 Church Street, 7th Floor, New Haven

New Alliance Foundation (who??) Annual Report says in Fiscal Year 2013, they gave NHFA $2,500 for the SOWP.  Not much, but they say they gave for:

To support Project Success, a work-based learning program embedded in the Street Outreach Worker Program and designed to provide services, supports and opportunities for youthful ex-offenders experiencing significant barriers to academic success and employment readiness

Did New Alliance Foundation {“NAF” for this post} care that New Haven Family Alliance wasn’t filing its reports and IRS returns, on donating to it in that year?  And, what’s with all the groups named “Alliance” anyhow?  See NAF’s  “About Us” History Page for some clues on who it is.  The entire website is in bright, primary colors (red, yellow blue) and some green:

NewAlliance Foundation was established in 2004 through a contribution of $40 million in stock from NewAlliance Bancshares, Inc. at the time of the Bank’s initial public offering. Committed to the same long history of philanthropy of its predecessor, The New Haven Savings Bank, NewAlliance formed the Foundation to enhance economic vitality and improve the quality of life for residents in the communities it served.

In April 2011, upon the closing of the merger of NewAlliance Bancshares, Inc. with First Niagara Financial Group, NewAlliance Foundation became a private, independent foundation serving 44 Connecticut communities.

Since its inception, NewAlliance Foundation has approved $18 million in grants to local organizations.

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Look at Who’s Been Looking at This Blog Recently. [+ Update re: the Trust/Probate Factor]

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For those who complain that my blog is a little too dense on the detail, and light on the format — I do have trouble getting it in detail and in acceptable format. Detail is needed for depth — I am defining terms, speaking in somewhat of a different language, and about different things, than most blogs focused on this subject matter.  How much can go in one post, and how that displays (format) is a definitely a challenge on an informal website such as blogs.

There’s the process of writing, and there’s the process of formatting all those quotes, which means much of the time for any post I am actually typing in “html” (“Text”) mode and adjusting the formatting instructions.  The quotes make for longer posts, and scrolling back up and down for formatting is, yes, a pain in the neck.

However, here’s perhaps a little encouragement to hang in there as a reader — who else within government is at least visiting this site (and, month after month after month, with some fluctuation, this is a fair sample).

To tell the truth, while researching and writing it up, I am in learning mode and that’s a good mode to be in when under significant pressure otherwise.  I no longer have the outlet (or many associations) from the classical musicians I used to hang with (all ages), or other kinds.  I don’t do holidays any more (any of them!), and learning which develops understanding and has at least some potential for positive action (as I’m sure this blog does — we have to stop those incentivized grants both for cause and for how they are being handled) helps me, too.  In hindsight, that writing helped me survive the years of marital abuse also, which always involves the ongoing “gaslighting” (crazymaking) post-incident by the abuser; at that time it was my husband.  It also provided a written record post-incident; over time, they start to blur together and the cumulative effect which may become the “normal” with some time and distance, shows more of the scope.

Concurrently — how many can identify with this? — the pressures that started “back when” for some of us, and resulted in decade-plus in the courts, and disheartening look at the future (no present communications with my own children, and I’m concerned to about both, yet myself dealing with a long-term, no-permanent housing situation related to a family trust — related to the family court fiasco — related to the prior domestic violence) are still on.

Once you’re “in” this system at some angle — or have been targeted by a power network for “assets appropriation” or “family dismantling” — when we are not documenting and writing, we are often just fighting pending, imminent, or past litigation and to preserve housing in such a way as not to be subject to imminent threat of loss of housing through loss of income.

Most of my stuff (including a prized piano) is in storage and has been for months.  Last summer I (again) protested a longstanding form of trustee abuse and within a few months was driven out of a long-term rental under crisis conditions which arose, suspiciously, the same month, and continued until I had to exit the property on 24 hrs notice for a safer place, which was a room in a hotel.

(I am very, very tempted to post more details, but don’t think it wise at this point.)

I have a few close friends (local, some not local) for regular conversation.  This week in I am again empathizing in particular with Sandra Grazzini-Rucki’s situation (a kangaroo criminal trial for felony parental interference next Monday 7/18/16 in Minnesota, dragging others in also as I understand it), while I myself have been dealing with “how to stop extortion based on fraud” and how to communicate with entities who have made a joke of the process.

So what you get may not be short enough or clean enough.  If I come within range of personal contact simultaneous In person, and with access to my laptop, I can definitely present and speak with authority (based on research, not degrees) on this material, and coherently.  I see how it’s assembled and working — but putting this into a WordPress.com blog format without a dynamic audience is a whole different beast.

For those who pray, I also ask prayers particularly this next week.  I am an elder (it happens!) and this exploitation routine is getting old.  I’m having to fight for paperwork that should be given, and each and basically any, interaction will involve being lied to or exposed to more dysfunction of people in control of, as I have said this before, resources I need each week, to stay housed and have transportation and food.

