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About the Language and Length (Notes on Writing Style from TOC 2014 post) with Work Sample: The Calif Endowment (Publ. 10-13-2016, “Sticky”)

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Some Notes on Length and Writing Style,

and Work Sample (Preview/Postlude)

(Exploring one nonprofit & one of its backing foundations  with financial and filing details sheds light on the organizations’ mutual and relative sizes, revenue sources, and overall purposes, as a counterpoint and “backdrop” to organization’s public-profiles, i.e., their websites)  


Full Post Title & ShortLink:  About the Language and Length (Notes on Writing Style from TOC 2014 post) with Work Sample: The Calif Endowment (Publ. 10-13-2016, “Sticky”)

The next box contains about the shortest and still-accurate summary of the blog I have been able to come up with to date.   It was written a long while back, and still applies.

This Absolutely Uncommon Analysis shouldn’t be!

What I do here: I expose the systems design, and the designers, so Y.O.U. can show others, and to notify those playing certain games, “you’ve been flagged.”

Heard of “disruptive technologies?” Disruptive innovations?

Well, this is a disruptive blog. I give people who’ve already been strung out and stripped down BY the system another place to stand and look at it, and a clear, fairly diagnostic language (vs. pretty logos and moving pictures) to describe it to others. AND, which many don’t do, I tell how I found the information; links databases and all.


About half of this post, the “Some Notes on Length and Writing Style” part, was just removed from the other, Table of Contents 2014 post (“My Posts, Just the List,” dated April 24, 2014, and as a Sticky Post currently in second position at the top of this blog at all times, since I created a separate 2016 Table of Contents post, now in first position at the top of this blog at all times).

The other half, the “Work Sample (Preview/Postlude)“portions as that label indicates, is split into Before/After (preview/postlude sections).  It was inspired, or at least written (!) after the move.  So the original material, written in more general narrative, summary terms, is now in the middle of this post, now about 14,800 words long.  The difference between the two types of writing (but actually three different sections) is in level of detail.

If you are new to this blog, please read at least the part in light-green background, which is that part moved from the other Table of Contents.  It’s more summary and less detailed.

If, however, you are not new to this blog — or if you have read the 2014 Table of Contents recently (late September, October, 2016) — please know that the material in light-green background was taken from there; it’s a “copy & cut” from there and “paste” here (=a move), not a re-write, up until a certain point, marked by a section title and change of background colors.


Some was added to smooth the transition to a new context. I’ll put the added material PREVIEW of the POSTLUDE in this fontdifferent background color. That material is a quick summary and not necessarily best writing; my purpose here is housekeeping (re-positioning blog content to promote the Table of Contents itself), and I am also working concurrently on other posts dealing with current state of affairs on specific, relevant topics.  BELOW the light-green section, it will be this background-color (for more contrast with its quotes, charts and images, starting with this Heading:

The section title leading off the “postlude” is:



..and as I’m saying, as shown above, in more olive-colored background.

This next section here previews the “Postlude,” after which the section with a light-green background, again, represents earlier material moved from the Table of Contents (2014 and before) page, to simplify that page.  Easiest way to locate either might be background-colors.  Also, the middle section has more text and fewer images.

In the next section I simply “get into it” and show some of what I was looking up, and how I look some of these things up, on two (actually three) organizations which show different elements of the “public/private partnerships” moving both public AND private money, energies, and assets around for all the allegedly right reasons, but sometimes in less than the appropriate means. Read the rest of this entry »

Table of Contents 2016 ONLY, to Posts ONLY, Current through October.

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“First 5”** Points Navigation/

Content of Table & Navigation of the Blog


**”First 5.”  

I wanted to make 5 points about navigating this blog, which brought to mind again the phrase.  See that section below, labeled in the same big, red, font for more fascinating and relevant information about a project springing up almost full-fledged before the public is informed, and involving more expansive uses of public funds on young children in the cradle-to-career (“womb to tomb”) planned economy, and planned-for-them lives.

This post, begun Sept. 2016 and posted Oct. 4, 2016, represents a separation of the 2016 posts from that earlier, larger table with this obnoxious, and over time, less than honest title — in that it’s labeled “JUST the List” and in that I have a tendency to JUST keep writing and teaching these points, regardless of where my cursor is at the time — My Posts, Just the List (June 29, 2014..back to Sept. 24, 2012, and from Jan. 23, 2016 forward).  That one is still only complete backwards to September, 2012.  The earlier compilation doesn’t go all the way back yet (March 2009 – August 2012 only accessible through “Archives” or direct search if you know the title).

That post, which should display right underneath this one, is still a very good place to read, including its long introduction, and longer table of contents.  It is one place from which to browse this blog, and it will continue to remain a top-of-the-blog post, just not the VERY, very top.

Note: The preliminary paragraphs here may eventually move or be removed.  My purpose was to display the entire TOC for 2016 at the very top of the blog, and the second table (2014 retro table of contents) right underneath it, and other important posts “stuck” with their intros underneath. What will be different this time is that the “read more” tag will be after the entire 2016 Table, so those post titles are what is featured.   INTRO MATERIAL ABOUT RECENT EVENTS IN MINNESOTA AFFECTING ME PERSONALLY (SOCIALLY, AND AS TO PUBLICIZING FamilyCourtMatters INFORMATION, THAT IS) MOVED TO THIS POST (Title tba, link will become active when it’s published)

FamilyCourtMatters is still a volunteer blog with only one writer, and as a blog is less formal than a commercial website with assistants or a “webmaster” separate from the writer, and doesn’t pretend to be thoroughly copyedited or even proofread.  It is a public-interest blog and resource.

FamilyCourtMatters.WordPress.com, this blog, is also being watched over the years by many levels of state, and some federal agencies, law firms, universities and other interested parties — some of them those I am covering in the blog.  Sample provided in this July 17, 2016 post, “Look at Who’s Been Looking at This Blog Recently. [+ Update re: the Trust/Probate Factor].” (Certain embedded html and an outside service shows me as blog administrator.  Reporting this information is still rare, but this has been true from near the start of the blog in 2009).

How and Why I Started Investing So Much Time in the TOC:

WordPress blogs do list their recent posts, but don’t generate a table of contents automatically, much less one with links to each post, as might a word processing document.   Yet I have been writing and researching on its topic over a seven-year period, since March, 2009, as well as staying active commenting on public sites, whether blog, on-lines, or sometimes major media outlets (on-line), with a select group of individuals (which changes over time), by telephone and/or email.

So, in April, 2014, realizing this blog wasn’t going away any time soon, despite evolving series of tough times personally related to the reasons why I felt it necessary to start the blog in the first place, I started compiling a table of contents, reverse chronological order.  I had already begun compiling posts that I felt expressed key concepts and “Sticking” them to the top of the blog, permanently, resulting in 10 of sticky posts and the possible appearance that I wasn’t writing at all. A look at the sidebar (Most Recent Posts) does show otherwise, however.

** I borrowed the phrase “First 5” casually but already knowing it was a reference to the political push for universal preschool and related programming in California, from where I have been blogging. I only used the phrase in reference to having First, 5 points to make about “navigation” of this table of contents and blog, but ended up discovering another specific program (fund) based in D.C., making another follow-up project on both situations.

“First 5” lookup led to the “First Five Years Fund.”  Politically and economically, they are related.  

Organizationally and Geographically, they are different.

The Executive Director Kris Perry [2<==,] [3<==9/30/2016 comment on Congress having kept the government funded] of the D.C. “First Five Years Fund,”[1 <==Who We Are” which like too many organization websites, doesn’t actually identify or reveal who, as an organization, they are.  Corporations are persons, remember?  What an organization’s activities are, or who its staff is,  who is funding it, or even how much money it has, still doesn’t tell “WHO” in the most important terms, it is.]. FFYF does not appear to be a government entity, but (see footnote [2]), on its website identifies its Executive Director as a former director of First 5 (specific entities), which are California government entities, or at least “commissions.”

Kris Perry and her wife Sandy live in Washington, D.C. and have four sons.

Kris Perry and her wife Sandy live in Washington, D.C. and have four sons.

[2] Kris is a national thought leader on early childhood education, who has appeared in the New York Times, POLITICO, New Republic, Salon, Congressional Quarterly and many other new outlets across the country.

Previously, Kris served as Executive Director of First 5 California, fostering their emergence as one of the most well known and respected advocates for early childhood development on the state and national levels….

[3] …About the First Five Years Fund: The First Five Years Fund helps America achieve better results in education, health and economic productivity through investments in quality early childhood education programs for disadvantaged children. FFYF provides knowledge, data and advocacy – persuading federal policymakers to make investments in the first five years of a child’s life that create greater returns for allhttp://www.ffyf.org

Greater than what alternatives, honestly and openly considered and debated among all that would be underwriting them, particularly the working class who do not have sufficient excess to become experts in finding tax loopholes for their excess revenues as do those most intent on promoting these policies?

The First Five Years Fund (WHO is it?) and Why Aren’t Its Backers/Directors Aren’t Advertising that EIN#? (again, this is a “tba” post started 10/7/2016, currently in draft).