Health care not even on the front burner yet, although I prefer focusing on living a decent lifestyle, there are still times one must go in.  Right now, my stress level (see above) is through the roof and I would consider it a health hazard.  That’s one reason I had to get away from that slumlord/substandard housing and, hopefully soon, toxic personalities motivated by money, not ethics or their own industry professional guidelines (if the shoe fits wear it!), and forced interactions with people who have taken parts of my life (present past and future) hostage for pay they do not deserve and have not earned, in the capacity in which they entered to start with.

These people to continue certain kinds of operations need associates (friends, cronies, related people in the associated professions) to pull it off, and attempt to continue intimidating those who are being robbed of both time (which is life) and money, and their legal rights.

Which gets back to another reason I do blog — once anyone goes through the level of work it takes to smoke out, label, narrate, and show the connections between the various sectors involved — why force others to go start from scratch in their personal cases too?  Only by collective action, at least SOME collective action, can at certain points and times, some of the abuse of privilege and position once usurped, be taken back.

I’m here now to remind us (and the case in Minnesota also reveals) that some of the greatest wealth around is being held in real estate and business operations, and that real estate and those businesses are sometimes contained in trusts.  So, in any given state (New York, Florida, Illinois — Connecticut….), for a power structure when it comes to lawyers, look in the real estate and trusts sections, and when it comes to exploiting elders who may have something saved over the years, or due them from elsewhere, you will be talking probate court and dealing with the category of people called “trustees,” and the corresponding sections of the State Bar specializing in these fields.

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July 16, 2016 at 8:57 pm

Why a Connecticut Series Again; Why Now? Well, It’s ALWAYS Timely to “Look It Up,” While We Still Can(!), Also…

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With apologies to any inconvenience this may cause to any early readers of my last post (6/17/2016, “Post #1 of 3”), I’m moving most of its “Introduction/Exhort” and added post-publication “Brexit” section over here.

Section “Brexit,” with the associated “British Gun-Control Legislation and Policy” references, like Fathers’ Day, are only in there because they are “current news headlines and events.”  When they pass, something else will be chosen for “current news headlines and events — but probably not what I blog on — public/private partnerships, government grants, and how little most people know about where they go, what they do, or even how to find out.  Let alone who, if anyone, is keeping track.

Navigation: List of the “Section Titles. “

On this post, sections are marked out by Big, Bright-Blue Titles: So far I have, underneath the Community Foundation Logo and its caption near the top, and in order from the top:

    • (Expressive, which slipped in here, and was promptly, most of it, moved to a side-link)

  • WHY timely, WHY Look Up Connecticut Organizations and Family Court/ Healthy Marriage/ Responsible Fatherhood Scenarios at this time?

  • IRS Returns are NOT Rocket Science!  They are a rich source of information on any group, including on how it fills out tax returns.

    • Best used in combination with similar looks at many (dozens, hundreds) of other tax returns of similar or related organizations who have mimicked the purpose of government, but done it in a privately controlled, tax-exempt model where fewer citizen’s rights to transparency in government expenditures exist. Let’s Take a Closer Look at this Community Foundation for Greater New Haven
  • FATHER’s DAY, and other Current Events.  

    • (Which is where we get “Brexit” and “British Gun-control Legislation,” and reference to “Orlando” in this post.).
    • Click on the words “Father’s Day” for a link to History.com’s short summary, although I don’t call attention to it, this holiday only went national in 1972, through Richard Nixon declaration.  Interesting, this came after the 1965 USDOL “Moynihan Report” which had so much to say about fatherlessness as a social scourge, and matriarchy as pathological in this patriarchal country.
    • Public policy and major social science academic centers (Columbia, Princeton, UPennsylvania, and elsewhere) STILL built on this premise that the federal government should get involved in designing families, particularly (in terms of that time, at least from this author) “The Negro Family.” I just found it interesting this holiday was so recent in national practice, came after 1965 and in a decade somewhat known for the emergence of a feminist, and a “protection from violence” (Battered women’s shelters) movement, too.  Simultaneously other things such as the 1975 Family Support Act pushing for greater and more aggressive collection of child support from (well, mostly fathers!) to reduce poverty.
  • NOW, about CONNECTICUT POST SERIES, particularly NEW HAVEN (City of / Metro area)….

    • More Exhortation, and this section in light-blue background was taken from Post#1, and is a good read:“About this Connecticut-based series from the starting point of “Male Information Network” participants:”

Those actual contents will be removed from there when this post is published.  Those sections are now  the bottom half of this post of about 8,400 9,500 words.  On the top half, some more exhortation and “show and tell” on not being intimidated by a little old IRS Form 990, even when filled out for a big old (in this case), financially fat Community Foundation — this one. I blurted out a quick summary below the caption before the computer could freeze up again:

Connecticut-based 501©3 which in 2015 began moving its “alternative investments” (Balance Sheet Line 12, Assets, “Investments in Other Securities), currently $138M, into Cayman Islands-based funds. Oh, and promoting Education, Health, Welfare, Youth Programming, and Civic Vitality. EIN#0660321; Related foundation (since 2004 per its IRS form) “The Valley Community Foundation,” (much smaller in size, focusing on a different set of Connecticut cities) is EIN#841637102. Look up either one at http://990finder.foundationcenter.org, but for the 2015 on the larger one, must go to its website, CFGHN.org. Located through its participation in supporting a (nonfiling) leader in the “New Haven Family Alliance” (status IRS revoked as of Nov. 2015 for not filing tax returns for 2012, 2013, or 2014). NHFA, says a local news article (promotional) modeled its “Street Outreach Worker Program” (SOWP) on one in Rhode Island, which (turns out) partners with “Rhode Island Partnership for Mentoring” which is part of “The National Mentoring Partnership” (specializing in Technical Assistance and Training for the same, program certifications?, and it seems (so far) mimicking a government entity through repeated use of the initials “OJJDP” on its material. [see: “https://www.ojjdptta360.org/“] This National Mentoring Partnership [Mentoring.org] (so far as I can tell), IF it is a legitimate business entity, is doing a good job of hiding WHERE (in which state is legal domicile or any HQ) — and taking donations currently under “NetworkForGood.org” [see “https://donatenow.networkforgood.org/mentornational?code=MainDonatePage“]. ~ ~ ~ ~> > But, see my Post #2 of 3 on Connecticut for more on all that. Meanwhile, CFGNH.org is an interesting example of public/private collaboration, and how ONE privately controlled entity, only 11 board members, can direct how and where nearly ½ billion of assets is invested, sold, spent, or stewarded. See also its Schedule O on composition of Board Members and who in local civic life appoints them (Chief Executive of City of New Haven, Head of local Bar Association, Head of PROBATE court, Chamber of Commerce person, etc.] ALSO SEE what it omits from its tax returns (details on Schedule I, etc.). VERRy INterrresting overall!!

“OJJDP” is “Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, and part of (under) the Office of Justice Programs?under USDOJ.  http://www.ojjdp.gov/about/DivList.asp.   It relates to an act passed in 1974 by Congress, and, around this time, it would seem we got our NCJFCJ set up in Reno Nevada (although it claims origins back to 1939) and what later became a major subset of the NCJFCJ’s operations, their Pittsburgh-based “NCJJ” I blogged on earlier this year (2016). I DNR recall all those dates, but it does seem coordinated nationally to encourage diversionary justice programs — and it seems that this was then thought to also be a great idea for the family courts as well.  IN FACT, despite claims of earlier 1963 origin, it does seem that the AFCC (Association of Family Conciliation Courts — older name) incorporated in Illinois in 1975 also, with its registered agent (strangely) in Denver and its “entity” address out of 111 Hill Street in Los Angeles, which just so happened to be, I believe, a courthouse.  Private nonprofits (unregistered or registered) out of public buildings must have been harder to track — if you were clueless that they existed — before the internet age, for sure…ABOVE is the government logo.What “Mentoring.org” is doing in mimicking their websites, while (at least one says) taking a grant from OJJDP, I’ve not yet gotten to the bottom of, other than it doesn’t seem that honest in presentation.  As to Nationalizing Mentoring — everything else fatherhood, marriage, child protections, domestic or family violence prevention, for that matter “healthy communities” and so forth) is getting “nationalized” so someone saw an opportunity, obviously!   Also it should be obviously that the field of “fatherhood” would of course also involve mentoring training, and other profit-making adventures, even if there is no charge to the users on some of the websites.

Will discuss more on other posts, especially #2 of 3 in this series.

I have had three days of frustrating, significant computer problems or all this moving, splitting one post into three parts would’ve been done within 24 hours…and by Father’s Day..


This section, optional.  I put it in, but if you’re not in the mood, skip down to next large-font, bright-blue title.

To personify this still unresolved “computer situation,” with participants: one inanimate, mostly-metallic  piece of hardware, and its related software & operating electronically organized systems, meaning my laptop and/or sources of internet access (plural) —  my “electronic staff” (computer/browser/keyboard, etc.) simply went on strike, refusing to process basic instructions of the simplest sort, but intermittently functioning — unpredictably in both how and when.  Several “saves” were lost during a freeze which then required sorting out which was which and if possible salvaging the latest version, or deciding when not to.

The delay brought home the reality that this blog remains every year still  a one-person volunteer operation, without administrative staff, tech support, or (obviously) copyeditors, or, really, any budget in regularly producing specific tasks (posts!) en route to chosen goals, with deadlines.

How Too Many Simple Obstacles can Deter Long-Range Goals.  When these are deliberately sowed by interested parties, and what that interest (as to family court litigation) is actually sometimes really about (hint — it’s not really the children):

The electronic vulnerability, and frustrating obstruction in just a single, otherwise straightforward sequence of just a few time-sensitive tasks in some ways, seems an analogy for my life run through the family court gauntlet and thereafter attempting to personally re-integrate into anything even approaching normal business, work, housing or social relationships — minus several years productivity and definitely minus confidence in the short- medium- and long-term future apart from things I, personally, have committed to do.  The terrain has most definitely changed, and my ability to “pretend” it hasn’t and re-invest in the same type of initiatives that, absent inter-generational warfare for total supremacy (and control of the resulting “story line” and its interpretations) which can and do produce positive results for many, is greatly diminished.