To further understand why I ask, one must have looked — long and hard — at the tax-exempt sector as increasingly taking operational control of government-funded services and programs… and policymaking… and institutions, including the courts..

I show and tell this, over time, time and again, in this blog.

Seems to me the same “greater returns for all” argument was made about promoting the purposes behind welfare reform as to promoting marriage/fatherhood, the formation of two-parent families and reducing out-of-wedlock childbearing, with dramatic collateral damages associated with the massive shift of government services into private hands, and exponentially increasing (and incentivizing) the formation of nonprofits exclusively to receive programming under those grants, and related professionals to further market their for-profit products/services (often in electronic form — low overhead, high profit once initially designed) and coordinate with already like-minded PRIVATE entities (501©3s) to continually “demonstrate” “evaluate” “disseminate” (findings), order more research, suggest more areas to demonstrate, evaluate and disseminate the findings on, at public expense, by demographic, gender, behavioral, geographical (urban/rural), and of course ethnic/racial profiles around the previously-determined themes.

It seems / perhaps / from what I’ve seen researching the grantees, as indicated at length in this blog, they simply forgot to finish the phrase — “greater returns for all _____” and fill in the names of affiliated friends, associates, colleagues etc. in the blank. In other words, we are NOT all on the same page in these matters, and this proposition for narrowing all kinds of gaps in reality, exacerbates the power imbalance in determining how public money is spent, and on what.

What’s also remarkable about the First Five Years Fund here, address 1010 Vermont Avenue NW #810, Washington, D.C., is how evasive it is at showing any financials or identifying its business entity self — if there is one — or, if it’s a project of some other BUSINESS or GOVERNMENT entity — which one.  Instead, we get a lot of PR and advertisement.  That alone (in addition to the profile of the Executive Director — which implies a nonprofit entity of some sort — as having come from my (adopted) state, and originally, it looks like “my neck of the woods,” that is, Northern California, SF Bay Area, East Bay) caught my attention.

There is also a connection between these fields of early childhood development, Head Start and Early Head Start and the family courts (and, fatherhood promotion) or I would not include it here, or post what are until linked to evidence, unsupported summaries of the situation I have perceived over time (and geographies / entities studied).

2016 My Post# 45 First Five Years Fund (see “First 5” in California) Politically, Socially, Economically = Just Another Stage in Planned Population Control and Exploitation, i.e.  “Cradle to Career” is just a subset of “Womb to Tomb.” [post is ALMOST ready, when link becomes active, I’ll remove this disclaimer.] eta Oct. 4, 2016

First 5 in California is organized at the county level, and is, basically, about getting disadvantaged children that the public/private partnerships do not yet have their “paws” on into programming to produce a more politically correct product (i.e., domesticated livestock, i.e.,  human population). . .

*”First 5″ in California is a  public funding source; there are “First 5 Commissions” with a reputation for political, ah, purposes, about programming for children aged 0-5.  The funding in California came from Prop. 10 vote for increased tax on cigarettes for this purpose.

In other states, as I recall this past year, in Alabama and Georgia, I have also seen cigarette (tobacco settlement) money used to sponsor early childhood education and set up county-based “child policy councils” to push certain themes, one of which included more and earlier childhood education — another of which is more involvement of fathers.  The connections can be seen from mutual references and cites on the state-level websites.  The system of “CPCs” helps disseminate anything privately agreed upon as good for the state’s kids, faster and statewide.

At the time I saw this I also explored it to agree, saving the notes in draft posts for further followup.  Finding the “First Five Years Fund” and its leadership and backers, as well as scant and hard-to-locate information on the exact organization’s business (and IRS-related) identity confirms the significance and importance of following through on the initial intuition, observations, and curiosities about WHY the controlling powers’ (public/private always in nature) collective obsession with “early childhood education,” when their own top leadership (versus “hired hands” leadership which Executive Directors by definition are – they are to “executive” what Board of Directors, led usually by a Chairman (sic — can be a woman) determines as guided by their by-laws, articles of incorporation, etc.) most likely was not a product of any such thing, or normal work lives in the private sector and primarily as employees.

Punishing (penalizing) cigarette-makers and marketers in order to promote health, to me seems odd as the giant tobacco firms end up getting into food, i.e., the giant centralized parent companies of many common brands of food made available to Americans (reference meaning “in the USA” — it’s these courts within the USA I’m investigating as they tie into federal and state financing and social policy.).  If you think about it, some of the health problems we have were eating over-processed food or unhealthy food which these firms were pushing, including plenty of sweets.*

*I have no experience in family courts of other countries and have not been investigating them, although some information naturally surfaces as the court websites here reference practices in, for example, Canada, and as the judges/lawyers/psychologists/mediator’s associations involved in the courts HERE are indeed attempting to internationally align practices with countries whose governmental structure has major differences from that in the USA.).

So then to counter the sweets, or other things causing health problems (obesity, diabetes, etc.) at times mediation (pharma, “Rx”) is also needed, as well as of course some of the R&D to go with it.  Meanwhile firms controlling both food (or its production by way of seeds, pesticides and fertilizers, a.k.a. drugs, a.k.a. chemicals,)  are merging and consolidating power.

Huge corporations typically are going to have related tax-exempt foundations to “go with.”  Good to counter some of that wealth accumulation with PR, but it’s going to come with strings attached (control) and overall, collectively, that is as a major sector of the economy, collateral effects on all.

These tax-exempt foundations, called typically “philanthropies” throughout when they do wish to be well-known, focus on the public good they are doing and with what “love” they do it — when in fact, the overall effect is to reduce corporate taxation while retaining as much control of the assets, and influence upon government (needed to a large degree for the corporations to operate).

These foundations have gotten in a HUGE way into managing and controlling “the poor” or “low-income families” and are absolutely already entrenched into the family court systems, at local and statewide level as well as the social service and criminal/justice systems.

The sheer SIZE of some of these firms lends to them working together (internationally) and/or eating up (buying, selling, assimilating and then digesting and excreting — like the human body — that which seems beneficial [in corporate terms, profitable] to itself), leading to a situation none of us should want — centralized control, for profit, of all aspects of life and of the things on which life depends, as well as the places where life might take place (i.e., real estate and asset infrastructure of the cities where so many people are concentrated, particularly in the USA).

A good portion of my blog, after first working upwards from the smaller nonprofits attached to (and affecting) custody outcomes, that is, doing business with and around the family court system and related functions (such as child support enforcement or abatement), and as often run by participants, ends up looking at the bigger money behind them.  In recent years I have focused on the impact of public/private partnerships on due process and justice, where those partnerships form a self-encircling closed-circuit loop of input, leaving out MOST of the population.  Then we wonder why we can’t be permitted ongoing contact with our own children, despite no evidence of illegal, law-breaking or, court-order-contempt activity — and complain that the system is biased against women — or against men.

I try to find LCD (lowest common denominator) language in which both women and men may communicate our concerns about the family courts (despite our differing biological participation levels in becoming a parent, and in the workforce, and over the history of this country, in the overall power structure — starting with the ability to vote (!!), or to enroll as undergrads in some of the nation’s politically-connected Ivy League universities.  etc.

Anyhow, as I’ve said above, while looking for a link quick reference to “First 5,” it was for a tongue-in-cheek and casual way of saying “5 points, first” (as in, before showing the Table of Contents) instead I found also…I found also a WDC “First Five Years Fund

(Which looks like a nonprofit, but I cannot locate a corporate entity in DC (where its address seems to be or any EIN#).  The purpose is to expand early childhood education — for disadvantaged families, that is — for a better world (get them babies away from them Mamas and Papas earlier, get the Mamas and Papas working for wages, and supporting the infrastructure).  More on that later (the table excerpt above, is a link to a post in process about some of the finds..)

Meanwhile, my own (separate) First Five points about this Table of Contents and Circumnavigating this Blog.

(1) It extends from January 23 (first post of the year), 2016, so far, through October 3, 2016.  (Only one Sept. post was published; Oct. 3 includes this one, which will remain at top of the blog with its companion introduction & updates post, activated Oct. 3).

(2) For an alternate, more extensive, but click-intensive source of the same information (dates only, no titles) and more (for all 650+ posts since 2009) — see “Archives” by month.  Last several posts are always displayed also on the sidebar under that title.

(3) Tags, for those posts that have them, are below the table.*

  • I began tagging extensively and more thoroughly in 2016 as the subject matter became more complex historically and internationally (There is an intent to internationally align our family court practices, procedures, and policies with other countries’ internationally — you are aware of this by now right?  This pressure to compromise rights under state or USA federal laws for the international scenario is also coming from court-reform and protective parents groups. I do not believe it’s in individuals’ best interests in any country.).

(4) An exceptions to “Just list, don’t talk” on this page but BELOW the table of contents, in the “tags” section.  One post, on a single funder of a single, not very large fathers’ rights, (men of color, low-income noncustodial) 501©3 organization “CFFPP.org” in the tags arena, I explained with “show and tell” (logos, tax return images, quotes) in more detail:  

  • In which post:   SFFI – CFFPP – JustGive, Inc. – IronPlanet, Inc. – ZOPB – Texas DoT’s $1B GrandParkway Project – US Gov’ts Big Banks Bailout|SunTrust (while Fixing Fragile Families?)*  [“SFFI” stands for “Strengthening Fragile Families Initiative” = a Ford-Foundation project associated with fathers’ rights movement.  CFFPP is a nonprofit.  This post looks at one of CFFP’s many funders “JustGive” with interesting results..]
  • Why:  for the significance, more of the behavior of the group’s backers (including the Ford Foundation, but in this example, primarily the SF-based — until it merged with a London-based group of similar name — “JustGive.org”) than of CFFPP itself. I could have, and have at other times, done a similar expose on domestic violence organization backers (particularly where they come from mega-health-insurance field) and have done, at least in substantial part so far, another one on the associations of the protective mothers’ (so-called) organizations. This one happens to be a group I was aware of early on, and again, recently.

(5) Below this table, I have a section of “tags” for 2016 posts.  For writing before 2016:  About one-and-a-half years of pre-2016 lists of posts (not “pages,” most of which are on the sidebar links) are available, with titles, in my other, verbose “Table of Contents” page which has been the top page of this blog for a very long time.

Thank you for patience reading.  I promise it will be rewarded with increased understanding IF you put your eyes and attention on the evidence referenced in these posts.

Some common themes may appear in a different light, which may be personally disturbing for people working in the some of these nonprofits, or for parents who have cast their lot in with the smaller advocacy groups backed by the bigger, but less than forthright about their overall purposes, tax-exempt foundations.

If you are among those feeling personally uncomfortable or disturbed after seeing this information, consider the choices you now have — deny, dismiss, disprove my deductions from the evidence or find better ones (but — incorporating the evidence) (good luck with that…), or do something constructive about the situation.

(Yr 2016)
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39 If You Won’t Responsibly Notice, Detail and Come to any Conclusion on DOMESTIC Govt-Funded NGOs (Here, DAIP, BWJP in MN) and Databases (here, TAGGS.HHS.GOV, a 990-finder, and IRS Pub. 78 EOS Search), How Will You Stand Up for ANYONE’s Rights (incl. yours) under GLOBAL Govt-funded NGO Control? August 9, 2016
40 What is an NGO?  Is the International Institute for Peace, that UNESCO affiliate at Rutgers an “NGO”?  In fact, What is Rutgers? (See State of NJ’s–and Rutgers’ — CAFRs) August 22, 2016
41 Agenda 21, Lawsuit AGAINST| Fiscal Agents FOR |The Strange Case of Edward Charles Foundation (Inc. 2009 in California as a Delaware Org.) | Whitaker Peace and Development Initiative (Inc. December 2011 in California; First Revenues ($1.4M) not acknowledged until 2013) August 23, 2016
42 Case in Point, NEVER skip the Business 501(c)3  Entity Lookups, and Watch the “Fiscal Agent” organizations! (UNESCO, Edward Charles Foundation, Fiscal Agent to “FreedomAdvocates” and, apparently, the Stars (post begun 7/3/2016) August 25, 2016
43 Politics, Governors, Attorney-Generals and The Port Authority of NY/NJ (The Downside of Public/Private Partnerships) – SeeAlso “NextCity,” and another UNESCO “Name It and Claim it” Project in Detroit* Sept. 5, 2016
44 Table of Contents 2016 ONLY, to Posts ONLY, Current through October. Oct. 3, 2016
45 First Five Fund (see “First 5” in California) Politically, Socially, Economically = Just Another Stage in Planned Population Control and Exploitation, i.e.  “Cradle to Career” is just a subset of “Womb to Tomb.” [post is ALMOST ready, when link becomes active, I’ll remove this disclaimer.] eta Oct. 4, 2016
46 *** Sept. ??, 2016
47 *** Sept. ??, 2016
48 *** Sept. ??, 2016
49 *** Sept. ??, 2016

Reminder — the other list of older posts remains as:

My Posts, Just the List (June 29, 2014..back to Sept. 24, 2012, and from Jan. 23, 2016 forward).  That one is still only complete backwards to September, 2012.  The earlier compilation doesn’t go all the way back yet (March 2009 – August 2012 only accessible through “Archives” or direct search if you know the title).

” Tags” (blog subject matter labeling) for the 2016 posts above, by date.

Posts, and relevance of tags, are subject to revision (parts may move to other posts after publication), but I hope this may help people curious about specific topics where not all subjects covered in the post may show up in the titles.  I don’t always tag before publishing, but here are some times that I did this year:
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My Posts, Just the List (June 29, 2014..back to Sept. 24, 2012. From Jan. 23, 2016 forward now available @ “Table of Contents 2016 ONLY” Post)

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Table of Contents


I started this blog in spring 2009. It is my continuous show-and-tell learning curve exposing, as the motto says, Family –and Conciliation — Court Operations, Practices, and History from the early 1990s and earlier.

Nothing was posted or added to this table of contents from June 29, 2014 (Broken Courts, Flawed Practices, Parade of Fools) throughout 2015.  On January 23, 2016 (2016 More Business As Usual in MN? (Criminalizing, Terrorizing, Jailing Mothers)) I resumed publishing posts.  My personal situation wasn’t particularly better at this time, it had just progressed, and I felt it urgent to continue this line of reporting, as I had not stopped investigating (or writing it up off-blog) meanwhile.

This BLOG has two separate Tables of Contents in two different posts, both near the very top of the blog:

(1) For 2016 only, see a post Table of Contents ONLY 2016 ONLY (marked “sticky” so it will be among the top 11 posts, like this one) published October 4, 2016.  Probably showing on the Sidebar at this time.

(2) Below on THIS post, from June 29, 2014 (top of table) backwards, at this point, only to Sept. 24, 2012), with many more stretching back to March 2009 (startup) to be added.  Available now only via “Archives” function on top right sidebar — or if another post happens to link to one of them.

  • Click on any post title to read that post. If you don’t like reading explanatory material* and just want to see the list of post titles, use the Page-Down or Scroll function.


Blog Purpose can be deduced by: Browsing the table of contents below, reading a post or two, reading the sidebars, such as the one which starts:

This Absolutely Uncommon Analysis shouldn’t be!

What I do here: I expose the systems design, and the designers, so Y.O.U. can show others, and to notify those playing certain games, “you’ve been flagged.”

Heard of “disruptive technologies?” Disruptive innovations?

Well, this is a disruptive blog. I give people who’ve already been strung out and stripped down BY the system another place to stand and look at it, and a clear, fairly diagnostic language (vs. pretty logos and moving pictures) to describe it to others. AND, which many don’t do, I tell how I found the information; links databases and all.

Some Blog Navigation Logistics, and, finally, the Table: 

New Here? A Roadmap with some Chronology, Links, Issues (Sidebar-Plus)

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WIDGETS:  This 12,600-word post, first published 2/24/2014, contains essentially two or three of this blog’s sidebar text-boxes (“widgets”), each designed for total strangers, novices, and/or followers.  They are there to alert, expose new readers to key concepts and themes by immersing them into the narrative, and leaving footprints (links) for the curious and to keep reminding us of basic information which has been forgotten through advocacy-group neglect over (as of 2014) a period of 15-20 years minimum.

To understand this information is also to get a grasp on the essence of the relationship between “government” and the individual, and to call more individuals to wise up to how this works.

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Get Real(itybloger)! — Call In, Read the Links on CAFRs, Review Regularly.

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The “CAFR” topic is a governmental accounting and reporting practice which affects all people (and particularly in this situation, all US Citizens) because of its impact on the economy and our understanding of the size and scope of government operations. It is an over-arching and underlying issue, but it has been a hidden issue.

For example, as Carl Herman (Harvard Economics grad) put this in 2012, a very good question in my opinion.  Once certain evidence IS posted, it requires an review of reasoning built on “the big picture” (not including that evidence), and that “big picture” includes the hot topic of “DEFICIT.”

This is a “README” article! // Let’s Get Honest

CAFR summary: if $600B ‘fund’ can’t fund $27B pension, $16B budget deficit, why have it?(Posted on June 18, 2012 by Carl Herman in ‘Washington’s Blog”),

. . . Governor Brown is silent about the $600 billion in surplus cash and investments, claiming the $16 billion budget deficit can only be addressed by austerity – massive funding cuts to our essential infrastructure. A 2.8% divestment of the fund would cover the $16 billion deficit.

So the natural question is if the state’s withholding of $600 billion in our cash and investments does not fund pensions, address a budget deficit, or prevent devastation to infrastructure, how can we best restructure the purpose and use of OUR MONEY for optimal public benefits? ~

Actually, my response would be why should we continuing giving the same authorities MORE money for pensions — not to be used to fund pensions?? Is this typical state stewardship (??). If so, what does that say about taxation in general? Where’s the real “WE” in that equation? …. Seems more like an “Us/Them” proposition, in practice…. (sarcasm added 1/26/2016).