Read More, here (this is simply a page, which I probably will not add to the sidebar, but will be accessible through this link). If you’re short on time, come back to that later – what’s below is more important, “imho.” Read the rest of this entry »

#1 of 3: Connecticut’s SOS Business Database Now Obstructs/Defeats Status-based Search for Inactive/Defunct Corps (Such as the NHFA|New Haven Family Alliance, at least as to IRS tax-exempt status, Automatically Revoked Nov. 2015 for not filing a return since 2012)

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I intend  this series (like the blog) to be illuminating and empowering, and that it may encourage people who will live longer than me, and possibly build on this information, thus knowing more sooner, to continue “looking it up” and teaching others why this is AS important as following the daily mainstream media and weighing in pro or con on the issues it spits out, regularity, each season, to weigh in on– while keeping THIS information on a collective MSM blackout.

While what I find is usually disturbing information, and discredits the good intentions of substantial charities and public-interest causes, it’s still a good thing to know what is taking place in those sectors, and some of the backdrop of their operations.  There has been an extreme level of computer problems since I first published this post, including saving revisions, or with my laptop working — at all.  I shortened this post, removed major sections to a different one, and am hoping nearly one full week later to get Posts #2 and 3 (links below will activate when I do) published.

*Shortlink to this Post #1 of 3 .** Post #2 of 3 at this link, and *** Post#3 of 3

This post as updated 6/21/2016 has much less text, and more charts directly related to that Connecticut’s Secretary of State (“SOS”) Databased, labeled “C.O.N.C.O.R.D.”   I moved major sections to a new post and published it 6/20/2016, the Monday after Father’s Day.   See Shortlink to that post, which explains why I’m doing a series on Connecticut and certain organizations running marriage/fatherhood (and youth mentoring) within it.  Some references from the removed material remain.  The result so far is now down to just over 6,000 words (significantly shorter).

Posts #2 & #3 will be published under those links as soon as I finish split process; their contents are already basically complete. As of late Tuesday 6/21/2016, they are not yet active, however.  (There was a computer-related delay last weekend).

Also see my prior, 6/8/2016, postCourtesy PRWORA, HHS, and Public Apathy, the Good Ol’ Boys Network with help from (speaking of which) Yale University is Re-packaging the Same Old Schlock, in this example, as “Male Involvement Network” revisits Connecticut and links back to several of my Spring 2013 posts on Connecticut’sfamily courts. “Male Involvement Network,” an aside on one of those post, I since learned is a collaboration begun in 1997.  One article on it was produced by at least three (actually more) key entities.  As I have in some other states, while working on-line and electronically from California, in investigating family court operations, organizations, or high-profile custody cases in specific states, I am typically also networked (to a degree) and long-term, dealing with some people involved locally, active on others’ blogs or MSM blogs in comments fields.  My awareness of these situations, while not local, is still in-depth in the larger context and with levels of influence within state government — simply because I look at more than one sector of influence on these courts.  After all, you can see well over 600 posts on this blog, completed over six years’ time, and a lot of time spent on each one.  The perspective is not just anecdotal evidence, not just a mothers’ perspective, and differs significantly from the average “take” on the situations involved.

Don’t Get Completely Distracted From “Looking It Up” by Current Events and the News.

Apart from who owns the mainstream (and other major on-line) media …. at some levels ALL news deals with government/private sector interplay, and accounting.  Media is not just to inform, it’s also to please its owners (often very wealthy corporations; at a certain level of wealth, individuals or families can go BUY a sports team, or a major newspaper. By definition, most major wealth is if not obtained, at least u pouring finances into them.  by stowing large parts of it into tax-exempt foundations, or p

Most days, weeks, months and years, there always will be an ongoing series of distractions from looking at how the government of the USA, and state governments taking significant federal input to their economies via the Social Security Act funds, as amended 1996 and passed a few times since with some amendments, and NO amendment, to date, having eliminated the HMRF* or Access/Visitation funds — or the expanding infrastructure, in the private sphere, they continue to not just directly support, but encourage continued expansion through public relations, evaluations, demonstrations, and social science/public health sectors of universities.

[[*HMRF stands for “Healthy Marriage/Responsible Fatherhood” and refers to a public (federal agency HHS) grants stream I have been blogging on for six years now.  The “HMRF” acronym may be more recent.  “HMRF” while in use by HHS is not searchable on its Database, “TAGGS.hhs.gov” of distributed grants and grantees.  To find HMRF grants in any state (or all states), use CFDA 93086; recommended, under “Advanced” search options.]]

Why should we NOT make sincere and diligent efforts to comprehend what this means locally?  We are being constantly fed paid-for promotions by the participants of what GOOD things it means locally, where is the counterpoint reporting, based on an overview and linked to supporting details other than more journalism based on, essentially, storytelling designed to increase readership and sell stories & programming?

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Courtesy PRWORA, HHS, and Public Apathy, the Good Ol’ Boys Network with help from (speaking of which) Yale University is Re-packaging the Same Old Schlock, in this example, as “Male Involvement Network”

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(After publishing any post, I review it, and may revise or clarify with added material, something posted. Anyone who receives the post through a tweet or as a follower is best served by going back to origiSnal link for must current version.This time I added a table of annual report filings (underneath the first logos shown below) and some links which didn’t make the “saved” version that was first published 6/8/2016 evening. Post currently runs under 10,000 words….Make that almost 12,000 words, after I added more details on the involved The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven” and its financials and the next paragraph explaining why I added that — and a dark-green background section about the CNCS and Social Innovation Funding…:):)

 I may subtract that, later, but remember to keep an eye on “COMMUNITY FOUNDATION OF [name your Metro/Regional Area, or major, particularly port city:  San Francisco, Baltimore, etc.]” (nationwide, and especially in metro regions, which also tend to have some high-profile universities (like, Yale…. in this case); they are fast-tracking “What Works” from federal/private power block to “community level” and are an identifiable part of the MACRO business model privatizing government, in preparation of course for “outflanking sovereignty through functionalism.”  These organizations have local credibility, significant assets obtained over the years, and significant connections to local power.  In addition through such things as the Federal “CNCS” (Corporation for National and Community Service) (URL: NationalService.gov)  helping the big guys pick their favorite programming and make sure the commoners (peasants and/or, low-income population, male and female, and whatever the ethnicity) are run through the “What Works” programs that Big Brother and Relatives have determined are best for all.  Notice that the Social Innovation Fund only dates to Year 2009:

The Social Innovation Fund (SIF) is a powerful approach to transforming lives and communities that positions the federal government to be a catalyst for impact—mobilizing private resources to find and grow community solutions with evidence of results.

With the simple but vital goal of finding what works, and making it work for more people, the Social Innovation Fund and its grantees create a learning network of organizations working to implement innovative and effective evidence-based solutions to local and national challenges in three priority areas: economic opportunity, healthy futures, and youth development.

Goodwill of Silicon ValleyIn just five years, the Social Innovation Fund and its private-sector partners have invested more than a $800 million in compelling community solutions. The Social Innovation Fund’s portfolio represents over $295 million in federal grants and more than $582 million in non-federal match commitments. To date, the SIF’s Classic program has made 35 awards to grantmaking organizations and 290 nonprofits working in 39 states and the District of Columbia. In total over 360 nonprofit organizations are being funded by the SIF to conduct diverse interventions and evaluate results through highly rigorous models. Through the SIF’s Pay for Success program, over 25 states across the United States are engaged in testing and implementation of Pay for Success projects. Across both programs, the Social Innovation Fund is committed to expanding the impact of effective community solutions to make a difference in the lives of more Americans.

Authorized by the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act in April of 2009, the Social Innovation Fund is a program of the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), a federal agency focused on improving lives, strengthening communities, and fostering civic engagement through service and volunteering. Together, service and innovation provide a vehicle to harness the power of ordinary people and unleash the potential of innovative ideas to help address our communities’ toughest social problems and transform lives.

Consider Yourself Forewarned to Pay Attention to the CNCS and what the Social Innovation Fund (Big Brother and Big Tax-exempt Foundation) have planned for our local communities.//LGH.)



For example as to those filings of AFCC and its Chapters, on its website and IRS filings this (?) organization claims to be legal domicile Wisconsin (see Heading row ending in “M” Legal Domicile”) and having existed since 1963, but the State of Wisconsin only admits to the existence of a Chapter of AFCC, and that only since Year 2012:

ID Entity Name /Type Registered
Effective Date
Status /
Status Date
06 – Non-Stock Corporation
10/15/2012 Incorporated/Qualified/ Registered

Meanwhile, Illinois Secretary of State records the existence (still active) of a business entity since 1975, under two prior names, the current one matching the one on the AFCC logo below.

(Click for search results image: CyberdriveIllinois.com AFCC Search Results.  Use CyberdriveIllinois.com link to repeat a name search showing one prior name, and clickable to read details (including that it’s a “Domestic” Illinois organization originally filed 1975, with two prior names, dated 2001 and 2002 as I recall. Illinois has it File No. “50708497”).