“Deficit” is relative to point of reference.
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ORPHANS: Where The Great Commission meets the Military-Industrial Complex [First Published May 18, 2013]

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NOTE: Intro. section in this background color added [free of charge] Jan. 2016, some years after original publication May 2013. “Nightlight Christian Adoptions” was mentioned in the original post, I’ve just been looking more closely at tax return contents, in the interim. The original post may have been more “inspired,” however…. //LGH….It deals with this topic:

NOTE: this 3,000 word (you’re welcome!) post is out of sequence — belongs back with the “On the Road to Emmaeus” and “”Christian Social Services: Replenishing the Ranks of the Faithful (Bethany Christian Services posts, ca. Eastertime, 2013.

  • 6723 Whittier, McLean, VA (Always Look Up Street Addresses!!!)**

…at one time or another these organizations (at a minimum) shared a street address:


File under, if you notice the details, What’s wrong with this picture?

HHS Grant Category of Federal Domestic Assistance, searchable at HHS’ website “TAGGS.hhs.gov” – use “Advanced Search” function to get more complete results, in general. Error rate on this database is inexplicably HIGH, but it still coughs up some results and information….more than you’ll find in most social media….

93007 Public Awareness Campaigns on Embryo Adoption

Recipient Name City State ZIP Code County DUNS Number Sum of Awards

Hmm.  Tax Return pattern of Assets a little odd for this grantee; see changes in “Total Assets” column:

NIGHTLIGHT CHRISTIAN ADOPTIONS CA 2013 990 29 $755,395 95-2254634
NIGHTLIGHT CHRISTIAN ADOPTIONS CA 2012 990 26 $249,317 95-2254634
Nightlight Christian Adoptions CA 2011 990 27 $514,579 95-2254634


Yellow-background = Sept. 2016 UPDATE: This organization’s Tax Returns look three years later (Fiscal Year=Tax Year).  It’d been three years, I thought I’d check back on this 501©3…

Search Again (Click on Org. name to access tax return for that year)

NIGHTLIGHT CHRISTIAN ADOPTIONS CA 2015 990 31 $1,911,682.00 95-2254634
NIGHTLIGHT CHRISTIAN ADOPTIONS CA 2014 990 35 $1,020,801.00 95-2254634
NIGHTLIGHT CHRISTIAN ADOPTIONS CA 2013 990 29 $755,395.00 95-2254634

This and another organization at the same street address in California, “Every Child Has A Name” show up as registered to a Loveland, Colorado Address, that is, unofficially viewed, today at  Datagovus.com on Google-based address search.  Maybe I’m reading it wrong, and it’s the Colorado registration that views the California one as “Foreign,” i.e., in California]

Without reviewing the entire 2013 post below, from this later perspective, several red flags (on viewing the tax returns) are showing up on Nightlight Christian Adoptions, and this situation.  I posted some more info (yellow-background, follow-ups) but my screen keeps freezing, so no more for now….

Hopefully readers can enjoy what’s below this section and was published earlier..which is still relevant.  Over the intervening three years, I have of course picked up on more elements of the networking, and of interpreting the information on tax returns, particularly when there are multiple nonprofits associated with a single individual, recurring name changes, and religious/evangelicals involved, which (see what the “PhD” with Nehrbass represents — he has a website) seems to be second nature, and part of the “my nonprofits = my ministry” lifestyle.

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CDRC and Friends: Ever Wonder How All that MANDATORY Mediation, Alternate Dispute Resolution, etc. got passed? [May 15, 2013]

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Fall, 2014 update: This 12,000-word post is “sticky” (stuck to the top of the blog) because it illustrates how any special interest group already involving certain sectors of civil servants or other positions of influence (for example, at law schools) can lobby state legislatures and US Congress year after year through nonprofit associations. I have written an update and expect to publish it as a separate post, soon.
In this post also see:

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A Stunning Validation by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson: The Assault on Truth, The Origins of Psychoanalysis

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(Originally published 2/5/2013) A key issue in the courts includes sexual assault and violence towards women and children. This has also been a key issue with psychoanalysis. 

Below the introduction, most of the post is about the Stunning Validation, but I keep it current and relevant –because it is! — to the subject matter of this blog.  

The key, or leading edge, feature OF these courts includes therapeutic jurisprudence, attempting to resolve conflict through addition of behavioral health professionals, the fields in which Dr. Nicholas J. Cummings has dedicated much of his life to preserving the business and economic well-being of, to the point that a Wall Street Journal article reported, not too many years ago, that — doctors and hardcore professionals aside, among the top highest paying professional jobs, including the benefits and actual hours worked to earn the pay, were: judges, and (with a doctorate) psychologists:

Dr. Cummings is a visionary who, for half a century not only was able to foresee the future of professional psychology, but also helped create it. A former president of the American Psychological Association (APA) as well as its Divisions 12 (Clinical Psychology) and 29 (Psychotherapy), he formed a number of national organizations in response to trends. Since organized psychology resisted these inevitable changes, Dr. Cummings blazed the way, expecting others would follow.

He launched the professional school movement by founding the four campuses of the California School of Professional Psychology that established clinicians as full-fledged members of the faculty.

As chief of mental health for the Kaiser Permanente health system in the 1950s, he wrote and implemented the first prepaid psychotherapy contract in the era when psychotherapy was an exclusion rather than a covered benefit in health insurance.

He wrote what is known as the freedom-of-choice legislation that requires insurers to reimburse psychologists along with psychiatrists, and he conducted the medical cost offset research showing that psychological interventions save medical/surgical dollars.
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Exposing and Prosecuting Judicial Corruption through Common Law Discovery (1997 Interview)

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Exposing and Prosecuting Judicial Corruption Through Common Law Discovery (1997)

During 2016 blog “house-keeping” action, I re-read this 1997 Interview published in “Antishyster.com” but found posted in “Famguardian.org” (ads show it to be possibly a conservative/libertarian or perhaps even survivalist mag.  So what, if the information in article stands on its own two feet?)  about Los Angeles County and a judges association, what happened to the proceeds from MCLE (Continuing Education) classes, and how to find out.  I added some quotes from it.  This interview has been HIGHLY underestimated and STILL  valuable information.  If better understood, it would most likely end any questions about the vailidity of the “Broken Courts / Flawed Practices / [now more promoted as “Safe Child”  loose coalitions of specific organizations and on-line followers.
It would “Shine the Light” for real on the presumptions among these groups of the problem being “Judges, Mediators, GALs and Custody Evaluators  JUST don’t understand perps” or “They believe a psychologically unsound “parental alienation theory” and about any other excuse one might make up to exonerate the exceptionally bad custody and divorce (and visitation) decisions being made nationwide. That premise leads to a predictable solution of “we need more trainings.”  But the trainings is where the money is — and apparently, some of it — getting lost.
In my opinion (see this blog for why), it’s less “they just don’t understand” and more “they just don’t CARE.”  What’s more, think about how much any functional, ETHICAL judge already has invested in his or her career, social and professional life (and/or real estate).  If the core operations are corrupt, which this certainly indicates they ARE, to expose it is basically professional humiliation for having participated in the system, or feigned (?) ignorance, and financial destruction of the sort many parents are already familiar with.  I really think it’s up to the common people to, if possible, use “common law” to go get the financial facts and then compare them to the proper use and destination of public buildings (such as courthouses) and funds raised by private associations which may happen to have judicial memberships, or beneficiaries, regardless of WHAT buildings they are in, IF they violate certain laws.
Originally published 1/24/2013. This Post is Sticky (one of 9 sticky posts) meaning, it stays near the top. Current posts show below all sticky posts. Also, I just moved the “Supervised Visitation” section to a separate post (and of course expanded that one) on 6/6/2013.

File this Article under “What a Difference One Person can Make, if that person: Has Guts, Will Obtain Evidence, Look at Evidence, Come to Logical Conclusion regarding Evidence Obtained AND Publicize It! Includes Marv Bryer’s discoveries, especially in the mid- to late 1990s.

Marvin Bryer’s discoveries began when his daughter was involved in a custody battle for her son. Apparently a judge received a bribe to rule against Mr. Bryer’s daughter, and as a result Mr. Bryer discovered a judicial slush fund bank account, and a common law discovery for overcoming judicial immunity.

Right away, we are in the financial category: Bribe, Slush Fund, Bank account, overcoming judicial immunity.   Also in this (fairly short) post:

Another question: What’s the difference between a “Family” court and a “Conciliation” court? And why are so many programs in the courts being pre-planned by membership of a private nonprofit association which (eventually — after people started pestering it to get its own EIN# and quit hiding and evading taxes under the County’s EIN#) called “Association of Family and Conciliation Courts,” which previously was a “Conference of Conciliation Courts”?

Also in this post:

Report From Judges Blasts California Court Bureaucracy By MARIA DINZEO  ShareThis        SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – In a sweeping call for reform of the Administrative Office of the Courts, a report from a committee of judges found the agency has been operated as the director’s fiefdom, has strayed far from its original path and has been deceptive about finances and personnel. The judges also criticized the bureaucracy as top-heavy, overpaid and badly organized. Their long-awaited report proposes a drastic reorganization that includes cutting the staff by one-third and moving the agency from its lavish San Francisco headquarters to a cheaper space in Sacramento.