I PUT AN EXTENSIVE UPDATE ON THIS PARTICULAR FIND ON ONE OF THOSE OLDER POSTS, WHICH EXPLAINS MORE FULLY WHY I GET TO USE THE WORD “SCHLOCK.”  ON THAT UPDATE I ALSO NOTICED THAT ONE OF THE KEY PARTICIPANTS IN THIS REPORT, ONE YEAR AFTER HAVING ITS NAME ON THE SAME, APPARENTLY QUIT FILING ITS TAX RETURNS.  While I’d like to further verify that those returns aren’t on some other database, even if they have filed, I noticed that this organization’s primary source of revenues three years ago was government grants, and primary use of those was on its own employees.  The grants are not being redistributed to anyone (individual or organizations).  Yet the website is still up and, looking quite nice and colorful, having its logo — it still features requests for funds:

A Partnership For Family & Community Empowerment.”

Here’s The Community Foundation Greater New Haven (from “GiveGreater.org“) soliciting for the above organization on a page “last updated 8/7/2015

Feel free to explore that link, “Leadership and Staff” for from 1996-[8/7/2015]  CEO “Barbara Tinney, MSW” (only former CEO listed Mr. Mustafa Abdul Salamm**, 1991) and the comments at the bottom of its page about some excess administrative costs:

(Google search results on Mustafa Abdul Salamm, May 7, 1998 has him quitting after being accused of forging a signature to obtain Community Development Block Grants, on a different organization:  Neighborhood Agency Chief Quits After Forgery Accusation) (<==read!!)

May 7, 1998 by Johnny Mason, Jr. of the Hartford Courant:

Mustafa Abdul-Salaam, executive director of the Upper Albany Neighborhood Collaborative in Hartford, resigned April 17 after being accused of forging a signature on an application for city funds.

The resignation was triggered when Mustafa apparently forged the name of Gerald Thorpe, chairman of the Upper Albany Neighborhood Revitalization Zone, on a February letter recommending that the collaborative be given city Community Development Block Grant funds

Abdul-Salaam is the former executive director of the New Haven Family Alliance, a social service agency. A former captain of the 1975 University of Connecticut men’s basketball team, his name was Earl Wilson before he converted to Islam…

Abdul-Salaam, who became the executive director of the North End collaborative after a nationwide search, at a salary of $63,000 per year, was the agency’s fifth executive director in seven years. Florence Ehiboir-Cole, assistant executive director, is serving as interim director. The agency, at 1339 Albany Ave., has an annual budget of $325,000. Most of its funding comes from the Ford Foundation, but it also has received city funds.

Interesting as the Ford Foundation in general is heavily involved in promoting fatherhood studies and professionals in the field.

1) NHFA’s fiscal, administrative and programmatic infrastructure has not kept pace with its development and implementation of innovative programs and interventions. This is in part a result of limited non-restrictive, flexible funds. In response to this challenge, the agency is implementing the recommendations proposed in the FMA assessment report

2) NHFA needs to reduce administrative cost in order to stabilize its financial situation in 2015 and beyond. As part of this effort by the end of December, NHFA is moving its office to a less expensive, community based location in the Dixwell neighborhood.

Found under “CEO COMMENTS” on same or related page at the Community Foundation:

NHFA Board of Directors will be working with the Yale School of Management to develop a five year strategic planning that includes a fund development plan.

I don’t know who ‘FMA” is, and this page at “GreaterGiving.org” doesn’t tell me readily.

However, next, go to the “Financials Link” regarding the New Haven Family Alliance and click on “990s” — no 990 past 2012-2013 fiscal year is uploaded. Interesting…. Even if it didn’t file, it takes three years in a row of not-filing for the IRS to revoke a tax-exempt status, and then some additional time to tell the public on “Exempt Select Organization Check.”

Impact locally of endorsement of NHFA by this Community Foundation — see their main page (CFGNH.org):

The Community Foundation is one of the oldest and largest community foundations in the United States and remains the largest grantmaker in a twenty-town region located in the heart of central Connecticut.

The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven is a philanthropic institution that was established in 1928 as the community’s  permanent charitable endowment. For more than three generations, thousands of donors have built our community endowment by establishing permanent funds or making gifts to existing funds that distribute grants to a broad variety of issues and organizations.. [Para. order reversed]

Separate Topic, should be a separate post.  This pattern can be found in metro areas throughout the country. To discuss requires discussing details on the tax returns, not just organization websites.

Notable finds regarding this particular one, though:  (1) It is not posting ANY details, not even the names of its grantees  and amounts granted on either the IRS form on their own website, or (from what I can see) on other sources showing the same IRS#,  previous years.

  • For example, on June 9, 2016, looking for anything granted to this (non-filing — see chart of annual reports and last known tax returns, below) The New Haven Family Alliance, Inc. I found that the organization simply lists “to various tax-exempt organizations” and no “See Additional Table.”  It does not provide another table.  Yet, it is taking in government grants yearly.

(2) Big Changes/Increased Revenues for 2015 Makes one wonder Why, and From Whom, and highlights that, with or without the word “Community” on an organization name, it’s still by definition a privately controlled (by its board of directors) nonprofit, nonstock corporation, NOT a government entity.  If you compare Schedule F (foreign investments) for year 2015 to (must look up the organization separately) to even Year 2014, it’s clear that the organization is purchasing investments in the Cayman Islands, in a major way compared to prior years when its only overseas activity on Schedule F looked like a minor (about $10,000) donor-advised fund to Ireland.