Exposing and Prosecuting Judicial Corruption Through Common Law Discovery

[in ANTISHYSTER http://www.antishyster.com 972-418-8993 Volume 7 No. 4, p. 51ff]

1997 interview with Marv Bryer.
[I ASK READERS: ] Can you read 7 pages “for the cause”? And think about it?  If Yes, and If given a brief pop-quiz of about 10th grade level on what it’s talking about, how much of the vocabulary or ideas could you remember?

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While We’re There — the Northern California Mediation Center . . . and ITS corporate records, history, people, etc.

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[ca. 8,000 words.    Significant additions after publishing.NCMC   introduced as to corporate filings, some personnel. Post concludes  showing how “parental alienation” indoctrination happens,is self-perpetuating, and is hostile towards mothers, generally, and is definitely a marketable scheme [yes, scheme] as well. See “train-the-trainers” @ public cost mentality.In midstream, I’m taking (to another post) a basic explanation of what “Corporation” means, FYI]

We might as well talk about the Northern California Mediation Center alongside  The Judith Wallerstein Center for the Family in Transition, and right alongside respective corporate and nonprofit filings, fundings, tax returns affiliations and actions.{{The introduction is a little passionate, but it’s about a dozen paragraphs.  Scroll down if you want to skip them!  I added numbers to make it easier!}}
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Another POV on “The Center for the Family in Transition” (and its funders)

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Excerpt pulled to top of post in 2016.  This sticky post (below which are more current ones) originally published 9/22/2012.  It should be put in bold print, large letters and stuck on a refrigerator IF one is stuck in divorce drama at this time, as a reminder of the resonance of the rooms it will be taking place in!

The phrase “Families in Transition” is jargon, and it is virtually trademarked for use in the courts.  The term comes from, it seems, ONE individual with key connections to psychoanalysis (Judith Wallerstein, who was married to Robert S. Wallerstein, also a devoted and highly placed psychoanalyst, at one time President of the International Psychoanalytic Association (“IPA”), essentially the inheritance of Sigmund Freud. 

This association, IPA, was formed shortly AFTER Sigmund Freud’s excommunication (by colleagues) for ca. 1895 presenting “the Etiology of Hysteria” and saying it related to violent sexual and physical assaults on his patients by their caretakers (often fathers or uncles, etc.) from the early 1900s).   In the 1950s, “The Origins of Psychoanalysis” incl. editor Sigmund’s daughter Anna) apparently included censorship of how Freud viewed his own “about-face” after being cold-shouldered by his colleagues.  In the 1980s a man was given access to the Freud Archives and wrote about this, in the interest of speaking the truth, and was again could-shouldered, and taken off the archives also.

For more, see March 5, 2014 post “Suppose I’m Right Here ….What Would You Do When the Lights go on?” Seeing the Wallerstein-Wallerstein connection, and the consistent practice of re-framing reality (truths about person-to-person violence, including parent to child, man to woman, and vice versa), and the origins of the fields of psychoanalysis, psychiatry, psychology, get it? the “Psyche” field in general  having been introduced as the bedrock formula for the conception of “FAMILY” and the “FAMILY COURTS,” a logical deduction is that those courts are also essentially — not “tangentially” —  crooked.

So, how can that “crooked” be cleaned up?  Can it?  Does the propagation of truth versus the propagation of the coverup of the (often ugly) truth matter, or not?  If it does not matter, how can calling something “justice” be applied on top of that foundation?

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Quips, Thinks and Links on the Most Essential Matters…

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Post published 8/2/201, became “Sticky” 4/15/2016

My Ideal signature block would show my Current Understanding as Quips with Links for “thinks.”

Something like this:

  • USConstitution Title28/IV sets Jurisdiction
  • Citizenship in USA, Inc. = YOU became collateral for U$A Debt 
War=Debt Collection.   pSILENT weapons = biological warfare by few to enslave MOST.
 I blog FAMILY COURT aspects @ LGH ~ FCF~ LACKaWantsTo (& here*)
pm me for outline, links & blogs

(Will be repeated again, below)


This colorful signature block with its Quips and Links, I worked up for the purposes of posting at “Scranton Political Times” around the time these posts also were being written. In other words, from about Fall 2011 through 2012 and perhaps into 2013, I was focused in blogging (and posting) attention on the state of Pennsylvania, including, but not limited to Lackawanna County and, by association, Luzerne County (Kids for Cash). I set up a blog for that specific county (but it didn’t go far). I was also in frequent email and occasional phone contact with some of the local parents over the family court issues.

These days (LGH says, during April 2016 blog update for TOC purposes) I am more focused on Minnesota. While focused on Pennsylvania and participating in the Scranton Political Times Forum, Rather than re-explain things, constantly, I put key links in the signature block at least for that forum, and had enough sense to save it on this blog. Blogs and web-based forums certainly are not eternal, or guaranteed to stand the test of even a few years, so I saved things..
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For Example, speaking of the rebirth of Detroit as a “UNESCO Design City,” A. Alfred Taubman, Philanthropy + Price-Fixing, Strip Malls, Sotheby’s Scandal with Felony Conviction, and Major Philanthropy to Major Universities

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An informal post serving to move the “for example” material off another one, not intended to be a complete story on the subject in question.  Just a little “FYI” and For Example.”

For Example, speaking of the rebirth of Detroit as a “UNESCO Design City,”  A. Alfred Taubman, Philanthropy + Price-Fixing, Strip Malls, Sotheby’s Scandal with Felony Conviction, and Major Philanthropy to Major Universities

(Actually a few weeks ago I was looking into and writing on the UNESCO DESIGN CITY topic.  Those posts are much more detailed than this one.  The current point of reference for letting this one even be posted is, from “About the Language and Length (Notes on Writing Style from TOC 2014 post)(a “sticky” post)  is that you can learn a lot about famous individuals from their NYT obituaries.  By the time someone famous and their associated philanthropic // corporate activities decade after decade, hits their 80s, or 90s, and breathes their last, there is bound to by an interesting story behind it, reflecting on what we value MOST in America, namely, those who have money, and how ready we are to compromise principles when offered some of it for a favorite project.

A. Alfred Taubman was just one example, and I’d gone pretty far into who funded the rehab of the famous landmark, GM’s “Argonaut” building, before realizing who this gentleman was as a white-collar crook, somewhere between Sotheby’s and Christie’s in London.

Another thing that continues to come up is how much the wealthy love their art collections, and how much those artists need the wealthy to consume their art.  This has been of course throughout history (including when some of that wealth, obviously, was obtained under the name of one major world religion, or another, or the competition for “customers” between them)…

One thing that continues to come up is that some of these American success stories supplemented at least some of their wealth as white-collar crooks — but the public somehow still feels indebted to them —  and is in some sectors, including the University sector — when some of the proceeds from that robbing of others, is donated to public institutions which, it’s expected, will of course not in their own communications, highlight the criminal aspects of said individuals.

If I haven’t expressed that clearly enough, just read the following example, and see what comes to mind, with a person who did jail time (not much!!) before getting back to the partying with famous friends, and STILL gets a major design center in the high-profile redemption (??) of the City of Detroit from its urban nightmares…

References to the Alfred E. Taubman Design Center in GM’s donated building, The Argonaut.  A. Alfred Taubman is the official I was thinking of.  

  • Inside the Argonaut: Detroit’s Creative Hub 11/24/2015 in “MoldedMedia” MJ GALBRAITH | TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 2015.  Regarding the A. Alfred Taubman Center for Creative Design inside CCS (College for Creative Studies in Detroit).  


It started over dinner — just two friends meeting without an agenda. Still, when it’s Rick Rogers, president of the College for Creative Studies, and Matt Cullen, then head of global real estate for General Motors and current president and chief operating officer of Rock Ventures, a casual aside about CCS looking for more space as it outgrew its campus snowballs into GM gifting the college a genuine Detroit architectural masterwork, the 760,000-square-foot Argonaut Building. Suddenly, CCS had more square footage in one building than it did on its original Walter and Josephine Ford campus.

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Written by Let's Get Honest

October 15, 2016 at 2:41 pm

Politics, Governors, Attorney-Generals and The Port Authority of NY/NJ (The Downside of Public/Private Partnerships) – SeeAlso “NextCity,” and another UNESCO “Name It and Claim it” Project in Detroit

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This post began with the Port Authority, but migrated to include a lot on Detroit through the reporting of a certain journal originally out of New York, but then (on picking up some more foundation funding — 5 ones were mentioned specifically, but I believe Rockefeller was one of the first — started a quarterly print magazine (B/W) called “The Next American City” which didn’t make ends meet, that is much anyhow.

It later moved to Philadelphia in a classy central building, and became primarily an on-line, daily, and with long-form articles.  The article I saw recommended that the Port Authority of NY/NJ  be “killed” that is, let to die a natural death and replaced by separate authorities of the respective states. Naturally, I started asking questions about that journal.

Post currently 14,000 words after I decided to break down the College for Creative Studies Tax Returns showing their involvement as a Real Estate Developer (also in the Detroit Creative Center Corridor), That Mini-Section marked off by this background-color, in addition to this section of same background-color referencing the redevelopment of the Argonaut Building:  And 15,800 after I decided to speak up about a HUD intermediary rejoicing in the Argonaut Project.
WHY: Many Colleges receive state tax-exempt bonds (this one did, in 2008) and are involved in construction and beneficiaries of public funds in a big way (i.e., tuition help for their students). The Argonaut Building in Detroit was formerly occupied by General Motors; when GM moved, it stood vacant (derelict?) 1999-2008 until it was donated to the CCS, enabling major expansion. The public who was betrayed by the bankruptcy soon after (2011?) and in general by the deteriorating infrastructure, was then hit on some more for redeveloping it, which seems to be “the way of the world” for developed countries these day, at least this one, the USA.
The Argonaut Building, renamed in 2009 the A. Alfred Taubman Center for Design Education (originally the Argonaut, or General Motors Research Laboratory), is a large office building located at 485 West Milwaukee Avenue in the New Center area of DetroitMichigan, across the street from Cadillac Place. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2005.[1]
This image is from

This image is from “EnterpriseCommunity.com” (Click on color photo of top of the building to access)

Other links to Argonaut Building in this Redevelopment Context:

From Michigan.gov (SHPO — State Historic Preservation Office) …

From “Enterprise.com of which the umbrella corp. seems to be nonprofit “Enterprise Community Partners, Inc.” (About us page) This brings up the “NMTC” (New Market Tax Credits), HUD, Pay for Success, LISC and other topics which, bottom line, the public’s tax receipts, ongoing, is the bottom line to ensure we stay strapped for cash flow and asset-poor, while paying the federal government ot play favorites, ensure a continual supply of LOW-INCOME, ASSETS-POOR people to fill their development projects… or redevelopment projects, after the prior neighborhood deterioration was in bad enough condition that ANY change would be welcomed, rather than abandoned buildings and a high crime rate to go with them.

ENTERPRISE COMMUNITY PARTNERS, Inc., “LISC” and HABITAT FOR HUMANITY TAKE HUD Section 4 grants and pass-through.  Enterprise, however has so many “related organizations” and apparently passes through some of its grants (I’d have to check Schedule I Grants with Schedule R Part II, “Related Tax-Exempts” to double-check), that, from a home base of Maryland, its controlling housing development, and less than obviously to people who don’t follow the tax returns.  No wonder the collective assets are so high.  Incidentally, without belaboring this situation, for the top row (latest year shown below), $55M of its $69M Program Revenues were “CONTRIBUTIONS.  Of those, most were government grants (compare to Part VIII, Statement of Revenues for exact details):
Search Again

Enterprise Community Partners MD 2014 990 304 $264,581,345.00 52-1231931
Enterprise Community Partners MD 2013 990 76 $241,632,111.00 52-1231931
Enterprise Community Partners MD 2012 990 55 $206,179,000.00 52-1231931

(Part III, Page 2, Purpose):


Enterprise is primarily government-funded, presumably HUD. As you can see, its Total Assets grew $58M in two years. Basically, HUD, or rather, CONGRESS, is saying, “we want the resources to go into nationalized nonprofits which will determine who gets what in local communities” –> but what about WHO FINANCES HUD?  Some of those “low and moderate-income people” through their taxes.  

WHAT’S SO OFF WITH THAT MODEL?  To understand requires an understanding of how communities get to the point of needing “rebuilding” in the first place, and relates to the topic of governmental reporting to each other through CAFRs, but to the public deliberately only speaking (primarily) in terms of “deficit” referring to the GENERAL FUND and BASIC GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS.  That requires an understanding of the level (and complete immorality) of  Publlic/Private collusion to NOT talk about just how many assets are available to fund government debt (or maintain its infrastructure) and collusion ALSO in calling a municipal corporation (which Detroit is) “Bankrupt” when it’s not really.  The “Bankrupt” refers to part — not collective — Municipal Corporation holdings.  (7/20/2013, by Clint Richardson/”RealityBloger”) Detroit: The Latest Bankrupcy Lies”  Has a copy of the Year 2011-2012 City of Detroit CAFR and explanation of the nature of the deceit.  (Did you, for example, know that Detroit got a new City Charter in 2011?) 

Its “Part VIIA employees total an outrageous $10M salaries (I’ve never seen so many officers — with many being paid over $200K each — on a Board of directors).  it was organized in 1980, and legal domicile is, let’s put it this way — within commuting distance of Washington, D.C.  Here are its Schedule R (ECP controlled) Tax-Exempt Organizations.  Note, there are also other Schedule R organizations, in other Schedule-R sections.  The tax return shows 304 pp because they listed their grants, 1 recipient per page instead of on the IRS form which provides for blank lines of about 10/page.  Annoying….

Apart from the first one, all are labeled “Affordable Housing”, and all (incl. first one) are “Directly controlled” by ECP, Inc. See these in chart form on the last page (page 304) of the latest return:

(1) ENTERPRISE COMMUNITY LOAN FUND INC 11000 broken land parkway 700 COLUMBIA, MD 21044 52-0192004

(1)ENTERPRISE HOME OWNERSHIP PARTNERS INC 600 wilshire blvd LOS ANGELES, CA 90017 31-1737642

(2) EHOP- DALLAS INC 500 akard street DALLAS, TX 75201 72-1590088


(4) ENTERPRISE MARYLAND LLC 11000 broken land parkway 700 COLUMBIA, MD 21044 26-3262997

(5)IACENTERPRISE NEHEMIAH DEVELOPMENT 11000 broken land parkway 700 COLUMBIA, MD 21044 52-1742031

(6)CORNERSTONE HOUSING CORPORATION 11000 broken land parkway 700 COLUMBIA, MD 21044 52-1742293

(7)CITY HOMES INC 11000 broken land parkway 700 COLUMBIA, MD 21044 52-1479114

(8) ENTERPRISE ADVISORS INC 11000 broken land parkway 700 COLUMBIA, MD 21044 27-3846733

(9)Affordable Housing Solutions Inc 11000 broken land parkway 700 Columbia, MD 21044 35-2389470

(10) enterprise community investment inc 11000 broken land parkway columbia, MD 21044 52-1206840

From Michigan’s “LARA” (also referenced below regarding College of Creative Sciences Mini-Section) — where you look up Business Entity names, types, and dates of organization:

Entity Name ID Number Type
ENTERPRISE COMMUNITY LOAN FUND, INC. 902354 Corporation [Formed* in 2006]
ENTERPRISE COMMUNITY PARTNERS, INC. 902975 Corporation [Formed in 2006]
ENTERPRISE COMMUNITY PARTNERS, INC. 900578 Corporation [Formed in 1985]

*Formed (I added those phrases) means organized as a Maryland business to do business in Michigan.

Put another way, Enterprise Community Partners, Inc. “Competes” with only two other intermediary organizations, for HUD money appropriated under  Section 4 of an Act dated 1993.  The fiscal year starting Sept. 2015 (?), the “NOFA” amount to be awarded (split three ways) was a minimum of $35,000,000 — for that year, and for four-year projects.

See Description under last year’s NOFA (Notice of Funds Availability I guess) from HUD:  This is about Capacity-Building, and they want to strengthen the so-called “Community Development” Housing developers, financers, and providers.  Minor detail — they don’t need to be locally controlled, as we see from ECPartners, Inc., above’s list of “Controlled Entities.”  ECP is serving as a pass-through from HUD to, basically, its own corporate offspring.

Essentially, while using the word “LOCAL” (part of the title of ‘LISC” — Local Initiatives Support Corporation) and ‘Community” repeatedly (the money is passed through to a certain kind of nonprofits), the ACTUAL CONTROL of the housing development is in three corporations, ALL of them East of the Mississippi (I.e., in States on the East Coast of the USA), and, ultimately — because that’s who could pull the plug, should it determine to — the federal government:

[This info could be obtained a number of different places, but this time was from a 25-page pdf:  http://portal.hud.gov/hudportal/documents/huddoc?id=2015capbldg4nofa.pdf, the quote is bottom of “Page 4” referring to document footer numbering //LGH]]

B. Authority.

The Capacity Building program is authorized by Section 4 of the HUD Demonstration Act of 1993 (Pub. L. 103-120, 107 Stat. 1148, 42 U.S.C. 9816 note), as amended. The funding made available through this NOFA is authorized by the Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act, 2015 (Public Law 113-235, approved December 16, 2014).

II. Award Information. A. Available Funds.

HUD is making available through this NOFA $35,000,000 for Capacity Building for Community Development and Affordable Housing Grants (Section 4).

Additional funds may become available for award under this NOFA as a result of HUD’s efforts to recapture unused funds, use carryover funds, or because of the availability of additional appropriated funds. Use of these funds will be subject to statutory constraints. All awards are subject to the applicable funding restrictions described in the General Section and to those contained in this NOFA.

Of the $35,000,000 available for the Section 4 Capacity Building Program at least $5,000,000 shall be made available for rural capacity building activities.