Any Form 990 (currently) on Part I (page 1) has a “Prior Year/Current Year” column, showing any major changes.  2015 represented a MAJOR increase in CFGNH’s Revenues.  Take a look at this community foundation’s 2015 IRS return posted on its site, its EIN# 066032106.

Notice the upwards jump on both “Contributions” (Line 8. from $24.0M to $65.6M) and Investment Income (Line 10. from $29.6M to $75.4M)?  For Total Revenues (Program-Related only), that’s almost a TRIPLING of revenues in a single year.  From $51.6M to $145.0M (check link).  Did this result in a tripling of donations to other organizations — its primary reason for existing, allegedly?  NO.  The jump was from $20M to $29M.

Shows  huge size (close to one-half billion$ of assets), huge revenues ($69M contributions that year alone, and $79M “investment income” — mostly from selling over $470M of Securities for that amount of net profit. Despite this, it still got close to $1M of “government grants” anyway.  This may have to do with the composition of the board membership which by definition includes gets appointed by public officials and at least one board representative from Chief Executive of the City of New Haven, from Yale, the Bar Association, etc. (see tax return details).

Having received $145M Revenues (but over $500M gross receipts) in 2015, it dispensed $29M of grants (THAT schedule not attached to their website’s 2015 financials).  

I went looking from a different source for prior years, and found that unlike most organization, dispensing that amount of money ($20M/year, roughly) they don’t bother to include a Schedule I.  A comment is made that grants are tracked online.  What should be looked at is the difference between 2015 and 2014 (below) “Schedule F” which is outside investments.  And the major change (almost tripling) in revenues.  All I was looking for is anything donated to New Haven Family Alliance after it stopped filing tax returns and annual reports (apparently).  Not that easy to find when the tax returns available (or offered by the organization) are not producing any Schedule I, Grant to Governments and Organizations in the US.

Search Again  (COMPARE these to the 2015 posted on their site, above).

Friends of Boulder Knoll * CT 2014 990 45 $443,530,278.00 06-6032106
Community Foundation for Greater New Haven CT 2013 990 41 $416,295,565.00 06-6032106
Community Foundation for Greater New Haven, The CT 2012 990 40 $363,752,780.00 06-6032106

(Wrong name here factor of The Foundation Center, not the organization filing its returns).

I just looked at 2012, 2013 and 2014 tax returns available through a different source

The influence of large “Community Foundations” throughout the country should be looked at closely when they become conduits for federal public/private partnerships, helping conceal major private foundation backers’ money.  For example, out of the list of 498 funds at “CFGNH” I see that Annie E. Casey Foundation established a Donor-advised fund in 2003.  They are listed “alpha” but only 25 results per page.  I guess if anyone is then willing to flip through about 1,000 pages @ 25 names/page  (or use the slider bar and guesstimate) this will give name and origin of the funds — but not their individual amounts held.  Annie E. Casey is already a major player in foster care, fatherhood movements, “JDAI” and other “shifting the paradigm” movements in family and juvenile courts. I have a sticky page on its “Kids Count” data book, and this came up again recently in looking at Alabama also.

“Read my lips” — promoting fatherhood is a public/private COORDINATED effort involving major foundations (bipartisan — both sides of the political spectrum do this). I run around behind and look up the grantees, and find them seriously wanting in basic organization filings compliance, which doesn’t seem to be coincidental.

I went to “C.O.N.C.O.R.D.” which is the state’s Business Entity Search Site. According to this NHFA is still active — but still lives at a different street address 370 James.  I clicked details and see that its last filed ANNUAL report was in 2011.

# Business Name Business ID Status Business Address

[Checked post-publication. If that link isn’t still active, repeat the search to learn that, according to this database, The New Haven Family Alliance, Inc. has been filing its annual required reports “periodically” — that means several times since incorporation, they have gone many years without filing, apparently not been administratively dissolved or put on notice (?) as happens in some states, and forced to re-instate. Compare the “Filing Type” column to the Filing Date/Time column to see a gap for 1992 (second year never filed), 1994-5-6-7-9 = its post-PRWORA years!; catch up filings in March, 2000.]