B. Number of Awards.
HUD expects to make approximately 3 awards from the funds available under this NOFA 

For why “3 awards,” see next image (the related pdf copies 4 pages of text from the above link):

hud-pdf-from-2015-showing-authority-amounts-and-3-grantees-for-sectn4-%22capacity-building%22-grants-35m-total-that-year-pp7-10-of-pdf-only hud-pdf-from-2015-showing-authority-amounts-and-3-grantees-for-sectn4-%22capacity-building%22-grants-35m-total-that-year-pp7-10-of-pdf-only <==click for full-sized image, plus 3 more pp.

From “CrainsDetroit” (before the Tax Credits Bill for this project, and others, was signed by former Michigan Governor, Jennifer Granholm), “Tax credit legislation for Broderick Tower, Taubman Center for Design awaits governor’s signature (Article shows a $3M cap per year in tax credits per project.  That’s a lot of tax credits, still!) 12/22/2009…

Hmm.  Keith Crain I noticed is on the board of that College for Creative Studies, who are now in that A. Alfred Taubmen Center.  Wiki on Crain Communications (with a flag, “reads like an ad” but also has a footnote to interesting, though possibly not fully current, “FundingUniverse” history of the publication:

G D. Crain died in 1973 and was succeeded by his widow, Gertrude Crain, who chaired the company until 1996. Under her watch, the company grew to have 27 newspapers and magazines.[5] Son Keith Crain replaced her as chairman in 1997. Following his father’s death, Rance Crain became president of Crain Communications in 1974.[4]  Crain now has about 30 business, trade and consumer publications and related Web sites in North America, Europe and Asia.[6] The company currently has over 850 employees in 14 locations spanning the United States, Europe and Asia.

In 2001 the company relocated its corporate headquarters to the Brewery Park complex on Gratiot Avenue in downtown Detroit, as part of a move to consolidate its Detroit-based employees into one facility.[7]

…and from one of the contractors involved, “Wallbridge” (see their “About Us/Overview” for more info): Dec. 2010, Lansing, MI:  Governor Honors Argonaut Rehabilitation ; Detroit Free Press “Detroit Spotlighted for Opportunity Finance Network” (/21/2015);


The Michigan Economic Development Corporation (“MEDC”) and with it, the “Michigan Strategic Fund” (“MSF”) came up in this post when looking at the Port Authority situation led to an article by NEXTCITY.org, which led to the illuminating information that UNESCO has ac/claimed Detroit as the first USA “City of Design.” (“DC3”) a project which involves Business Leaders for Michigan (“BLFM”) and the College for Creative Sciences (“CCS”).

I found out more on how our state universities — which are public institutions — are getting globalized, in “GAIA” at Rutgers. that is “Global Advancement and International Affairs.”  This is hooked into the US Department of State, and it’s moving fast forward along a certain model, with the prestigious “*.edu” website justifying the process.

(more, when link becomes active, at “…(GAIA at Rutgers, Obama Admin’s “YALI” + the reticent-to-explain-itself nonprofit “IREX,” and a Quick Primer/Refresher on The World Bank and IMF)” which represents only about half the full post title, which starts with “Gender Wars” (stemming from the GAIA reference, obviously no accident in acronyms).

Obviously that won’t all fit on one post, but this is an introduction of the various topics and their relationship to each other and to why we should protest the continued takeover of center cities by public/private partnerships which existed before those city centers fell apart.

My, oh, my, the drill-down of the involved parties get real interesting…it looks like the people that were running things (state-wide) LONG before Detroit, and parts of Michigan, went economically belly-up, had prepared to take over the reconstruction of the broken-down city centers and transforming them into new, glamorously and politically-correct (if you’re a fan of NWO and UN taking over the USA) PR-friendly labels, with a token gesture to keeping jobs local.

Shortlink to last post published 8/25/2016==> “Case in Point, NEVER skip the Business 501(c)3  Entity Lookups, and Watch the “Fiscal Agent” organizations! (Edward Charles Foundation, Fiscal Agent to “FreedomAdvocates” and, apparently, the Stars (post begun 7/3/2016)

Shortlink to this post ==>”Politics, Governors, Attorney-Generals and The Port Authority of NY/NJ (The Downside of Public/Private Partnerships) – SeeAlso “NextCity,” and another UNESCO “Name It and Claim it” Project in Detroit” (A “shortlink” here is like WordPress’s version of “tinyurl.com.”  The link contains letters which appear to be case-sensitive).

PortauthorityNYNJConf.com” shows upcoming 9/21/2016 CUNY (City University of NY) conference for Construction Industry, “Building Relationships for Lasting Success” and talking about the major reconstruction/development projects with this Port Authority

Shortlink to next intended (but not guaranteed) post; the link will become active (regardless of title) when it’s published follows up on NextCity as a nonprofit and its five-named foundation financiers: How  501©3 “The Next American City,” with help from at least Five BIG Foundations, lost its “American,” while Devastated Detroit’s DESIGN is Anointed by UNESCO, This post references the UNESCO “Name It and Claim it” habit as endorsed by public/private partnerships — regarding the City of Detroit and explores some of “DC3” the Detroit Creative Corridor Center, which came up in the context of a 2014  article by “Next City, Inc.” on the politics affecting transportation networks regarding this Port Authority of NY/NJ.

A subsequent post called Did Regionalism under Public/Private Partnerships Help Detroit the First Time Around?  A Look at MEDC, MSF, and Recent Gubernatorial EROs (Exec. Reorganization Orders) came from my noticing how Gubernatorial “Executive Reorganization Orders” (EROs) — lots of them in this century — started setting up new boards, and re-arranging the power to distribute grants set up under a year 2000 Michigan Trust Fund.   The takeover,. in other words, has been progressive and it looks like we have to keep a closer eye (state by state) on the shift in state laws also, particularly (as it happens in Michigan) under Chapter 125:  “PLANNING, HOUSING AND ZONING.”

Below, I also look again within the State of NJ CAFRs for how this Port Authority is classified (it’s as a Joint Venture) and remind us that CAFRs report things news media doesn’t — and are free to look at, the chief investment being of one’s time, and humility (for most people, I’ll bet) of seeing with your own eyes some of the accounting tricks of the trade, and, particularly, vocabulary used to describe the public (entity) projects, at a minimum.  They are self-descriptions of how and for how much the reporting entity is organized, and what entities are underneath it, and how classified.  That’s valuable information when there’s an issue with ANY of the component, blended, or discrete units within a government entity filing a report.  Despite their length, they are good BASIC information…
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Agenda 21 Lawsuit AGAINST| FISCAL AGENTS |The Strange Case of Edward Charles Foundation (Inc. 2009 in California as a Delaware Org.) | Whitaker Peace and Development Initiative (Inc. December 2011 in California; First Revenues ($1.4M) not acknowledged until 2013)

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See also preceding post, published yesterday 8/22/2016, “What is an NGO?  Is the International Institute for Peace, that UNESCO affiliate at Rutgers an “NGO”?  In fact, What is Rutgers? (See State of NJ’s–and Rutgers’ — CAFRs)”  I am in the process of moving the pipeline of in-production posts into public view.  This information intersects both at UNESCO and Rutgers and through the question — why that fiscal agent (Edward Charles Foundation) to process contributions, and why, as it turns out, that registered agent, too?  

Shortlink to THIS post:  Agenda 21 Lawsuit AGAINST| FISCAL AGENTS |The Strange Case of Edward Charles Foundation (Inc. 2009 in California as a Delaware Org.) | Whitaker Peace and Development Initiative (Inc. December 2011 in California; First Revenues ($1.4M) not acknowledged until 2013)

See also shortlink to next post (being published 8/24/2016) “Case in Point, NEVER skip the Business 501(c)3  Entity Lookups, and Watch the “Fiscal Agent” organizations! (Edward Charles Foundation, Fiscal Agent to “FreedomAdvocates” and, apparently, the Stars (post begun 7/3/2016)” <==<== This post looks more at Edward Charles Foundation and at Freedom Advocates tax returns, and shows a different name used by the latter for the IRS filing than at the State level, as well as that Freedom Advocates only filed in 2006 and 2008, that I can see.  ECF is how I found out about the Whitaker Initiative for short, in part looking for its contributions to “Peace Foundation” business entity, not found).  Meanwhile, the original incarnation (name) for the Whitaker Institute showed a website “peacearth.org” (no longer valid), while a Form 990-N, which has a blank for “website” in 2012 showed “none.” Odd, for an organization talking about the media campaigns it is running overseas and as part of original articles of incorporation statement of intended activities.

Forest Whitaker as an Academy-award-winning actor, I don’t think anyone could speak against it being deserved.  He’s got the body of work over time in film after film.  If I had a choice to see a film between, say,  Tom Cruise or Forest Whitaker, I’d pick the latter every time, because the film — not just the acting — would be worth seeing.  He seems to have real heart, to pick meaningful topics, and is obviously a great communicator, in many ways an actor for these times.

So I have had a little trouble coming out with the information on these posts, but — to be honest — the information is relevant.  Promoting world peace and engaging in convoluted financial arrangements between multiple name- AND address-changing nonprofits and for-profits just does not add up.  What’s peaceful or sustainable about engaging in inappropriate fiscal behavior at home, that is in these US-registered entities?  The backlighting on this one casts some shadows, in my opinion, on the credibility of the up-front declarations of what is really intended here.  Also, as pointed out, what is the point of raising money in So Cal under these conditions and sending it to a New Jersey State University (Rutgers) and for an “Institute” which doesn’t seem to have its own fiscal identity, and where the cash flow accountability would, most likely, get lost in transit.

At UN, Forest Whitaker calls on leaders to ensure benefits of global goals ‘touch everyone’ (Breaking News — April 21, 2016 — from UN News Service):

I have some objections to how the Sustainable Goals Agenda is being pursued by an organization bearing his name, let alone the concept of one-world government as determined by the United Nations and these goals.   This post documents some of that “HOW” with my basic, volunteer toolkit (time and access to a computer and the internet, and some very basic public databases).

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Advocate Forest Whitaker, addresses the General Assembly High-level Thematic Debate on Achieving the SDGs. UN Photo/Loey Felipe (quote, below):

I also believe that if Mr. Whitaker is truly concerned about the “Sustainable Development” goals including gender equality for everyone, that is, including women, then he ought to speak up here at home (the USA) against the misogynist social services policy targeting low-income black males in urban communities and involving them in   or using them as subject matter for social science R&D in the myriad HHS-funded court-connected nonprofits which are unmonitored, basically unregulated, ongoing, and under-reported, affecting our family court systems with a view towards privatization of services and removing children from, or reducing children’s time with, nonviolent, competent mothers who are not staying married or living with the fathers of these children.  (Title IV-D and Title IV-A programming involves partial, grammatical propaganda reducing the use of the word “mother” or “motherhood” as a positive value regarding children except in federally-approved family structures.  At their essence and in their origins, these programs were BOTh racist and sexist (and elitist), as per the 1965 Moynihan Report, still popular today.

He talks about “Peace and Reconciliation” but I am still not reconciled to federally-funded quasi-religion in the form of fatherhood.gov or, more recently, ‘FRPN.org“!

At UN, Forest Whitaker calls on leaders to ensure benefits of global goals ‘touch everyone’

21 April 2016 – Peacebuilding advocate and Academy Award-winning actor Forest Whitaker addressed world leaders today at the United Nations, asking them to ensure that the benefits of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can touch everyone worldwide.

Last September, UN Member States adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development which features the 17 global goals to wipe out poverty, fight inequality and tackle climate change over the next 15 years.

As Special Envoy for Peace and Reconciliation for the UN’s Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as well as one of 17 SDG advocates appointed by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in January, Forest Whitaker took to the podium of the UN General Assembly at the opening of a High Level Thematic Debate on achieving the goals.

The Agenda deals with hunger, eliminate it, eliminating poverty, educating our people, allowing women to have complete gender rights along with everyone.“[I wanted to get leaders] to, in an inclusive way, have the people themselves help to push forward these SDGs, to give the individuals this concept that they need to have of empowerment to know that they actually can make a difference and make a change in some of these motions,” Mr. Whitaker said at a press conference.


File the Whitaker Peace and Development Initiative (“WPDI”), along with my related post which starts telling of this UN/UNESCO-affiliated story through the tax return of its fiscal agent organization the “Edward Charles Foundation”, under apparently Noble, Worthy, “Who could Protest That?” or at least UN-by-way-of-UNESCO-Sustainable Development-Endorsed, Causes to the tune of Weird Supporting Foundation Fiscal Behavior)  

Before a look at the website’s self-descriptions under “Our Leaders” and “Our Work,” ….

Image from “WPDI.org,” main subject of this post.

http://wpdi.org/our-leadership Whitaker Peace & Development Initiative, Inc.

Weird choice of registered agent too.  The light-blue background section at top, shows the evidence and in simple terms, how I came across it today, August, 23, 2016.  The rest of the post was written July 2, 2016, almost two months ago.

Don’t miss also two tables at the very bottom of this post; I rarely do this, but have in my own efforts to keep the related organizations and timeline straight, posted ALL available links from the California Registry of Charitable Trusts on this organization, showing the “from Zero to $1.4M” revenues in a single year (2013)* — and not showing revenues received, probably, before that from the Edward J. Charles Foundation as its fiscal agent.  [*Year and amount corrected post-publication to reflect 2013, not 2014 amounts as first showing on California Charitable Trusts Registry, below; I had written Zero to $1M in 2014].

And (discovered only late-August 2016, on further scrutiny of founding document names and addresses, as well as a simple look-up of the current registered agent for WPDI) Strange Choice of Registered Agents in Brandon Chapnick.

In a previous post (published 8/22/2016) I brought up the street address of this entity, 1000 N. Alameda Street #140, Los Angeles, as shown below, and connected it with “Centers for Healthy Communities” (or similar name) and The California Endowment (a $3.5B+ assets tax-exempt foundation which files a Form 990-PF).

Today — and it didn’t take much more than an hour –I looked up the registered agent street address after discovering from CorpWiki that Mr. Whitaker had filed another, probably for-profit corporation, “Significant New Media, Inc.” just months before this one. From my reading of the Articles of Incorporation, it became clear how important the internet aspect of this initiative would be, and forming a for-profit media company, right before the foundation, was interesting timing…

And that Mr. Chapnick, Mr. Sukler, and Chapnick, Sukler & Chapnick have just been sued by the FTC and stipulated to a judgment for operating a consumer scam involving nutritional products, and multiple filings from at least two different states (Nevada and California) all out of the same street address, which judgment references consumer damages of $105 Million — and they have ordered them to pay the FTC back.   Several companies one source says is also associated with Mr. Whitaker are also showing out of that same street address. (see next section).

Preparing to publish this post, I reviewed the Founding Articles link (bottom of this post), and again noticed the address 9000 W. Sunset Boulevard #709, West Hollywood, California and original registered agent Paul Papile plus original Incorporator — Kent E. Seton.
  Kent E. Seton also an incorporator (or was it agent?) for that Edward Charles Foundation… From “kepler.sos.ca.gov” (Calif. Bus Entities search)
Entity Number: C3191148
Date Filed: 03/05/2009
Status: ACTIVE
Jurisdiction: DELAWARE
Entity Address: 269 S BEVERLY DRIVE STE 338
Entity City, State, Zip: BEVERLY HILLS CA 90212
Agent for Service of Process: KENT E SETON
Agent Address: 269 S BEVERLY DRIVE STE 338
Agent City, State, Zip: BEVERLY HILLS CA 90212

During my searches I noticed that over the years (1987-2011) five different entities in California had been formed involving Forest Whitaker (per CorporationWiki).  That alone is not unusual, and certainly not illegal, but I specifically noticed that “Significant New Media, Inc.” was formed just 8 months before the IIP, in April, 2011. At this point, I went looking up each business entity address.  See next image and link:

CorpWiki lists 5 still-Active Entities assoc with Forest Whitaker=Adagio Productns (1987) Spirit Dance Inc (1996) Salako Inc (1998) Significant New Media Inc (2011) International Institute for Peace Foundation (2011) -- %22President%22 for all CorpWiki lists 5 still-Active Entities assoc with Forest Whitaker=Adagio Productns (1987) Spirit Dance Inc (1996) Salako Inc (1998) Significant New Media Inc (2011) International Institute for Peace Foundation (2011) — %22President%22 for all


This is how I noticed the registered agent “Brandon Chapnick” and its associated address (see below) and found about the FTC prosecution started in Oct., 2014** (“HealthFormulasComplaint” says part of the URL) and with a Stip and Order in US Court, Nevada District, dated February, 2016 (quoted below).

**In 2014, the Federal Trade Commission sued (filed a complaint against) Brandon Chapnick, Keith Sukler,  individually and in their capacity as officers and/or managers of (several health companies in California AND Nevada, out of the same address apparently), as well as and Chapnick Sukler and Chapnick, Inc. FTC sued under sections of the FTC act, of the EFTA (Electronic Funds Transfer Act), Section 5 of ROSCA (Restore Online Shoppers Confidence Act), and of the “Telemarketing” Act (Telemarketing Consumer Fraud and Abuse Prevention Act) !

 The seriousness of this is shown in the Stipulation which included payment of $105,000,000 to the FTC and indications it was not dischargeable in bankruptcy.  Some of the details, below my reminder that Chapnick is still showing as the registered agent for the Whitaker Peace and Development Initiative.  See the three addresses at bottom of image with map, above.

Both Freedom Advocates and International Institute for Peace Foundation (now Whitaker Peace and Development Initiative, Inc.) used the same fiscal agent — Edward Charles Foundation.
> > > > So, just as I ask why a group (“Freedom Advocates”) protesting and having filed a lawsuit protesting “Agenda 21” (which is a UN goal) in Northern California but uses a name-changing (in addition to their own unexplained name-changing EIN#) foundation which clearly supports Agenda 21 and UN-identified goals, out of Southern California …. I have to ask why a famous actor with noble, global intentions would choose a registered agent who has been under FTC investigation for deceptive on-line sales practices towards consumers, since it seems about 2014.   < < < < < < 

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