Business ID Business Name
Filing Number Filing Date/Time Effective Date/Time Filing Type Volume Type Volume Start Page Page #
0000624488 12:00 AM REPORT(1994) 0
0000624486 May 21, 1991 12:00 AM INCORPORATION C 11860 0653 0
0000624487 Aug 12, 1993 12:00 AM ORG REPORT C 12330 3315 0
0002094498 Mar 24, 2000 8:30 AM Mar 24, 2000 8:30 AM REPORT (1996) B 00328 3109 3
0002094500 Mar 24, 2000 8:30 AM Mar 24, 2000 8:30 AM REPORT (1997) B 00328 3115 3
0002094501 Mar 24, 2000 8:30 AM Mar 24, 2000 8:30 AM REPORT (1998) B 00328 3118 4
0002094504 Mar 24, 2000 8:30 AM Mar 24, 2000 8:30 AM REPORT (1999) B 00328 3127 3
0002117676 May 24, 2000 8:30 AM May 24, 2000 8:30 AM REPORT (2000) B 00341 0397 3
0002289591 Jul 18, 2001 8:30 AM Jul 18, 2001 8:30 AM REPORT (2001) B 00428 0540 3
0002783858 Mar 01, 2004 8:30 AM Mar 01, 2004 8:30 AM REPORT (2002) B 00685 3086 3
0002783860 Mar 01, 2004 8:30 AM Mar 01, 2004 8:30 AM REPORT (2003) B 00685 3091 4
0002893257 Aug 26, 2004 8:30 AM Aug 26, 2004 8:30 AM REPORT (2004) B 00742 0042 3
0003069936 Jul 05, 2005 8:30 AM REPORT (2005) B 00840 1096 5
0003257554 Jun 29, 2006 8:30 AM REPORT (2006) B 00938 2228 4
0003471885 May 31, 2007 8:30 AM REPORT (2007) B 01049 0537 4
0003741867 Jul 16, 2008 8:30 AM REPORT (2008) B 01187 2344 2
0004569307 Apr 11, 2012 11:32 AM REPORT (2009) B 01636 1123 3
0004569314 Apr 11, 2012 11:34 AM REPORT (2010) B 01636 1138 3
0004569319 Apr 11, 2012 11:35 AM REPORT (2011) B 01636 1148 3

(Any background colors added by blogger LGH). In addition to the irregularity of filing annual reports, there are despite this still years missing as you can see simply looking for all consecutive years since 1991, or at least 1993 filings.  Where are years 1994 and 1995 (first two of its existence?).  Also, a recent search for this organization by name or the EIN# below, pulls up nothing past its own Fiscal year 2012:

New Haven Family Alliance CT 2012 990 21 $118,437.00 06-1324343
New Haven Family Alliance CT 2011 990 25 $246,260.00 06-1324343
New Haven Family Alliance CT 2010 990 26 $148,285.00 06-1324343

Click on any of the above three years, look at Part I Details (main source of revenues, Line 8, is grants, main expenditures (Part I) is “Salaries,” look at Page 2 scanty description of what organization is doing (I saw top row’s only so far), go to Part VIII Statement of Revenues and notice that main source of Contributions (non-government donations) and Grants (government donations) is recorded as $1.4M out of total $1.5M (for YE2013) “Government Grants.”
….I just checked TAGGS.hhs.gov, and so far, do not see any direct grants to NHFA above (=Link to search results: All years, CT only, I entered Organization Name). I searched (org. name only) the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven and found no direct grants. I then searched (CT, all years) under two known CFDA’s: 93086 (Healthy Marriage/Responsible Fatherhood) and 93597 (Access and Visitation) to see who, in the state of Connecticut, is getting those types of grants. These are the Title IV-A and Title IV-D grants, post-welfare reform of 1996, specifically promoting two-parent families and increased noncustodial parenting time (i.e., more fatherhood involvement where there is a single mother involved).

Summary, having written the post:

Truly we the public has been weighed in the balance (overall) and been found wanting.  Every four years — and between — we go to sleep on what, REALLY, did welfare reform do, and instead of going for our own close-up sources of reference across multiple sources, take public media, politicians, in combination with accredited experts (ever think of checking out WHO FUNDS THEM?  I sure have been…and posting it when it pertains to this subject matter also.)

If something has an opinion from a Republican and an opinion from a Democrat, making it “bipartisan” we still apparently think that’s meaningful.  Ditto if it’s supposedly religiously neutral because it’s in the sphere of “social science” and couched in economic terms about reducing poverty.

Under the banner of helping the low-income and reducing abstract, generalized terms such as “poverty,” and through ignorance (of how government reports its revenues to the public, not just what it does with them as publicized by the government or those contracting with government to describe how wonderful and transparent it is, and how great its programming and policies) we have been induced to create more and more layers of administration of public-purpose services, and once created, assume they should continue forever.

When it comes to post-PRWORA policy on promoting fatherhood, a look at the tax returns shows this literally props up a middle-class income in the private tax-exempt sector, and far from trickling down, is running into rivers of opportunity and shell organizations for less than public-interest purposes. When I say “shell organization” I mean, the entity either doesn’t exist at the state corporate level (for long), or the tax-filing level (as required to) consistently, but still keeps the website up and the solicitations — long after they’re out of compliance.  THIS is “business as usual” and if you’re in it (as a woman or as a man) it is an extension of the Good Ol’ Boys Network.

Who’s ever going to squeal the truth, the whole truth, or anything remotely resembling the truth?  Should some dare to do this, the means to squelch the individuals and make an example of them to others is already available.  I will say again the ENTIRE family court system is itself one of those tools.  It still matters who and what is running it and who set it up.
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